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Which time


All the time




The meaning didn’t go over my head, it went through me.


Manny Pacquiao is a rare fighter that did better against bigger fighters than smaller fighters. People talk about how he got way better as he moved up, but I believe that he could carry his speed and power well enough that he became too much to handle at higher weights. That’s why he consistently had problems with JMM even after Pacquiao was considered unstoppable. Pacquiao’s toughest fights were against lighter guys


If he wasn't hurt for the Mayweather match, I think Pacquiao wins. That match occurred after the expiration date passed.


I actually think Mayweather wins even easier if it happens 5 years earlier. And Pacquiao makes stupid excuses every single time he loses. It has become a joke among boxing fans.


IDK what Boxing fans you're referring to, but as far as I know, it's completely the opposite.


The biggest duel ever between two boxers did not take place in a ring but in a sauna. https://youtu.be/TsMWXZJQ6Rg Nothing will ever top that.




Fury mentally broke Wlad in that sauna bout. Beat Wlad years before actually fighting him.


I raise you Larry Holmes dropkicking Trevor Berbick after jumping off the roof of a car


There is a very distinct lack of mental battle in that one. Fury was ready to die in there!


Would have actually bought the PPV for that legendary match up


Joseph Parker is a top 4 heavy weight but he's too nice to realise his potential


Oh this is good.


He's looked alot better in his last fight or 2. The change in trainer (was with Kevin Barry, David Tuas older trainer) was a move he should have made years ago. But agree with comment.


I agree he doesn’t try his power shots enough, is much more of a ‘safe’ boxer


All 4 Kings give Floyd trouble, but Hearns gives Floyd nightmares, and in his prime would absolutely smoke him.


I think 99% of people would agree that Hearns it the anti-Mayweather. The only person I can recall disagreeing with that is some weirdo that posts here named LordHenny or some shit like that.


JCC Jr has a 100% legit come from behind KO victory over Andy Lee to win a legit world title. NO he is not his father… how did anybody think he would be? No he is not a bum. Not even close. Dude is a legit fighter. He gets pissed on way to much for a world champion


Now THAT's an unpopular opinion, upvoted because the tread. I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong.


I’ve got like 40ish amateur fights and am in shape at 200 pounds. I’m not fucking fighting that dude


Love this comment 😂


I'm a casual fan of both so expecting to be shot down here, but the logistics of the UFC seem like a much better model for ensuring all the top athletes are competing with each other for the same belts


It's true... The double edged sword of the UFC having the best fighters in the world in ironclad slave deals ensures we get to see the best vs the best in their primes almost always. But the cost is fighter pay, some of them literally broke till they get to the title picture and some working second jobs well into becoming established fighters.


Demetrius Johnson only trained twice a week up until he lost his first title shot


DJ was/is a fucking freak. Dude made good fighters look stupid for years


• Sonny Liston is one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. • In-fighting is damn near dead in boxing • Michael Spinks is the most underrated boxer of all time.


sonny had such a solid style, where most of his style like monzon and lewis loved the control jab to keep you at a distance to make you easy to counter. ​ sonny opened mf offense and defense up with his jab, he responded not by being far enough away to see everything 5 seconds ago but due to the versatility of his arsenal.


Liston's jab was Old Testament - real wrath of God type stuff


Love Michael Spinks. Wish he had more famous names on his resume so he wouldn't just be remembered by most as Leon's brother and victim of Mike Tyson.


I'd probably take prime Sonny Liston over anyone. That dude was an absolute beast.


If RJJ retires after the 1st Tarver fight he's a top 10 alltime guy. Notwithstanding allegations of 'supplements' -- that can be discussed/debated elsewhere -- at his peek and considering his resume (and HOW he was beating guys) he's the best fighter since the late 80s.


I take that and up you one If Duran retired 71-1 he would be goated


Ahhhh, very solid call. An aside: I'm a Hearns fan -- mainly cuz he's criminally overlooked. Not that Duran had any business fighting above 47, but Hearns made Duran defy the laws of physics in their bout.


