What really happened here?

Either Boruto was fast enough to speed blitz code head on without him even being able to react or he straight up teleported. Those are literally the only two options and idk which is crazier 🤯


It sort of look like he warped there. Not to mention it was so accurate, they make it look like he appeared out of thin air. Either he’s just really fast or he has a new ability that we don’t know about.


look man i don’t wanna be mean but are y’all blind?, it was clearly stated in the chapter, page 49, from another shinobi to shikamru that he dropped in from the sky right above code, so he probably didn’t even see boruto. he probably warped or just used a flying summon to drop in neither of which are crazy it just seems so obvious how he got there considering it was said to us


It's said , "Boruto's Chakra Appeared in sky above Code." His chakra appeared out of nowhere just above Code. And they didn't sense him coming. It's pretty clear. Next time before calling other people blind and being oversmart actually pay attention to what you're reading and try to understand while utilising your brain.


shinobi to shika: CHAKRA DATA MATCHES IT'S BORUTO IT LOOKS LIKE HE INFILTRATED SUDDENLY FROM THE SKY... .RIGHT ABOVE CODE'S POSITION ———————————————————————— “borutos chakra appeared in sky” definitely is not what was said LOL, next time go look at the actual chapter before you comment a quote the whole point of my comment was they clearly said he came from the sky, so it’s either a portal or a summon neither of which are crazy for boruto, everyone is freaking out saying he froze time or used the jougan, when he didn’t even do anything insane and it was clearly stated how he came in, he literally just dropped from the sky lol


I mean he could also probably fly by this point so a fly summon wouldn’t really be worth it


I mean his pops was fast and his grandfather was fast as fuck it’s in his blood


He finishes fast as well huh ?


You sound like a Meat muncher


Or he used his “timestop” ability that momoshiki has utilized in the past…


This. It could be an ability of the jougan as well. But I think it has to do with momos time stop ability


Za warudo


Hearing boruto yell toki wo tomare would be funny as hell


Or it could have a completely different name.


If Boruto learned Flying Thunder God, that would be the best scenario. I’d love if he marked Code during the timeskip and held it for years, until he found out he attacked the leaf, and then came in like that. Realistically he probably speed blitzed him, maybe just teleported with his Karma.


I’d fucking nut if boruto learns FTG


Could he place a mark on himself and clone so that each of his clones can teleport to another clone? Like code’s minions but better.


I’m not smart enough to say yes or no to this 😭 I like that idea though mad creative.


Lol i really want him to learn Flying Thunder God xD. His teleportation might just be some Karma + Jougan hack tho... Can't say for sure.


That would be best case


Mentioned this in a thread a bit ago I find it highly likely. Through releases the manga ties things together. Minato one-shot right before this? Oh yeah he def will be a Minato/Sasuke clone


Not super likely, considering Sasuke doesn’t know the jutsu to teach it to Boruto during the timeskip. Only way he could have learned it is from Orochimaru or his research somehow, since I think it’s extremely likely that Sasuke and Boruto probably had some connections to him during the time skip. Or possibly from Kashin Koji. But the most likely and obvious scenario is Boruto opened a portal above Konaha from another dimension with his Karma.


Sasuke has sharingan, sasuke has seen minato and naruto use ftg, sasuke knows ftg


Unless I’m missing something naruto never used ftg? Also tbh it kinda seems like the “copying” powers of sharingan were retconned out of the series


My mistake, he held the kunai for the second hokage to flying Raijin to, and sasuke was teleported by the second hokage using that technique. Sasuke has indeed seen it and it wouldnt be a stretch to say that he copied it.


I disagree tbh I think while ftg is a cool as jutsu its predictable out of all the space time and raw speed we have seen since shippuden I think boruto should be above that. Think about it Naruto with kcm as a teen was already both mistaken for and compared to ftg, in boruto he’s an adult with both halves of 9 tails using kcm2 plus six paths, and that shit still wasn’t enough for isshiki, so it feels off for boruto to use it imo. I think it makes more sense for him to be able to teleport on his own even sasuke can kind of teleport on his own, I just wouldn’t imagine him getting inferior teleporting ability when he’s going to be the strongest shinobi in the series


Sasuke’s “Teleport” is just moving fast (unless you’re talking about the transportation jutsu, which needs a huge portal and took time to create, or amenotejikara, which both requires a rennigan that sasuke lost and Boruto doesn’t have). It isn’t comparable to FTG, even if it looks similar to us it isn’t nearly that fast. Also, Boruto doesn’t have Kurama, and speed probably won’t get much faster than FTG beyond Sasuke’s old teleportation. If he learns it, he’ll be on Minato’s speed level, which was a crazy feat for Naruto. I’m not saying FTG is what happened, I actually think it’s extremely unlikely, but I’m saying it would be cool. I definitely think it isn’t useless.


