Good now let’s get the WBC and Ring Mag belts back in the mix and make some fights.


Joyce/Parker for vacant wbc belt. Winner fights winner of usyk/Joshua for vacant ring belt and undisputed


You just know it's going to be Wilder Vs Helenius that they do for the belt.


Oh god. You‘re right. The WBC probably pressed him behind the scenes because they wanted to make that fight for that belt fo a longer time


Fury said he was only going to give the belt up when the wbc came knocking. I assume the wbc came knocking, which suggests wbc want to do something with it....


Sadly yes. definitely something I could see them doing. Ortiz/Ruiz I could also see to pump up ppv buys.


You filthy tease. Stop it.


They are already fighting in a WBO sanctioned eliminator


after joshua and uysk fight lets see how he reacts


They were never out of the mix. Fury defended less than half a year ago


And he'll be stripped right..?


I would hope so, I mean you should be. It makes no sense to leave a retired fighter as a belt holder, but this is boxing so it wouldn’t surprise me. Otherwise it would be like George Costanza where he quit his job and went back on that and then continued showing up for work.


Should be, I think the WBC said they were giving him up to a year to decide what to do. I guess reitterating he's retired answers that. Would love for a quick turnaround on the belts. WBC on the line for Joyce vs Parker and The Ring on AJ vs Usyk


Man this is so sad. He just came out of retirement like a week ago only to go back into retirement


To vacate the belt a week before Usyk vs AJ 2 is such a stupid decision


Better than waiting til after and ducking the middleweight But let's be serious this is Fury trying to stay in the news when he has nothing to talk about. As Bob said he's chatting shit


Exactly. If Fury does this after Usyk whips AJ it's the biggest dick tuck since Bowe tossed the belt. Maybe even worse because at least Lewis and Bowe were the same size and Lewis already beat him in the amateurs. 100% guarantee Fury will fight again and 1000% guarantee it will not be against Usyk. If AJ wins, Fury is first in line. If Usyk wins, Fury comes up with a reason to fight AJ anyway. Book it.


Yeah if you notice. Right before evrry AJ fight, he does something. It's always alwsys something. Or he says soneonthibg wild about AJ.


I dont think it has anything to do with AJ he still did this when AJ was MIA. Fury just likes to be a personality. He's not trending on social media he says something goofy. Like David Haye, he just says dumb shit for headlines his analysis is clown town. Let's be honest Fury isn't worried about AJ after Usyk Edit oof just saw who posted this, of course coming from this guy. Vendettaa is the clown that posted AJ by train emoji on every single AJ Usyk 1 thread. Then bad sarcastic trolled every AJ Usyk thread after. Vendetttaa will happily suck a golf ball through a garden hose if it's AJ on the other end. The definition of a stan for AJ.


And you pole ride Fury all the time, so what’s the big deal?


Man, you seem to be taking this hard. You good?


Haha I think this Tweet is more substantial. I’m fully expecting for him to get emeritus status, though.


Nah I pole ride Usyk that's why I know what I'm talking about ;) I'm sorry my subjectiveness offended you Better yet explain what I'm wrong about? You take Fury at his word huh? Edit LOL AJ fans in shambles. Have to stand up for your mans but that means saying Tyson Fury is talking truth? There's no good answer so downvote :)


Sucking a golf ball through a garden hose? So why would we need aj on the other side? Would he be holding the hose? Why would we need aj if the ball is stuck inside the hose tho? I'm so confused. This guy's more eccentric than AJ w his phrases.


Lol on time you completely dodge the discussion and get super graphic and into the minutia of sucking AJs dick


But if I'm sucking the hose to remove the golf ball, where would AJ's duck be in all this? I think this poetry is getting more and more complicated. Are you sure you're not a closeted aj fan?


You're not even a good troll. We'll go back to the discussions You say Fury only talks shit when AJ has a fight coming, are you really denying Fury talks shit all the time? You say AJ is great technically then said Fury isn't technical at all. What do you think AJ does well technically better than Fury?


>Let's be honest Fury isn't worried about AJ after Usyk Demonstrate what part of the comment you replied to suggested he was worried, and your comment won't be that of a pointless clown. Otherwise it shows everyone exactly what they need to know.


I don't know what you're getting at maybe English isn't your first. My point was Fury is more confident about beating AJ after Usyk beat him. What do you think I'm wrong about?