“(Nobody’s ever knocked out Duran) Right, nobody knocks out Roberto Duran, so you gotta give me credit for that.” - The Petronellis and Marvin Hagler Wonder what they said after the 2nd round with Hearns?


A new take - if Hearns had the science and conditioning of today he may have been undisputed all the way to cruiserweight 😂 If he could fill out correctly he would have been a monster between 175-190


This prompted me to do some digging: Hearns was ONLY 32 when he beat Virgil Hill for a belt at LH. We thought it was ancient back then (before looking I woulda guessed he was on the wrong side of 35).


So wait. You think that Duran moving up and beating Leonard, Moore and Barkley as well as going neck and neck with Hagler somehow diminished his career?


His best wins would have been against Esteban de Jesus, ken Buchanan and, of course, SRL That’s a brilliant resume but, unless I’m missing some ppl, I still think he falls behind guys like Robinson, Armstrong or aLi Edit: I forgot abt Ernesto marcel


Are you saying RJJ isn’t a top 10 ATG? Y’all musta forgot Edit: on his best night who ever beats him?


Me personally: peak Roy is best -- by a good deal -- in my lifetime. Back end losses (e.g. Holyfield v Toney) dont detract from a guys career to me, but for plenty of folk they do. And they're not necessarily wrong.


Nobody. RJJ is top 3 at a minimum.


RJJ is in my top ten right now.


Boxing fans are often times ridiculous. We bitch about fighters not being exciting, not taking on challenges and not striving for greatness. Then we go on and turn Amir Khan in to a joke for trying to do exactly what we say we want more fighters to do. If I’m a young fighter and I look at this then I say fuck it I’ll go the Tank or Ryan Garcia route and crush can after can.




Amir Khan lost his 0 early and never had an 0 to protect. Might have been a different diva if that was the case. Took him far too long to take the Kell fight. He took the fights with names that paid the most. Fair enough


The term you're looking for is hypocrisy.


After Vietnam, Ali's accomplishments are more the result of sheer grit and toughness than pure boxing ability.


I like this one. I always said once he slowed down, his defense was exposed and his overall boxing skills. However his inner greatness still made him the goat of his era


I read a book by Cus D'amato that stated he thought that Ali became complacent and just accepted to take punishment on the ropes rather than dodge like he did in his early career. I think you are fully correct in this assessment. Edit: I was wrong, the book was "Sting like a bee" by José Torres


He has two HOF careers, one pre ban where he's arguably the most finesse heavyweight of all time and post ban where he's arguably the toughest man to ever enter the boxing ring.


I agree, but I think ring iq and timing played an extremely important role as well


Boxing comes on too late. I live in the east coast and can’t stay up for main event. Nevermind people in Europe and rest of the world. Guess it’s morning highlights for me


I wouldn’t mind that it’s on so late if all the fights apart from the main event weren’t always a complete waste of time


And the time between fights, and then finally the hour of anthems and shit before finally the main event


Foreman would have KOd prime Iron Mike Tyson. Mainly due to style.


He would tko’d him around 7th round. When Foreman watched Tyson he saw another Frazier fight. When Tyson thought of Foreman he thought the same thing. It would go longer, because Tyson had a stronger chin. Tyson would do better initially against Foreman because he could come in through awkward angels and had great power in both hands. However once it got past the 3rd round Foreman would begin to manhandle Tyson and cutoff the ring. Tyson wasn’t a good fighter fighting backwards and Tyson would start getting worn down physically and psychologically. Foreman would start knocking him down with upper cuts and big thudding rights. By the 7th round the ref would call of the fight as Tyson would be out on his feet after getting off the canvas again.


I agree, and personally I think Foreman was very good at bullying people around with his framing at range, which could have been kryptonite against Tyson’s head movement. Liston would have destroyed him as well imo


Liston would have picked Tyson apart. Hit him with that thudding jabs and and those big rights. Pistons was a surprisingly excellent boxer to go with his big punch. He would also be one of those few guys who would intimidate Tyson.