I don’t think ur getting my point bro I’m not saying boruto has the rinnegan teleporting ability or 9 tails. I’m saying both of those overall surpassed ftg sasuke teleporting ability would be more troublesome then ftg due to it not requiring seals it’s also more tricky in general, and Naruto with six paths plus full 9 tails is above ftg as well, my point is that that still wasn’t enough to defeat isshiki, boruto is going to not only be stronger than Naruto and sasuke but he’s going to fight people stronger than isshiki, so I was trying to say that him getting ftg feels like back peddling. He should be beyond that in terms of power. Yeah ftg cools af don’t get me wrong It just feels off for boruto to have imo


Speed isn’t everything at that point, and they could make up ways to make FTG better or more efficient. Again, it’s a massive upgrade to Boruto’s speed, he won’t auto be at Naruto or Sasuke’s peak. Just reiterating I don’t think it’s likely, I just think it’s cool. A major point you aren’t taking into account when I say this because I don’t particularly think this is the case.


Bro I’m not saying speed is everything I’m just simply saying I feel like ftg isn’t something boruto would have I feel like he would have actual teleportation without the seals just because the people he is fighting is on an entirely different level. I also said it would be cool Im just saying the reason why I don’t think it would be the best case scenario because I feel like it’s back peddling


Nothing special, Code just got Childkuna(Fraudkuna) treatment I'm pretty sure he teleported straight to Code, the real question is how did he know Sarada was in danger.


Yea my bet is on teleportation, the way his cloak is flowing upwards makes it seem kinda like he dropped down on him a bit.


In the official translations on shounen jump it says he dropped out of the sky. That’s why the cape is like that and that’s why code didn’t see him. But how he got in the sky is the real question, possibly the Jougan.




Don't think so, Given that the Code told Sarada to scream, it can be assumed that Boruto has the ability to see or hear what goes on in Konoha. Code may have learned about this ability during the time he hunted Boruto. If Boruto doesn't have this ability, then it is unclear why the Code told Sarada to scream, Boruto would not have been able to hear it.


It could just be code being a psycho


I think he either teleported with karma or jougan. Would be awesome if he learned flying raijin tho.


Bro's disrespecting the man like Goku did to one of the GInyu forces


Recoombe boom!


What happened? Someone cooked here 🔥🔥🔥


He used Code as a doormat


He came from the sage area where the frogs are, maybe the snake version since he’s Sasuke’s pupil.


Probably peaked his head through the portal and said yeah ima step on him 😂


Sasuke saw Minato and Tobirama use FTG in the war. He could theoretically teach that jutsu to Boruto since he observed it with his Sharingan.


it’s not something that can be copied by the sharingan


Well its not something Sasuke can do, but he's seen it work with his Sharingan. He should be able to teach it even if he can't do it.




Ftg is such a complicated jutsu that I wouldn’t be surprised it can’t copied nor understood by the sharingan


Why tf are you being downvoted your right. A jutsu like ftg cant be copied and sasuke has 0 fuinjutsu knowledge. The explanation for Boruto learning ftg will be plot no jutsu no doubt.


You said that shit like Boruto 100% knows ftg, which he most likely doesn't.


Yeah no shit bro it's a theory


Nah bruh, you typed that shit like it was correct.


Well Im telling you now that writing it like that wasn't my intention


No one is saying Sasuke can do FTG, but fighting alongside it, observing it, he should know how it works. 3 years is plenty of time for sasuke to explain to boruto how to do it, again, even if he cant perform the technique.


Does Sauke know how the hirashin tags work or how to make them? He fought with Minato and Tobirama for a day and during that time he wasn't jotting down cool jutsus in his little notebook. He has 0 fuinjutsu knowledge and wouldn't know how it works from a single glance.


I wouldn't say sasuke has 0 fuinjutsu knowledge. We see that he keeos sealed weapons on his arm bandages for shuriken and his sword. Additionally, the curse mark is a seal and I would say he and Kimimaro were the best curse mark users. The sharingan is eidetic. Seeing something once is perfect memory. It's called the "copy wheel eye" for a reason. So, while i don't think he can use it i'm certain he knows how it works. Sasuke has shiwn he knows the rasengan and shadow clone which is Naruto's entire kit. Learning Konohas other hidden jutsu would have been good for Sasuke during the blank period, but we have no way if knowing. Even still Boruto doesn't need FTG, he has space-time jutsu thanks to karma. But, it'd be funny of Boruto placed a FTG seal on Codes face.


