The WBA doing something good for once? Unheard of 😱 Jokes aside, as much potential as Buatsi has, he's not ready for Bivol. Zurdo is not only ready, but he's long overdue for a challenge like this.


Yeah he needs to take a couple of world level step up fights first. Browne, Dirrell, Barrera would all be good fights. Shame Frank and Eddie can't get along well enough to make the fight with Yarde. So dumb both were looking to put their guys in with world champions who will definitely beat them than just make the fight between them. They'll each earn more for it as well. Buatsi vs Yarde is a bigger fight than Beterbiev Vs Yarde commercially.


Bivol should be favored over Ramirez but imagine Ramirez getting the upset and calling out Canelo for a fight at 175 lol


Canelo would need to work with Oscar again to make that fight happen. That would be incredible haha


Would be hilarious


Im just thinking of the size difference on fight night between the 2. Ramirez looked gigantic last time out.


Looked Like 210 lmao, homie is a big guy


He's 6'4. Big guy.


This is a 50/50 IMO. Theres so many ways this fight can play out and each has their own very strong advantages over eachother. Ill just leave this last thing; High volume/pressure/pacing southpaws are fucking nightmares and very difficult to defeat. Pac, calzaghe, bam rodriguez, spence, usyk, zurdo fits the bill, and theres a couple others that are being overlooked *cough* crowley *cough*. Looking forward to this one its great.


Glad they've told Hearn to get fucked with this plan. I know Hearn wants to make absolutely sure the belt stays in-house for Canelo to rematch Bivol or fight Buatsi for it, but this is a much better fight.


I mean either way I think bivol still wins I think its better though because clearly the fans want this fight to happen and I'd love to see it to personally


He learned well from Al Haymon.


Should also add that if they don't reach an agreement today this is going to purse bid.


Which is surprising, both are with Dazn. I thought Networks usually are involved in putting up some of the guarantee


I think it's just because Hearn has been trying to get the Buatsi fight made instead. The WBA only announced they were rejecting his request today and didn't move the deadline back 😂 I'd assume that if it goes to purse bids there'll be an agreement between Matchroom and Goldenboy on who bids and how much.


Eddie Hearn punchin the air rn


I think Eddie was the only one who wanted to see Bivol vs Buatsi lol I think Buatsi should go ahead and fight Pascal for the IBF eliminator


Only issue with that is who in their right mind wants to fight beterbiev


Beterbiev will probably unify with Bivol providing both guys are successful in their defenses which is likely but both sides need come to terms with each other. I'm only assuming, but I think if Beterbiev beats Bivol then I can see him vacating the belts and moving up to Cruiserweight as he expressed interest in doing so, this would leave Buatsi to fighting for the vacant IBF title. If Bivol wins against Beterbiev, then Buatsi should be getting the opportunity to fight Bivol for all the belts but I think Canelo will be the first in line lol


I agree beterbiev was heavyweight in the amateurs and his power is basically Wilders right hand in both hands but with more blunt force than KO power so I see him doing well in just about any weight class provided height advantage isn't ginormous. I also think it's more bivol and beterbievs promoters that get in the way of their fight either way i think that will be one of the most impressive fights in a long time to say the least


i can’t see beterbiev and bivol fighting, ever


Yeah pretty sure Buatsi doesn't even want it


Noice. Looking forward to seeing Bivol destroy Ramirez (UD of course).


Won't be surprised if it happens and it's an "upset" even tho anyone who knew bivol know how he fights


Zurdo by upset and everyone here will eat crow. You heard it here first.


Ramirez is live here. Canelo would be crazy to fight Zurdo if we see an upset. I think Zurdo stops or seriously hurts Canelo. Would be a fun fight though.


This made me lol cause I imagined a pissed off Hearn.


