Yes, for $30-$50 depending on your PSO and if you get a slug and how many of the holes have to be plugged and redrilled. You may be able to keep the current thumb hole with a new slug. ​ However, you could get a brand new spare ball for under $100.


I almost always suggest to people bringing in an old plastic call asking for a plug/redrill to just go with a new one. The gap in price is so small it barely matters and you end up with a brand new ball with no plugging in it. Unless you have a sentimental attachment to the ball and just want to throw the ball your Grandpa did, which I get, I keep my Grandpa's old Brunswick Black Diamond rubber ball on display in my shop. If not, it really isn't that much more to just buy a new plastic, and you'll get a much better ball that will last longer for the money you're paying.