If Taylor Swift was Indian, she'd be shamed for dating multiple men: Alia Bhatt

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Okay but Taylor swift was shamed in the west for it as well, what’s her point?


I was coming here to say exactly this


She's literally shaming Taylor for what she believes she deserves a reprieve for.


This ☝️


How is she shaming Taylor? She’s merely stating a fact, that Taylor has dated a lot, not judging her for it or implying she shouldn’t have


"She's dated like everybody". Y'all delusional peeps will try to justify that so there's no helping there but this is literally shaming someone for their love life by implying they're for the streets.


she dated like 7 guys and she's a 33 year old A-lister. you really think that's a lot compared to other celebrities (specially men)? they go through like 3 people a year lol


But in reality I don't see Deepika bashed for dating multiple men whereas Taylor is criticised till this day


She literally is though? All the girls are. Even Bebo who only had like three public relationships.


Deepika isn’t shamed as she’s been public about one person before her current husband and that guy cheated on her and she was the victim and public had sympathy for her because her ex is a known womaniser


Who also happens to be Alia's current husband, lol. The irony of it all.


Ermm.. But she is..oh how she is.... . Or rather was till she went steady with RS.


TS went steady with since 2016, right? well guess what this qoute of Alia is from 2016!!


Because Deepika did not write breakup songs about them. 🤌


An artist makes art about what they know and feel and want to.


maybe you don’t do bad things to your girlfriend then 🌚 and only if you actually listened to her songs rather than following what other people like sheep you would know lol


Her point is, if a guy does it he's a playboy and when a woman does it she's labelled a slut. thats it. Is it so hard to understand?


Noo when a women does it , she's a slut but when a guy does it, guy's a slut maker/s


Well deepika, Katrina have been on and off relationships. To the best of my knowledge (which might be weak), they haven't been slutshamed


So you're saying women in general in India are ***not slut shamed*** for dating multiple men, or even just dating, outside of the metros? well, thats news to me and India has become very very progressive indeed! Or are you saying deepika, katria have not been slutshamed and if Alia is slutshamed then its on her? Please clarify.


This is the problem with entire world ... it's not native to India


>it's not native to India No definitely its not. I agree.


I guess that's the point right. If she was slutshamed in a country like the US i could only imagine the humiliation she would have to endure here


Then maybe she should have said it this way, here it only seems that swift didn't have to go through crap while people in India have to




I think many are not well-versed with dating life of foreign celebrities. Comprehending an opinion would require that.


Forget Taylor Swift, even Ranbir being a man gets named and shamed for his relationships.


doesn’t he get shamed for cheating tho? or at least rumoured cheating?


No, he get's shamed for cheating not dating


Must be sobbing every night. “Mujhe Ghar (UK) Jaana Hai”


She, herself, is shaming Miss Swift. Girl, get your facts right, she didn't date everyone and all at once and stfu.


Lol just because Taylor is shamed in the west doesn’t mean she won’t be shamed in India. Her point is exactly that - women are shamed for their choices, more so in India than the west even though the west too is not perfect. Are you denying this is the reality?


Her point was that Taylor swift has had a lot of bfs, she was implying that she’s such a star in the west but would be slut shamed here. This is the sam country who accepted sunny leone. America is the country that’s celebrating Andrew Tate. Slut shaming women is a common trend everywhere.


uh...Taylor gets a lot of flack for it or used to at least, has she been living under a rock? in fact her relationship is still scrutinised despite being in a stable relationship for years. it's true that she'd be scrutinized harder over here, if you wanna be private you have every right to be but what's with that dumb reasoning of hers lol


> or used to at least Sad fact, but Taylor is still made fun of for having dated multiple men.


actually you're right, it really hasn't stopped. it's pretty much the 1st thing people talk about when they hear her name :/




Atleast she has learnt from her publicy eyed relationships and tries her best to keep her life private for her mental health,unlike Alia . Loose motions bhi ho gaye to news me ajeyag🙄🙄🐒


Friendly reminder that Taylor Swift has been with Joe Alwyn since 2016


This is the comment i came here for. C'mon BollyAunties, move on, cause everyone else has


Also a reminder that this article which OP has posted is from August 2016


as a ts fan, i can’t believe it’s been that long!


Regardless of this fact she was very well slut shamed in her 20s when she was actively looking for love..🙄


Its not that taylor did date many but its her choice and even few in taylor's industry bashed on bout this with all their insults on her... but dont you think she'd have gotten even more hate in bollywood for her past? that is what she meant.. (no hate pls)


Did she need to say Taylor dated everybody? Coz she hasn’t


It does have a slight undertone of her looking down on Taylor herself


Fr alia :she’s dated like everyone


That’s my main takeaway from this LOL


The irony of her own statements is lost on Alia lol


I literally thought the same... Taylor dated a couple of people, but calling it everybody is just Alia shaming her...irony be dying right now


Yeah man, when's my turn :( .




