I’ll be rooting for the browns


I'm not calling him dad, and if he gets in my face I'll drop that motherfucker




I’m burying you. They’ll never know!


It’s just like cold case files! It’s just like cold case files!




That’s cute. I remember my first beer.


I'm never calling him my quarterback! Even if there's a FIRE!


I ordered salmon!!


This is my feeling right now, but I wonder if I'll spontaneously act that way when DW throws a game-winning touchdown with no time on the clock.


When the browns score a touchdown I usually cheer


When Baker threw game-winning touchdowns, I cheered and then came to r/NFL game threads to brag about him. When Deshaun does it, I'll cheer (because the Browns won, yay!) but not brag. That's where I'm at at this point


Anything on r/NFL for the next year about the Browns is going to be cancer. Best to just stay out of those threads lol


Less than an hour ago, I read an assertion over there that this sub is full of "outright vitriol towards the victims". That's just not happening.


There's plenty of people on here saying the women are lying or implying they are just trying to get his money. It's probably a pretty low percentage, but it is definitely happening.


and those people are downvoted. source: see below


Yeah just absolute poverty takes over there about anything browns related for upvotes


Yep, I’m done with R/NFL for a while. Can’t take ppl seriously knowing atleast half the league was interested in watson, and the ones who weren’t already had franchise qbs.


And we probably deserve it (well, the team does. the fans dont). But when the cancer is coming from a steelers or ratbirds fan it will be laughable. They cheered for shitstains without any remorse for decades.


Not going to lie though, I am excited to see a passing offense. I also want to see how Chubb handles it.


Spoiler Alert but it'll likely be [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPhdtOwazOw) This is why no matter what anyone says Chubb is a leader and it doesn't take being rah rah and self appointed to be a leader. Many lead by example or understood by those around.


I wish Chubb to have one of the greatest NFL careers ever because the man is just one of my favorite human beings. We need more players with his ability to just work and stay out of drama.


Last time with a passing offense was with Freddie Kitchens and he would have won the rushing title if Freddie gave him the ball more in the final meaningless game against the Bengals. Chubb didn't have a problem with it. Barring injury, I expect Chubb to get his 5 yards a carry and finish top 5 in the league and not say a word about it either way.


This is the correct answer. I have rooted for them all my life, that will never change. I have no say in how they run the team. I love the Browns thick and thin.


Hopefully the Guardians and CAVS will do well!!


so yes the answer is yes. don’t try to spin it or sugarcoat it. you will be rooting for deshaun and the team that he is playing for. as will i. let’s go browns


Came here to say this lol


I won’t be buying any Deshaun Watson jerseys or bobble heads but I’ll be cheering for the Browns regardless. Does suck that we have that stain on our team now like with Big Ben and the Steelers, but that’s the way she goes I suppose.


I'm very cold to the whole idea. I recognize his talent, but just have a bad feeling about the whole deal.


Same, I probably will only watch 1-2 games this year. I’ll probably just follow them to see how everyone does after the games. Yes he is an upgrade over Baker, yes I think Baker is being a bit of a baby right now, but I’d still be more excited if we were rolling with Baker this season. It sucks but what can you do.


I’ll root for the Browns. But I won’t root for him individually or ever buy any of his jerseys.


It’s tough when he’s the QB though, the position that can make or break a team. His success is tied to the Browns success so it’s tricky Like it would be a little easier if he was the backup safety or something


If he was the backup safety he never would have been signed with that kind of baggage.


I want him to play great, but I won’t buy his merchandise. For me, I’m just watching for entertainment. I like the Browns. We’ve had scumbags in the past, and we’ll have more in the future. I just don’t care. I don’t care what people think either.


How does that work. Cooper is open downfield and the pocket is collapsing, but you won’t be rooting for Watson to escape the rush and get the ball to Cooper for the game winning TD?


It means you 100% want the Browns to score a game winning touchdown, but you don't care how big or small Watson's role is in that TD. If he single handedly escapes pressure and throws a dime into the endzone, great. Browns win. If he checks down to Hunt, who beasts out and runs through the entire defense, great. Browns win. And that's what's important.


