This is why people attack Boruto the way they do. What kind of crazy hot take is this?

One chidori and one fireball jutsu and she’s considered Kage level. I genuinely want to hear what the logic is for arriving at this conclusion. Or is it just a troll?


Tbf these terms like jonin level and kage level have become super meaningless Boruto the series portrays actual kage like regular jonin half the time and actual jonin like civilians holding kunai I’d like to see a fan actually present a definition of what kage level or jonin level means to them before they start assigning characters to the label so at least the rest of us get context of what they consider the low and high end of each rank


I say kage level is a point you reach where it takes multiple S rank ninjas to take you down or someone in that caliber.. Jounin level for example is part 1 Kakashi who for example is powerful but can't take down kage level opponents being the sanin mainly orochimaru as he was fearful of him knowing if they fought he'd die..


Idk if you can define kage level using another ranking that may be arbitrary What are the boundaries for S rank? Do the current kage in boruto fit into kage level for you? And do the current jonin in boruto fit your definition of jonin level? Like not just the nameless ones, but kiba, choji, lee etc. do you feel in boruto they are considered powerful?


That maybe true but to have a higher rank you gotta use the previous as a starting point.. If I explain boundaries for S rank I'll be diving into headcanon.. But I believe an S rank ninja is a notable shinobi, someone who killed another notable ninja or took out an entire group example being itachi who's S rank in the bingo book or kakazu who's S rank in the bingo book.. Even Kisame who killed a former seven ninja swordsmen.. Might as well say all akatsuki members I do think the current kage fit into the kage level title only two I don't accept personally is chojuro and Mei who's feats even back in shippuden don't support dis.. Honestly I don't consider Kiba jounin level as he hasn't had any feats to support that but since he's been ig improving I'll give it to him though nobody cares for him. But Lee without gates is jounin level, with gates he's kage level since it's supposed to rival the power of the kage.. Choji like Lee has a power boost he can tap into that's arguably OP as seen back in the war arc with him basically one shotting reanimated asuma. I say he's jounin


Letter rankings and ninja rankings are mad different. For example kiba probably beats shikamaru hand to hand and has more raw power (basically what a letter ranking ranks) but shikamaru became a chunin (ninja ranking) bc of his intelligence and strategic talent. Like neji became a jonin but who is he really packing THAT bad in his same rank?


But don’t you see Shikamaru with his intellect is most likely gonna win? You don’t have to physically be stronger than someone in order to scale past them, Shikamaru would find a way to deafer kiba even could simply shit himself and win


Thats exactly what i was saying tho. Letter ranks are more raw power based and ninja ranks are based on intellect. In a boxing match kiba mops shikamaru but due to shikamarus intellect he wins a fight with more room for tacticality and strategy


But the other guy was saying that Shikamaru would get a higher letter rank because he would beat Kiba in a fight.


I'd say Kage-level is army killer


kage level is just anything that is on the level of the kage witnessed in the series, so far she has not reached it. I'd argue the bar for lowest kage entry is Rasa


Doesn't really make sense; 'the kage witnessed in the series' is too variable as deciding factor, specially if we are talking power-level wise. If somehow tenten becomes hokage it does rise her and those stronger to kage-level (fighting strength).




honestly dude, and this is just genuine criticism, I want boruto to show us more of the other 4 kages. Darui and gaara are probably op, and we've seen some of what gaara can do but nothing from adult darui. These guys chasing base momoshiki away like that literally messed up powerscaling for a lot of people because they thought the current 5 kages are way weaker than the ones from naruto (excluding the hokages ofc) and the anime needs to show us more of them fighting also the scene where everyone jumped at isshiki only to get mopped, yeah that was weird. You have this OBVIOUSLY otsutsuki looking guy mid-air right in front of you, and you're just gonna collectively charge at him without using any of your special jutsus/forms? They already showed us the power of isshiki by having him use naruto and sasuke as brooms, that part couldve been executed way better.


The writing of this series is just messy sometimes Its a shame bc it has so much potential if they would just take it seriously


Yeah, the power calibration is a bit fucked at this point,Kinda similar to JJK situation where sorcerers are ranked according to a stagnant Grade but that isn't the mistake of author as it was explained that it was the old systems that still followed these bs power system but eventually everybody started to scale on sukunas Fingers( Damn Momoshiki if only you could have any fingers or something that we could scale from) Totally out of blue but could you recommend me some good puns or 3am jokes or any subs I could join for such jokes


First time I’ve seen someone ask for puns, for that I upvote


That's just usual anime only shit ruining the entirety of boruto, in Manga they're told not to engage and only to let naruto and sasuke do anything


The plan was to not use ninjitsu— especially high level jutsu. They knew the otsutsuki could absorb jutsu and then release it, with even greater power. Imagine if momoshiki absorbed a shadow clone, and learned how to use it? We say him use the rasengan after seeing it only a handful of times. So if we had to deal with multiple shadow clones then it becomes magnitudes more difficult to win. Also, when naruto was joining the fight sasuke or boruto straight up said don’t use ninjutsu. Since they can absorb it. Thus, tai jutsu was the remaining answer. (I’ll concede they could probably have come up with alternative ways to combat momo using taijutsu, but for everyone but naruto and sasuke it was a first time directly fighting an alien godlike being. So I can overlook some supposed strategy that had just as much chance of not working as working.) Edit : I thought you were referencing momoshiki’s fight with the 5 kage. Missed the transition to isshiki fighting against the konoha jonin. Sucks that they got clapped, but releasing high level jutsu in the middle of the village might do more harm than good. Also keep in mind isshiki didn’t attack them first, he just showed up unannounced. Even apologized to naruto for going into his home with shoes on. So combat might have been a impulsive decision.


