What would you do if you need to wash dishes and there are ants all over the dishes?


Take them outside and do your best to prevent it from happening again, for their and your own good.


The precepts are all about intention. If something is unavoidable there will be karmic consequences, but nothing like what they would be if you could have avoided the action.


Just try to be as mindful as possible. Also accidents happen. Nothing to fret over. Don’t intentionally kill, but try to be mindful as well.


The first precept just forbids intentional killing. Accidentally stepping on an ant, no problem. Stepping on an ant on purpose, problem.


It seems that a good option is to try to avoid killing them, maybe by diverting them to a place where you aren’t stepping?


The ants are on the ground everywhere, at least in a certain part of the yard, I don't think it's possible to divert them.


Options would be to use a man powered lawnmower or a scythe, which I’ve heard are much much much more humane options than using a powered lawnmower.


DO your best to protect them and not kill them. Just don't go around intentionally killing them


My teacher told me you do not incur negative karma for unintentionally killing.


It is a very interesting question. It is impossible to know the karmic impact of killing an ant, just as one cannot calculate the length of one's life. This doubt can be difficult. What is important is that you can learn to forgive yourself.


Killing animals is a minor offense pācittiya that can be purified through confessing. It is considered a minor offense in the vinaya and lay people are usually held to an even lower standard of discipline.


I know that when I moved out from my shitty apartment with lots of crawling things, to a brandspanking new apartment, all my problems with little sentient beings vanished. So just change your environment. Ask your siblings to meet elsewhere. Go travel. Nice 👍👍