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I don’t necessarily think she expected a proposal, per se (since I’m honestly not sure the ring box was visible until he pulled it out and got down on one knee), but I do get the sense that she thought he was rushing out to say something to her before her family left Aubrey Hall (perhaps even an apology of some sort?). Or, she may have just thought he was addressing her first as the elder of the two siblings. 🤷🏽‍♀️


I know Kate is in the wrong. But that scene hurt. It cut hard. I just wanted to hug her.


Yes, I agree


Her "I hate you" is pretty unconvincing, and then he gets right up next to her to whisper about whether or not she feels something for him, a question she is struggling to answer when they are interrupted. If she genuinely did not like him, there is no way she would let him get that close to her. (Time and time again he gets close to her, and she doesn't budge an inch to keep away from him.) I think by the end of the episode, she expects that things are over between Anthony and her sister. And that there is possibly something brewing between her and Anthony (as uncomfortable as that makes her knowing how her sister liked him). That final moment when he proposes to Edwina is shocking given everything that has happened. Poor Kate.


Can you imagine the carriage ride home for Kate? Hours discussing and planning the upcoming nuptials. Poor Kate!


Does he say “miss sharma” or “miss edwina” bc interesting if he is saying “miss sharma” (kate) but meaning to address edwina


Thank you for mentioning this. He said “Miss Sharma.” He never referred to Miss Edwina that way. Freudian slip?


I felt so bad for Kate in that moment. They had shared an intense moment before and then suddenly, he proposes to her sister... right in front of her. I don't think he ever apologized for that.


I need a fanfic where he apologizes!