That's a fair point about ninjutsu, but our boy Rock Lee getting one shotted is a travesty


This is probably the most reasonable response this post will get


>Tbf these terms like jonin level and kage level have become super meaningless They have always been fundamentally meaningless. Like, leave to fans to try and fit into a ladder people with vastly different movesets. Much less the same tier, with people like Tsunade, Gaara, Oonoki, A and Mei. No wonder they came up with absolutely fanmade wordings like "high / low jonin and high / low kage".


Naruto with sage mode was said to be beyond everyone else


Merely stated =/= actual fact though.


My point exactly. The characters themselves do not offer a clear opinion of power levels


Got it.👍 My take too is on the same wave lenght overall.


Yeah that shit makes no sense to me, granted i say that about powerscaling in general


That's one of the things I say as well. At least in regards of the most fixated kind of powerscaling, which isn't hard to come by admittely. Basically, I can agree that some basic powerscaling is possible, and I am more than willing to say my take on who has higher chances to win between x and y, but that's it. Any kind of extreme behavior, like in depth fixation on the moves that a guy ever had, and subsequent treatment of them as fundamental and essential, or an automatic win (even when they haven't anything truly special), is already too much for me.


It's been a while, pal. Not sure if you remember me but it's good to see you around! It's rare to see a sensible person nowadays in this age and community lol


Yo! Good to see you too Lol yeah i see some aspects of the community are how i remember them


When were the kage portrayed as ordinary Jonin in Boruto?


Chojuro just never came across as all that to me in his arc, he had a somewhat cool moment but it just wasn’t anything special Kurotsuchi imo had a very poor showing in her arc, she got taken captive and couldnt do anything to protect her village Darui just doesnt get shown at all, even in the momoshiki fight he doesnt do much Gaara i think has the best showing in boruto itself via his interaction with momoshiki Most of the time when boruto fans discuss the role the other kage can play in the story, they share the same general feeling, “those guys are too weak to do anything against enemies like kara, or the otsutsuki” which is sad.


Kage level- being a world renowned ninja with a jutsu/powers that can’t be comprehended. Also must have attacks so devastating it can legitimately clear a mountain. Jonin level- national recognition, mastered serval jutsu. Can hold off several ninja on their own. Lowest powerful jutsu would essentially scuff a kages sleeve up.


So like the vast majority of jonin are not jonin level


A Kage level ninja is just a jounin with political power.


I feel like thats a pretty uncommon way for it to be defined, though an interesting approach to it The term is used primarily by powerscalers and to them political power isnt a factor at all afaik


Eh, 1 S rank Deidara took down Gaara. 1 S rank Orochimaru took down Hiruzen. 1 S rank Pain took down the entire leaf village. The ranks just don't mean much. Naruto was a genin attempting the Chunin exams and he took down a damn Biju in the 2nd arc of the series. And in the 3rd arc he was fighting with and against Sannin and helped take down someone on Kakashi's level. Sakura was a Chunin when she fought Sasori... etc etc.


Gaara took a c3 bomb from deidara to protect his village, not much of a fight from what I can remember. Hiruzen killed him self with the seal and is old as fuck during that time.+ he has the 1st and 2nd kages with him as Edo tensei.


Deidara did use a sneaky attack to abuse Gaara's care for the village. But, like it clearly showed Gaara could be taken down by 1 S class ninja. And so fucking what about your Hiruzen excuses? All the anbu generals still said Hiruzen was still fighting at a Hokage level. And he said sealing Orochimaru was his only hope to win. And wow Orochimaru used his summonings he can summon? Yeah. That line of reasoning got thrown out in the Chunin exams when Naruto complained about Akamaru fighting with Kiba.


Deidara defeated Gaara the moment he let Gaara destroy his arm and mixed his nanobombs into his sand, it was that move that defeated Gaara, the threat of the village was used to distract him but Deidara's nanobombs had already screwed up his arsenal. The threat of the village is often mentioned to justify that Gaara held back but it is rarely said that Deidara also held back (his entire arsenal was just shown in his battle against Sasuke) because he had to take the jinchuriki alive. Compare it to the Deidara vs Sasuke battle where both didn't hold back from killing the other and they went with everything from the beginning.


I think jonin level is the most arbitrary because we never really see many jonin fight. The most "jonin" ninja I can think of are probably Asuma and Shizune. Kakashi and Gai in Shippuden were clearly a step above those two. I think ninja like Sai, Shikamaru, and Kankuro in Shippuden fit into this. OG Kakashi and Kabuto too. I think elite jonin/S rank are synonymous. These people can beat the jonin I mentioned above, but they cap out at the lower end of the Akatsuki. I think of Hidan, early Shippuden Kakashi, Darui, and Zabuza when I think of this category. Kage level generally is split into three tiers but that is hard still since the range of strength is so wide (Shikamaru - Hashirama). Plus hax since some random tier kage ninja (let's say Deidara) have hax like C4.


