Thank you, much appreciated the higher resolution images. They help to make out a little more detail. From the picture there appears a parallel feature inside the outside edge and I'm assuming this to be the toe of the bund wall or embankment batter for environmental spill and water run-off containment. All in all pregrogressing very well and smoothly, since this image I believe the concrete treated base is now in place and gravel should be being imported to complete the all weather pad ready for spud and rig. Look forward to your next high res picture 🙏 Keep well cheers Paul 😀


Like it. Looking forward to seeing next picture and progress.




Things seems a bit quiet on the Rangers front re photos n news. I remember re Jewell there was a surprise (to me) that there was a court action needed to proceed. It seem expected need by some of the smarter ones here. Could this be happening with Rangers now ?