Good. Bivol vs Zurdo is a good fight that Bivol could actually lose and they are trying to protect Bivol from it it seems. Zurdo is the 3rd best 175 pounder as of right now, fight the damn man. You were so eager to fight the 5’7 manlet so do the same now. Great job WBA


It's because of Canelo. Hearn doesn't give a shit about Bivol losing, he'd probably prefer it, so long as the belt stays with Matchroom.


Bivol will fight anyone anytime not afraid of a challenge it's more of Hearn wanting the belt to stay with him rather than anyone else so he doesn't want to take any risk that it could possibly happen but I believe bivol will dominate zurdo no questions asked


Hearn isn't protecting Bivol. On the contrary, he wants his UK fighter to beat him.


He's protecting the belt


It's the money. Thats what its all about. A Buatsi fight is huge in the UK. Im sure Hearn would make the Zurdo fight as well. He just wants to get that big UK money since Zurdo is a threat.


Someone is mad because their favorite fighter got dominated by a better boxer.


Whatever you’re on about


Good, Hearn can fuck off with the buatsi fight lol


Does this even matter lol. Both guys are quality opponents. I get it though. WBA is thirsting for that Mexican money. Ramirez is probably a bigger draw and should he win, a fight between he and Canelo would be massive. All that being said I think Bivol schools him. That man is a MACHINE. Too quick, too sharp, too smart. Ramirez will try to outwork and bully. Won’t happen.


Agreed 100% to add on I think zurdo is too slow to land on bivol


I secretly wanted this fight. Zurdo, while flawed, does enough things well along that combined with his size are a threat to anyone. Bivol showed rangy fighters cause him a little trouble. If Zurdo mimicks Bivol's style he could realistically win this. The fucker is huge and rangey. A stiff 1-2 would go a long way here. Then mix it up with Bivol on the inside and he could just catch him hard enough to put him down. With that said Bivol is the favorite because he can follow a gameplan down to a T. Zurdo hasnt shown that yet.


This is great


And NEW!!..


Nobody wants to see Bivol face Bukkake.


I'd love to see bivol bukkake


I like hearn but I like this decision even more. Anyone who wanted Buatsi to fight Bivol has a reason that isn’t the best fighting the best


Zurdo literally has been calling out bivol for years I’m starting to think maybe bivol is ducking gim


We want the Buatsi fight


Eddie is that you? Lemme get a pair of them Ferragamo crocodile skin loafers bro I know u got an extra pair you don't care about


Deal cutting time to make the fight bigger. Bivol v buatsi N. Ramirez vs whoever On the same card Then have bivol v Ramirez It’s a great matchup but needs a slight marinade to get it to be a big major fight. One card to put all the attention on the matchup Then have the matchup


As they should, I could understand if it was a situation where it was signed or they were at the final stages of doing it but otherwise why would they delay their mandatory for just a regular defence of the title?


Really good fight if this goes through. I’d favor Bivol but may throw money on Ramirez if the odds are good.


I think zurdo is to slow to catch bivol imo I think bivols fast feet will save him in any situation that may come where he's at a disadvantage




As a Hearn fan I think it's very strange that the WBA is looking out for the financial future more than Eddie is. Buatsi is not the fight that he should've taken right after his canelo performance, he needed something big to keep his name in the news and keep that hype flowing so the rematch with nelo can get squeezed for all its worth win,lose,or draw.


Hearn is looking after Matchroom's financial future. Canelo is indicating he wants to fight Bivol again/have another shot at a 175 belt. So long as that is the case, it only makes sense for Matchroom to 100% ensure that the belt stays with their fighters. Doesn't matter how well he promotes Bivol, he won't earn as much from him for the rest of his career as he will from one Canelo fight. This kind of thing is exactly why the Ali act exists.


Good. WBA did the same to Santa Cruz after he requested an exception for a unification fight with Vargas. Clown Hearn now is talking about Wood-Lara fight after he got his bluff called by team LSC.


This is a great fight! Buatsi is in no way ready for Bivol, he'd take a hiding.


hell yeah , ZURDO!!!!