Sadly the SP has taken a beating lately for no real reason Going to have to hold for awhile before we head back to new ATH Management fault for such a poorly timed CR but we need to move on from it but at the AGM I expect investors to grill DP on the rushed nature of the CR Imho BRK is undervalued and we should be sitting at a market cap of 250m


Sure the SP has seen better days and as far as I see it Herd in Herd out....just as shown in the charts it depends on which Herd you follow... The issue of options has been argued that it was friendly towards CPS and clients, maybe so but it is done. I would hardly condemn or chastise management now or at the next AGM proportioning any fault or blame on management when the intention is to keep momentum in drilling and proving reserves, maybe look outwards to the funding partners again placing management into a position to get moving...in both cases for Jewell and Rangers. All being fair let's wait till the AGM to see where the SP recovers to, especially and fingers crossed with Flames in motion and hardy production figures from Jewell and Rangers...Who knows....we may all be buying management beers in thanks for the result....+++ you to Dan, TheProfessional, Wolf of Wall St and other valuable contributors. Imo opinion BRK is now both undervalued and oversold, there maybe some volatility with the options in the short term but my long term hold and conviction remains unchanged. Keep well cheers Paul :)


I 100% agree with all ur points just trying to figure out why we have seen a 50% drop from ATH!? When the company is probably in a better position then it was during the ATH Full disclosure I put my money where my mouth is I purchased some more shares today too feel BRK is heavily undervalued but it might take months if not a year or so for the market to wake up to how amazing this company is going to be. Time will tell I guess as always I'm Ultra long on this stock I do believe a few k investment now could be life changing gains in a couple years time DYOR Pastry out!


We have more time to buy shares


At the last update DP also mentioned 900k as the monthly revenue being generated from the well.. two names I definitely trust!