How to achieve the American Dream^(TM): Step 1: move to Germany


There was a Ted talk about this called "Where in the world is it easiest to become rich", that was really interesting (and fun). It basically concluded the same, well, not germany but scandinavian countries. https://youtu.be/A9UmdY0E8hU


But what about the 2nd amendment right to shoot children? 😤😤😤


Actually 2A is *ostensibly* for shooting *government officials.*


Yea but y’see that conflicts with my thin blue line sticker


Foreign government officials, to be precise. A militia is a kind of military.


And muh free speech! I've had Americans argue that my country is a dictatorship since I was not allowed to do the roman salute in the town square. ... and why would *you* want to do this, exactly?


History does not exist. Fascism was never a problem. Slavery never existed. School shootings never existed. There was never a time before capitalism, and there will never be a time after it. From the perspective of reactionary politics, we can never respond to anything that ever happened. It's all just a matter of perverted irrational amoral principles and subservience to current power structures.


...I just out of the blue got this hunger to read Mark Fisher again. Conservatives really do regard injustice as a weather phenomenon. We can't stop rain, just get an umbrella, dumb liberal! Stop whining about your wet clothes!


Haven’t finished the video yet, but just wanted to point out that there is an important philosophical distinction between having rights and having freedom, not to mention the distinction between positive and negative freedom/rights. Seems like there might be a bit of conflation going on. That being said I’m not about to argue that it being an American woman doesn’t suck right now Edit: a word


This is something funny about the UK as well. If you have joint citizenship with an EU country you have more rights regarding travel and where you can live than a UK citizen. We actually legislated to make ourselves third\* class citizens in our own country. Lot of the old Super Happy Freedom Democracies are looking a lot less democratic and a lot less free these days. ​ ​ \*We have a monarchy, so there was already one legally designated status higher than ordinary citizens have. Brexit just added a second one.


> We actually legislated to make ourselves third* class citizens in our own country. We hope y'all will come back to us soon. Our door is always open to our breturner brothers and sisters of today and tomorrow. > We have a monarchy, so there was already one legally designated status higher than ordinary citizens have. I'd say the guys in the House of Lords aren't equal to ordinary citizens; otherwise they'd be eligible for the the House of Commons.


With regards to the Lords, it's an oddity, but they're not actually granted more rights. Meanwhile the Queen is *literally* above the law. Like, she could walk down Oxford Street with a machinegun picking off tourists and that would be absolutely fine from a legal standpoint. She couldn't be arrested, and she couldn't be sued by the people she shot. She also can't be the subject of a Freedom Of Information request, in case anybody wanted to know why she'd done it. In legal terms she has what is called Sovereign Immunity. It's all quite funny when you imagine a little old lady doing crimes, but it's a bit grim when you remember her son is a nonce. Apparently the former head of the Metropolitan Police claimed nobody was above the law, but she's been sacked and they fucking suck so I wouldn't bet on that.


I mean we would take them back, but no way they get all the concessions they got the last time lol. And i doubt the UK would join again if it had to adapt the euro.


> no way they get all the concessions they got the last time lol. I think that goes without saying. > i doubt the UK would join again if it had to adapt the euro. Eh, the mechanisms by which we control the Euro and ECB have a lot of room for improvement, hence why the Scandinavians are perpetually in limbo while keeping their currencies.


yeah but they won't let you buy nazi memorabelia or guns. so are you really free? Also i hear if you say a "no no word" and make liberal snowflakes cry you get a ticket.


Neither of that is true. You can buy guns as long as you have a license. And you can buy and own Nazi memorabelia. German laws regarding that are about public display and distribution with exceptions for educational and artistic purposes. I don't know why people think we have these extremely harsh laws. They are quite reasonable and only deal with matters of public speech. So the ability of Nazis to propagandize, agitate and publicly organize gets limited but there are no thoughtcrimes or getting your door kicked in for simply owning something.


You clearly don't get the joke.


hey everyone. Let's go down a dark rabbit hole together. read on these sets of supervillains: Aleksandr Dugin, the order of the nine angles, the summit lighthouse group, [Michael A. Aquino PHD,](https://www.rachane.org/doc/AquinoVitae.pdf) (everything about this guy, he created Q movement and was a drug smuggler tied to the finders, air america and iran contra) , Synarchism, the FAmily/Fellowship, the (white supremacists) odinists, the kekistanies, occultism, the origins of bulshivism/fascism ..... finally read on john dee. I've got most of the answers compiled people.


Oh shit this guy's post history 🫣


Holy shit this dude is off the rails. Needs serious help.


>bulshivism/fascism Every fucking time lmao


The work of the Synarchists.


John Dee? The British court astrologer in the 1500s? Dude, I was with you on your first comment but this is crazy talk.


