I hope Nigel and Chris Sr will be at the press conference.


Let's have some parliamentary procedure


*sucks teeth


Lol I would probably bet everything I have that they will be


Gloves are off between the two Seniors would be awesome.


It's an opportunity they cannot miss!


They’ll be there. They’re currently on tour doing a two man show together


Only reason anybody cares about these 2 guys. If they had different last names nobody would care.


What is it with boxing fans and being pompous assholes?


Man that shit happens alot. On here, on Twitter, any social media site where they can just rattle off for reactions. Never seen a more ornery group of fans before


It's not really being an asshole if it's true.


You miss benns last fight? Looked incredible this subreddit was buzzing from it. Eubank Jr win or lose comes to put on a show and is never in a boring one. Whats to hate about them?


No hate. They are ok. If u took the last name away tho who would really be as excited to watch this?


you say that as if its tommy fury fighting The sons are both good in their own respect, and the history adds some spice i suppose you wont be watching then ?


He says it as if its Harlem Eubank vs vs Harley Benn.


I love boxing a little more than average viewer, I watch everything. It's assholish to say this fight wouldn't be happening if they didn't have their Father's last names? Not even in the same weight class. UK just doesn't have that many level top level fighters so they just kinda do their own thing. America not like that, if ur not the best we don't really care.


While neither are at the level of their fathers they are both more above average fighters in their own right.


Eubank Jnr is such an expert in trash talk also. I mean both these guys can sell the fight the UK lads always do. "Give me Old Trafford or Wembley and I will knock you out you clown". All this stuff! But then it's in a smaller arena. Who cares.


The trailers they can make using footage of their dads should be all time great level hype videos Really looking forward to this fight


ITV own most of that though. Guess they can ask nicely ££.


Great fight. Even better title for the card.


Ugh... will be an unpopular with lots of people, but I disagree. No idea why they are doing this to Benn. He is a genuine prospect, that doesn't need to be in this kind of fight at this stage. They have spent all this time building up Benn, then they are going to throw him in with Eubank. This will be an incredibly one-sided fight. Eubank is just too big. I watched Eubank vs Groves the other day, although he lost, Eubank showed his strength in that fight, he even managed to push Groves back at some point, and that was up at Super Middle. He was caught clean by Groves on a number of occasions too, who is a big puncher, and was untroubled. I can't see Benn putting a dent in Eubank.


I love the Eubank jnr of around 5 years ago when he was pure aggressive. He’s not a slither of what he was now, sits behind a jab and doesn’t throw half as many combinations as he used to and doesn’t put as much power behind his shots either. I think Benn could grab this one on points if Eubank lets it slide.


Eubank is much better than he was before imo. IIRC he was training himself up until he got with Roy Jones JR. he doesnt put 100% into each shot hes more calculated now. For reference his fight against groves was in 2018, so 4 years ago. I personally think he's getting better after each fight, the only downside being his level of competition hasn't been great. Im certain Benn is taking confidence from defeating Chris van Heerden faster than spence, defeating Chris Algieri faster than Manny Pacquaio, Amir Khan & Spence .. & there are a few others he beat in a more devastating fashion than more accomplished boxers. The boxers who Benn beat are just that though, fighters that have already been beat up. But on the other hand they're arguably more talented than Eubank's recent opponents. I think the weight, height and reach advantage for Eubank will be the difference though. Many fighters struggle to move up, we've seen it many times. But Benn could be much better than any of us realise & if he stops Eubank then he definitely is in my book. Eubank has his flaws but he's not washed up or trash by any means.


Eubank wouldve won if instead of doing push ups he throw 10 extra punch per rounds tbf. I agree it's bad for Benn, but if he win this will propel his career.


and it might retire Eubank if he loses


I don't know, after his fight with Groves, I think Eubank Jr has shown he doesn't care about winning all that much. He clearly had enough in the tank to be more active, was never hurt and was able to beat Groves to the punch when he felt like it. But he was satisfied with his very low work rate and lost a very close fight. Same against BJS, he was satisfied with his work rate and lost a split decision. Either he's an idiot or he doesn't care about winning because both of those fights were easily winnable for him.


The bookies don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion, they give Benn a circa 35% chance. Go put a fortune on Eubank!


Totally agree. Their names mean it's going to be a big money fight but Benn is going to look tiny in there.


It was probably Benn and his team that pushed for the fight. It‘s the biggest money fight out there for them.