It’s a cop out. They get to say the won’t root for D22, but they will root for the browns. It’s mental gymnastics to make them feel better about rooting for him.


It’s really not that difficult to grasp. I can want the Browns to win. I couldn’t careless if Watson has good stats, makes a probowl, does whatever. I don’t need to buy any memorabilia with his name on it. Etc. He’s just a body on the field


I couldn’t careless what he does.






I will. Some people are pretending they will root for the browns but not him, but I think that’s pretty much impossible when the success of the team is tied to your quarterback. I’m not gonna go out and buy his jersey but I hope he does well and has a positive impact on the community while he’s here.


At least this is an honest take. I disagree with it, but I appreciate you coming out and saying you will support him.


Yeah I'm sure he's going to have a very positive impact on the massage therapy and aesthetician communities.


gotta be honest - he has taken the joy out of being a fan for me.


Exactly my feeling. I stuck with my Brownies through 1-31. It sucked, but it felt true and noble. Might get flamed for that sentiment, but now, all the joy is gone. Another part of it: I’m an educator in Illinois, and I loved wearing by Brownie the Elf hat to campus. No way I can endorse this team as a teacher now


I feel the same exact way. It was fun watching them grow and improve. This deal with Watson feels like a it was made with the devil. Yes the browns will probably be better, but we sold the soul to make it happen.


Same. I can't personally divorce rooting for the Browns from rooting for Watson.


Ya I know I'm in a situation where as long as he is here, I don't think I'll be a fan. It's really sad as this was the team I grew up with. Guess it'll just be my current home team I'm cheering for.


No shame in feeling that way.


Totally. A QB is supposed to be the face of the franchise, represent the fanbase and all that. He's not who we are or what we stand for in any shape or form, as a general statement obviously with many exceptions. I thought we were better than this as an organization. I didn't think Jimmy would go for a guy like Watson. I didn't think Berry would support it. Stefanski seemed to be building a culture where everybody gets opportunities they deserve and is treated right. We have a high-ranking female assistant coach. And now here we are. I'm disappointed.


Tbh I'm kind of done with the Browns now because of it. I don't like signing him, I don't think the contract is a good idea, and giving up 3 firsts kills me. I feel like Berry bent over and let the Texans raw dog him in public. I don't really have any emotional attachment to seeing the Browns succeed now. Sucks because I've always cared about them, but I think I'm pretty much done. You can't sign a dude who has those accusations and give up that much for it. It's basically win in the next 1-2 years and enjoy it, and then the Browns go back to being the shitty Browns they've been my whole life. Completely mortgaged the future for a sexual predator. It's just embarrassing and I can't associate with it anymore. Genuinely prior to this off-season I've never felt that way even slightly. It's just the Deshaun move and nothing else. Berry pisses me off for doing this.




Same here. I’m still going to watch and everything but I just feel way less invested since we traded for him


being a browns fan was a joyful experience? ohhhh wait they won a playoff game against the steelers with Baker and then unceremoniously signed a 22-victim sexual predator to replace him.


I won’t root for Watson or buy his jersey, but I root for the Browns. It’s hard to reconcile that though. I’m not going to let one dude ruin over 30 years of fandom for me. The Browns were here before Watson, and I hope they’ll be here after Watson. It’s just tough because the QB is the face of the franchise. It sucks but I’m still excited to root for the Browns. We have a lot of cool dudes besides Watson.


No. I'll always love my Browns, until my dying day. But this guy is a dirt bag. I held out hope in his intro for something, anything. Nope, nothing there. I'm rooting for a swift in and out so I can come back.


This is exactly where I am.


This is me. I don’t fault anyone who is still rooting for the team but I cannot with him on it. My stuff will go into storage until I can root for the entire team.


I understand your stance and respect it. I am curious what could he have said in his intro to make you feel better about him? I thought the intro was very scripted but what else can you expect from someone in his shoes?