Lets be fr man she has the mangekyo sharingan that makes any uchiha kage lvl so far in the series…plus she’s sasukes daughter she’s about to be busted she’ll have some type of reality warping ability


Nobody doubts she will be stronk in the future People are just not happy to say she is already that stronk before she learns a third jutsu in the manga Cos in the manga she only knows two


I see I see mainly because she doesn’t have many “feats” yet I see


Kage level is a pretty wide range when it comes to strength. You could be just as strong as Chojuro, or stronger than Peak Naruto. It's just kinda the highest level for shinobi. Jonin often look weak when faced against the enemies in Boruto because they're extremely powerful. The same way Jonin in Shippuden looked like absolute fodder against people like Madara, Obito, Pain, etc. They're not fodder, but the opponents are just way stronger. Non-Jonin that appear much stronger than Jonin are usually extremely gifted shinobi that just haven't gotten enough experience to be called jonin yet. Sarada is most likely high Jonin level in TBV, but she TECHNICALLY isn't a Jonin yet.


This paragraph i think is a good illustration of why i say these labels are meaningless Everyone special goes into a category so broad it doesnt indicate anything And most actual jonin in konoha wouldnt be considered jonin level by powerscalers, only the top x percent.


Konohamaru is the most weak ass jonin I have ever seen.


Kage level - someone that can take multiple jonnin to fight. Jonnin - someone that can take multiple chuunin Chuunin- someone that can take multiple gennin Gennin - base young ninja Now there are exceptional ninja in each ranks but that’s why their tier isn’t always their rank lol There is also multiple tiers in each rank (low, mid & high) which is indicative of where in each rank a character sits in for example Kakashi & asuma Pt 1 Kakashi is high jonnin and asuma is mid jonnin so they are both jonnin but kakashi would still beat asuma and both would have to team up against orochimaru who is mid kage (they would still lose here) & orochimaru gets beat by itachi who is high kage It’s honestly not too hard to quantify


Part 1 kakashi defeats like 20+ hidden sound/sand jonin during the invasion of konoha. Wouldnt that be textbook kage definition On the other hand kurotsuchi in boruto is captured by Ku, a single imperfect fabrication and is unable to fight for the entire arc just about So the ranks the community is giving these characters use the same names as the ranks in the series but have like nothing to do with them. It seems intentionally confusing and leads to the tiers losing their meaning to an extent. Esp when fans assign them to random characters almost arbitrarily like in the post above


Yeah that’s why there is tiers in each rank so for your example Kakashi is high jonin the sand/sound jonin are all low jonin level (honestly was it even stated if they were jonin? They came across as more chuunin level if anything) and rank is rank it’s different to tiers so someone who is a jonin in rank might only display chuunin level combat strength and vice versa a genin might have kage level combat strength and this varies between village’s so for instance the sound village seemed pretty weak so their jonin might actually only be chuunin level in combat strength a high jonin would be able to take on multiple low jonin where as even a low kage should take on multiple high jonin and win for example rasa even though is low kage should still be able to take on say 5-10 pt1 Kakashi’s or equivalent of and still have a good chance of success hence why he is a tier above it’s not perfect but that’s how I quantify it you could even break it down even more and go past kage and get into beyond kage, Demi god, god tiers as well but I think it gets a little silly at that point lol


I think its already pretty silly ngl but more power to y’all


Yeah that’s fair powerscaling fictional characters is a pretty silly thing in general but that’s the thing it’s all just harmless silly fun lol


When its harmless silly fun its honestly fine Have you seen how genuinely upset so many naruto/boruto powerscalers get over it though? Thats what really ruins it.


I will absolutely agree there mate the people that get that level of upset over a fictional character’s strength should quite honestly have their accounts terminated for their own mental health and the others around them lol I’m all for a friendly well thought out debate with feat’s & statements but sometimes people just get too emotional over it 🤦🏻😂


None of the power levels mean shit anymore. Shikamaru is a Kage but can’t destroy a tree. Cho-Cho is a genin but can oneshot a ten tails clone. Don’t ask questions


fucking chojuro and shikamaru are kages lmao. kage level don't mean shit anymore.


Fair point


This point, plus you gotta remember she’s got the mangekyo. Without even knowing what feats she’ll achieve with those, she’s at kage level based on them alone. Plus being the 1st uchiha to activate her mangekyo via love and not loss or whatever…. She’ll be OP. She’ll have to fight alien gods bro


she has the highest potential among the non alien folks imo Granddaughter of Evil eye Fugaku, niece of Itachi of the Sharingan, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. Her LinkedIn bio is stacked bruh 💀


Lover of the chosen one


Dude they would solo Shippuden based off feats and statements Naruto’s and Boruto’s gen are op as fuck


Actually, if you take into account this era of Kage then they might actually be kage level. If you take the previous generation then no shot, Raikage makes chairs out of their bones


Shikamaru being hokage will always just scream "I'M IKEMOTO AND I DON'T WANT TO INCLUDE PERVIOUS CHARACTERS" because there's no way they skipped over Sakura, Lee and Kakashi like that and not a mention from them anywhere. Makes as much sense as Shizune becoming Hokage after Tsunade's coma


Aye I want to see some previous characters too but let’s be real, he’s better than Sakura and Kakashi for the position and Lee is too washed up lol.


