Unfortunately a lot of the time when you are the one being dumped. The dumper is most of the time has already been looking for a replacement for you. Now this is not sugar coated it's pretty raw.. but as someone that is going through it as we speak it's better to get all of those thoughts and feelings over with.. now them moving on so fast and trying to replace you is a double edged sword.. for them if you did all you could and made sure you were the best you could have been.. you have set the bar so high that now if they don't get that you will be in there mind, and they will remember what you did just be cautious if they come back you have been disrespected. And your mother did not give birth to you to be disrespected by someone that didn't love you or care to fix it!!


He did this to me. Ugh. I hate him now.


2 year relationship, she moved on in a week


I've always wonder how and why tho . . .




She emotionally brokeup before breaking up




How somebody handles the end of a relationship has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. Don’t let his actions diminish your self worth. Usually, when someone moves on quickly that usually means they’re insecure and can’t handle being alone. Don’t worry about him; just remember who you are and all of the amazing qualities you possess. You will find someone else, someone who will probably be a much better fit. Until then I recommend blocking his social media. The less you see of him the better you’ll feel. I promise. I blocked my ex’s socials pretty early on and have zero idea if she’s moved on or not. It’s very freeing. I wish you luck friend. You’ve got this


What if they found someone while they were emotionally checking out of the relationship? What does that say?


That means that they’re willing to choose for themselves while hurting you. Are that type of people you want in your life? You’re better of without them


Also if they were the dumpee they were one foot out for long before the conversation.


Yeah my ex and I broke up 3 months ago. I found out when he dumped he never deleted the apps but kept them “in a folder in his phone”. So from the very beginning I said to myself wowww you clearly had one foot in and one foot out from the beginning


You mean dumper? Usually dumper has one foot out


Yes dumper. Thank you.


4 years and an engagement, she walked into another relationship within 2 weeks of us splitting up






Seems like she was cheating :(


Exactly the same for me. 4 year relationship, very intense love at first, he moved on after one month.


21 yrs and moved on during lol


3 year relationship, she moved on within a week. In the beginning I was very sad. I honestly believe that they are trying to avoid their feelings. You should heal on your own it gets better one day. Suffer only once and never go back because they will do it again.


My ex was dating his friend the next day. Fast forward four months and they’re married now.




Facts. Bro, he was living here in my house till the day after he got married. Like, wtf? And she knew, she knew when she got with him that he n I were in a relationship for a year n half living together…. 🐽they definitely deserve one another and whatever karma comes their way.




Yea. And me The understanding girlfriend right? They’re Just friends right? He would be getting together with her for lunch and I’d hand him money if he didn’t have any and tell him to have fun. Jesus I’m a blind asshole.


5 years together. She moved on 5 weeks after the break up.


I have moved on quickly when I was younger and as I get older not so much.


Together 2,5 yrs.. took her 1 week


If he moved on quickly then that’s the person in the relationship that wasn’t putting in the same amount of : love, kindness and devotion in to the relationship. It helped me identify that it was they that had bern the weak link in the relationship! Check out what narcissists do after a relationship


She ended our 5 year relationship by blindsiding me. I think she started an affair with the guy she is with now while with me. Once she got him, she quickly discarded me like trash. She waited a bit to put anything on FB so she wouldn't look like a cheating scumbag.


2 year relationship. Was with someone else days later. Also lied to me about why she wanted to break up, led me on for a month until my friend told me about the new guy.


Guys it’s a rebound it prob won’t work out especially if that person hasn’t taken anytime to work on themselves there’s two sides moving on like that is a bomb waiting to drop at first it’s all Rosie it’s new but then the cracks show rather fast let them burn in there new relationship for thinking that another relationship would solve the problems they have thing about feelings is when you don’t deal with them they will rear there ugly head eventually no matter how much you try too distract or deflect by getting a new person especially after break up they seem look happy but there human don’t forget that ur doing the hard stuff dealing with ur emotions and becoming a better individual because if you can make yourself happy and they need someone else too who really wins keep your head up


They literally hate themselves so much they can’t bare to be alone with themselves for more than a minute.


Friends for 10 years, together for 2, married for 1, moved on in 2 months. People can be sick and cruel, sometimes they just want to fill the void.


3 year relationship, moved on in a week, partying with her new friends every week. Now it’s been about 4 months and I’m still thinking a lot about her everyday, while she seems happier than ever. Fkn hurts man


Omg yes we’re together for 1 year and a couple months broke up in September tried to fix it in December and he ended things again and then saw me again in the end of January and now he has a girlfriend 💀


this was posted on the sub previously like a year ago, but the reality is that these people move on fast because they were walking away from the relationship mentally/emotionally for a WHILE before they bring it up to you. They’ve already grieved and did what they had to do to move on.


6 1/2 year relationship. She got into a new relationship while still with me, then tossed me like garbage. So I will say she moved on pretty fast.