Definitely, IMO the fight would be very similar to Foreman-Frazier


Always thought this Tyson has a horrible style to go against Foreman


Foreman's uppercuts make any weave or slip heavy style a dangerous game.




Foreman is criminally underrated...


i completely agree


The media, the more hardcore fans and the fighters themselves overrate how big a fight Spence vs Crawford is commercially. I don't mean that it's not the best fight that can be made in boxing (that's a matter of preference) but it's not close to the biggest fight that can be made which I've seen people claim.


Commercially Wilder vs Joshua is bigger even if Joshua loses the rematch vs Usyk!


AJ could lose to Usyk and Fury in his next two fights before fighting Deontay and I still believe AJ vs Wilder would be a bigger fight than Spence vs Crawford


Joshua vs any of the top 10 heavyweights would probably be bigger commercially


I got crucified when I said Ryan vs Tank would do more numbers


It 100% would do more numbers even without a belt on the line


I agree. It’s a great fight for the hardcore fans but neither fighter is very well known. I predict less than 500k PPV buys


Paul Williams was a problem for ALL fighters at 147. The guy some refer to as TBE wanted no parts of The Punisher.


I've always had this same opinion about Paul Williams at 147. Not sure if it's actually an unpopular opinion, at least among knowledgeable boxing fans.


My boxing coach said this as well.


On slow nights the guy was throwing 80+ punches/round. Guy didn't have to respect the power of too many at 47 not named Margarito. I just cant see anyone at that weight -- during that era -- beating the guy.


He was also a tall southpaw, and we all know Floyd never fought someone that was inches taller than him.


Boxing is the only sport where athletes from the 70s and 80s could beat today’s athletes


The decades before too. The old timers had it figured out, 15 rounds and a lot of them had over 100 fights


Everything from the 50s on I think it's all competitive and open for discussion Anything before that and I think it's fair to argue they don't compare to the past couple decades


I think boxing was evolving rapidly from the start of Queensberry Rules to about the 30s. It was still developing to an extent in the 30s and 40s but not as fast as the room for the sport to advance was disappearing. There were already fighters who had mastered styles that would make them a threat to anyone today- there is nothing primitive or outdated about Charles, Pep or Armstrong, and the unsurpassed Sugar Ray was already peaking. I'd agree that from the 50s on the skills and tactics are basically fully developed


They also had over the counter amphetamines and cocaine lol


I would change this to "one of the few sports" Golf and Baseball being the others


I’ve thought about it over night and I would also add darts and snooker


Mate they've consistently had to make courses longer and harder because golfers keep lowering the scores on them. If you took Rory McIlroy or Scottie Scheffler or Brooks Koepka and dropped them in the 70s they would win 90% of the tournaments. If Rory McIlroy played the same version of Augusta that they played in the 70s he would drive most of the par 4s and finish about 30 under par after 72 holes. Baseball I don't watch so I can't speak for, but today's golfers are just empirically better than golfers from the 70s. They hit it further, they hit it straighter, they putt better. The longest average driver in 1980 was Dan Pohl with 274.3 yards average drive, it's now Bryson DeChambeau with 323.7. That's very nearly 50 yards of extra distance.


I thought that a lot of the golf yardages increasing was from better ball and club technology


That is also true but if you gave McIlroy or DeChambeau 70s/80s golf clubs they'd still consistently hit it over 300 yards. They have insanely strict workout regimens, the mechanics of their swings are WAY better. Golf is one of the sports where I'd say the athletes have actually improved the most over the last 30/40 years. Look how Tiger absolutely dominated an entire generation of golfers simply because he lifted weights and could hit it further than them.


>Look how Tiger absolutely dominated an entire generation of golfers simply because he lifted weights and could hit it further than them. I agree with 99% of what you’ve said in this thread, but holy smokes this is straight blasphemous! Tiger is the GOAT iron player, and if anything his drive was the (relative) weakest part of his game because of occasional inaccuracies (that worsened with age/injuries).