Taylor hasn't dated EVERYBODY. Lol, she just shamed Taylor and then spoke for slut shaming.


This!!!! 🙌🏽






Soo fight misogyny with misogyny?


"She's dated like everybody" Woman, please shut up. It's better than trying to sound insightful


And Alia please do not compare yourself to Taylor. Like it’s not even the same league. Even in the States the kind of popularity and influence she has is unmatched.


I know Alia Bhatt is not significant enough for Taylor to notice this statement of hers… but I really want Taylor to call her out on this. Like she did with Ginny and Georgia. Anyways, hoping the Indian Swifties will respond appropriately 😈


Why did Taylor call out ginny and Georgia? What happened ?


A character on the show told another character “you go through men faster than taylor swift” and Taylor rightfully took offense


Ouch! That's really offensive


Definitely! Taylor has been dealt quite a few bad hands since she’s been in the industry, but I’m glad she’s thriving personally and professionally now!!


Yup!! She's a Queen ![gif](giphy|ej1WNA2G75DfUai7NR|downsized)


Indian swifties assemble!




Taylor is actually very much trolled and targeted for dating too many men, this happens in America too. For years she’s being slutshamed for fast dating, which is something every normal human in their 20s do. She’s been subjected to really vile and misogynistic jokes for having a lot of exes. Taylor repeatedly speaks about the flak she’s gotten only for finding love in life. It doesn’t only happen in India but western countries too. All of this is very common knowledge so not only is Alia delusional and wrong here but also inarticulate cause she as well ended up slut shaming her


“She’s dated everybody” I wish Alia learned how to stfu, pick me cringe lord


Does she not see that she is already doing it? She is as daft as one can be. Taylor anyway is slut shamed in the US.


She’s genuinely insanely dumb


Taylor gets so much shit for this like almost everyday what is she talking about


Is Alia loving under a rock? Taylor has been slut shamed her entire life ever since she was a young singer and yet she still suffers from it despite being one of the best artists of this generation. Being in the US or India doesn't change shit, slut shaming happens there and here too, it's a common thing that women suffer from everywhere. HELL Alia is literally indirectly slut shaming Taylor in this conversation. How is she so fucking dense


ahh yes she is loving under the rock /s


>Being in the US or India doesn't change shit, slut shaming happens there and here too, it's a common thing that women suffer from everywhere. Slut shaming can have varying degrees esp considering how much dating is accepted in the country's culture.


Well she married someone who dated everyone in Bollywood probably still have some affairs under tbe table who knows about that guy


Taylor is shamed already in america tho- as she mentions about it too, especially the "she dates everyone and writes about them" post-1989. Fortunately she has a hardcore fanbase who would defend lke crazy




she’s singing a song that’s a decade old about a relationship that’s a decade old as well, i don’t get what’s the big deal if she films a music video years later and is authentic to the details of the past relationship?




Which ex was it? The detailing of?


She legit accepted cheating and not treating the guy the way he deserved in songs like getaway car and back to december, so pls stfu. Your argument is invalid


Do they really think shaming people for how many people they date doesn’t happen in the US? Taylor Swift is almost always shamed for it. And also isn’t Alia shaming Taylor Swift for the same thing too?


Misogyny is universal. The fact that women have taken it for centuries and are continuing to take it everyday blows my mind.


Did nobody tell her that Taylor was slut-shamed for years even in the US? 🤷🏻 it’s not an india-specific problem but she’s trying to make it that


But she has been shamed in America tho lol?? Where do they think the song “Blank Space” comes from.


If Alia was American, she wouldn’t have a career.


See this is why this nose squinching idiot is considered dumb. She’s literally shaming Taylor to prove a point.


What she said isn’t wrong but the way she said it sounds disrespectful and tone deaf


Hate how everybody only sees the good in western culture. Yes, Taylor is worshipped today, but I've been a fam since 1989 came out, and that woman has faced waaaayyy worse people than Alia would ever come across. She would most likely be slut shamed today too, if she didn't have a boyfriend of 5 years. There are actual fucking pictures of her being sexually harassed online. And during the same time, guess what the media chose to focus on? Her breakups. People love her today, but she is just one big "scandal" away from losing it all. Imagine Justin fucking Bieber making fun of your _eye surgery_. Now multiply that with a huge number, because that's how big that douchebag's fanbase is. Same for Kanye West, she was a baby when he did what he did. Imagine working hard all your life only so men can harass, abuse and make fun of you all they like. Also, Alia earned money from her films. Nobody took that from her. She received credit where she deserved it. Nobody stole years of work of hers. Guess who wasn't lucky enough?


