I really like Ortiz but I tend to agree. While his power and skill will make it a tough fight for anyone, I think guys like Crawford and Ennis would figure him out and counter punch him to death. Weirdly enough, Ortiz might have a better chance to beat Spence since Errol doesn’t mind a brawl. I could theoretically see Ortiz landing a big shot that changes the direction of the fight. I’d still bet on Spence though. Just saying: Ortiz vs. Stanionis would be a banger.


I been saying let’s match up Ortiz vs Stanionis and Butaev vs Boots and winners fight for vacant 147 belts and start a whole tournament with these guys for all the marbles




I never said he was a dumb power puncher? I explicitly referenced his skill as a boxer actually.


Agree. Ortiz has less mileage and is bigger than Spence, he might be able to outtough him


It doesn't matter what we think, if he wants to fight them and gets the belt orgs to call a mandatory, he's going to take his chance. Which I'm fine with, this whole "he's not ready side" turns into the "why won't they ever fight" real quick so I'll take a fight when I can.


I don't think Oscar had any intention of that anyway 😂 he matches Vergil tougher than Ryan and Munguia though.


Dude ran the whole time and Virgil was out like a year so he was getting rds in


I’m a big fan of Ortiz. But who cares if he’s ready or not. He’s old enough to put on his big boy pants and dance. That’s the beauty of boxing, all the best laid plans go out the window when that bell rings.