I understand the legal situation and that he would never ever ever say this but - if he came out and said something along the lines of that: he did something wrong, he acknowledges that, he's going to change and dedicate himself to making sure people are safe from that kind of behavior again and educating young men not to do what he did - he could have my full support. Pretty much how we all forgave Mike Vick. But that won't ever happen because he's denied all allegations.


Mike Vick actually did his time for his wrongdoings, Watson hasn't faced any consequences for his alleged misdeeds.


Can’t wait to BOO WATSON and cheer for all the other Browns players


I tend to root for the browns as I’m a browns fan so yes


Lifelong Browns fan here. I can't bring myself to root for Watson. And I'm just so damned disappointed in the front office for making this highly questionable move. If it weren't for Watson being such a scumbag, I'd be jazzed, but the man makes my skin crawl. At this point, I'm probably taking a hiatus from my Browns fandom. My wife and her family are from western NY and are all Bills fans, but I can't bring myself to jump on the bandwagon of a team that is already a super bowl contender. I'm thinking lions for a bit because they've been my NFC sweetheart since the Barry Sanders days.


It’s also hard to root for the Browns but not him because he IS The Browns. The QB is the single most important position in football. It’s not like he’s a CB or something where it’s easy to ignore and root for everyone else, but he’s the QB and face of the franchise and the star. If you want him to fail or not do well, then the Browns won’t do well. You can’t win in todays NFL in spite of your QB really.


Bills fan here. Been a fan since I was a kid in the jp losman days, went through hell and mediocrity for years until the team ever became respectable. Some bills fans aren't open to people becoming bills fans now without having endured the pain we have for decades. I think it's a rational take but I'd argue that it's different especially with browns fans. We're lake Erie bros, and we've both been through the ringer, you guys even moreso than us. I'd happily accept a browns fan into our clan. Sorry you guys have to deal with such a shitty choice by your team to employ this scumbag, I would probably just stop watching football altogether if it were the bills who signed him. I just don't think if you want to switch fandoms that you have to pick a team that isn't good yet. We're all used to being the underdogs and I get wanting to root for that, but I don't think any browns fan that switches to the bills is a bandwagoner just because we're good now, we've all suffered, we're all lake Erie bros, you guys deserve the same taste of success that bills fans are getting right now. I welcome browns fans with open arms. Don't subject yourself to inferior, Josh Allenless football for fear of becoming a bandwagoner


I’ve already jumped onto the Bills for now and have received nothing but welcome.


Glad to hear it partner


Bills Mafia is fantastic, nothing but love from them when Buffalo has been here for games.


Is this the welcoming invite I've been waiting for without knowing it? I was considering rooting for SF until DW leaves, since that was my childhood team (until I became an insufferable contrarian at age 11 and picked the Browns out of a hat, just so I wouldn't be rooting for the same team as everyone around me). Maybe I can call the Bills home, instead. It just breaks my heart thinking about not experiencing all the excitement I get from watching Chubb play. I don't know. I'm just sad right now.


Good luck rooting for a team with no scumbags


No. I am a lifelong Browns fan, I will not watch a single minute until he has admitted that what he did was wrong, or he is not on the team any more. Until then, I can’t look my daughters in the eye, and cheer him on at the same time.


Go browns!


I'm not even a Browns fan anymore.


The guy is a sex offender that throws a ball well. Not only can I not root for him, but it makes it difficult to root for the Browns.


Does he play for the Cleveland browns?


Yeah he just got traded




I root for the browns to win. If the browns win the super bowl and Watson is hot garbage so be it. I’ve never really cared about rooting for any individual player to succeed at an individual level. If Watson is great, okay, if Watson sucks, okay. All I care about is how the team plays


Yeah I feel like a lot of these takes are people that follow players around, not teams. Like the LeBron fans who were Cavs fans then turned into Heat fans, then back to Cavs fans, and now Laker Fans. Whereas I personally am a Browns fan. I don't care if Watson, Brady, or computer generated character number 3 is our QB. I care about if the Browns win or lose, bottom line.


