This is an American problem. In the UK events almost always start at 7 (with the under-undercard from 5 or 6) and main event ringwalks at 10 - 1030. I never stay up to watch US boxing, main event is usually 3 - 5am depending on location. No thanks, I'll watch the next day.


This is the way! I always risk it for a biscuit, if I wake up in the night and aren't a sleep zombie I'll watch it live otherwise I play the adult version of "don't step on the cracks" and avoid the result till I can watch.


i just watch it on dailymotion or yt the next morning in 144p zoomed in xD


Right? I’m live on the east coast of the US myself, but at least I understand that the sport is a global sport! Lol!


That's what I was trying to say. American main events are so late on the east coast. And this makes it harder for UK fight fans to watch. Some I don't know stay up until 4am to watch. Might as well sleep early then wake up at 4 lol.


A lot of the big fights happen on the west coast so they tend to favor that time zone, I do dislike them starting late since I don't live there though.


Yeah, this is the entire reason. Not sure why there are all these other theories...


Any data to suggest that more fight fans reside on the East Coast than the West or Southwest? Besides, college football and hoops are monsters, and the average boxing match even one of Crawford/Porter magnitude, is losing going up against collegiate sports.


47.6% of people live in the eastern time zone. I know there are more Mexican-Americans (a high % of west coast boxing fans) in California, but that would not be enough to make up for the huge population difference.


They fought in the west coast (PST) and the fight started at around 9pm. Nevada doesn't have a coast but still on PST.


It’s a great question. As to my best guess WHY they do it: once people have bought the fight they are locked in. And the longer you wait in the day, the more stragglers will buy. So in their mind it maximizes buys. I bet people buy the fight literally up to like the end of the first round. However, like a lot of boxing promotion, this takes an extreme short term approach. Longer term, you lose a chance to connect with the largest pool of fans available (which is prime time). They sacrifice long term connection with fans (which leads to a larger profit pie over time) for a short term revenue maximization.


UFC does the same thing though. There is no way there is not research behind this. If starting earlier was better for the bottom line then they would, short term or long term.


Fair counterpoint. Though UFC does hold prime time events (fight night cards) that feature some pretty big names and I’m sure they do this for the long-term growth angle. Other thing I would add is that assuming competence with these companies is probably a step too far. I work as a consultant for one of the big 4 and the stuff you see in “top” firms would shock you


Growing up in the west coast the popular venue always seemed to host boxing in a nightlife ambience, also this side is where Mexican boxing is and has made a big impact in the sport.


Have to agree. I pretty much never get to watch American boxing live because I can't be bothered to stay up until 1am.


It's so the fight is on prime time in the West coast.


I’ve been wanting to post a similar rant for a while now. I’m sick and tired of being forced into staying up past 1am to watch the main event. It’s bullshit and it didn’t used to be this way. Only 10 years or so ago main events would usually start at 11pm and the whole card would be finished by midnight. It was great. You could get the PPV or whatever, have fun watching the fights, and still make it out for a good couple hours at the bar. Bear in mind, they’d start at 9pm just like today, but there wasn’t an hour of filler and pageantry crammed into it to pad the runtime. Nowadays I’m old and just plain don’t want to be up that late, dammit. Now get off my lawn!


I’m moving from the west coast to the east coast soon and I’m kind of pissed about this now lol


Same way I was debating to post this. Glad someone shares my opinion lol. 1am is way too late. Some of the younger guys like Vergil and boots there fights are over on time. I rember Ortiz and kavalaksus. Ended at 12 am I believe. I don't mind staying up till 12 to watch. Nowadays if previous fight ends early they fill it up with useless commercials or interview and extend it until 12. Ideal I want fight to end at 11am that perfect for me.


I live in the Pacific Northwest, and honestly, even I'd love an earlier main event fight time.


Live gate matters. if the main event started at 8 pm east coast that means it’s starting 5 pm pacific time zone in Vegas depending how many fights there are that means gates to the venue would be opening around 11:00 am. Doing fights in the middle of the day is just not a vibe imo. Late start time allows you to make more of an event out of it.


Yeah one ringside seat is worth 100 pay per views. And that’s not counting all the gambling that goes on and the other money it brings into a casino venue.


But they on Saturday' why can't the people in West Coast make it out by 5 pm?


Along with the many reasons that others laid out it’s because we don’t want to and despite what white history says the world doesn’t revolve around the east coast and Europe. There are 24 time zones it’s gonna be inconvenient for someone are you Europeans so self absorbed you really think you’re worth inconveniencing the city the fight is actually in so that the billions in east Asia can be up at ungodly hours instead of you?


But Americans go to football games on West Coast that are during the day from 12-6pm... why can't they do it for boxing?


I would watch a whole lot more boxing live if those fights were at a more reasonable hour. I live in Europe…




What big boxing fights in Europe besides AJ v Usyk recently? MSG, the MGM, Barclays, Dallas Cowboys stadium, the Stubhub Center in Carson, CA - these are where the big fights are today.


I’d settle for 9-930


> Majority of fans are on the east coast You are forgetting half the US on the west coast and the 3 hour time difference. 12am EST is 9pm in Los Angeles. The start time is a compromise to accommodate both east and west coasts.


It’s not a full explanation. Because other, more viewed and profitable sports do not do this. They have games at 830.


Besides the fact the main event starts at an ungodly hour for us folks in my neck of the woods, to add to that I swear it feels as though those damn ringwalks, anthems, and whatever else, take an inordinate amount of time to get done. Get on with it! lol And when old Michael Buffer is involved, you just know that he is going to drag out those intros to the nth degree. 😠


Agreed. I like to have a party for the big events but nobody wants to stay until midnight….especially when they pack a half hour of fluff pieces before the main event and then anthems and all that. PPVS should start at least an hour earlier than they do currently.