WBC says they will plan a special ceremony for him. I bet they will elevate him to franchise champion and call it champion emeritus, something along those lines, and let him keep a belt.


Like what they did for Vitali, he becomes automatic mandatory if he returns.


Yep, I think this is the case also.


That special farewell will see him renouncing the WBC Championship... ​ ...and swapping it out for the Franchise!! \*cue ominous music\*


As long as he has a belt he's not retired.


Maybe there's some underlying health issue or concern we don't know about. However, if there's not an issue there, Fury is an absolute clown for all his "fighting man" talk. After next weekend, we're one fight away from the belts being reunited for fuck's sake. Also provided he's *actually* retiring this time, of course.


That knockdown punch on fury was insane in slow Mo. I honestly think he is scared of getting brain damage after that one.


He’s been cracked quite a few times. That punishment can be cumulative.


This is boxing it comes with the territory. Obviously no shame in retiring due to fear of injury.tha6s sensible. But that's the game, and to be great requires sacrifices.


I wouldn't be massively surprised if he thinks he has some kind of neurological issue after the 3rd Wilder fight. I saw him say in an interview that he was badly concussed in that fight and wanted to retire right after it but felt that it was more fitting to retire after a fight in the UK. Concussions can last for months, sometimes even years, so if he's still having symptoms its correct that he doesn't box again. If you think there's anything wrong with your brain it's probably sensible not to get in the ring with AJ or Usyk. Whyte you can probably get away with but those two will definitely catch you clean at some point in the fight.


Assuming this is actually real, I cannot believe we will likely get through this entire era without seeing either AJ vs Wilder or AJ vs Fury. That is insane. Super disappointed but if Fury's heart isn't in it and he ACTUALLY is retiring then can't hate it too much. I just have a niggling feeling that he's still waiting for the AJ v Usyk result.


Vacate vacate vacate. Do not let this bullshit artist hold up the division


I mean the theatrics are fucking boring, but he's not really holding up anything at the moment. We're just waiting for AJ v Usyk. If he keeps his theatrics and doesn't want to fight after AJ v Usyk is done, then I fully agree with you, however lets be realistic, if Fury had stayed quiet since the Whyte fight, you wouldn't be saying he's holding up anything.


AJ and Wilder had the belts for years while Fury was out of the mix and the division was held up. This doesn’t make us closer to undisputed.


Don’t bother with them. He’s holding up the division apparently even though he defended a couple months ago. They are haters, they don’t care about reality just shitting on Fury because he’s a lot better than they wanted him to be.


I went to the Whyte fight and paid handsomely to do so. I like Fury in the abstatct. But this is 2 retirements in 4 months, let’s just stop the long talk


Since you were at the Whyte fight you should know that he isn’t holding up the division so your original comment is silly.


It really depends if he means it or not about retiring. If the retirement talk is real then he's holding onto the belt with no intention of defending it again and he's holding up the division. I suspect he's bullshitting though and that he will fight AJ, Usyk or both.


If he’s going to continually gobshite about retiring and coming back, call his bluff. He’s so boring


Fury's talent is obvious, it's possible he could hang with most heavyweights in history, but I'm at the point now where the most definitive emotion I feel about Fury is cynicism, not just with what he says but his accomplishments and ATG talent too. I watched and enjoyed much of Fury's career and felt like he was a total breath of fresh air in the HW division that had long been drained of any intrigue, but now he's morphed it into something else similarly grating, and he's been doing it more often than not since the day he reached the pinnacle and ultimately declared himself an ATG HW. He blew up the Wlad rematch, his own misconceptions (whether feigned or legitimate) held up the AJ bout, and he seemingly wants no part of Usyk -- the only HW who Fury could legitimately prove just how good of a pure boxer he actually is. To have an ATG legacy there has to be some modicum of consistent excellence, he's only made two World Title defences, ever -- against Wilder (who he'd already beat conclusively), and Whyte (who was well past his best). There also should probably be a stretch where you utterly dominate your divisional rivals -- Since beating Wlad in 2015 he's faced: Seferi, Pianeta, Wilder, Schwarz, Wallin, Wilder, Wilder, Whyte. Half of those opponents were immense underdogs, some were barely ranked in the top 10-15. Wilder himself had barely proven himself against any legitimate challengers, and he was Fury's most dangerous opponent by far over the last 7 years. I give him credit for developing the cult of personality he has, but when you compare his actual accomplishments to the genuine ATG's of the HW division he still falls well short even if the more casual fans may not grasp that right now. Between all of his boxing bluster, his unsubstantiated claims that he was donating his purse to homelessness, the probable doping, and the MTK connection I'm sort of primed for him to stay retired so he becomes irrelevant in the division.


