New Bowser secondary with a few questions

New Bowser secondary with a few questions


Your short hop falling fair will condition shield, which you can then mix up with short hop falling side-B (command grab). You can also mix in short or full hop falling bake, which will hit their shield, but then bake it down to zero and likely do damage or force them to drop shield and take even more damage. It's the tough decision tree playing bowser when he's approaching you: shield and get command grabbed or baked. Don't shield and you get fair'd. Practice making your approach look the same for all--short hop into fair, hop into grab, hop into bake....so they can't tell which option you're going to throw out.


When getting down from platforms, it's important as bowser to mix up since you cant do a falling dair. You can do a falling side b, jump off to the side and bait for a fair or bair, or hold block to bait an aerial and do up b out of shield.


Since his dash attack does indeed suck, dash-cancelled F-Tilt and D-smash are both viable options for approaching (frame 10 and 12 respectfully), though the latter being less so due to how much lag there is after the first hit. Dash-cancelled U-tilt is also viable (frame 15) but I'd use this only as an anti-air in this case.


Sidewards special attack


You can angle down air between platforms on battlefield as a mixup if you do it right