Yeah. If we win the super bowl and Watson sucks, fine we won the super bowl. If we go 4-13 and Watson was great, I don’t care about his individual accomplishments because he didn’t help the team win. Individual accomplishments of our players mean nothing to me outside of whether or not they’re helping us win


I’ll be rooting for the Browns. I hope he succeeds so the team succeeds.


I still haven't decided about what i'm doing this NFL season but at best I'm only going to root for the team not the player.


I was a fan before him, I'll be one after him. I'll be at every home game, just like the last 10 seasons. But, there will be no posters, jerseys, or other Watson gear in my house.


... Go Guardians!


Based on the comments, there seems to be a role reversal. All the people who disliked Baker and knew he wasn’t the answer still cheered because OBJ Jarvis, Chubb, etc, needed Baker to play well for their success. Now the people who love Baker are in that position. They will cheer for the other Browns players, but knows their success requires Watson to play well.


No and I won't be a Browns fan again until the Haslam family sells the team.


I won’t root for either. Even without the alleged sex offenses, the Browns gave up too much in cap and picks for this to make sense for a mostly unproven player (sorry, the stats are just not there to convince me he is SB caliber yet.) There have been countless examples of this in the league and I doubt management’s ability and means to build a successful team around him. I fear they’ve done nothing but build up too much hope for the fan base only to send the team on another decade-or-more-long downslide. Once you add in the legal woes, and the possibility that this guy may continue to be a problem off the fuel (sex offenders will often repeat until stopped entirely), I just don’t see how this helps the Browns in results, image, or popularity. All around, this is shit, and I feel bad for the fans who will be eventually and drastically disappointed, and a city that may lose its football team again after mass-abandonment. Or…I’m catastrophizing. We will see.


The Browns made this bed so they can lay in it. I hope they both fucking suck. Fuck the browns and fuck Deshaun Watson


Not a chance in hell.




Fuck no


I’m a new Columbus Blue Jackets fan.




Nope, thanks, bye!


I don't think I can not root for the browns. it's gonna feel wrong to root for him until he either clears his name or is punished for his allegations tho. I will do my best to cheer for the team while not supporting Watson. I've been a browns fan for 22 years. I don't think I'll ever be able to turn it off.


Him specifically? No For the Browns? Yes of course




No, but I'm an eagle's fan. Idk why this showed up on my feed, but it's there, so you get an answer.


I'll do the same thing I did with Jamal Lewis. Root for the team but not celebrate anything he does.


Did Jamal sell cocaine like what was the worst thing he did?


He tried to help someone get drugs. A LOT of people around are pictures of perfection. Absolutely perfect souls that have never had an impure thought.


Nothing wrong with drugs as long as it's a non-violent offense. Massive difference between that and sexually assaulting 22 women (and attempting to assault dozens more)


It's almost as if there's a bit of space between perfection and helping to arrange a 5 kilo cocaine purchase. Almost.


That's too bad, Jamal was great with the Browns


Any sports dollars that I spend will go to the Guardians.


Imagine thinking this being a sane take 4 months ago. Life comes at you fast.




I’m just not gonna bother with the Browns until he’s gone.


NO. I can't not root for my Browns though. I hate that he is a POS and the fact that we are the ones who took him. ​ But mostly I think I just hate the fact that they completely blew up the team I love so much. The Browns Baker era has been by far the most fun of my 20+ year fandom. But I was hurt when other players I loved went away too. Hoyer even. Pryor. I am just disppointed that it didn't go the way I had dreamed. But also hugely disgusted by the "fuck that guy" attitude from "fans" who flipped on the dude they claimed to love. As long as he doesn't end up a Steeler or Raven I will forever cheer him on, I hope he wins a ring. I am sure I will find a way to love and cheer for my Browns as I always have but I am not excited about it.


Until it comes out that he's innocent, and all 24 women lied, the answer is no. Each time he's sacked or throws an INT, part of me will be happy about it. Which really, really sucks because I don't want to root against the Browns. But I will not be rooting for Watson.