Probable doping i think you mean. Tested and proven doping. Funny how a ban would coincide perfectly with his retirement.


Feel like this is insurance for Usyk winning so he won’t fight him…make it seem “serious” But if AJ wins he can just “change his mind” and fight him Basically the whole story thus far…




Cool. Now strip him and let usyk/aj fight for undisputed or let Joyce/Parker fight for it


Okay, now I'm getting a bit shook... If Fury vacates this belt and really does retire, he is the biggest fucking idiot when he is only 1 fight away from being undisputed with a chance of cementing himself as a modern ATG!!


It may seem idiotic, but that would depend on your priorities. If Fury’s main concern at this point is avoiding brain damage and staying healthy, which seems to be the case, it’s not that stupid at all.


I think what bothers some people is that he constantly reiterates that he's the best and has achieved everything he's wanted in the sport. A lot of people may disagree with the former, but to the guy who actually fought and bled in the ring, all he has to do is look back and see a full belt cabinet. Can't agree with him calling himself the absolute best of his era until he knocks on a few more doors, but if Fury thinks he's done enough to call it a day, then I doubt anyone looking from the sidelines can convince him otherwise.


Full? You mean two, right?


What he's referring to is how when a fighter wins a belt they keep the physical belt for life and since Fury has won all belts at one time or another he physically owns a full collection of the belts.


He had all the others after Klitschko, however briefly lol


All he needs is 1 more fight and he can do whatever he wants after that! As good as Fury is, he hasn't quite hit the ATG mark. A win over Usyk or AJ and becoming Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world is a much better way for him to go out!


Not everyone wants to be an ATG. I don’t like Fury’s nonsense but if he genuinely is retiring for a reason like health then he has very right to. He’s made enough money.


Also pretty sure Fury regards himself as the GOAT already lol.


I just don't take his words seriously. He speaks about health and that but how much of it is really true? He waffles a lot. But also, doesn't the winner of AJ v Usyk deserve a shot at grabbing the final piece of the puzzle too?


Whether I think Usyk or AJ deserve a shot at the final piece is irrelevant. If Fury truly wants to retire for his health then that is his choice. He doesn’t owe anyone a fight regardless of what the fans or other fighters want and believe me, I absolutely do want the fight to happen but Fury’s choice is his own. The only real issue is him claiming to be one of the greatest when he hasn’t proven himself over the best of his era.


Man, you seem to be taking this hard. You good?


Excuse me? I was just asking a question mate. I don't know what techniques you use to read comments, but what in that comment made you think that I am "taking this hard"? I don't see what the problem with the tone of language used is :s. Or even what I wrote that was offending either fighter. Feel free to elaborate.


Guy is just a condescending Fury hater. He’s hoping the retirement is real because when Fury does take the unification fight, a lot of people on this sub are gonna be eating their words.


Lool I see, I don't really know how he would think I'm a Fury fan based on that comment. I'm still convinced that the 56th retirement announcement is bullshit, but Sulaiman talking about it raises questions.


Nah, he’s right. This is really disappointing. We have two dudes (Usyk and Fury) who could very well be historical greats, assuming Usyk wins. And they’re one fight away from achieving absolute, historical greatness that will carry on for the lifetime of this sport. Undisputed, two unbeaten, best of their era status, still in their prime, no promotional issues, ATG status. It’s gonna be tragic if we don’t see The Fight. Yes, Fury’s health is important, I get it. That’s the cost of legacy, I guess. He doesn’t want to pay that, it’s fully understandable, but also disappointing.


I’ve never believed Fury cares about legacy. He cares about money. His 0L means he can milk his stans forever. I think he was genuine about hooking Chisora about, but the WBC were probably like “naw, fuck that.”


But that fight could be the one that really fucks his brain. I think eating Wilder’s best shot in the third fight gave him quite a scare. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Fury vs AJ/Usyk more than any other fight. I just think that’s why Fury doesn’t want it.


