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Kate’s dresses are gorgeous. Especially would love to have that riding outfit of hers.


Also the teal dress she’s in in the promotional materials. So beautiful!


Simone called it the peacock dress. She also wore it with the queen in E5. Yeah it's gorgeous i agree. But i also loved the matching gloves with the cute buttons and her fan. I did find the dress quite risque though. I always felt it was very low cut. I mean i'm not complaining. 😄 it's just the way the dress is shaped in the chest. It drops and is kinda loose. I know kate's dresses get slinkier and sexier through the season as she gives into her feelings and passion for anthony. So i get that the costumes are starting to show this. But ya know. My eyes kept going to it because it was pretty low cut. 😆 Other than that i love the colour and pattern, and she also wears it in the portrait promo with anthony that was released online after the show.


Penelope's. I am black woman who looks really good in the fall colours, so yellow actually looks good on my skin tone.


Yessss same👏🏾


Loll… I’ve loved all her outfits… it always makes me laugh when people talk about her ‘ugly’ outfits and I’m like ‘I would totally wear that and wear the color yellow often and it looks good on me!




I love Eloise’s outfits the most.


Same girl, same. I really love the look she has with a plaid jacket. It looks so scholarly.




Kate's costumes. Such beautiful jewel colours. She really stood out. And that simple green/aquamarine ombre type dress with the sparkles she wore in E5 for the sheffield dinner was stunning. She looked like a princess. I also loved all her purple palette dresses, especially her epilogue dress and museum dress with the net short sleeves. But Simone was gorgeous. She wore everything so well and every colour suited her. The issue for me is those that live in the ton. All the dresses are samey with those pastels. They all look the same. Even edwina's wedding dress looked like another regency samey dress. If not for the veil it didn't look any different than her other types of dresses. And then kate wears the lavender bridesmaid dress down the church and instantly she stands out. danbury, simon, kate all stand out with their costumes so i'm drawn to them. The featherington's also stand out, but in that case for all the wrong reasons. As their costumes are garish and loud. I will say though i liked eloise's dress she wore at the E2 soiree. With those coloured flowers against the pastel tone. But ultimately kate had the most beautiful colours/dresses. Her riding outfit is iconic. And i know that now she's a bridgerton the costume department will blend her a bit more into the bridgerton palette/style in S3 but i'm really hoping they keep her jewel tones too. 🤗


Yes! The whole color palette for her wardrobe was so lovely. I adore all the deep, vibrant jewel tones they chose, plus the rich fabrics like that gorgeous velvet.


I agree with every bit of this. The jewel tones are everything, but I am not a big fan of the pastels, unless they are something like those icy greens with tht beautiful fabrics Eloise wears or some of those lavender and stronger blues on Daphne. And omg, I thought that I was the only person alive who didn't like Edwina's wedding dress. I know that objectively that it was carefully made with beautiful, delicate fabrics, but it just so dead white, like printer paper white. I mean I am "Winter" so I appreciate a white that's not yellowed, but there was something that seemed profoundly plain about it, even though I knew that it wasn't. There are a million different whites, a ton of them beautiful and crisp with a blueish undertones, but it's almost like Edwina's had a dull grey undertone. Maybe it was my TV, but I didn't like it. And aside from the color, the material looked stiff and didn't have a great sheen. I remember thinking Mary's dress looked better than Edwina's when they walked down the aisle. I thought Daphne's wedding dress was gorgeous, and I liked Phillippa's too. I liked the back of it. It was very different. For some reason it made me think Annie Potts' character from *Pretty in Pink* might have worn that and that really seemed to work for Phillippa. 😂 I think that Charithra would have looked better with a softer fabric and a white with some gold in it. But I suspect that they did not give Edwina the perfect shade of white and made the gown seem almost tight and stiff in the bodice on purpose, because in the end Kate, in that stunning silken lavender dress and with her hair soft and natural, was really the star of the show. P.S. Edit: If they start pushing those pastels on Kate, I will be very annoyed. Jewel Tone Girls Unite! 🤣


I would have to say Kate’s. They are all so elegant. And I think Lady Danbury’s if I were older.


Definitely Kate's wardrobe and I already love the one we saw for season 3 in the pap pics


Edwina’s because I love pink. I also love the pink flower dress Penelope wears at the ball.