Depends what they're dragging Eubank down to. Also better to fuck off Benns 0 and get him the biggest possible payday out there right. Can easily blame the weight disparity then continue fighting fringe World level contenders/ washed up ex champions on the "rebuild trail"... At the top of the division its pure killers w/o profiles to match.


Do you really blame them for believing they can beat Eubank. Benn is just a better fighter, the size of Eubank should make it competitive, but I highly doubt it's going to be as one sided as you think.


I was hoping it would be “family feud”


The UK version of that show as was called Family Fortunes. I’m assuming that the market for this fight will predominantly be British, so that tag line would fly over the heads of most.


whats the title match?


Tagline “Born Rivals”


Great fight? FFS it's a circus show


Surprised Eddie’s gone for this, yes there’s a lot of money to be made, but a loss isn’t going to look good for Benn who’s a currently in a strong position in the Welterweight division. I guess it’s a high reward if he win, though I just can’t tell it happing.


If Benn loses the fight they can always market the fact he went up in weight to take on the bigger man. Similar to Mikey Garcia vs Errol Spence.


It killed Mikeys career lol. And Brooks for that matter, too when he moved up


Only killed Mikeys career cus he was so outclassed, and Brook would’ve been fine if he’d beaten Spence. As long as these guys stay away from Spence they’ll be fine, seeing as he’s apparently the career killer lol


Well you can argue that he lost against Spence because of the GGG fight. Moving up to 160 then down to 147 will take a toll on your body.


Honestly I don’t think it’s that drastic, all he had to do was cut less weight for the fight at 160. Max Holloway in the UFC was dominating 145, went to 155 and got beat up, then came back down to 145 like nothing happened. You can definitely argue it but personally I don’t buy it.


The weight change with no tune up definitely took its toll imo. There's also the fact that Brook took huge shots from one of the all time biggest punchers at middleweight and didn't get knocked down also adds a lot of mileage


Major, major difference in moving up 10lbs against a decent fighter in Poirier, who used to be a 145er himself and moving up two weight classes to fight the best at that weight, who also just happens to be one of the hardest punchers in the sport


Killed Brooke's career? But then went on to have the biggest pay day of his life...?


Mikey was lazy also


Benn is not in a strong position at welterweight at all! I’m not sure he beats Cobbs or Alexis Rocha let alone Boots or Vergil.. he has a lot of potential which is why he is relevant but a bad loss to a way bigger dude tahts used to fighting big dudes might not be the best career move and even if he does beat Eubank, Eubank is still nowhere as skilled at any of the top dogs at 147… if he’s cashing out then good for him let him have his money and fame, I wish both men the best!


You could argue the belts are tied up for a while and he'd have plenty of time to recover from a loss. Given how explosive Benn has been, it wouldn't take long to get his name back in the mix. Just blast out another retired fighter.


To be fair in the uk people being undefeated doesn’t really matter. Look at Chisora. He’s a massive draw over here and he’s lost loads.


Is he in _that_ strong of a position in the WW division though? Let's be honest, even if Benn was a mandatory for the winner of Spence vs Crawford both those guys would starch him. And no way he gets as much money fighting for a title at WW than he will vs Eubank. This will be a huge fight in the UK and both those guys will make tons of money. Besides which, this fight is taking place north of WW, so it should not impact his world rankings at WW.


I hear you, but honestly if he loses this fight that’ll tell you what you need to know about Benn. Eubank is tough but if Benn is what people hope he is, he should dispose of Eubank. Might as well see what you got with Conor now.


Nah. Imagine if Errol Spence or Terrance Crawford wanted to skip 154 and jump straight to middle. Do you think their first fight would be Eubank? Nah they’d pick someone less risky. Even the top welterweights wouldn’t be a clear favorite over Eubank.


But he’s not jumping to mw he’s going to fight a drained eubank at a cw


True. Btw do you know the weight?


Rumor is 157 but still up in the air.


A loss didn’t hurt Brooks appeal at WW although he was a champ, I don’t think a loss to Eubank hurts his credibility at Welter though. Especially not if he puts up a fight similar to how brooks did


Brook was a world champion and in the Ring Magazine top 10 p4p fighting GGG who was top 3 p4p and the most avoided man in boxing at the time. Benn hasn't fought any elite competition and seems to be avoiding the top guys at 147. Eubank is always a test for the best at 160 and 168 but he's always come up short at world level and has never been a world champ. I think this will affect credibility as Benn isn't going all the way up to 160 and trying to weight drain him.