5 year dumpee and 1 week of super minimal business related contact. Even for that it takes me hours to respond because I have to mentally prepare myself to read whatever is on the screen without falling for the breadcrumbs. The goal is NC but I actually left the house and never went back. Don’t want any of the shit really, as I’d rather live in an empty apartment with no furniture and no clothes, than to have to deal with splitting up assets and whatever manipulative bullshit you dumpers do to make yourselves feel bad as you destroy someone’s heart and most likely fuck them up for the rest of their lives Anyway, although my heart is shattered I’m on the “no hope” plan and assuming every worse thing that would destroy me is happening so that I can deal with it while it’s fresh. I’m literally assuming that he’s with someone else now, that he broke up with me just to be with them, that he’s moved on and planning to marry them, that he thinks they are far better to me, and that he will never want me, think about me, or ask for me back. That he will lie about everything to make himself look good, that his family whom I adore will hate me. That he will hate me. So that way, if one or all of these things happen then I have dealt with it. However, my friends and family know better than to tell me anything that he has going on with his life. I don’t know, don’t want to know, don’t need to know. He made his choice, why do I care what he’s doing?!


2 years then 2 weeks later went on valentines with another guy she said was just a friend 👍


sometimes people are just shitty and can’t be alone because they truly don’t love themselves


6 years, several months engaged. "I love you but I'm not IN love with you" 2 weeks and she went from my future life partner to dating someone new like nothing happened. "I didn't expect me to find my person so fast" was what she told me, and I knew about it about a month after she dumped me when I was starting to move out when she wasn't home just feeling like I was going insane from how much despair I was in.


Some people are mentally check out the relationship while still being in a relationship.


Can you really properly grieve a separation while still being in a relationship though?


No you can't. Most psychologists will confirm this. Even when the dumper is considering leaving, the decision is ambiguous. They haven't actually made their mind up, so they can't feel the full force of their choice. It's not possible to fully grieve something that hasn't actually happened. It's only after the relationship has actually ended that either party can begin to comprehend the reality of the situation and feel that loss and grief. So any dumper who tells you they moved on so fast because they'd already come to terms with the relationship being over for however many weeks/months they were thinking about it is at best emotionally immature and at worst is outright lying to you. Chances are they just can't face being alone so they either lined up a replacement before the relationship had ended, or they've rushed into something super quickly to avoid their feelings. Either way, that's not the kind of person that's going to be good for you in the long term.


I knew my ex for a couple years, we grew close very quickly and had our fair share of arguments, we are both very stubborn people but always grew closer... Well we got together after a year and a bit and she was messing me around before alot I knew this but blamed her... Illness I guess. I saved her life a few times literally during the relationship due to seizure and predicting she would lose her job and be homeless and self harm which led to her coming at me with a razor and despite my awesome self defense/restraining skill I learnt doing doors she managed to cut my finger and scar it. We were together for 5 months and she was cheating and mentally abusive alot and physically abusive a couple of times but I blamed her illness for it. After she got treated from her illness she decided to mock me behind my back with a guy she cheated on me with and at the point I had enough so I broke up with her. Two weeks later she was with a man I never knew about, seriously never even heard or seen him before it just came out the blue, I found out 9 weeks after our breakup and investigated how the hell that fucking happened and found out she was with him 2 weeks later. Then a few months later she contacted me to have a go at me I called her out on being a narcissist because she was trying to make out I was abusive to her and called me a toxic and unhealthy environment and she told me she was pregnant with my child and aborted it and then tried to use that as an emotional weapon against me and at that point I was done and went no contact, I warned her a long time ago nobody ever used my children as a tool or disrespects them in any way. 6 months after that she text me saying that she's having nightmares about me shouting at her over leaving which she acknowledges I never did and said she felt violated and was traumatized from it, I told her maybe the nightmares are telling her something like some guilt and regret but she denied this and "I just went ok I see how it is no worries" and we haven't spoken since. Although I've moved on I'm not completely healed from that shit, the humiliation of her messing me around, cheating on me and getting with someone so quickly despite my efforts and devotion I gave to her but mostly the baby she aborted and used as a tool. I have since been rejecting women based on my analysis of their character which I have gotten very good at. I slept with a few of them and been on several dates but they show a lot of red flags I don't care to repeat the same mistake on. Amazing what one woman can do when she treats you so poorly most of the time and does very little good. Shame really but it is what it is. I'm just going to focus on increasing my income and get stronger and just say fuck dating at this point.




we were 2 years together, he's already in a relationship with her 2 weeks later, and acting like nothing happened.


4 years relationship, she moved on within a few days Guess she treats me as a stranger, nothing more


4 years. He moved on immediately and started an OF page.


I’m right there with you - together over 5 years, found out he was going out on dates within less than 2 months. It’s still not over for me.


Took him 4 days. She was his coworker. She also cheated on her boyfriend of 8 years to be with my ex.


5 years together, took him 2 days to start a new committed relationship.


6 years of relationship and she broke up with me cause she fell in love with another guy, she went into a relationship with that guy within a week after our break up


Yup He moved on in the last month of our relationship so he got an easy way out


together for 1 year, I showed her what real love is for the first time in her life, she abruptly dumped me and got with her co-worker 1 week later


yeah, they do and also posting shit that they have experience real love with their new partner. Like, what? What we had were not love? Fuck him!!!