Which obviously won't happen unfortunately. It's a complete he-said-she-said situation, so people just decide who they believe and stick to it.


Correct. And if you think about it, a private massage room is one of few ideal places for something like this to happen. Probably no cameras, and it's likely cleaned routinely meaning (probably) no left over DNA/evidence anywhere after the fact. It's all he-said-vs-she-said at this point and that usually favors the millionaire star athlete.


This is exactly how I feel, and how I'm approaching next season.


Nope. I will be pulling for him to fail. Just being honest.




Not a chance in hell.


I’ve been saying this, I’ll root for the browns. Not buying his jersey, not wishing for him to win awards. I’ll take Chubb scoring every TD if possible


I think it's easy to be all noble and shit right now in the offseason, but once we start sniffing the playoffs you'll all be rooting hard for Deshaun because you only win if he wins. If you aren't rooting for him, you aren't rooting for the Browns. And if that's the case, what the fuck are you doing here?


He’s really, really good. He’s never played behind a competent O line and never had anything close to Chunt in the backfield. This offense should be straight up electrifying with him plugged into it.


Hell yeah I will. I’m hoping he improves as a person, stays out of trouble, does good things for the city of cleveland and wins a fuck ton of games. I’ve done plenty of pretty bad things before and have turned it around. Hoping DW does the same.


Hell yeah!


Fuck yes. Does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?


No. And the way this all went down left me pretty cold to the front office too. But they're still my Browns and I'll still be there every Sunday like I always have been.


John Oliver told a joke about feeling like a Swiss banker during World War II. The Browns made a deal with the devil and it may pay off, but will you be happy they made the deal? My wife is the die hard fan and she's really disappointed.


Yes. I hope he plays so well he wins MVP.






Nope. I won’t root against the Browns but as long as the allegations remain unresolved I won’t be supporting Watson or the team.




Yes. I have a sickness called Browns Fandom and them winning or losing effects my life way too much.


No, I'm genuinely disgusted by this move. I've never been this upset with the organization as a whole. Fine disrespect Baker, I think that's the wrong move but fine. But do that to get Watson with everything going on? It'll be a few seasons before (if Watson doesn't last) before I'll feel comfortable with the organization again.


Packed up all my Browns stuff in a box and put it away. As a new father of a 3 month old daughter, there's no way I could support the Browns after the Watson deal. As a general rule, I try not to knowingly support any business that enables serial sexual predators. The league as a whole has a serious issue employing some absolute pieces of shit and enabling their behavior because they are good at a game. As 32 year old Browns fan I've stuck with this team through so much loss and embarrassment, but even then it always seemed like we at least had some kind of moral integrity, minus the occasional dirt bag or two, to hang our hats on. I was elated when it was announced the Browns were out of the running for Watson. The entire courting of Watson by teams left a terrible taste in my mouth. It was pathetic and gross, and when it was announced we were the "winners" it was the last straw for me. The NFL will continue to allow and look past atrocious behavior as long as they keep making money from it and the only way to hurt their wallets is to stop watching and cut ties. Football is my favorite sport and it's a bummer, but fuck that, you have to draw a line somewhere. I'll find something else to enjoy.


None of the music, movies,TV shows have any shitty people in it? As much as r/nfl loves saying we love Deshaun Watson the consensus here has been. Go Browns and that's it


Of course I will. MVP




Yes and I’m pumped to see him play




I root for the browns. They are my team and always have been. Watson is not a good or honest guy in my opinion, but he’s a good football player and if he helps us win so be it. I don’t watch the nfl because of their moral compass.


“I don’t watch the nfl because of their moral compass.” I couldn’t have worded it better myself. Absolutely agree.