Boxing is geared towards degenerate gamblers. We don't sleep if we can make money. Sorry we have poor executive function.


So you're complaining that American boxing events start late? I guess it might be something to do with the TV rules there that doesn't allow the sport from getting aired earlier. You have to also think about the size of the country and how long it takes for fans to get to the location. Unlike the UK if there is a fight in Liverpool or Manchester then that's about a 60-90 minute drive. Same for Sheffield or Leeds which both have big boxing fan bases and for people to either go from work to a fight or home then then fight there's not much travel time involved. I suspect that in the US this isn't the case as going from one end of the city to the other can take this long, let alone heading out to the suburbs home then back into the city. In the UK a lot of people will work in the nearest big city then live in a smaller town or city close by as the commute isn't that bad. In the US I know people who live in Chicago and they say just commuting from North to South of the city takes well over an hour. ​ You also have a better friendly time for it globally as well. If the fight is in Vegas, usually it means the fight in or around 3am-6am UK time, then you have the rest of the States they are what 8pm WST and 11PM EST which is reasonable for most people on a Saturday night. Then you have a middle of the day for Asia which again is Ok for them. ​ I've stayed up for a lot of fights in the USA and it does take it out of you the next day. I usually did nothing but sit around the house and go to sleep.


The fights are on Saturday. Folk have all day to travel. Moving from 12 at night to 9pm would make no material difference.


Yeah I know but believe it or not some people work on a weekend. Like I said it could be US TV saying you can't show boxing before x PM or something.


I know that but people work at the weekend. They work night shifts too. It can suck. . But things are generally scheduled to suit the majority. And the point of this is that the current times don’t really suit the majority.


Fights are in Vegas. The undercard starts at 7, the show is over at 11. Same as most sporting events.


Could not have said it better myself!


Thats why as someone on est I love it when there are fights in Europe. I've got sleep issues and these Vegas cards are always 12-1am. Id also like to see more boxing on days other than Saturday. It also sucks when there's a good ufc card on at the same time.


I'm lucky I live in NZ I generally get fights on a Sunday morning (UK fights) or Sunday afternoon for US fights.


I never understood this. Promoters need to fix this and learn to adapt.


Boxing will never be “mainstream” no matter what time it’s aired. We’re a bunch of degenerates. That’s why we like it. This why they have ring girls and not ring boys for womens boxing.


The networks know their market, and choose these hours to maximize revenue. You haven't somehow stumbled on some hidden gem that hasn't been analyzed by guys who get paid to do this. Sit down and enjoy the show, DVR and see it in the morning grandpa.


Spare a thought for us Brits. Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten up at 3am to watch Fury vs Wilder, Canelo vs Plant, Benavidez vs can’t remember, Crawford vs Porter and this weekend for Lopez. Most of these started after 4am and I work Sundays. Takes me days to get back into a decent sleep pattern.


That's why I mentioned it's late for east coast and for UK fans. Since your either staying up until 4 . Or waking up at 4 in your case






It's a perfect time in the west coast. The best coast.


West Coast = Best Coast


Bud/Porter fight was a bit too late honestly even for West Coast time. Most main events fights have ring walks around 8-8:15pm Pacific time, which is great for me.


Jokes on you guys In Australia main events start around 1 - 3 pm usually


Midnight and 1am.... eastern time right? They want to get the west coast in there too, so a midnight start is only 9pm in cali. A 8pm east coast start is still to early in cali. They know I'd you gonna watch it on the east coast, you'll stay up onna saturday night and they try to accommodate the west coast more who are lagging behind.


That makes sense, but in the case of the NFL and I think NBAas well. They come did the East Coast more since it's more population here. Even Sunday night primetime games that are played in Los Angeles or still at 8:00 p.m. Eastern standard Time. I'm guessing if they had me in events on the West Coast that would make sense. That they would do it at that time since that would be prime time there.


What I think it is is it's 2 different beasts. It's the NFL and NBA, they already have those humungous network contracts stretched out over time... I think the NFL just reupped theres. Boxing needs every viewer they can get and it's often treated like that.... especially on ESPN, you'll see it when they'll let a mostly obscure sport continue playing before swapping over to the main even or so. Boxing is just trying to get every conceivable eye they can


For me it’s perfect timing. In Ulaanbaatar I get to make my self some coffee and watch a fight between 11am to noon. In my own interest I disagree with your post.


I think it has something to do with the “violent nature” of boxing. Probably at some point there was a law (written or unwritten) about not having it on when kids were awake. I agree it would probably be better if it started earlier. May even get more viewers if it started sooner.


I mean, boxing used to be featured on the wild world of sports.


No it's literally as simple as the biggest fights being Las Vegas. which has a 3hr time difference from the east coast of the US. OP is literally complaining that the world doesn't revolve around him and his schedule since big fights air prime time in the local time zone where the fight is being fought and not prime time in his time zone.


Read my post again I mentioned the UK as well not just eastern time zone in the usa. Most fans are in the east coast most of population is here. UK fans satu up until 4am to watch. So mentioned 2 countries not just east coast. Also NFL is on at 8pm primetime and they don't have a problem. La chargers vs Steelers was on primetime last Sunday. They have had no issues.


there is literally zero evidence to back up your claim that most boxing fans are on the east coast. start time is literally as simple as where the fight is being fought and what the promoter feels will net the highest gate. Big fights in Europe like klitschko vs povetkin aired 1 in the afternoon west coast time because guess what? it was prime time where it was actually fought.


Most of USA population is on the east coast so that's why more fans are going to be here. Same with NFL. Also east coast fights have followed same format. But looking at teofimo kambosos fight this Saturday main event is estimated at 11pm. Main event cad starts at 8pm. Though which is primetime but main fight is at 11.