Can’t agree, Sakura bar none is the strongest in the village behind Naruto and Sasuke and had actual training from a hokage


However she doesn’t compare to any Jigen level and beyond threat. If Code appeared in front of her she’s getting turned into mince meat. So you might as well have the smartest dude take the lead.


Being kage isn't always about power as many people said shikamaru would make a great kage. Not for his battle prowess but for his mind and tactics.. Obito back in the war commented shikamaru saying its a pity he wasn't on his side. Shikamaru deduced obito plan with the gold and silver bothers was having them fight taking out ninjas and then using them for their 9 tails Chakra to be sealed into the gedo mazu.. Man been complimented by many people his title of kage is deserving. Cbojuro he's ass and was the only notable ni ja from the most village who could become kage dude has no feats really.


C'mon now Chojuro is a terrible kage, and I love Dario, but him replacing A is crazy, A was turbo strong compared to Darui, it's not even close, even the tsuchikage was better in Shippuden. Gaara is probably the strongest of all three and my man can't even taijutsu without getting rocked.


to be fair Darui handle the gold and silver brother pretty well. It's just that he is replacing A who is insanely strong


Any ms character is kage level cuz ms is literally designed to do wtf the plot needs it to do.


knowing kishi probably


Sasuke had MS and got washed by each the 5 Kage and would have been killed at the 5 Kage summit if Obito didn’t save him.


And still took the raikage’s arm and got the hell outta there


Well tbf nothing Sasuke did would work again Ay.. Chidori barely pierce Ays base lightning armor leaving chidori useless. Using lightning on his sword was also useless He's also fast enough to dodge amateratsu.. Only thing that'll stop ay is Sasuke using Susano with amateratsu. With only 2 attacks from the Raikage left Sasuke at his limits with one attack having him coughing up blood.. Only injuries Raikage faced was loosing his arm and possibly loosing his leg. Dude was literally fighting out pure anger and rage which in Naruto can be detrimental. Even so dude was ready for round 2


Tbf ms can do wtf the author needs it to do. Shit he could make each of triangles in the ms have an ability.


Give her a spammable Koto in one eye and power to transport in and out of a tsukoyomi dimension where all the dead MS Uchihas are, sort of a spirit realm in Black Panther.


And then he killed a kage after that. So…


>Sasuke had MS and got washed by each the 5 Kage He fought evenly with A (exclusively because of his MS because he couldn't even hurt Ay without it), didn't even fight Gaara (but did beat Deidara who beat Gaara), and killed Danzo 11 times. In addition, Obito went from an untalented Chunin to wiping out an entire platoon of Kirigakure Anbu after he got Kamui. The only person that we see with a Mangekyou Sharingan who wasn't Kage level was Kakashi when he first got it. Edit: Oh yeah and maybe Sarada. We haven't seen enough of her yet to scale her anywhere.


Ah yes because Sasuke post chunin exams was also a jonin since he had the same powers. GTFOH


No he didn't Saradas Sharingan was already a fully trained 3 tomoe before time skip also had multiple Lightning release justsu mastered Does know 3 different nature releases And was at around the same level of physical strength as early shippuden Sakura Also taking rhe Novelization of the Boruto movie into account it is stated that she would be qualified to be a Jonin >Ah yes because Sasuke post chunin exams was also a jonin He was implied to be on that level and stated that he was already stronger than most Chunin


He kinda was just going against Gara is Jonin level considering Gara has actually killed multiple Jonin levels assassination attenpts


Right now we'll call her in a ranked ninja


Technically Naruto himself is still a genin so idk why it's different with sarada


Ranks aren’t even an indicator of power, it’s just a system for mission distribution after you’ve gone out of your way to apply for it.


Legit kid Boruto and his peers were doing crazy feats that not even Hiruzen was doing at old age. One Kid summoned a huge stone wall, had bigger chakra reserved than anyone in Naruto. The next gen power level just got insane with Boruto. I wouldn't be surprise by age 10 Boruto son Goruto will be Sage of Six Paths level


Lol Goruto 😂😂😂


Ain't that all anime only?


She has MS, ofcourse she is kage level.


Those aren’t the only reasons for her being kage level. She has other abilities and feats outside of those panels shown in the tweet


This is probably a hot take and since we haven't seen Saradas Ms we can't really say how powerful it is but, I think any Uchiha with an Ms is low kage level, like what the hell chojuro gonna do against kotoamatsukami or tsukuyomi.


She probably is Kage level. She has chidori a mangekyou sharingan and she probably learned more powers and gained abilities during the timeskip.


Sasuke had all of those things at the 5 Kage Summit and would have been killed if he didn’t get saved by Obito. Not being argumentative but I don’t see how just having the abilities with no feats automatically scales you to Kage level. It seems like a reach.