I will be watching Browns games and rooting for the team to win. Let's leave it at that.


innocent until proven guilty. He wants to clear his name. if we would have settled the cases I wouldn't root for him. if he loses any civil cases I won't root for him. until then..... LFG BROWNIES!!!!!🤎🧡🤎🧡 people that say "I'm rooting for the browns not watson" are just lying to themselves. Watson is a brown, if you root for the browns you are rooting for him


I'll be rooting for top performance in a Browns uniform. I'll also be rooting for a muuuuuch improved person out of the sport - there is still so much good he can do in this world. I refuse to buy his jersey though. Let's hope Deshaun the individual uses this whole thing to become a better person.




If he’s in a browns jersey then yes. Won’t consider buying his jersey until he makes a real impact off the field and on it. He has a lot of work to do


As a Browns fan, I will be rooting for him to play well, because if he succeeds, the Browns succeed.


Until there is definitive proof or a guilty charge, I will treat him as innocent. I find it discerning that allegations become defacto proof in the eyes of certain individuals. I really hope none of those people who are holding judgement ever are put in a situation where their name is dragged through mud before they had the ability to defend themselves.








No, I'll be back once Watson is gone though, he's the face of the franchise now which makes the team very unappealing to root for


Yes. So much mental gymnastics going on in this thread lmao


People think if they strategically word how their rooting for a team works on an anonymous online forum that it makes them a better person lol


Literally lmao. So many people that we love are most likely horrible behind closed doors anyways. I don't think its immoral to root for a team regardless of who's on it. Its just entertainment.


Yes don’t give a fuck go browns


Preach!!! GO BROWNS


I think the franchise’s image will be forever changed by this signing. It will be controversial forever. People will point to attitudes such as “Yes don’t give a fuck go browns” as representative of the city and fan base where many think that way, and many don’t. Everyone is entitled to feel differently. Yet, Watson’s record contract after his shitty predatory behavior will forever stain every browns jersey. No matter each person’s opinion, we’ll be judged harshly by many.


Hell yeah brother it's going to take a hell of a lot more than 22 sexual assaults to keep me from my football


Hell yeah


Hell no! He disgusts me! I can't believe they signed him! As a father, a brother, a son, a friend....there is NO way I can root for that man as a Steelers fan. He's a rival :). Just kidding. He will probably ball out.


No. I’m can’t watch anymore and I actually want them to lose so he can be traded or somthing




Fuck yes I will. Honestly I thought the whole story sounded fishy long before there was ever a thought of Watson being a Brown.


Same here. The fact that there is 22 accusers is what makes it sound like a money grab. I don't doubt he had consensual sex with some of the women and the other women denied his requests or advances and all it took was for one woman to have remorse and hire an attorney and he decided to rope in 21 other women for the $$$.


Agreed, throw in that the attorney is a Texans superfan AND neighbor with the billionaire owner #4 refused to play for and there’s just way too much reasonable doubt for me to get caught up worrying about it.


I've been rooting for the Browns for decades. I'm on hiatus at least until Watson is gone. It's not just that you can't separate the star quarterback from the team. This incident revealed a lack of moral character and poor judgment in the front office and ownership. He's horrible, and the team is horrible for ignoring that. Until there's a reckoning, apologies and probably a new owner, I can't root for my beloved Browns. I feel like a family member has set out on a self-destructive path that I can't steer them off. It breaks my heart, but I have to step away and let them crash so that maybe someday they will be better.


My daughter was sexually assaulted by her ex boyfriend and my wife by her ex husband, so no. There will never be anyway I can root for him or watch a browns game while he is on the team


Were the men convicted? (I sure hope so) Because if not, many people here will say to you: "InNoCeNt uNtiL pRoVeN gUiLtY!!"


Ya I know. My daughter has taken 4yrs to open up about what happened, so no conviction there and she has no interest in pursueing charges. She just wants to move. Especially since she has a daughter(my granddaughter) with him and he doesn't have any contact with her. She wants to keep it that way. Not to say I won't do something down the road.... My wife was also in the battered wife syndrome(physically,sexually and mentally)and got out after 4yrs. She has found peace with me and doesn't want to have to revisit it. Stats show that only 20% of sexual assault cases get prosucuted. So it's no wonder women don't come forward


Yes. A good Watson gives this team the best chance of winning


Curbstomping the rest of the holier than thou shit talking rest of the AFCN teams twice a year is all I give a fuck about right now. I don't care if Satan himself is under center. Especially delicious will be knocking the taste out of those punk assed Bengals fans mouths.