Kell Brook was never a ring p4p, you can look at the 2016 Archive online, that’s some revisionist shit. And how is Eubank moving down 4lbs lose credibility for someone moving up 9?


I think you're right on him not being top 10, I think I was confusing it with top 15. 9lbs is about 4Kg I believe. That is nothing. That's smaller than the weights ranges in amateur weight classes for example, amateur Welterweight is 69-64 Kg, middleweight is 75-69Kg. Benn can easily put that weight on.


Are you saying this affects Conor benn’s credibility ? In what universe? Chris Eubank Jr is easily the most significant step up out of all the young welters. This is one of the worst takes I’ve ever seen. A welterweight prospect stepping up to fight a middleweight contender affects his credibility? 🤦🏽‍♂️


Yes because it's a fight he can't win and an obvious cash out very early in his career. That tells me he understands that he's never getting a world title so may as well make as much money as possible now.


So if he went and fought Crawford now, a fight he can’t win and lost his credibility is diminished? Conor Benn was born in to money and is very well off if you’re paying attention. It’s a legacy thing more than anything. A Conor Benn victory here isn’t out of the realms of possibility anyway. Am I picking him? No. It’s not a foregone conclusion though. Seriously, Conor is taking a big step up here and all you want to do is trash him for it lol?


No, if he lost to Crawford he'd be losing to the best guy at his weight and a guy who is top 2 or 3 p4p. Eubank has never won a world title and it's at a catch weight. What has Benn done and who has he beat to make you think he even has a chance. He wins his fights by being stronger, hurting and imposing himself on his opponents. He can't hurt Eubank, his chin is too good and he's far stronger. Where Eubank lacks in technicality he makes up for in his insane durability and stamina and good speed. If this was about legacy and not a cash grab he could've done it after he at least fought someone top 10 at welterweight as he still hasn't even done this and fought for a world title.


I wonder when the details of the weight and rehydration come out


if it's around 157-area I can see Benn getting floored, personally.


Floored? He might die


Seems like a complete mismatch because of size. Am I wrong?


I'm genuinely confused why this fight is even happening for that same reason


Eubank Jr will likely be drained down to whatever catchweight was agreed to. No way Eubank Jr can make 147. Only thing I can think of. We need more details.


Maybe 154?


Maybe. If it is anything less than that, then Benn has a very good chance at beating him.


Amd avendge his father lol


I believe it’s 157


No way is he making that. Will come in 165 and pay the fine


He'd make it fine, Eubank never rehydrates much, whether at 160 or 168


He has made 160 fairly comfortably a bunch of times.


I was thinking the same, a welter vs a MW seems weird especially this early in Benn’s career.


It’s pretty embarrassing if Eubank doesn’t either get a stoppage or win very wide on points right? Benn is arguably still a prospect at 147 whereas Eubank has challenged for a 168 title before


Rip my dawg Conor man Still surprised Eddie just threw a potential cash cow to the wolves like this


This fight was always going to happen, ever since they both became boxers. It was inevitable


Inevitable but didn’t need to happen yet, this could ruin Benn before his career’s really got going.


The Kell Brook special




When was the last time Eubank looked good? He went the distance with Liam Williams when he should’ve had him out. When he’s stepped up both times he lost. Only thing I can see that benefits him is his size advantage. But I’m sure I’d there’s a rehydration clause it’ll nullify it


Agree on how he’s looked recently but he’s massive compared to Benn, has a granite chin, can go at a high pace for 12 rounds, carries speed and has decent power… at super middle. Benn hasn’t faced anyone like that and although Benn has legit power at Welterweight, Groves had legit power at super middle and was also one of the best in the division when he fought Eubank and he didn’t trouble Eubank at all, even if he did win clearly. I’m not saying Eubank definitely beats Benn and I’m not saying I don’t like the fight, I just think it’s too risky at this stage of Benn’s career when he’s a real contender at Welterweight.


I get what your saying. I agree with it. The belts at welter look like they’ll be locked up for probably a year with the Spence v Crawford fight and wtv rematches they’re going to have. Don’t think Eddie would let him fight boots or Ortiz, so there isn’t much except for a few old guys. Benn and Eddie probably think if they can beat a 160/168 pounder then it’ll launch Benn into that PPV superstar Eddie drastically needs


Fair points, but if Benn ends up getting badly stopped by Eubank his flame will dim significantly and although I really like Benn I’m not sure he’s done enough yet to make him a strong favourite in this fight.. just not worth it in my opinion. In any case it’s on and I’ll definitely be hyped for it, I hope Benn wins… would love to see him stop Eubank!