"Everybody"???? @ Alia **what are you saying?**


There's kareena then there's Alia Bhatt 🤦 stfu don't speak




Taylor hasn’t dated everybody.Kuch bhi matlab.


The fact that she is one of those 'judgemental people' when she said that Tay has dated like everybody. really? that is how you prove your point? by dragging another woman.


> She's dated, like, everybody. GTFO 🙄


Kyun bolti hai? Mat bolo pleeej.


“She’s dated everybody” girlllllll 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️


Taylor is shamed in the west for years now , alia you shaming her isn't ok. If you don't know what to say , don't say anything at all.


Taylor was shamed a lot and Alia is shaming her in this.


Taylor gets a lot of crap for dating but Joe Jonas has dated everyone and their best friends yet no one says shit about him… it’s crazy


Taylor herself has said many times that she was dating like a normal 20 something woman, but she was slut shamed for that. >‘I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime,' she says in the new issue of Rolling Stone. ‘And I'm just not comfortable providing that kind of entertainment anymore. I don't like seeing slide shows of guys I've apparently dated. I don't like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at awards shows. I don't like it when headlines read: 'Careful, Bro, She'll Write a Song About You,' because it trivialises my work. And most of all, I don't like how all these factors add up to build the pressure so high in a new relationship that it gets snuffed out before it even has a chance to start. I just don't date.’ She went into overdrive and has kept her current relationship under tight wrap. Heck she doesn't even follow Joe or post anything about him like other couples. Like who hasn't dated in their 20's !? The male singers are somehow exempted from this treatment. Male rappers/singers have multiple baby mama's, and so many kids born out of wedlock. They create exclusive songs which are just beefing with their peers. But a woman writing songs about her own life is somehow the worst thing in the world


Dating multiple men at the same time does make you a cheater......if she means having multiple boyfriends at the same time and not one after another.


They do slut shame in the West too but the actors generally don't care or take it light heartedly


This girl is really dumb, ain't she?


“she’s dated like everybody” 😭alia bhatt more like alia dumbasssss


She's such a pick me girl man, literally shamed Taylor after saying she has dated everybody and then goes on to talk about slut shaming, she should just shutup if she doesn't have the basic decency and grace to put certain topics in a rightful manner, there was no freaking need for that statement, ughh I just find a new reason everyday to hate this baby snake


Didn't Taylor literally make a song about how media shamed her for everything she did ? Including dating multiple people ?


Unlike Alia, Taylor actually has the capacity of introspection. *'Cause you know I love the players* *And you love the game* \- **Blank Space** lyrics


> “She’s dated like, everybody” No she hasn’t. What a 0 IQ take.




Alia broke down completely when she had the KWK fiasco during SOTY. If she ever had to spend a day under the kind of scrutiny Taylor Swift has gone through her entire career, we would never see her in broad daylight again. Also, looking down on india's judgement problem while being extremely judgemental? Internal misogyny is her baby and she'll be using it for the rest of her life.


What was the fiasco and now there is no redemption for alia considering she lives amongst the most misogynistic lot of bollywood


the trolling she went through after the QnA round in koffee with karan where she got the president question wrong


Me when i am illiterate. How can someone not see the irony of her statement.


Anyone expecting common sense from Alia Bhatt, don't.


Dated everybody?? Me too and I didn't even know that 🙂


Girl, Swift was shamed for dating multiple men.


Sure. Taylor swift wasn’t particularly spared, so wrong example. But her point is well taken. She is right, women are constantly judged for their choices.


she's so insanely dumb and probably lives under a rock because taylor still gets flak for it. could've put her point across without looking down on another woman


She literally dated each of her male co-stars. The audacity of this dumb actress is appealing. Khair apna hi g me haath daal kar soonghne wale iske jaise honge.


Also when she says TS has dated everyone like how is that not slut shaming?


Value = supply/demand, so yknow...


If a (wo)man talks shit, then I owe her nothing. 💅


Every time Alia tries to talk smart, you can almost picture her two braincells doing their very best.


What does "she would" mean? She was very openly and publically shamed for dating, most of which were just the rumours and pictures from a friendly dinner. Also she's dated like 9 people in total bro... chill![img](emote|t5_fknyy|740)


Not her saying this when Taylor's biggest song of her career is a clap back at critics who called her a serial dater. (Which ironically released the same year that this interview was taken)


Yeah the blank space erasure 🥲😑


I've got a blank space baby, And I'll write your name, nepo baby


I got a list of names and yours is in red underline


Taylor swift was slut shamed for it ..I remember back in the 2010s she was called serial dater ..and that is putting it nicely . She had a string of boyfriends one after the other . Tbh she also slut shamed one of her ex’s girlfriend in one of her songs , Camila Belle, so she wasn’t exactly nice back then either


Her point is correct but she’s an ass for throwing Taylor Swift under the bus for it.