You are absolutely incorrect about Baseball lmao. Look at the incline in velo and spinrate year by year. If you dropped Babe Ruth into a game today he'd go 0-5 with 5 Ks.


Wait, u think that baseball players today are WORSE?!? Maybe the worst take I’ve seen in this sub. Have u ever heard retired pros speak about today’s players? They’re amazed at how much better they are. I’m not gonna lecture u further but I’m going to give u one (not so) humble brag anecdote here, my son is a senior in hs w/ a bright future as he’s started receiving scholarship offers recently. He’s so much better than I ever was, and I played beyond hs. He threw mid-80’s by junior yr, and that’s above avg-good (not great) for his age.


That opinion = popular and wrong


I love Inoue, but when his opponent does a combination, he likes to just guard up and waits for it to end before countering. When he moves up in weight, that could cause him to get knocked out if he bites more than he can chew


When he shells up most of the time he repositions himself whilst doing so to avoid follow up and take the power away. I don't think I've ever really seen him just stand still with a high guard and take it,


He doesn‘t. He is subtle but steps with his opponent. That point isn‘t really an opinion


he has some of the best footwork in boxing rn imo. hes rarely in a position that needs fancy head movement because his feet is doing the work


He gets himself into positioning and doesn‘t just shell up. He steps with his opponents punches to take the sting out and vastly reduces the impact.


Ooh this is a good one, and one I wouldnt immediately think of


Inoue can be hit for sure. Problem is, he has an excellent chin, and he sends back punches that are 100% more powerful lol


High volume/pacing southpaws are overall and generally the most difficult styles to defeat in boxing. Usyk, spence, bam, zurdo, calzaghe, pac to name a few. Cottos style is wrong for every version of martinez. Fury is not a top 10 all time heavy weight yet. Edwin valero had shit defense and i dont think survives very long at the highest level. Edit: one more. I think haymon def has some corruption going on in his backyard. Last 2 cards has horrific stoppages. Mielnicki, barthelemy and castro. When the going got tough for protected fighters they had to put an end to it. Mielnicki was just a gift stoppage even tho it wasnt a struggle.


Martinez with working legs would've beaten Cotto, but that's boxing for you


As someone who started getting into boxing (both watch and practice) last year, the first time I saw Valero, I was so confused. The guy like put all his points into offense and just wouldn't stop attacking, but as you said he had no defense.


Andrade and Charlo aren’t as feared as ppl makes them seem. Also Bivol outboxes Beterbiev for the undisputed title.


This post is too triggering 🤬


As a GGG fan, his inability to take on the best of the best after Canelo 2 should taint his middleweight legacy.


Canelo dodging him for years until he's old should be the primary concern. I don't think slowing down in ur late 30s "taints" the fact that he was probably the scariest middle weight of his generation, canelo included.


Yeah, no. He was 37 already. His legacy was made when future p4p number one star dodged him for few years and then lost at least one of their matches while ggg was past his prime.


That’s not unpopular opinion. Everyone knows his resume post Canelo 2 is shit.


To be fair, he did unify with Murata and is the current oldest unified champ. He’s 40 fighting better comp than both Charlo and Andrade who are both in their primes


Yeah but he was 37, you usually don't build much legacy at that age. Unless you're BHop or Luis Ortiz.


Rios really did beat Abril


Fury is not top 15 all time. There’s zero reason why he should be mentioned with any of those top names. And his fans that like to include him in H2H lists are just trying to include him with legends to accommodate him since his career doesn’t stack up against them. I can’t wait to never hear about Jake Paul ever again in general and On this sub. He gets way too much media from being a troll on YouTube who participates in novice fights. I wouldn’t care if he just didn’t talk trash of real boxers but I’m tired of him talking shit about guys he’d literally never fight while he pretends he would.


Shawn Porter was in the top tier.


Your favourite all time fighter has a robbery W on his resume.