Yeah it seems totally crazy doesn't it? You really should go and read his diary though because it's incredibly Illuminating. LOL Yeah seriously he predicted the world's going to end in 2037 and inspired a whole bunch of weird cults. Very famous stuff


Intriguing. Tell me more.


If you kill someone in the US, you will put in jail. You are not free in the US also. In the US you would be only truly free, if you could kill, mutilate, rape whoever you want. If you could burn anything down to the ground you want. As long as you cannot do that, there is no real freedom in the US. According to your ethics.


If you could do all those thing then you don't have the freedom of not having those things done to you. Even without law we have social rules and the vary on how they are enforced in different communities, if I pass out at a party I have freedom from being raped as the people I know beleieve such a thing is reprehensible. So I'd wake up in a nice bed with nothing unwanted done to my body which means I have a freedom from the fear of danger around my friends.


how is this more than just another wannabe travel influencer trying to get views off breadtube after other attempts failed. the point of this sub isn't just to feed everyone's narcissism hole.


I haven't seen the video yet, does that seem to affect the content?


Two things can happen at once.


How about doing the tiniest amount of "research" before making accusations like this? 1. The channel has been around for years and "I'm an American living in Germany, here's what's different" has been their main thing for the entire duration. Calling someone creating some innocuous vlogs a "wannabe travel influencer" or narcissistic is some redditor shit. 2. Abortion has been an important topic for both the US and for Germany in recent days, so it absolutely makes sense to cover that topic. 3. The OP is clearly not the creator of that video.. and besides: Breadtube isn't exactly where the big money is, least of all r/BreadTube.


What about in China?


“America: I guess it’s better than living in China.” Damned by faint praise my dude.


That was hilarious. She says "kids are being shot and the government isn't banning things," but then ends the video in regards to Roe being overturned, you know, regarding Roe vs. Wade, which was essentially about a woman's right to kill her baby, with "the government is stepping too far over the boundary of what is acceptable." How d'ya think gun supporters have felt over the last 100 years, honey? NFA, GCA, FOPA machine gun provision, the '94 AWB, state level AWBs, carry restrictions, and the list goes ON. All in the name of "protecting people," none of which those laws, including anti abortion laws, actually do. Don't take my word for it, learn how to understand a study and THEN look up the studies. 1,000 cold calls in a single city does not a comprehensive "study" make. Then she says that if Germany were to ban abortions, at least it wouldn't be so bad because Germany has protections, "safety nets" in place for mothers and families, like accessible healthcare, welfare, etc. Ok, say the U.S. were to ban "high capacity" magazines and semi auto long guns in general. In the U.S., a country with more privately owned firearms than citizens. Many of which are in the hands of gangsters and career criminals, who 100% ain't turning over SHIT after a ban. Never mind the narco organizations all along our southern borders with ACTUAL military hardware, as in FA (FA=full auto) rifles, lmgs, FA subs, and FA pistols. What "safety nets" are in place for the single mother in Chicago that has her door kicked in by home invaders? What "safety nets" are in place for the landowner near El Paso that has his fences cut and structures/homes broken into by drug mules? 911? With their average 7 minute response time in urban areas, and 30 minute+ response times in urban areas? If they fucking bother to show up at all. I tell you what, as soon as the government puts in some real "safety nets" against violent crime, like, I dunno, giving every single U.S. citizen a fucking Ironman suit, I'll be keeping my small arsenal regardless of any law. Yet again we find ourselves in an interesting time. The supreme court just destroyed RvW, while ruling heavily in favor of self defense law, in the name of the 2A. Erroneously in my opinion, because I think the 2A and self defense/carry law shouldn't be in the same conversation, but THAT is an entirely different conversation. Here's an idea- instead of advocating for completely scrapping the U.S. government system like Leftists like her do every time a ruling doesn't go her way here lately, how about we just get away from the 2 party system the government has evolved into? As in forcibly disband the Democrat and Republican parties? Don't ask me HOW to do that, but it'd help. Or maybe we just tell the U.S. government to stay the fuck out of individual rights. Supporting the 2A is not the same as supporting Roe v Wade. The 2A is about recognizing the citizen's right to be armed, in preparation for defending the security of a free state. RvW is about allowing women who can't keep their legs closed to just abandon responsibility. BUT, I'm not against abortion, and I find her point about "safety nets" to be very appropriate. As in, here's an idea regarding gun ownership- how about we just put in "safety nets" in our schools and gathering places before we simply start banning shit? Seems to run parallel with what she said about Germany having safety nets for single/young/poor mothers. What I mean is "safety nets" for schools, shopping malls, concerts, etc. via ACTUAL security, armed employees/teachers, etc, C'mon, people- you abortion advocates are finally feeling the pain of gun advocates. Let's join together and tell the .gov to fuck off already!


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