Yeah but he didn't make the curse mark did he? FTG is way to complicated for someone like sasuke with limited knowledge of fuin to copy instantly. The sharingan can only copy jutsu that the user knows the fundementals of and has the chakra to use it and Im decently sure the sharingan can even copy fuinjutsu (fact check me on that if Im wrong). FTG is an S rank sealing jutsu for a reason and Sasuke just does not have enough talent in fuin to learn it let alone teach it. I do agree with you though, most likely Boruto will not learn ftg as he has otsutsuki kamui but he might have learned it for the speed or smth.


Advanced Body flicker most likely


Yeah my friend was saying Shunshin, but the way Shikamaru phrased it 'Looks like Boruto suddenly appeared above Code' seems too specific. Like there is a reason that exact phrase is used.


Boruto can fly, use portals, and erase his chakra signature. His chakra signature was detected as he dropped into the sensory barrier that surrounds the city, most likely. Before that he was either suppressing his chakra or had simply teleported. Most likely.


It's kind of legit that boruto just showed up outta nowhere and stomped code. He probably harasses code all the time lol


Lmao I could see them camping his lair waiting to jump him whenever he comes out ![img](emote|t5_34e1h|4545)![img](emote|t5_34e1h|4545)


Some sort of space-time ninjutsu. Remember, even though he can suppress his chakra from Konoha, Kawaki can still sense him. As soon as he appeared and kicked Code, Kawaki realized he was there. If he didn’t teleport, Kawaki would have picked it up as soon as he entered the leaf village, but he didn’t.


Why is everyone forgetting that Boruto can teleport with the Karma


Because you don’t see what’s going on and it’s impossible to just karma teleport right above code and land on his face like that. It has to be something else to where he knew the timing and where to land.


We don’t really know My assumption is that somehow boruto knew code was going to konoha. Code had no clue boruto knew Boruto’s chakra suddenly appeared from the sky so I’d assume that he flew down (if kawaki can fly now so can boruto 🤷‍♂️) caught code off guard and curb stomped his ass. Saying it now though this will be a much closer fight than people are expecting. I don’t expect boruto to just cakewalk through code let alone kawaki.


it’s implied he either teleported from the sky and dropped on code or he flew in from the sky and dropped on code


It might be a time stop ability or a jogan ability to where he could see what was happening from a distance and just warped to the exact spot. There is some evidence for a time stop ability since time apparently stops for everyone else when he’s talking to momoshiki


>What really happened here? Boruto became HIM. That’s what


Maybe since he made the vanishing rasengan he learned to make a vanishing boruto idk


Yea , he most certainly teleported , i wish their power levels or skills will be shown to us in next 1-2 chapters .




Most likely he has some combination of flying raijin mixed with his jougan, trained by sasuke another time/space jutsu master. He probably found code, marked him and had been spying on him with his eye for many years and finally used his mark on him when Code came to town to start a war.


Obviously the jougan, teleportation ability


It’s not “obviously” there is no need for Boruto to activate his Jougan to do something like that just to deactivate it atfer.


Code went 1-5 in battles and boruto ended his career in one page


He's asking code if it looks like he stepped in some shit


Hopefully flying thunder god. Would be super sick.


I've seen this [image here](https://imgur.com/a/n5QFgld) And this does much sense


Hmmmm 🤔


I swore when they realized he was in the village a sensory ninja said, “Boruto appeared in the sky directly above Kawaki”, or something like that.


Either he can fly like kawaki or he used some sort of teleportation jutsu. I thought maybe he shrunk him self but that’s jigens jutsu not momoshiki. Either way he must of masked his chakra He may have some far seeing ability to see the happenings of the leaf village, or he’s programmed saradas voice to a teleportation jutsu. This is a reach but if sasuke rinnigan managed to regenerate I thought maybe his and sarada was some how conected and he teleported boruto but his isn’t very long range and it seems to only work on weapons


Hinata be like "my dog stepped on a bee"


Also I see some saying that it’s karma teleportation but whenever Boruto or Kawaki warps using karma you see a black swirling mass or vortex of some kind. It’s never instantaneous like how we saw Boruto appear in this chapter. There’s usually some indicator that karma teleportation happening.


Momishiki had a time stop ability.