Sasuke engaged with all 5 kage and that’s the only reason he would have died without Obito’s help. He would win a fair 1v1 against each of them


I would say the Raikage was about to finish him before Gara intervened.


He would have lost his leg kicking through the wall of Amaterasu. There is also no guarantee that Sasuke wouldn’t have been able to get back up afterwards, whereas Ay would have lost 2 limbs. It’s a draw at worst


Sure, but the main difference is power, the Raikage didn't care about himself and had enough power to kill him in one or two blows, just like B almost did a couple of arcs before. He is not winning 1 on 1 with all of them. Maybe just Danzo.


You still can’t prove that Sasuke would have died though. Ay would still have had to kick through the Susanoo, which had already withstood multiple attacks from him. He would have lost his leg in process, whilst Sasuke might not have taken severe damage at all due to protection from his Susanoo


I don't have to prove anything, the author implies this is the result of the clash by using B as a previous contender from the same village and putting the Raikage on the same level. Sasuke was about to die a few times against the Kages, that was the point of this arc.


There is no implication of that. Sasuke was growing in power throughout the arc and the only reason he almost died a few times was because he was facing multiple Kage back to back. Ay’s previous attacks didn’t kill Sasuke, so what makes this last one any different? Ay would have lost half his limbs if Gaara didn’t intervene


The reality is Sasuke would’ve either died or came extremely close to death if that attack landed. The Raikage is capable of putting a deep crack in madara’s susano you must be trolling lol.


Sasuke survived his other attacks due to the Susanoo’s protection, so why would this one be any different? You literally can’t prove that he would have died. Ay would have lost half his limbs, so the outcome would either be a draw or an extreme diff win for Sasuke. Ay only caused damage to Madara’s Susanoo whilst he was amped by Onoki. He couldn’t do anything against it on his own. So this point means nothing in regards to the outcome of his fight with Sasuke


From what I understand weighted Boulder justu Ohnoki was using only speeds the Raikage up. Not a power boost amp so he was able to get that strength feat himself. And we’ve already explained the proof. If he can land a direct attack cracking madara’s susano there’s no reason to think he couldn’t do the same on a weaker version. Also the one time he did get hit was when he did an open hand slap (which sent Sasuke flying) so a charged kick to the stomach on the ground makes no sense for Sasuke to keep moving after that.


It seemed like the Raikage was going to kill him before Gaara stepped in to save him


He would have lost his leg kicking through the wall of Amaterasu. There is also no guarantee that Sasuke wouldn’t have been able to get back up afterwards, whereas Ay would have lost 2 limbs. It’s a draw at worst


Fair enough point. Also at that point Sasuke has a ton more high level combat experience. Can we really say Sarada is at that same level just because she has an MS and chidori? It takes experience to master those skills.


She does also have experience in multiple fights against stronger opponents, so I don’t see why that would disallow her from being considered Kage level as well. Feats wise, she is still stronger than every other active Jonin in the village


Boro and Deepa were team fights. She definitely was important in those fights. Deepa was anime only so not sure if that counts in her Manga timeline. But I would argue that Sasuke a experience was more significant because it’s mostly one on one with his Karin and Jugo there to heal him when he gets hurt. Where as Sarada is alway a part of a team when she fights strong opponents. Also we haven’t seen her MS ability and don’t know how well she wields it or how strong it is.


Sasuke having more solo fight experience than her doesn’t really mean that she can’t also be kage level though. She’s arguably kage level without the MS just from previous feats alone so I don’t think her specific MS abilities would make much of a difference


I don’t think her previous feats come anywhere near Kage level. I think assuming she had such a significant power up just because 3 years have passed is presumptuous. Now could she get some feats in the next few chapters to prove her power up, absolutely. I just don’t think based on what we’ve seen from her there is not enough evidence to say that she’s Kage level yet.


He was also about to throw himself into Amaterasu


Sasuke at 5 kage summit was Kage level, it was literally just Sasuke vs all 5, of course he was going to lose. If it was Sasuke vs just 1 of those kage, there’s a high chance he could win except for onoki.


I mean I would put FKS Sasuke definitely in low kage, he's still a beast even if he was getting thrashed around by every kage in that room (but to be even farer, every kage in that room was at least mid kage by madara performance)


I mean kage level is a joke in the story . Naruto and other relevant characters jumped so far into the sky after six paths that the kage are basically like infants in comparison. Sarada is a main character meaning she will be overpowered af . He Mangekyo sharingan has not revealed itself and she is seemingly using chidori without her sharingan activated . Not to forget about sasuke literally being her father and a prodigy coming from a lineage with itachi being way above kage level In his teen years . Fk sake sasuke was stronger than an akatsuki member in deidara and the same deidara packed up a kage being gaara . Saying it’s far fetched to have sarada at kage level at the bare minimum is just plain ridiculous. She was able to fight otsotsuki level threats alongside boruto and kawaki , they faced boro and he was stated by sasuke to posses that level of power . She blew his regen out of the way with her chidori , based on sasukes comment that alone puts her in the kage levels of strength .


