It depends what kind of ball it is. Plastic ones generally won't hook. If you got a reactive one or something else then you can have it redone. Generally 30-40 depending on what you need done and where you go. Ask the shop that drilled it.


It really does depend on a lot of things. Firstly, is it worth re-drilling the ball itself? Which ball is it? Is it reactive or urethane or plastic? Secondly, Are you throwing the ball right? How do you bowl? Revs, speed, tilt, rotation, all are factors in how much hook potential your ball has, how much a ball will hook really is mostly you, and less of the actual ball itself, and even less of the balls drilling. ​ Now, as far as price goes, it varies widely from place to place, you're essentially paying mostly for your PSOs (Pro Shop Operator) labor and time there, so different PSOs value their time differently, and some don't charge as much as others, and conversely some charge much more than you'd expect. ​ My advice would be to talk to your PSO. Let him know what it is you want to get out of it, it might be a quick plug and drill, it might also just be a style adjustment if you want some more hook, you also might just have the wrong ball and need something different. Your PSO will be able you let you know what they'll charge right away. To give you an idea, for a full re-drill of a ball I usually charge a minimum of $50, but again it varies a lot based on the individual job. ​ Good luck with it, let us know how you go.


The ball is an ebonite gamebreaker 3. I told him when he drilled it for me that I didn’t want too much curve on it. So I could still throw it where it would be more reactive?


Changing the surface of the ball will have a greater affect on hook and shape than redrilling it (under most scenarios). ​ The cost is basically $5, whether you do it by hand, or if you have a PSO do it for you. The PSO will do a better job of it using a spinner, but doing it yourself means you have an abralon pad that you can use 3-4 more times after that.


I heard somewhere it is $50