My ex moved on before we even broke up.


the next day she was with one of my best mates. the next day


5 years, she fucked multiple people in like six months lmao


No, we didn’t talked for a week and then we started talking again as if the breakup didn’t happen. I don’t know it it’s right or wrong but usually this happens all the time. 🤷‍♀️


2.5 years together, as soon as we broke up she had already started going out with her so called "friend". I can't even imagine a life with another girl.


2 year relationship, moved on in a new relationship within 2-3 months. We were both having sex with other people much earlier which we both expected,but her being in an other relationship i didn't expect. It hurt,a lot.


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fast fast


Moved on in one day, got w the girl he cheated on me with.


4.5 years, a month prior we were moving in together and even attended her siblings wedding a week before she blindsided me. Likely seeing her colleague from work who broke up with his long term partner end of last year. They’d seen each other a few times during and after we were together within days of us splitting up. Shits rough man, but I just try to maintain that I’ll be better from the experience in future relationships and in myself.


I dont know if my ex has another...I dont and I won't go looking for anyone else


Same unfortunately


He had told me he wanted to leave the relationship on his birthday but didn’t want to ruin anything so he brought it up the next day later. But I’m sure he was already in the process around that. It burnt like a hot knife honestly.


10 month relationship. I moved on in three weeks. 3 year relationship. Took me years to date again. Never went past first dates.


6 year relationship. He got married to someone his family arranged in 6 weeks. It's been 2 weeks since they got married.


My ex moved on almost a year to the day, she claimed she was in a relationship. Makes me think she had been seeing this other person well before she broke my heart.


I was with my ex for 7months. Was planning on asking her to marry me. By the end of June she ended it. Dunno why. Everything seemed great. Never argued and always said love you and had fun together and called for hours when apart each day. 2 days after break up, she calls to say she’s pregnant. So things were ok, until i figured out she was talking to a guy in August and taking it slow in September. Only for him to ghost her in January. Found out she lied to me. When she said she was seeing a friend on the day she dumped me, she actually went to see her ex because he was having relationship issues. So I’ve basically been financially supporting her, been made to feel a lot of guilt and called a narcissist when arguments (that i try to avoid) arise. Since November we’ve been communicating through her mum. I’ve tried to fix things and just be friends so we can fucking co parent, but they just won’t let it happen. From July to November, I’d helped her by giving £3000. Considerably more now. Rent, bills, cravings, baby things, 1/2 an overdraft the guy before me created and because he’s ignoring them, I’ll probably cave in to pay that too. Because i feel a responsibility to help her. I’m really excited to be a dad. But I can’t feel it anymore. Just numb and feel like an idiot. But i still love her. Sorry to vent


My ex moved on a day before breaking up with me after like 8 yr together and i honestly still feel that they were the real deal So your not alone it been 3 yr since for me and i still hurt sometimes thing just don't go your way.


I don't onow , but sometimes feela like it. But remember maybe she/he is trying to forget you with others , or with partying.... But u never know....


lighting speed lol. dead to me fr


Here’s the thing . Reading this post I realize my current boyfriend moved on to me a bit quickly after he broke things off with his ex. But in all reality they had talked about breaking up 2 months before they actually broke it off. We weren’t even talking about dating when they were dating it was after when we realized we had feelings for each other


Dont know, dont care


Hard to know exactly. I think she texted me immediately after hooking up with someone, exactly a week after we officially split up. While not directly saying it, she did say she wanted to talk but couldn't call, because she was sleeping over at a friend's that night, this was at 3 am. when I did end up talking to her 4 days later, she said I couldn't even have sex when we were together because I felt bad about it. so idk maybe she moved on before we even split up. Honestly it's irrelevant. People have different ways of dealing with things, which is fine. Everyone has a right to move on, and how they go about doing it isn't really your concern. What helped me alot was to focus on what I did, instead of what she did. Even my shortcomings, because there is always growing to do. Did I deserve better? Damn right, but she never owed me anything. Love is selfless as soon as you start thinking about who did what, it becomes selfish and therfore not love. I hold my head high knowing I loved her and while I could have been better I know I only ever wanted was for her to be happy. Letting her go proved that to me I can be proud that I loved honestly, without fear. I wish her peace its not about some high minded ego that she won't find someone better she may, she just won't find me.


4 years relationship, moved on in a month


It may be that they are codependent and cannot handle being alone. Not that they actually love or even care for the next person. They are just filling a void for them. Being alone in your own company can be tough if you don’t like yourself.


I’m pretty sure he moved on uhhhh very earlier into our 3 year relationship and just kept my hopes up by toying with my feelings the whole time.


Well I can I moved on fro my 4 year relationship in less than a month. Because for the last few months of that relationship I was already falling out of love and getting over him. So when the moment came when I was finally single I felt good and confident enough to start dating straight away. And the person I did date was definitely not a rebound. The only thing I would suggest doing is spending some time alone and not jumping into another relationship, because you are used being in one.