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I thought the same! Feels like an Easter egg for >!Benedict and Sophie’s!< storyline


Yup, I’m hoping so!!!


Fingers crossed! I’m not losing hope until there’s some sort of official announcement declaring otherwise lol


Same!! I’m only believing the official announcements, people can speculate all they want lol


Same! This is my favorite story in the series so I’m gonna remain a hopeless optimist hahaha


Yes it's a definitely an Easter egg. Also how in episode 8, Anthony complains about all their staff leaving. Add to that the fact that Lady Featherington accuses Lady Cowper of stealing house staff. They're all Easter eggs that staff wars are about to begin >! And entry Sophie!<


Unfortunately unless they dramatically shorten the timeline >!Sophie doesn’t start to work at the Bridgerton household for approximately 3 years, as there’s a two to three year gap from when Benedict first sees her (1815) until he rescues her from being molested and takes her to work for his mother (approximately 1817/18), maybe they go through a few maids in the interim?!<


Oh they’ll shorten it. They can’t age up the younger actors that fast so they have to shorten all the timelines.


OMG! I didn’t think of that! I literally GASP


To be fair, pen over hearing Colin say that he was in no way courting her was also a slight Easter egg as well IMO


This scene made me so mad