Kate's wardrobe. She got purple💜, blue💙 & Turquoise💙💚 dresses that I absolutely adore. The orange🧡 looks good too but the color wouldn't suit me 😅


Pink is my favourite colour so I was drooling over Edwina’s wardrobe too 🤤🤤 also loved Penelope’s pink dress from 2x04 💖💖


I’d love to have Eloise’s dresses! I find the colours very elegant and the matching jewellery/ accessories are pretty too!


Colin’s or Benedict’s. I could style their cutaway coats and vests into my 2022 wardrobe by mixing it with my modern clothes and they tend to wear more interesting colors and fabrics than the other guys. The brocade vests are still so chic and the oversized blouses would look great tucked into jeans or a skirt. Plus I love a knee high riding boot.


As an Indian, i _loved_ Kate's dresses. Apparently the costume designers went an extra length to show her Indian heritage in her dresses, and it definitely does pop out! The jewel tones, the jacquard silk fabrics, the Indian jewelry, the tulip sleeves-- it looked beautiful. They did a perfect job of mingling the two cultures. I could make soke adjustments to her clothes and they wouldn't look too out of place at an Indian wedding.


Edwina or daphne. Mostly Edwina she wears the prettiest colors and as a woc those soft colors go well with my tan skin


Kate,no question. There are lots of beautiful dresses, but hers have extra oomph. They are exotic, but not so much so that a pasty white woman like me would look silly in them.


It’s a tie between the Duke and Kate.


I would want Kate’s wardrobe. The colors are exactly top choice for me.




Kate's dresses, beautiful, deep colors.. and Violet's dresses often have very pretty delicate patterns.


Here me out…Penelopes 😂 my favorite color is yellow so that’s awesome. But in all honesty, Kate’s wardrobe was stunning and Daphne’s would fit me best. Also just for fun: Benedict’s wardrobe is the best male wardrobe.


I'm partial to Lady Danbury's wardrobe. It's pretty and I love the colors, but it also looks the most comfortable. Not sure if I could pull off the hats though.


kate's designs / colours are so eye catching. the fact that she's gorgeous helps of course, but her dresses were also genuinely so beautiful lol


Kate. Her dresses are beautiful. Her riding dress, hearts and flowers ball dress and specially the Sheffield dinner dress that I can't stop thinking about. I don't know if anyone noticed that Kate is only few of the females on the show whose dresses are actually sized perfectly to her body. It may not be historically accurate but it definitely looked good on her. What I mean to say is that every regency dress had that lining just below the breasts that makes the chest area much tighter than the rest of the rest. And it was only on Kate and Eloise that I thought that it suits perfectly. Everyone else's make their breasts looks so weird and pushed so hard. For example look at Daphne dresses or Penelope's is the worst for her. Both of their looks like the bodice end on the middle of their breasts instead of at the end of their breasts. Kate's dresses fit perfectly to her.


Theo or Benedict. But I would probably look like Chaplin 😢


Daphne by a mile! Understated and still feminine and delicate. The blue one with the lace sleeves she wears while promenading with Simon is so dreamy.


Kate’s outfits are stunning!❤️


Kate's and Eloise's. Kate's are gorgeous & I simply love those colors. And Eloise's seems so practical. I like yellows and pinks, but not a fan of the pastel tones.


Lady Danbury without a doubt. That lady has style! 🎩


I am obsessed with the colors of Kate's wardrobe but I also loved a lot of Daphne's looks from season 1.


I love Daphne’s dresses with all their simplicity and elegance.


season 2 eloise prolly, i just love how some masculine styles are incorporated in her otherwise feminine clothing






Daphne for sure I love all of her pastels


My favourites are Kate, Marina and Eloise's.


Penelope & Edwina!! Plus Pink & Yellow are my two favorite colors 💛💖


Kate. Purple is my favourite colour and I loved the jewel outfits✨


Simon and Colin both have pretty nice costumes




I’d say Kate but Daphne is the most similar to me as for color analysis and size, so I go for her.


Daphne and Edwina’s. I absolutely love pastels, and I only wear white, blue, lilac and pink, so theirs are perfect


I would definitely pick and choose between both Sharma sisters wardrobes (leaning more towards edwinas) but honestly what makes there outfits for me is the styling of both their hair and makeup


The dresses of Kate especially the pink dress and the orange dress


Honestly either Daphne, Eloise, or Kate. They all wear a lot of blue and it’s my favorite color. Plus Eloise has a lot of pretty hair accessories.


I want Violet’s.