As a long time clemson fan, I will be. He was not charged, innocent until proven guilty. I’ll be wearing a #4 jersey on game days for sure


Same here. You know how reddit people are though. Prepare for downvotes


Yea I thought about that before posting, but oh well.


Hell yeah, he’s a brother and he’s the quarterback from my team. Idc about “allegedly”


As a player and a Brown yeah. But I'll never wear his jersey, and will always make fun of him.


Without question


I root for the Browns and hope for the best for whoever is under center.


I don’t give a shit if it’s Deshaun Watson or Zorgon 8 in the QB position, I’m rooting for my Brownies! DAWG POUND, BABY!!


I mean have you seen Zorgon 8 throw? That kid has a rocket


I'll root for him and buy his jersey. All in.


Yes. I think he was definitely using massages for sexual encounters. I also think that these women were participants and not victims. I’ve looked up some of the women that have made claims against him and it’s my personal belief that they are using this as a cash grab. My guess is that since a grand jury didn’t proceed, the evidence suggested the same thing. Lead us to the Promised Land, sicko.


I’ll be rooting for his innocence. I hope he’s TRULY innocent and that we don’t have a scumbag at QB. But I guess we’ll probably never know the truth. When the ball kicks off in September I’ll be rooting for the Browns no matter who’s taking the snaps, it could be Long John Silver for all I fucking care. I’ve been a fan long before Deshaun and will be one long after.


Yes he's our QB now


How this works is they’re innocent until PROVEN guilty. Not the other way around. It is not up to Watson to prove his innocence, but it is up to the prosecutors to prove that he is guilty. Now, until then you guys should enjoy Browns football. If he is proven to be guilty than you can throw him to the wolves.


If a man walks into a room with a woman in it, there are no cameras or other witnesses, and he proceeds to rub his penis on her, fondle her, or otherwise engage in unwanted touching, and then he dresses and leaves...what evidence are you expecting they would find? Innocent until proven guilty is a good standard for locking people up, but not a great standard for deciding if sexual assault victims are telling the truth about the accused.


Respectfully, I disagree. In a court of law, sure. This isn't a court of law, it's the court of public opinion and no such rule exists. Regardless, sexual assault in this regard is infamously difficult to prove. For a lot of fans, 22 women is an overwhelming amount and I think it's totally valid to really fucking hate the guy, myself included.


Guilt and innocence in the eyes of the law is unfortunately a narrow view. Sexual assaults have an insanely low conviction rate. [This particular study](https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/252689.pdf) of over 2800 SA allegations showed only 7% resulted in convictions. At some point you'll need to reconcile with the fact that either being found not guilty in a court of law is not a proclamation of innocence or that 90+% of sexual assault victims that go to the police are fabricating their claims. Incidents that boil down to he-said-she-said will rarely result in evidence to prosecute and ultimately benefit the accused. Looking at the grand scheme of things, I'm going to take the side of supporting the victims of sexual assault knowing the insane uphill battle required to get any form of justice.


I rooted for Bernie I rooted for Vinny I rooted for…Eric Zeier? I rooted for Tim I rooted for Jeff I rooted for about 15 dudes after Jeff I rooted for Johnny (briefly) I rooted for DeShone I rooted for Tyrod I rooted for Baker I’ll definitely root for DeShaun


As a Browns fan through and through, I root for every member of the Cleveland Browns.


Brownies! Brownies! Brownies!


I won’t go to a game while he’s on the team. I went to every home opener for 9 years and averaged a game or more a year that I’ve been an adult. And I know It won’t bother the team or him.


Go Browns


I’ll be rooting for him and the Browns. And as time passes I’ll note all the #4 jerseys in the city and fondly remember the days of righteous outrage that have been forgotten…except for those stubborn few.


Fuck no, creep shouldn’t be in the NFL