Yeah would've been much better to leave this fight for a couple of years. Wait for Conor to have more experience and maybe get a bit bigger with age. But I will definitely watch.


He knocked him down 3 times in four rounds, injured his hand, and then still got another knockdown ate while clowning


You’ve proved my point. He should’ve stopped him, his quality was far superior and had the power too. But he didn’t


It’s the warrior’s code


Guess they need a quick buck


Win-win for Benn unless he gets seriously hurt. If he puts up a good fight his stock will skyrocket.


When was the last time Eubank looked like a wolf?


He looked pretty good in his last fight. He’s also a way bigger than Benn, he’s a natural middleweight who can fight a 168 and Benn is a welter This fight would’ve been good if Benn actually got some decent scalps at Welterweight to build him up as a world threat, Eubank is going to trash him and who knows how that will effect his career physically and commercially afterwards.


We need more details on fight weight. Eubank Jr can't make 147. If he can he will be a dead man walking, especially if there is a rehydration clause in the contract. So I'm assuming this is a catchweight bout.


Apparently it’s at 157 🤷‍♂️


At what weight? If they’re sweating Eubank down to 154 might be decent but he’s still much bigger.


Bizarre fight for both at this stage in their careers, and let's be honest, the board would have never sanctioned it if it was between to "no names". Weight classes are there for a reason and a few months ago Hearn was on TV defended the "safety" of boxing, now all of a sudden Eubank Jnr, who's shredded at 160 has to find 4lbs to lose from somewhere. Absolutely cynical cash-grab from Matchroom who are desperate to do something finally BIG in the UK to put struggling the DAZN on the map (And I'm a DAZN fan and subscriber btw). Best of all, it's on another DAZN PPV, something they said would be "dead" when they started and now they have THREE coming up, one being a YouTube card. Bollocks to it 👎🏼


Came here to say the same thing. From 'ppv is dead' to 'only major events' to as you say, three in less than 2 months. I've been reluctant to criticise DAZN too much because I've actually been happy with what I've had for the money as a UK fan, but I'm suddenly watching very closely to see how this pans and how I feel about it going forward. I absolutely understand how only ppv can make the likes of AJ viable, but to have some shit KSI event (which I have no interest in anyway), Canelo vs GGG at an unsociable hour and now this mismatch all on ppv is a pisstake. Though that said, if they keep it to the circus events, I might actually be alright.


I cancelled on hearing the GGG vs Canelo card was UK PPV. They actually promised it wouldn't be as well. Absolute joke. They have no other sports either. Worthless.


Dumb fight, Eubank gonna body bag this dude


If this actually takes place around 156-157, then Benn's in for a fight. Can't really question his resolve win or lose after this.


Anyone picking Benn by a KO in particular, like I've seen on social media needs their brain tested. Eubank has taken punches off decent hitting Super Middles like Groves and been ok. I feel like Eubank needs to revert to his more raw pre Roy Jones style to do win this easier otherwise he gives Benn an outside chance


Conor's power shouldn't trouble Eubank much especially if the catchweight is on the higher side. But I do think there's a chance Conor is one of the hardest hitters at 147 right now.


It's hard to predict as well how power goes up with weight. Sometimes they look pillow fisted but sometimes a bit of extra weight works out


Froch said nothing he could do could stop Eubank coming forward when they sparred


Eubank seemed to inherit his dads chin


The casuals have already been convinced this is a 50:50. Seen quite a few tweet replies accusing those heavily favouring Eubank as “idiots” and whatnot. I mean Benn has an outside chance but it will certainly be an upset given the size difference. Anyway, it’s still a fun fight regardless.


It's gotta be taking place under 160 I would imagine.


Has too! Benn doesn’t stand a chance otherwise


156 I believe ye


I like that poster, it has their fathers' fight below it. I respect Benn for taking this fight well above his weight class. I haven't seen any news on what the actual catchweight is (probably 156), I assume there's a rehydration clause too. I still expect Eubank to be too big and too experienced despite all that, but I'm rooting for Benn.




I really like Benn, I think he has huge potential at welterweight. This is a great fight but I don’t understand why they’re doing it now, it’s not an easy win for Benn at all and he’s on a path to world title fights at 147… if Eubank fucks him up, which I think is definitely possible, it could screw his career.


I'm going to watch it.


DAZN just making everything PPV now.




Apparently it’s going to be at 157


Fuck yeah! Damn the naysayers, this is one hell of a fight.