People blame Boruto for making the Kages look bad and ofr some reason forget that the kages held their ground with Kinshiki and Momoshiki. What more do you want them to do to show you that their powerful? Kill Shibai? Lmao


she has mangekyo so she definitely is a kage level character even if you consider her the weakest among kage level at this point of time. There is no falsehood here. mangekyo is no joke. I am confident that she would beat kurotsuchi stone kage at this point of time


No one attack boruto cause of the community... Boruto is just not good aa it should be


Also the powerscaling in this thread is terrible 😭


I mean, look at how long Naruto remained a Genin.


we just had two kids jump to having the hax to probably solo the narutoverse its not that inconceivable to have a ms user be kage level.


That’s a very good point. It is consistent with how things have been treated in Boruto.


Literally genin to low chunin level abilities


You're literally wrong lol


How so? Sasuke and itachi learned fire ball jutsu before becoming genin. Kakashi developed chidori at chunin and sasuke learned it at genin Sarada herself is obviously over chunin level but her abilities aren’t.


>Sasuke and itachi Both are considered to be geniuses. Kakashi also stated that a genjn shouldn't be able to do that jutsu during the bell test. >Kakashi developed chidori at chunin and sasuke learned it at genin Both are geniuses. That's like saying there's a 14 year old at MIT, so MIT is low high school level. The exceptions don't make the rules.


Sasuke at the time even with his prodigy level stat was max high chunin level Itachi pre-genin has little to scale off, mastering the fire ball jutsu and taking out a wounded jonin ninja was the only greatest things he did at the time so that would be at most low jonin level. So like i said before, her abilities dont go past chunin.


That's how Ik this fanbase just didn't read or paid attention to the series lol


The Fireball Jutsu is a jonin level jutsu (as stated by Kakashi himself when Sasuke used it for the first time), same with the Chidori. There is a reason you only see geniuses using them.


While Abdul has some over the top takes sometimes, i swear, he is sane... THis statement is clearly all passionate about how powerful Sarada seems. But there are some other Boruto fans that... Well... They are not very... "Down to earth"


It's more like if she wasn't at least Kage level, then she is going to be grossly underpowered against all the aliens and gods that obviously surpass Kage to begin with.


Very true. I 100% believe she’ll get there and be one of the strongest in the series but saying she’s there after 2 issues where she just offed a few of the new white zetsu is a little presumptuous.


Oh yeah it's massive reaching by far, she used two techniques that Genin pre-timeskip Sasuke could use. The only thing she has on him is obtaining her mangekyo earlier, that's it, and it's not even like that alone could bridge the gap to begin with.


she was jounin level at 12, I don't think this is even a stretch at all


The chidori panel and the immediate after panel are so lifeless. They look so bad….. I’m just here for the story at this point…


These people just expect too much. Like honestly, it is lame and pretty lame lines but considering it’s the start of the new timeline what do you expect? It’s also a peaceful Konoha so grunts probably don’t see much action hence the surprise seeing Sarada. They want shippuden back but it’s not shippuden. Even I want shippuden but I know it’s not coming back. Boruto always felt not meant for the older fans but for the new (younger) fans. Sure the scene could have been done so much better and quite frankly I don’t expect much from this illustrator anymore. I’m just here to see how it ends at this point. Like I’m still interested in the story and the power ups they get but I won’t recommend anyone read Boruto either. There are plenty of better shounen out.


I'm the biggest Uchiha dick rider ever, but I'm sorry.. she is not kage level.. the only way she'd reach kage level depends on what her MS can do, which no one knows yet. Dojutsu is definitely a game changer, depending on what it can do. Kamui was broken, kotoamatsukami was broken. Even Shisui Of The Body Flicker Technique was not kage level, had he been, Danzo and his lackeys wouldn't have killed him. Itachi was kage level before the age of 18, easily. His visual prowess was unmatched. Jiraiya couldn't take Itachi, neither could Tsunade nor Orochimaru. Boruto *is* kage level, beyond that now whatever that is (godhood?). Id wager mitsuki is a lot stronger than Sarada ATM, we don't know what her MS even does.


Body Flicker wasn't kage level at all lol. It's a basic jutsu, Shisui just used it an different way.


I was just calling him by his nickname, he was known as Shisui of the body flicker.


The moment she damaged boro she was kage level




Even old Shikamaru could fuck her up even with his lazy ass.


All she did was Fire Ball and Chidori wow that’s so Kage Level 😂


If her fireball and Chidori merks someone like Ishiki, does that put her at Kage lvl? If her Fireball and Chidori only stops someone like Sai where is she?


Going by the power cliff of the show It be a disappointment if she's not Kage level rn


It's not even a crazy take lmfao


They need to show more from Sarada before she can be stated at Jonin-level. Before the time-skip her Sharingan & Taijutsu skills alone weren’t at Sasuke’s level from Naruto PT1. Unless she’s been training with Kakashi & Sakura intensely during the 3-year gap, I don’t see how she can touch Kage-level from this chapter alone. If she’s Kage level from these feats than Konohamaru is Otsutsuki-level.


