Joyce is stiffer than my morning wood


His head's filled with concrete though, the hits don't bother him. There's a reason he's called Juggernaut.


5x the bone density of an average man


It's wild how slow he is but still accurate and lands.


Believe it or not, this has been speed up x3


Joyce moves so damn slow, he must have some heavy ass hands.


I've heard of heavy handed, but I'm starting to think Joyce's entire skeleton is made of lead


5 times normal bone density apparently.


check the 00:08 mark for how Joyce throws the double jab, the way he pops it from his elbow with a slight jump looks something a beginner would throw but he lands it twice and lands it hard, it's super weird


Yea it looks terrible in isolation lmao.


I remember (but can't find) this vid of Roger Mayweather explaining how speed is worthless if you don't know how to time your punches. A slow but well-timed punch is preferable over a poorly timed fast punch. Late career George Foreman was a great example of this. However, in all likelihood the slow puncher will also be hit more—like Foreman and Big Joe out here.


Martin is best kept secret. Give him another big fight. #TMB #TeamMartinBakole


Highly underrated


That domination job of Yoka put people on notice. He probably be a mandatory for one of the belts if he didn't injure his shoulder against Michael hunter.


Chisora, Dubois, Hrgovic all very good fights for him, or if AJ/Fury doesn't happen then AJ in Africa.


He would beat all. Hrgovic not good enough for him 😎


I’d like to see him vs some killers like Jalolov, Zhang, Hrgovic, maybe Dubois, would be really insightful


Wish he'd stop blocking punches with his head


Bone Thugs Crossroads playing in the background 😂


Not as good as 1st of Tha Month but still an ATG banger


No money in the world is worth that level of brain trauma lmao


Does anyone think Joyce would give top HW’s problems? He just looks so slow, makes George Foreman look graceful.


Joe is the perfect example of film can lie when picking fights. People see how slow he is and assume he should be way easier to beat than he actually is...it turns in to a demoralizing nightmare when you're in with a guy like that and he's actually across from you. Eventually he'll fall off a cliff because that's usually how it goes with attrition guys, but until then, he's dangerous as hell.


Well, he has crawled his way into the top HWs of today now, and I personally see him beat Parker, so he will maybe reach top 5 HW after that. Someone like Usyk he wont give problems, but AJ and Wilder he could.


Stylistically Parker is actually a very bad match up for Joyce in terms of the top 10. If Parker is conditioned to do 12 rds comfortably, which he should be, then his natural attributes (hand speed, foot speed) and tendency to be a bit gun shy and not take risks would mean I'd favour him to easily out point Joyce. Of course if he isn't conditioned for 12 then Joyce will slowly drown him after clubbing him to death come the 9th or 10th, because Joyce has the engine of 30 yr old diesel hackney (very slow, difficult start, but once it's runnin it puts in a shift).


Parker couldn't do 12 rounds comfortably against Chisora, he got tired pretty quickly in that one. IMO Joyce, with his relentless pressure, will have Parker gassed by the midway point of the fight and from then on it will be one way traffic.


Joyce really just outlanded him right from the get-go, Parker really felt the power in the jabs early and couldn't show up.


Bakole smashing him in there ffs.


5x bone density is pretty unbelievable but then you see how slow he is, and maybe that's actually why.


I see an easy points win for Parker.. Fury would have thought him to stick and move


My goodness, hes slow. It may be beneficial at some point to also stop blocking the punches with his head.