Inoue got me in to boxing. I see no robberies


Probably not unpopular, but if Usyk gets KO’d russias gonna have that shit all over the news


The greatest mythical heavyweight isn’t Tyson with a living Cus, it’s young Foreman with old Foreman’s mind


Not exactly to unpopular because I have seen people say it before, but if Roy Jones retired after the Ruiz fight he would be recognized as the best fighter of all time.


I've always stood by this. There were nights where he looked like he could beat 2 guys at once. And if he had, I don't think anyone would ever top him to be honest.


Saw your post after I sent mine. Made a similar claim while using Tarver 1 as the stopping point. I wont go as far as saying THE best, but we view Roy very similarly.


Mine is that exclusive partnerships between promotions and the networks is boxing's biggest problem. We all know the promoters themselves avoid working together like the plague, but with the added element of an exclusive broadcast deal, they literally don't even have the option in most cases. If broadcast deals were forged on a fight by fight basis, much like it works with venues, promoters and boxers would have a lot more flexibility to reach across the aisle.


Don’t forget to sort by controversial


Usyk is only staying at Heavyweight to avoid Jake Paul


\- defense due to how flashy it is, is overrated by many. \- hagler vs mugabe is a better fight than hagler vs hearns. \- mitts does not translate to ring, just like heavy bag. but it does give confidence and teach power if using the priginal version that being the mayweather sr version. \- 1 handed fighters are underrated.


Pernell Whitaker would have beaten Floyd Mayweather decisively. I genuinely believe that the quick southpaw jab was always the key to breaking the Philly shell


In terms of resume Primo Carnera is far ahead of Fury, AJ, both of the Klitchkos and Tyson


The disrespect Carnera gets is ridiculous. So many people claim Carnera was “one of the worst heavyweight champions” just because they heard someone else say it. I believe he got his reputation as a “clumsy” and ambling fighter solely from the Baer fight, with most people not aware that he tore a ligament in his leg early in the fight (2nd round iirc). His resume is absolutely insane.


Yeah and Carnera was as big as modern SHW and had the power and KO record to match.


To add to this, what percentage of boxing opinions are based on observation and understanding of the game, and how many are just repeated trope from boxing ‘authorities’? 95-5?


Tyson Fury’s boxing ability is overrated.. sure he’s big and agile but his actual punch selection and quality isn’t as good as people make out. I also don’t think he’s suddenly turned into a power puncher as some are suggesting since he went to the Kronk gym.


I still think he's very far above average in most areas. Not as technical as usyk for sure but definitely a student of the game.


Far above average, yeah, but the average heavyweight is garbage! He slaps a lot and his punches look awkward. For instance, I rate AJ as a far superior puncher than Fury although Fury has better footwork and head movement. I think there are loads of heavyweights with technically better punches than Fury… Usyk (obviously), Parker, Joyce to name a few. I could think of more if I had the time to sit and think. I just don’t think he’s as impressive as most think he is, fortunately this is an unpopular opinions thread so hopefully I won’t be downvoted to oblivion haha but honesty I think it’s his size that makes him so hard to beat, rather than his skill.


I think people sometimes confuse having a relaxed and fancy looking style for being super technical. He's got tons of heart and is undoubtedly a devoted boxer, but yeah he's also like 6'9. His head movement and footwork are pretty remarkable but overall, on a purely technical level he's relatively unrefined compared to say a GGG or Floyd Mayweather. But he's the gypsy fucking king and those Wilder fights were fucking epic so who cares.


Yeah, man, I like a Fury fight too… not saying he’s shit, it’s just there’re a lot of people who think he’s better than he is technically. He’s still extremely good in many areas and clearly difficult to beat - he probably beats AJ (although I think that’s closer than people think) and just about every other heavyweight at the moment. I dunno about Usyk, if AJ 4.0 turns up and Usyk fucks him up then I’d probably favour Usyk vs Fury but with what we know today I think it’d be close between them. Edit: for context, my bro’s in law think Fury is a technical genius and is better than every heavyweight in every area - I’m kinda aiming at those types.