Sarada pre-timeskip was already pushing low kage by blitzing Boro, using her mother’s strength, and her genjutsu prowess, she’s arguably above post-timeskip Sakura who is usually placed in the Jonin tier (a chunin with a kage-level technique that closes a power gap), With the mangekyo she should be above BoS Sasuke (low kage tier) EASILY


Sarada has shown 0 kage level feets


This sub is filled with people power boosting everyone to insane level when they just do a jutsu or 2


Sasuke fought kages w just MS….. We haven’t seen anything MS level from sarada yet but…..he’s not wrong wrong


All shown MS users are kage level. And all of them unlocked MS around the same time Sarada did


I dont even think sarada knew she even awakened MS


She's Jonin level for sure. If we knew what her MS ability was then you could make a case for her being low kage level. Remember that teen Gaara was already made Kazekage during the Naruto timeskip. I don't think it's outrageous to put her on that level soon. Kakashi was kage level at that age and he was similarly a chidori/sharingan user.


Chidori is high level jutsu. Her level should be Chunin pr Special Jounin. Not Genin


A fans opinion shouldn't be reason to attack a show. But yeah she's not Kage level, I'd say jonin. Edit: just remembered she has the mangekyo so she might be kage level.


naruto manga sales will never be as much as boruto manga sales


Guess they musta forgot the “anime is cannon” 🤣🤣


Power scalers don’t factor anything in other than relative combat ability when they talk ranks. Ninja ranks in the lore are defined more by their level of responsibility to their village.


I think these ranks matter a lot to the civilian population/other ninja of the leaf but at this point in the story with the stakes being what they are I doubt sadara cares about ranks or titles


More than just power is considered when assigning rank. Shikamaru technically lost his fight but his judgement, patience, intellect, and how he strategized was what made him chunin. Neji was probably the strongest genin at the start of the chunin exams, but his temper and him being too emotional because of his differing views on life. Sarada is said to be belligerent and constantly arguing with the Hokage about how to handle Boruto. That could be insubordination


There is actually nothing like kage level. It‘s not a rank but a title. genin, chunin, jounin are ranks but yeah makes no sense.. ideally the promotion has nothing to do with skill level rather amount of mission completed to bag the promotion is what matters. The two just happen to correlate. You only get better grade mission because you complete relatively lower ones successfully and you can only complete missions to begin with if you have the skill to back it plus you only get better ones if you’re credible enough. Flashback to when shikimaru got his promotion to chunin and was selected to lead the sasuke retrieval mission. He was simply just credible and get things done. I would also like to believe very rarely missions are mis classified like the zabuza mission . Nevertheless i think boruto series has lost its ways in this regards perhaps it happened as far back as shippuden events as naruto should have bagged a promotion as some point. One can argue it is because he still doesn’t meet the arbituary leadership skill mark. It is what it is. This explains why itachi is jounin at his age … no of missions completed under his belt. The real question perhaps is how many mission and what grades of mission does it take to scale? Perhaps this is futher explanation for someone like naruto remaining genin if y’all didn’t buy into the leadership mentality whatever. He simply wasn’t completing any…enough official missions. Finally, troublesome missions like fighting otutsukis, kara, and the infamous akatsuki in my own opinion should be argued as outliers but are probably classified as s-rank missions. It’s just a tad bit funny that is more like the order of the day in boruto.. ”fighting people with shinjutsu”. Lol


Blus Check twitter gets paid to tweet now so they say say anything for engagement.. as long as they get Quotes,Replies,Etc. Since then most posts have clearly been bait ⚰️


Once we see her Mangekyo Sharingan abilities I think this statement will become true. But as for now, I don't think she's quite Kage level yet even though just by having MS puts her clearly above even some Jonin.


Sasuke did more than that in the chunin exams


Sometimes I think Naruto/Boruto fans do not read. Let's be clear. Genin/Chunin/Jounin/Kage are PROFESSIONAL RANKS inside a Hidden Village. They are awarded to you like military ranks in recognition/assignment of your relative position within the Konoha military organization. It's why there's examinations, tests, and even Kakashi said to Naruto that he cant just promote him to jonin even though he's clearly overpowered and highly successful. Naruto was a GENIN the entire series until the end of 'Naruto'. Sarada might have power, but her behavior probably sucks, doesnt follow the rules, so, she's not gonna get the rank. It's a MILITARY-STYLE rank. Not a fucking assessment of someone's power.


Most timeskip MS sarada fighting a oiece of the 10 tails? It's not hat crazy. They clearly didn't claim that just cuz of a chidori and fireball


If a leaker is talking shit then it’s over for the community 😔


Her father was at least as strong at that age. Anyway the hate Boruto gets its less because its bad and more because of it not being as good as Naruto; ironically much like why Asuma felt inferior to Hiruzen due to being a good shinobi were his father was a great one.


I mean one of the things for Jonin rank is 2 chakra nature's which she clearly demonstrated right there. Even using high level jutsu for each nature. She also at this point would probably beat Ao fairly easily and he was a Kage guard elite jonin of the most a couple decades ago. Kage level has always been vague as hell and extremely inconsistent. Like see how Gaara vs Deidara went. And then realize that like Chunin Sakura held fairly okay against Sasori... and remember Sasori took down the strongest kazekage in history. Shits just inconsistent as hell. They're probably considering the claw Grimes as some decent portion of a 10 tails power wise to say Kage level. Or doing some more scaling from the Momo arc.