No the stupid thing is him claiming to be a great, he’s never unified, fought 2 champs and a former cruiserweight champ, he need to retire, look after his health and stop claiming to be a great 👍


Pub doormen everywhere will be training hard for their potential title shot against Wilder.


Oh fuck off


Making Ruiz vs Ortiz for the WBC belt, right?


Well I hope he has a good reason coz this will ruin his legacy with endless what ifs.


Good… fed up with listening to his bullshit. Should have fought way more of the top ten before spouting about how great he is. He hasn’t done anywhere near what he should or could have done as far as I’m concerned.


There are going to be some mad people about this take. I agree, but people going to be mad.


I swear I better not hear people call Fury a top 10 ATG


Avoid Boxrec for the next 25 years.


I think he’s really retiring. Health and legal issues with the US government. I see him coming back in a couple years to fight AJ for some cash, in the UK of course.


Would it be fair to say Fury is ducking usyk. It's a high risk low reward fight for him for sure but if he wants to be classed as a true ATG for me, he has to beat The winner of AJ v Usyk 2


This sub is crazy, you have been telling Tyson too actually retire and vacate the belt, now he has retired, you cry about it.


If he vacated the belt then fine. Otherwise he's just being a media whore.


Still don't believe a thing Fury says. He's getting better every fight though, and he still hasn't fought the 2 other best fighters of his generation, so retiring seems silly at this point


I wonder if his belt will become vacant. It looks that way but you can never know with the WBC


Who will be the lineal champ if the belts are split up ?


Considering that Fury got a three year drug ban, you can argue Usyk is the lineal champ


In sure hes really retired


but what Mauricio will not do as of yet is actually strip the belt because he knows like the rest of us know Fury is ready to renege for undisputed after next week


Lol he’ll be back in 3 days.


I interpret it as Tyson not wanting to have the pressure of holding some belt while he focuses on his family. Pretty sure AJ Fury will end up happening.


Tyson Furry is a con-man


We only care about the belts so vacate them and piss off into “retirement”.


I wish the WBC would, by the end of the day, vacate the belt and place it on a upcoming heavyweight match up. I reaaaaaally want to see this toddler lose his toy.


Could have had bad news in regards his health. Apparently he was in real bad shape after Wilder 3


I mean he's obviously going to be back to fight for unification. I won't believe he's retired until he vacates the belt.


So he officially vacated the title then, right?


Wilder is still WBC's #1 ranked right? I'm pretty sure he's going to get a crack at the belt. [https://wbcboxing.com/en/heavy/](https://wbcboxing.com/en/heavy/) More than likely, the winner of Joyce and Parker will fight Wilder. Not saying that is the best direction, but it is probably what will happen knowing the WBC.


I take this as a grain of salt given how close we're from AJ vs Usyk. We'll see what happens afterwards.


retire to only come back and still be wbc champ 🙄


WBC didn't respond when asked if Fury relinquished the belt. Says it all.


Ducking the Quadrilogy huh 🤔.


Here we go again


Why not fight the Winner if Osylek/Joshua and collect the biggest payday and set himself for life?


How many times can one man retire?! He hasnt even fought since his retirement announcement yet has had 5 different retirement announcements. Bizarre


I thought the dream would be doing a profession that you love. Finishing undefeated is dope for sure. It’s also cool that you fought some of the best and gave it your all. I would’ve loved to see him fight AJ and Usyk. It’s his decision ultimately and he has nothing to prove. He’s made bank, traveled the world and made some friends along the way. It takes courage to open up about your vices, addictions and depression. So not only is he a great fighter but an awesome ambassador of the sport.


I mean. It's not without trying. I'm not finished with Fury. The dude single Handley revived this dying heavy weight division by being immaculate in many areas. Hate me for saying it but he did it. I wasn't locked into that division at all when boxing took prominence in my life.


Im still holding onto the idea of him fighting AJ




Is there a biggest shit talker in the sport than Tyson Fury?


Dats a bit of a weerd analodgy... ... guess he means he's just started camp


I doubt he's being honest here. He's 'retired' again because no one wanted to pay to see him beat up Chisora again.


If Usyk wins, then he will be the best HW in the world. I don't want to hear anything from Fury, but respect towards the new champion.


What a pointless interview this was.


Isn't he fighting chisora??


Why the fury meatriders staying silent on this one??


Guy retires 3 times in 4 months. Someone please drug test Fury.