This is one of those "just enjoy the fight and stop complaining" ones. I'm excited to see it


I understand why people hate this but I'd take it over a youtuber fight.


Dazn PPV god damn it fuck this.


What a strange fight lol, would be quite funny if Benn sparked Jr out


I’m sorry but these Domestic fights are terrible. Why would you put a Welterweight against a Middleweight.


Because its two exciting fighters with exciting names do you want to see this....or eubank and benn fight guys nobody really cares about in their own division


I haven't been happy with Eddie for a while now, but this was the right thing to do! Cannot fucking wait man. This will do extremely well numbers wise over this side of the pond.


What? It’s the stupidest fight I’ve ever saw. Give a young guy who’s not known for boxing skills but rather his power, put him in with a much bigger guy who has one of the best chins in the game and has fought at a far higher level. While I don’t think Conor could beat boots bud or Spence, he has a good chance at the rest of 147 IMO. This will kill any momentum he was starting to build


What's the weight? 154?


Eubank will not have accepted a weight below 158. Benn is going to have his life changed by this fight and not in a good way. And for what? Money?


I hope they not thinking of making this a PPV in the u.s. that would be ridiculous. Nobody in the states is paying for this


Is it PPV for UK or other countries as well?


Unpopular opinion but I have a gut feeling that Benn will win


Isnt Eubank like 3 weight classes above Benn rn. Huge win for Benn if he can pull it off. High risk high reward i guess.


Not sure how to feel, obviously pretty hyped it’s a legacy fight etc but it just seems a complete mismatch. I can’t see how Benn wins it. Eubank will be too big, too strong surely. Is there no WW out there for him to fight. Eubank has pretty much always wasted his career.


Just watching their fathers fight again now. This one will get the country talking for sure, a trip down memory lane. Yeah, the fight has issues, weight being one of them, and it's the weight that tips it heavily in the favour of Eubank Jnr imo, that and the fact he has mixed in much better company, but fwiw this one will get folk talking and come fight night will have that 'big fight feel' that we all love


Inevitable but surprised by the timing. I would have thought wait for Benn to work his way up in weight first


Eubank should school the kid if he's not drained at the catchweight.


Ppv? Nah don’t think so


Did these motherfuckers seriously make this a Pay per view. Neither of these guys are even world champions let alone world attractions. I get that there's the lineage here and this is huge for UK fans but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with DAZN doin this PPV so much when their whole sell to me and I imagine most other subscribers was to avoid PPV


The Dazn hypocrisy aside, any network in the UK would have put this on PPV and it'll do bits.


Is this really a ppv fight?


For the UK and Ireland only, rest of world gets it normally through regular subscription


Okay selfishly that helps to curb my initial reaction of anger. I hope it holds true. I'm interested to watch but would not pay PPV as a subscriber located in US


Probably only in the UK? Will be quite popular in the UK.


Great fight, the buildup will be hype af.


What weight class though?


i dont think this is a cash out for benn but i still feel the risk reward ratio is skewed much more in chris favor. Chris isnt skilled but hes got one of the better chins in boxing, could even take damage from guys naturally bigger than him(168) and he makes 160 very easy with his super strict diet. Benn deserves some credit here, also would ask how big people expect this to be on DAZN in the UK, like will this do close to 500k on dazn in the UK? so many questions with this. It always seems like before a big draw in the UK goes after elite level they have a big domestic fight, like groves v degale, AJ vs Whyte, is this in the same vein for benn v. eubank? Do yall think matchroom believes benn can be a legit WW champ down the line, and if they dont does this matchmaking then make more sense? Clearly I'm interested by this move hahaha.


If it’s a war then Benn. If it’s more of a boxing match then it’s Eubank


Excited for this one


What weight will it be at?


Good scrap but at what weight ? Can Eubanks Jr even make 154 or some catchweight around 157 ? I dont see Benn fighting at 160 to be frank, he would be too small IMO




Now this is a good fight


They better milk the fuck out of the father rivalries. It’s almost too perfect. The press conferences too ooh


Eubank 4/7 with SkyBet for anybody that way inclined 👍


I've lumped on at those odds but I'm hoping they lengthen as soon as Hearn opens his mouth about how it's a 50/50 fight and the casuals take it as gospel. In which case I'll lump on again. Big fan of Benn and him winning isn't a complete impossibility, but the odds don't reflect the mismatch.


Good to see the fight happening, people bitching saying it’s to early for Been should just shut up and enjoy the fight.