Yeah if you think Fury is a better boxer than Ali or Tyson on a technical level you're smoking Crack. I could actually see AJ being the toughest opponent for Fury, he's definitely well rounded enough to make it interesting. In my heart I think Fury would win because he's both smarter and tougher than AJ, i just cant imagine he wouldn't have some epic, super specific game plan for aj that would fuck with him, i think hes that type of fighter. Having seen the form that Fury took against Wilder I can't see usyk overcoming the size difference. Like usyk is amazing but Fury is still very good and also fucking 6'9. Like I would root for usyk cuz Holy shit but like I rly think he ain't tall enough to ride the ride. We will see though anything can happen.


The only top 25 heavyweight of all time who Mike Tyson beat was 38 years old, Tyson shouldn't be anywhere near the top 15 when talking about the greatest heavyweights regardless of how spectacular his highlight reel is


> The only top 25 heavyweight of all time who Mike Tyson beat was 38 years old This also applies to Tyson Fury. Actually just double checked and it was 39 years old, not 38.


yep, both painfully overhyped to the point of absurdity


Also a 2 year lay off, sad thing is Tyson best win is over a natural LH




I kind of agree but for this to be true, he would need to beat Fury. Do you think he can? I honestly have no idea


Man I think Usyk beats Fury 7 times out of 10. Fury looks dominant against flat footed power houses, I don't think he can beat someone with Usyk's movement and stamina. And fuck the 'too small' shit, 6'2-6'3 and 220lbs is big enough to hang with anyone.


I do. Fury struggles with fighters who have some movement and decent handspeed. Fury thrives most against clunky flat footers.


Facts dude. He said his hardest fight was Steve Cunningham because he moved all night and wouldn’t let Tyson time him


Also Cunningham with similiar dimensions to Usyk isn't looking out of place size wise. Usyk would also bring much more lateral and upper body movement and ability to step back instead of clinching up which Fury takes full advantages of. Honestly I would not be that suprised if it was comfy boxing lesson from Usyk as long as he stays fit and sharp for the whole fight.


Fury is built like 🦧


in what universe is that unpopular


Zab was beating Floyd


Canelo's style doesn't work on good fundamental boxers.


Wlad deserves to be in or around the top 5 heavyweights all time for making the division boring for 9 years, with half those years being our of his prime.


Wilder is the best bet at beating Usyk.


I could honestly see this now that you’ve mentioned it. But after the 6th round if wilder hasn’t finished him yet, it will be another Tyson vs Wilder 3.


Ooo good one


Boxing is the only mainstream sport to have regressed in the past 30 years. Boxing technically has gotten worse over the last 30 years. Boxers and coaches are less knowledgeable, and prioritise strength and conditioning over good technique and ring generalship. While there are still technically amazing boxers today, the overall standards outside of these boxer have been slipping, especially in heavier weight class.


a few from me Mike Tyson was/is completly overrated sure he did a lot of great things but is mainly liked because of his chill persona Marciano wouldnt have lasted long in modern heavyweight history Ryan Garcia is a legit boxer dude has 230 amateur and 23 pro fights, i just feel like boxing fans are jealous of him because of his looks and fame outside of the ring. Gervonta Davis would get his head jabbed off by devin haney Canelo gets too much passes for robberys in his favour positive drug tests and record padding by fighting older fighters. Josh Taylor shouldnt get this much shit for a judges descision, not his fault and there have been worse robberys Jake Paul doesnt do any good for either sport neither MMA nor boxing, dana white still didnt increase fighter pay at all, he basically earns all the respect from combat sports fans and not doing anything Terence crawford would win against Erroll spence jr he just has more layers to his game Naoya Inoue takes to many shots to the face


I think Taylor gets hate on because he’s delusional about how the fight went. He doesn’t even have to say Catteral won, just say it was a really close fight. Instead he’s going round saying he absolutely won the fight lol. Unless he’s said something different recently ? Jake Paul has brought big attention to the pay issues in the UFC for sure. Nobody else has really spoke up for them other than Jake tbh. Nothing can be done until the fighters form a union, they’re all scared. The champions and the guys ranked in the top 5 need to come together really.