A kage should be able to stand up to a tailed beast, which should be bare minimum. The youngsters fought some juubi fragments enhanced with a shinjutsu that allowed them to transport each other through space-time. These juubi fragments should logically be stronger than the fragments the konoha 12 fought during the 4th war. So saradas' skill level allows her to fight monsters and beings that could kill basically anyone that has chakra, but she still needs more experience leading others before being granted the ranks the others mentioned. I think under normal circumstances, the unnamed shinobi would be expected to be at jonin level to be using a gokyaku and chidori in quick succession as she did without sharingan active, which was impressive, though to be caught off guard right afterwards means she has a ways to go.


The only thing I can say for this, is we have no clue what her mangekyo does yet, she could very well be kage level but nothing we've seen so far confirms that. Sasuke at the 5 kage summit keeps being brought up as a reason why she wouldn't be, but Sasuke had JUST used his ms for the first time days before that, he used susanoo for the first time there. We don't know what 3 years of practice did for Sarada.


Don't forget that Sarada has Naruto as an idol. The eternal Genin Naruto, I might add. Her dad is in a similar position to his bestfriend. Eternal Genins Duo who happen to be in the position of power. After she realised Boruto got framed with the whole world believing he killed her idol, I don't think Sarada would care much about the Chunin exam. She's gonna train to help her dad and her friend.


Idk if you know this but with the power of Boruto characters like delta being able to easily dispatch of the other 4 kage except maybe gaara it’s not a hot take whatsoever since she was presumably trained by kakashi


Snobs dude snobs


That's like a default size fireball though


Kage might be high but it really depends where those things scale


Naruto in the corner with his perfected sage mode and stuck at ge in 0_0


This did not happen in naruto, NEVER. The main character never got stuck in gening, sasuke with chidori/fire ball didn’t either. Fuck boruto bro


I thought she made it to Chunin at least?? She may have also graduated to jonin over the timeskip although she would probably be wearing a best if she did


She would be a Jonin if it were one of the previous ninja wars. Every single member of the new team 7 is superior to Kakashi (in skill) when he made Jonin.


Not a real person.


The current Kage are mad mid except Durai & Gaara. They’re probably assuming she’s kage cuz she has mangekyou. But we need to see them solar flare laser beams.


🤷‍♂️ zoomer takes


I mean doesn’t she idolize Naruto who was not a jonin despite being the worlds strongest ninja.


Ranking doesn’t matter, naruto was kage level multiple times while he was a genin, Compared to Kawaki and Boruto who are actual Gods, she doesn’t seem that strong, but she’s the strongest in their class after them. By now including her mangekyo, she most likely is kage level by now. Remember Sasuke told her she was stronger when he was her age.


And she still hasn't shown off how comparable her physical strength is to her mother's now. Her Sharingan was a microscope before the timeskiip, what can it do now after evolving, and what does that do for her chakra control? She has to be able to see tenketsu at this point, right?


Well ranks are meaningless in Boruto/Naruto universe ![img](emote|t5_34e1h|31433)![img](emote|t5_34e1h|31433)![img](emote|t5_34e1h|31433)


I think the power scaling was well done in Naruto but it’s useless in Boruto. But I partially think it’s because a lot of the gennin have parents who are all Kage tier which makes this very complicated.


Ignoring that this isn't really that impressive, a feat (chidori and fireball are part 1 Sasuke feats, even in succession like that) and that kage level isn't super meaningful with chojuro and shikamaru (I like shikamaru but unless he trained like crazy, he's easily the weakest we've ever seen) as kages, Naruto and Sasuke are still genin level and officially never passed the chunin exams.


Kage level is a silly term imo. I think it makes sense that kage's can now mean people who aren't necessarily the most powerful. This is what it used to mean when the shinobi world was transitioning from warring states to fully realized societies (e.g when Naruto, Kakashi etc were young). After the 4th Shinobi war, most countries were at peace, and were able to develop significantly. Now their leaders just have to be smart rather than powerful to keep their society in tact. ​ To be completely honest, it didn't really make sense even in Naruto's era, why the head of state/village had to be the most powerful. Being powerful doesn't necessarily have anything to do with ensuring society functions. Naruto and Sasuke were the strongest in the village before either of them rose to power.


Kage level is just something made up by the fandom. Kage is a title given to the strongest ninja at the time. The strongest ninjas often times are jonins. So kages are basically high ranking jonins. There are rooms as person's with jonin skills may for some reason not be promoted to jonin so even though on paper they're genin their skillset can be something different. Naruto is a genin and got promoted to kage. Which shows it's not a rank or a level but rather a Title


Mitsuki got perfect snake sage mode. Which is already Kage level because the great Sanins have never managed to achieve perfect sage mode including Orochimaru. If we take a generous assumption that adult Sarada is at LEAST stronger then child Mitsuki before the time skip she should be well above Kage level. Also imo all the new Kages in Boruto trash except Gaara and Naruto. So its not hard to say shes Kage level of their generation.


Is it really that deep??