Company is starting to look better and better value every week. 👌 Rangers should be pumping out by early next year and Flames late next year If BRK can get a hold of more land to lease that is oil rich we could really be on a winner here


Correct. The company has continued to increase its value via Held By Production acreage including production revenue and will continue to exponentially increase that value in the the coming years IMO. Undoubtedly more acreage at some point will be attainaned and acquired, further increasing the asset and reserve base in preparation for divestment or further development. A winner in the making or already a winner as it meets target goal objectives 😉😃 Keep well cheers Paul 😀


Awesome stuff guys!


Awesome keg from the guy at the back!!


Thanks for the post, roughly how many people does it take to run each well?


Not having worked in any of thise scenarios, my understanding is the size and complexity of the modern rig. Seems as though there is a typical minimum a permanent requirement of 5 workers per crew, 24 hours per day spread either across 2 or 3 crews. Additional resources frequently come and go from site for the works plans as well as representatives of the the operating owner being BRK/BM Either way a very busy site, with a huge effort by all on the ground to not only be successful but to be safe. Lots of moving part and heavy equipment in motion not to mention drilling into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons. Keep well cheers Paul 😀