Really, why didn't he used it when he was alive during his fight with NaruSasuke? It's only when he died he did use this


That’s a good question tbh. I don’t really have an answer.


that's a cool idea though, Boruto can be like Guldo from DBZ. I think that's an equivalent match to Kawaki's space manipulation eye technique.


because the fight would be over before it began


yea it makes sense narratively, but I'm considering Momo's personality, he's the type of hates to lose.


artist forgot to draw background


I’m just mad that he didn’t even attempt to attack him here


I think he teleported using Karma or the Jogan


Sasuke probably teleported him literally "on top of Code" using his chakra sensing and his Rinnegan.


His what? Did you forget this very borushiki stabbed rinnegan ?


he came from space


I figured Sauske dropped him in


Burrito teleported and wanted code to double check to make sure his feet didn’t smell bad after 3 years.


He just ran up and did that. IMHO if he speed blitzed him or FTG, it would make this fight waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. Itll be over in the next chapter and then he would take down Kawaki shortly after if he was that fast or knew FTG. Hed be too op with that kind of speed or ability. He did this as his one time cool guy runup.


"It looks like he infiltrated suddenly from the sky." Sounds exciting at first till you really think about it. Amado said that flight would happen to both kawaki n boruto. Another thing I'm sure of is both of them have the ability to hush their Chakra signature meaning he could of been close enough to see code's claw grimes in the area (keep in mind code isn't very bright) so figured to just wait him out. Far enough to where kawaki couldn't sense him and where he'd avoid being eyeballed by a villager. The way pg 45 shows sarada being outnumber (for me) screams death from above. The lines on his feet could be seen as him droppin down onto him vs the instantaneous show up.


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I think its pure speed blitzing. Look at how the cloak flows up like bouto was moving down.


If you want the real answer: Hes an Otsusuki and the main character. Probably Jogan ability that they wont show for some time.


I feel like it has to do something with his rasengan, be he can make em invisible/undetectable(?) or something.


Shoulda just stabbed him there


They detected his chakra entering the barrier from the sky so most likely he flew or teleported overhead with his chakra signature erased to avoid being detected and then dropped straight down.


I actually like Codes clothing… also he probably teleported because that’s a karma ability, and pairing it up with the jogan’s space time sight, an ability we saw in the “Urashiki hunts for shakaku” filler, he likely used the combo to teleport straight on top of code.


A show of so much individually good accessories that it actually became anti drip


Not that far in, but it looks like Boruto might be stepping on someone powerful with relative ease


if you look closely he stepped on his face AND his junk that’s a double whammy


I would like him to have something like raikage cloak but only internal. Just like luffys 2nd gear but with raiton


Flying raijin


Nah man i am telling you code is into this type of shit


Boruto can fly as Kawaki can, but he can do so silently and rapidly that Code didn't detect him landing


Boruto just flexing his arrival. I think boruto learn his grandfather technique or thats something that writter will never explain or ever shown again . Just cool entrance That technique is biggest counter for code .


He was just flying 🤷


Kawaki was able to fly. Maybe Boruto can fly too and he just divebombed Code. Idk.


Uh bro stood on his face and crotch


i believe he opened a portal right above code and dropped on him


It literally says on the next page that boruto arrived from the sky.


Foot fetish


Boruto has the ability to use space time ninjutsu with his Karma, so it’s possible he just warped in above Konaha right above code. He can also fly when Momoshiki takes control, so if he’s further mastered Momoshiki’s powers then it’s possible that he just flew in. But most likely the former, considering neither the Sensory Unit or Kawaki noticed him, until he was already standing on Code’s face, telling him he gets no bitches.


Kinda seems like boruto learned the shrinking jutsu


Boruto has always been able to teleport. It’s not shocking he would do it here. He’s just never used it mid battle from what I understand.


He was flying above khonoha and landed on codes face. Nothing special. You can tell by the speed lines


He was flying over Konoha on the hawk Sasuke taught him to summon


I mean he’s got the time space jutsu stuff, did it on a fluke after the fight with Isshin, so chances are he can just do it now


Didn't him and Kawaki use space time to get to Naruto and Sasuke by combining they're karma? It makes sense after 3 years Boruto mastered that ability to teleport anywhere he wants too


I think he flew like kawaki in the beginning of the ch


Code, step on me daddy! Boruto, I thought you'd never ask.


Sakura taught sarada the true Uzumaki summoning


Boruto cosplaying as Lelouch


Kawaki can fly like Ishiki maybe boruto can too now from mastering the karma


Boruto appeared to save Sarada!


Boruto said "Trick or treat....




I think it had to have been a speed blitz, as Kawaki didn't sense him until after he'd already kicked him, and they made it clear Boruto was more than fast enough to dodge Code's counter attack. I feel like the teleportation warp thing would've taken time.