I live in the state of IL in the USA. Same stuff happens here.


Likewise, Bumble constantly has to expand my distance filters to get someone 🙄


I also live in Illinois, and the couple of times I have tried it I had a few chats during the hour.


It seems completely random. 3 weeks in a row. 22000 users. 0 Chats for the entire hour. Today at 18500 I got 6 chatpartners. 3 of them instant quit. 3 were short conversations that lead to nothing because not nearly enough time.... Weird was one of the instant quits I could see that the person had already typed 2 things to me but the attosecond I arrived in the chat the person left. I never saw her type that stuff. The feature is pretty much completely pointless in it's current state. They should increase the duration to 3 hours and the chat to 5 minutes. People type slower than they can talk.


Same here, every week 22k online and not a single chat. Living in central London I'd assume at least SOMEONE would be free?


I set mine to "entire country" for the hell of it and still not a single conversation over the hour


Apparently, there isn't one single woman in the entirety of your nation.


I keep refreshing and have had luck. Usually 5-10 chats each time.


Lucky you. I had zero chats for two months. Sat each week for an hour and got nothing. Cool.


Tonight had 4 chats and another 2 that closed it right away. It did take a good 20’ for the first one.


I’m in the NYC area I think it was like 20k or so nothing for me as well.. I didn’t even bother to check again that night


I live in Sydney, Aus and I’m in the same boat. Almost never works!




Yeah same. Tried it the whole hour and nothing. Just advertisement for spotlight 🤡


Ima say it cos no one will. It doesn’t work if you’re ugly. Im ugly and doesn’t work for me. Been single af all my life.


Did you try multiple times throughout the hour? It doesn't always find someone, but sometimes if you try back 4-5 minutes later, there is someone free.


I'm in SoCal, and 18.5 million people in the LA area, not one single person after I refreshed non-stop for nearly an hour.


It’s wonderful when enough users are online. The problem is that not enough users are online. I live in NY, and even I have trouble connecting. When it was a new feature with extra hype and marketing behind it, I would get 10+ connections within the hour. These days, I get nothing. Having only 30k users online (worldwide?) during this time is a joke. Bumble should experiment with different dates & times. Or offer an incentive for participating in a blind chat by giving users a 24hr free trial for upgraded features or something.


Maybe there is a temporary initial boost for new members, because when I played on 2/9 for an hour I got about nine matches. I’m in Maryland USA and it did have to expand my circle to about 60 miles. Can’t say I got quality pairings but I did get four or five like backs so still chatting with them.


Came here after using it 1st time. I think its mostly just a dickfest. And the guys that do end up chatting with some of the girls from the smaller pool either use spotlights or have a high swipe ratio that boosts their profile in order to generate more app activity.


I live in Toronto same no match


I live in Seattle and no-one


You will notice that bumble mysteriously are able to find people near you the second you pay to be in the spotlight. Think its out of order to be fair.