>Unless he’s said something different recently ? He did say it was close. He's on record saying he rewatched the fight and it was close but he still thinks he won. And honestly, what else can he say at this point? A fighter is never going to admit to being gifted a robbery, it's never happened before and it never will.


Deontay Wilder is actually quite skilful. People think he’s just power but it takes skill to land that power. Anyone that’s boxed before knows it’s not easy to land a clean shot power shot especially when thrown from distance which is where Wilder throws his right cross from. It needs to be set up and executed with pin point timing.


He's a min maxed fighter. He's built his entire gameplan around landing the big punch, and it does take skill to execute that gameplan as well as he does, but the trade off is that it means the rest of skills are very unpolished. Tbh would love to see how he goes against the other elite heavyweights, but think he may have spent too much of his prime fighting Fury.


I don’t see *it* in Hyrgovic. People are hailing him as a champion in waiting and a boogeyman since Hunter wanted nothing to do with him but I feel that he seems pretty basic.


Usyk is top 10 pfp all time. If he beats AJ again maybe top 5. If he becomes 2 weight undisputed champion then he’s top 3 and could easily be number 1


Muhammad Ali was overrated


Roy Jones Jr beats Rocky Marciano at LHW, and Usyk beats him at Cruiseweight. Remeber, Usyk is being considered as the GOAT at Cruiser.


Ken Norton beat Ali 3 times and was robbed twice. Sorry!


Instagram has caused fundamental damage to boxing, both in the types of fans it brings and in the mentality of the incoming generation of fighters.


Canelo is barely an ATG He has fought two genuine greats, Mayweather in which he was schooled completely and GGG, which will go down in the cult of boxing fandom as a robbery and a biased 2nd decision. The 3rd fight has already been won by father time. His last dozen fights then are a shut out loss to Bivol, beating an inactive BJS, a weeks notice Callum Smith, & really a couple of nobodies like plant, Yildirim, Julio Chavez Jr etc. His best fights then are either Ls or wins on Amir Khan who was fighting a weight class he has never fought at, Liam smith or Daniel Jacob's who are both good but not great wins or the win against BJS who had like 1 fight in 3 years.


Mayweather was an exciting fighter


Both versions, but I especially hate the casual crowd that caught him after he changed his style. PBF was electric, and never shied away from trading.


I agree with this one, especially prettyboy Mayweather


Tyson fury is a coke head who’s accomplishments don’t mean shit. Beats an old ass Wlad, and beats wilder who was shat on for years and all of a sudden is considered one of the greats. TF outta here with Fury


Crawford has a pretty good resume. Accusations that his resume is poor is recency bias. ​ Just because his recent string of fights haven't been great, doesn't mean he didn't do a lot of great work at 135 - 140. ​ This is the number of top 10 ranked opponents that he has beaten (Using ring rankings). * ​ Ricky Burns UD * Raymundo Beltran UD * Thomas Dulorme TKO * Dierry Jean TKO * Viktor Postol UD * John Molina TKO * Julius Indongo KO * Jeff Horn TKO * Egidijus Kavaliauskas TKO * Shawn Porter TKO ​ That's actually really impressive. Now I understand that in his 147 run, he fought a few unranked guys like Khan, Benavidez Jr, and Brook. But 50% of his 147 opponents is still ranked. At 140, he fought 7 times, beating 5 ranked opponents. That's really good.


Its not that it is unimpressive on its own. Its unimpressive when using it to justify him as the #1 P4P.


This is unpopular, but im one of the few who agree. Id even say his welterweight opponents arent bad. Undefeated kavaliuaskus is a great win, porter is porter, and horn came off a close fight with pac so...


Undefeated is meaningless in this sport though.


Kavaliauskas was very highly regarded, one of the best regarded prospects. ​ And one more thing in favor of Crawford, he didn't just coast to a lazy points win like so many champions do when challenged by an overmatched challenger, he KOed em all.