Shouldn’t be excited because of the weights but I can’t help it… WAR BENN


Ridiculous fight, will watch anyway.


If we leave their surnames out of it this fight doesn't make any sense but fuck it. Its such a unique and exciting prospect. Anyone alive for their dad's era would be lying if they said this doesn't excite them


Ooft, Benn going to get fucked. He's exciting but so easy to hit.


I'm of the opinion that I think benn is gonna shock eubank this fight. I just feel he's got enough firepower to catch him good


I'm intrigued by this so will definitely watch since some of my earliest boxing memories is Eubank vs Benn. So hyped on that front. This makes much more sense for Eubank Jr as he probably knows there is not to many more big pay days for him so he is cashing in and has all the advantages in terms of size and experience. Does feel like a weird choice for Conor Benn though, I'm not really sure the risk/reward is worth it but his career, his choice I guess. Anyone know what his walking around weight is?


Great fight. Credit to Benn for taking it, massive risk at this point in his career.


Am I the only one who's not excited about this?


How has Jr still not stepped up in competition yet?


I don't know if this fight will still happen. There's 100% got to be a rehydration clause or Benn will be KTFO for sure. Eubank Jr size is a massive factor and we know he has a great chin. Benn has been rocked by lighter fighters and I expect that Eubank Jr will be using his size and power for this fight.


So apparently the height difference is only 7cm and their reach difference is only 4 inches. I thought Eubanks would be a lot bigger, it’s not as big of a gap as I thought. Interesting fight


Eubank is gonna walk through him. Surprised Benn is already cashing out at this stage of his career. A Benn will never beat a Eubank in the boxing ring


Why? And at what weight? Eubank was struggling to get to 160 6 years ago! Just look at him at 168 how low can he possibly go? Already planning to not make weight and pay the fine I imagine.


If their fathers had never boxed, this would not be on PPV


I am gutted about this fight. His team have been very patient and done a great job with Conor, he has just started to look like a real talent with title potential and now they are doing this. Eubank will likely be far too big and strong. No chance of Benn stopping him either, Eubank has a granite chin. Mid-late stoppage Eubank.


This is Brooke vs GGG all over again. Why? So weird. Is it an exhibition?


The Next Generation fighting a kid 7 years younger than him, two weight classifications below him and nearly 3 inches shorter. Presumably it's for retirement money.


I got Conor. What about you guys?


I like this.


This is a brave but bad move by Benn's team. Eubank is not some slow, lumbering middleweight - he's a high activity, high output fighter with a great gas tank. Benn's team should have made the Broner fight at all costs - that scrap would have established his name in the US, and elevated his position at 147.


Weight aside Benn is only 25, too soon for him to fight Jr, maybe in 3/4 years time but I can't see him doing much here, think it will be like Mickey v Spence.


Eubank jnr of 5-7 years ago would have almost certainly. Right now he’s doing a bad impression of Roy Jones so who knows? It’s still incredibly risky for Conor and really shouldn’t be his next fight other than the hype and money it will generate. He’s improved greatly over the past few years, wouldn’t want this to set him back if it all went wrong.


Can’t believe this is actually happening


Personally do really like Eubank Jr just because his fighting style is fun to watch (although his technique is lacking) but he’s got to finish Benn in impressive fashion for this to be a respectable win


Everyone saying Eubank Jr is gonna starch Benn- when was the last time he starched anybody of note? At all? This is not a GGG-Brook, eubank is not as good and does not punch anywhere as hard as peak GGG. Eubank might favourite to win a points decision but he won’t be starching anybody imo, especially being weight drained


I just had a look as well and Eubanks is only 7cm taller and has a 4 inch reach advantage. I thought he was a lot bigger than that. I’ve heard it’s at 157 so that’s only 10 pounds extra for benn. Should be a good fight I think. And yes you are correct, Eubanks isn’t the same fighter he was say 5 years ago. He’s lost his aggression and seems to coast the second half of his fights now


this is crazy. This is a true test for both. Eubank Jr is fighting for winner of Canelo/GGG and Conor and looking for a fight to put him on the map. I will not miss this fight.


The fight nobody wanted or asked for on ppv… good luck to Benn since he’s the smaller guy but damn man this feels like a really poor fight. Lackluster matchmaking at its best.


Great fight for the UK. Most the youth in America will have to complete a Google search. Never been a fan of either guy myself as a hard-core American fan. Their Dad's were beasts and I've watched a lot of their fights.