Drew my favorite baby boy

Drew my favorite baby boy


THE best borderlands' final boss. Not the hardest, but coolest design and story impact.


I did not play the other Borderlands. But I find the Warrior to be very cool and satisfying as a final boss. When I play any game where I have to destroy mobs all the time, I just hope at some point I'll beat something big. And Borderlands 2 is pretty decent in this. You often fight a mini-boss the size of a building. I found Saturn to be an epic moment. The first time I saw it, I was just thinking "I want to destroy that thing" ! And then, the Warrior arrives, and you can shoot him *from under him* ! He is quick, he shoots fire, and he is **huge**. That's a great final fight.


I prefer the empyrean sentinel in tps. It's so pretty and colourful :)


Sentinel came out of nowhere with no before mentions. Warrior was mentioned at about the halfway of the story in bl2. Sentinel was too sudden and unexpected. It is called Vault Monster for a reason, and Sentinel was more like a Vault Guardian.


Holy shit, I would get this tattooed on me, looks amazing! The warrior is just a misunderstood pupper




I've always felt bad every time I have to kill him. The poor thing was just being mind controlled by Jack, who insulted him the whole time.


Your baby boy got shot in the face by ginormous canon


Technically baby girl


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