I'm one of the OG, as I followed the show from its inception, all the way back in 2016. So...


I'm an OG too! When Naruto the Last got leaked I posted it on YouTube and IG, some didn't believe me. Some didn't believe me lol.


You seem to be even more OG than myself man. Because I didn't fully enter in the franchise until after the end of the original manga, and before The Last released.


I was kinda dumb lol. The Last didn't play in Las Vegas so I begged my ex to take me to California for a.....$12 dollar movie? Lmao. I HAD to see Naruto and Hinata kiss on the big screen!


Naruto the last was sooo good


I'm not an OG and the show isn't perfect but I kind of stuck through from late 2020. Except the post isshiki filler. I like it


I've always loved Boruto but I'm pretty sure the series is still generally hated.


it has become a trend just like sakura trash, zoro lost, goku solos, one piece>, aot peak, etc


Who is still seriously calling aot peak?


What would you say is better?


A lot




Naruto, HxH, JoJo's, Gintama, FMAB. And that's just in the shonen category


I don't think you can compare Naruto and Aot they have completely different "vibes"


Why not


Dude. They aren’t even the same genre. Naruto isn’t on the same list as AOT.


They're both in the shonen demographic which means they can be compared, if you want to eliminate anime based on their genre alone then yeah AOT can be peak when you just don't want to compare it to anything else lmfao


its not a trend boruto does suck so far there has been like 10 good episodes


2017 I ended up watching Naruto just to understand Boruto's story better.


Man wtf




Same honestly I had seen bits of Naruto here and there but I didn’t really get into it until I started watching Boruto with my bf every Sunday it would come out


I find that crazy but did you like it? OG naruto is my favorite


I did, quite a bit


Why tf didn’t you start with Naruto what




more like rewatching naruto


![img](emote|t5_34e1h|4545) i like the manga but hate the series


Both tbh. Boruto has its strong points but I still stand by my opinion that it was an unnecessary sequel. Don’t hate it by any means though


I'm in the "The should have followed the Gintama Manga/Anime original scenario guide on how to avoid mistakes and get back on track" camp.


I like it, it's nice to see all the characters grown up and leading their villages from the original series.


I kind of like boruto in moderation so far (but i hate some parts like school trip arc and few other filler arcs. Art of manga is lackluster too). Naruto is my top favourite anime, so some amount of like to boruto is carried over good faith from naruto too. I am kind of cautiously optimistic hoping it will followup whatever i liked about naruto.


we finally get an amazing fight with a call back to shippuden and all people have to say is “they just copy and pasted the naruto fight”, its a trend to hate boruto no matter how good it is


I am team “#uck kawaki”


To be fair the amount of filler and low effort has always been a valid reason to not like the show


I hate boruto but I want it to be good. It's not my problem this anime is full of junk.


Anime only, started watching Boruto around a year ago, only watched up until right before the Boro fight. Overall I really like the canon episodes, those would definitely get me hyped up. The filler is definitely the worst part in my opinion, although some episodes I absolutely loved (Boruto and Metal fighting over if Shino or Rock Lee should get a ninja card) I’m optimistic to see what the future of the series will be, and I do plan to resume the anime eventually whenever I feel like it.


In the middle. I always thought it's overhated, but don't think it's particularly good either.


I am in the middle ![img](emote|t5_34e1h|4539).


Same boat as me.


I watched around 200 episodes and couldn't handle it anymore


I'm an OG Naruto and Boruto fan, day fucking one. Didn't start reading the manga until I was 16, I'll be 27 this year still reading and watching Naruto/Boruto.


I jumped into the pool in 2017 just as it was starting up. I took a break from Naruto for a bit and when I heard that it had concluded recently and there was a treasure trove of content to look at, I thought I'd jump back into Naruto while watching Boruto weekly. I wound up marathoning Naruto until the final episode of Shippuden. While I enjoy Boruto, I didn't realize its first episode was a few weeks apart from the last episode of Shippuden until I did more research. Even when I can understand why Boruto gets a lot of flack, it tends to go overboard within the OG Naruto fanbase in particular and the rest of the anime/manga community as a whole. I wish some things were done better, but it's not like it keeps me up at night wondering what went wrong.


I have always liked it but honestly the pacing was always terrible. It being monthly really pulled me away from the story and killed the momentum. It also left me feeling disappointed when a chapter wouldn’t be that important because I knew how long it would be for the next one. If you read it front to back now though it’s awesome.


As a standalone story, with its own morals and lessons Boruto is quite good. As a sequel to Naruto it is still unnecessary. Boruto just defeats the whole purpose and lesson of Naruto. Peace in the shinobi world will forever be fake as long as the otsutsuki are alive. Peace is just created because the world has a common enemy. In the end Sasuke won, well he didn't quite become the one that shouldered the hatred to maintain peace but the otsutsuki's did.


if its Naruto related im watching it


both. i felt boruto was more coordinated with the manga pre-ishiki. the anime isnt perfect but it never dipped to paint.jpeg and the story even though are fillers are well thought out now. i dont hate it per se but im ashamed to even talk about it in the real world. but current manga and anime are atleast getting better and i hope the best for part 2


I like it


its a struggle to watch boruto i just watch it because of naruto


The manga is great but studio Pierrot didn't do a great job with the anime


2017 Watched every episode of Boruto till 250


I don't like it nor hate it. It's sometimes good sometimes shit, so....


When Boruto was announced I was so excited. First the movie then manga then anime. I loved everything. At first I hated boruto the character but he redeemed himself quickly. I quite liked the lore of this new world. But as time went on. Boruto anime started to suck. But manga was still going great I was reading manga only. But after Isshiki arc ended and all these new cyborgs started to come out I lost the interest. It didn't feel like this is sequel to naruto anymore. It's all about Scientific tools and Cyborgs which is taking away from the shinobi lore of the OG Naruto. Which is what I'm here. And I haven't picked up managa after that yet. But I may pick it up later if I hear good things continously like with last chapter.


I like Boruto. It has its own flaws but I enjoys it regardless. Also those who said Boruto is unnecessary sequel clearly haven't seen Inuyasha sequel. That's right sequel, that focused on their children. Watch that and you would see how uhh...controversial it would be and how it break the fandom apart.


OG (2017)


Nah OP is in delusion and denial


I like it


Boruto’s manga was fine until the code arc where it dipped into trash. The anime is consistently bad besides adapting manga content