I agree but Mean Machine did give Vergil Ortiz some serious trouble so I think it's a better win than people give credit for


I think Errol Spence will beat Terrence Crawford rather comfortably but won’t stop him. It will be a UD. I think Tommy Fury 100% ducked Jake Paul and his reason for pulling out was bs. He wasn’t confident in himself and he knows his career is over if he loses to a youtuber. Jermall Charlo is scared of Benavidez and Andrade Devin Haney would outbox both Tank and Ryan Garcia. Devin Haney is one of the most avoided fighters in boxing. I think Kambosos tried to duck him to fight Loma: he thought he could beat Loma since he beat Teofimo and Teofimo beat Loma. I think Conor Benn will beat Chris Eubank Jr Based on Vergil Ortiz last performance, I don’t think he’s that good and I think he might get exposed at the top level. Boots is overrated and hasn’t fought anybody. Not saying he’s not good, just saying he has to prove it against better competition. Edgar Berlanga is going to get knocked out soon. AJ is going to knockout Usyk next weekend


Most of these aren't controversial except the Ortiz one and aj knocking out usyk


Fuck that Jake Paul shit even Ryan Garcia is helping boxing by using social media. From that my lady knows who Garcia, tank and de la hoya are and she hates boxing. Makabu knocks out Canelo Wlad Klitschko is best HW of all time, that’s right I said it Edit…Andrade beats everyone at 168


Very unpopular opinions, take my upvote you legend


Garcia is a dork but still a legitimate contender Jake Paul is just Jake Paul


No way wlad is the best hw of all time lol hes own brother would ko him lol


Despite Broner getting hurt and knocked down multiple times by Madiana early on in the fight, I felt Broner was coming back in the later rounds and might've even won a rematch if they had one.


Jabbing and running/clinching your way to a boring decision is not a domination or schooling


100% fit lomachenko with no injuries beats anyone around 135 : tank , haney, shakur, teo relatively easy


Canelo won 10 of 12 rounds in his first fight against GGG. - Adalaide Byrd ;)


Had me in the first half, not gonna lie!


Benavidez would be a callum smith 2.0 against canelo. John ryder would give canelo a good fight and munguia deserves respect if he legitimately beats him. Beterbiev's victory against Smith is much more impressive than Inoue against Donaire If Joshua connects well with Garcia he is the man with the most chances to beat Fury, Usyk will have about a 50 pound handicap against an elite fighter he has no chance.




1) Fury would beat any heavyweight from the past - too big for them. 2) GGG won both Canelo fights 3) Canelo does not get enough criticism for the steroids and waiting until opponents are past their best (GGG was out of his prime before the FIRST fight) 4) Mayweather was boring 5) Pac is ahead of Mayweather on all-time great list.


2 4 and 5 aren't unpopular at all


On #1, we’ll have to see how he handles Usyk. But also, Lennox, Bowe and Holyfield may beat him off the top of my head. Being big isnt everything. But good job, definitely controversial


Canelo lost both GGG fights (not an unpopular opinion by those who covered the fight, it’s the consensus, but in the years since these fights the narrative has shifted that Canelo won one and one should be a draw, I contend he lost both) Joshua-Usyk was a close fight. Usyk won, but I scored it 115-113 Tyson Fury needs to fight both Joshua and Usyk for his legacy. Beating Klitschko and an overrated Wilder are not enough to be an all-time great. Fury is an all-time talent, but his resume is pretty bad overall. Fury may also need Wilder to fight someone else at the elite level to make that trilogy look better. Hagler was the best of the 4 Kings and I think if he hadn’t been robbed of the decision against Leonard that would be the consensus, it wouldn’t even be much of a discussion really. That said, I think Leonard gets underrated historically, especially by modern fans. Mike Tyson, like Fury, had the talent to be an all-time great fighter P4P, but he doesn’t have the resume to be considered even a top 5 heavyweight in my book.