Well what about her husband 😅😅


Alia should have stayed back where she was born!


why did she have to name and slut shame taylor? to make herself sound better? god this nepobai alia is such a dumb bimbette snake! worst thing about bollywood


Shouldn’t have said this about Tay Tay, Alia.


Peer pressure to date multiple people from these brainless celebs. lol.


If Taylor Swift was Indian, she would have struggled and probably never been so successful because a star kid would have taken her opportunity because she “reaaaaaaalllllyyyyy wanted it” so papa kjo made it happen.


Is dating the entire purpose of life? Why is dating being given so much importance??


Why is Alia Bhatt commenting about Indian society? Isn't she British?


She's talking for RK


She literally used Taylor swift to justify her disgusting belief and failed miserably again. C’mon Alia you are better than this get back to your old game Prithvi raj chauhan and prime minister things at least that was funny to read.


It's not a disgusting belief, its truebut it was ironical




But Taylor was shamed repeatedly for dating so many men and writing songs about them


Swifties are gonna eat her alive 💀💀


Aaj Alia ka lecture session hai


America literally banned abortions. Lets not pretend most of that country isn't puritanical christians.


No one cares if you have dated many men separately, however if you date them at the same time this behavior is slutiness even in western standards whether you like it or not.


I still remember that interview where the host asked Taylor so who are you going to back home with tonight? And I was like….fuck…they did not. The anger flashed on taylor’s face but she handled it like a pro!


Prithviraj Chauhan


Taylor Swift was shamed regardless of being a white girl in west. Infact so much that she was slut shamed for being groomed by John Mayer and dating older men like Jake when she was still in her teens. Slut shaming is universal


Alia stop following Hailey Bieber on Twitter and stop seeing life through her eyes.


Legends say that if you take TS’ name in vain, it invokes the wrath of the swiftie army. Alia should be careful, the army is always blood thirsty. PS: mandatory /s. I’m a huge fan of Taylor


Aloo don't preach, only her papa karen preaches. Its an Indian thing. Guy or girl irrespective. But having said that, people still date, move on and marry and divorce! Whats her point though ? Slut shaming is predominant only in India ? Wrong.


We are equal opportunity slut shamers /s. We'd do that to male actors as well (to a slightly lesser extent).


This is crazy considering Taylor dated 7 people throughout her whole career, even my neighbor has more than this 😭


Who the hell is Alia man




Taylor swift as well as Elizabeth Taylor both have been dragged to hell for dating multiple men. The thing is miss bhatt-kapoor that it's the society in general like that you can't say fight misogyny all while Shaming Swift for what you're fighting against.






Kutto aur insaano main thoda to farak hona chahiye... gali ke saare kutto se chudwake bacche tk kiske hai pata nahi ho to kya faida insaan banke paida honeka


Bruhh from when dating a whole city has become a trend in west?


Lol!! She is doing the same 😝😝


Taylor wrote a whole ass song about media witch hunting and slut shaming her. Alia is so unbelievably dumb. One would atleast google up a little bit about an artist before using their name. Misogyny is not an Indian phenomenon. She could have said that women in general, in India are slut shamed more than west. There was no point to drag one of the most slut shamed artist in that. Also, WTF is she has dated everyone? 🥴 Mam bffr. This is exactly how women are shamed. Do you really not see irony here? Taylor dated like any other teenager but because she is a very famous woman, she got shred to pieces for it. She has been in a stable relationship for six years. She was a young woman and older men like JK and JM were predatory. Why are we shaming the victim here? Go listen to Dear John please. I mean sis, your husband has dated more women than TS. He literally was a fuckboy till his 40s and probably wouldn't have settled in AM with you, if not for external factors. Call your husband that the next time. You would not even have a career, if you were American.


"taylor swift wasnt shamed!" she says, while shaming taylor swift


Oh sweet Alia, you really think people don't judge women in Western countries for having multiple boyfriends?


More lessons on how society should be from people who are free to think whatever because they never have to live with the consequences - they're that rich.


well on the contrary, how would you feel if your partner has dated multiple women throughout his life before you? OH WAIT-


Lol deepika, katrina, kareena has slept with multiple boyfriends. Yet people love her. It's not a big deal. People think they found their true love until they haven't


Slept is the word you'd use?


these 200 people with blue tick marks are just a very very very small part of india, but for some reason they thinks the country revolves around them, they are not india again but just a very very very small part of it


I guess she was right when she said she isn't a feminist.


How did alia get married with that brain of hers...


Multiple boyfriends hona problem nahi hai , multiple boyfriends ek time pe hona problem hai 😑


I used to like this Alia.Since she got into a relationship with 'bdtameez dil' man, Alia has lost her spunk. She was refreshing, evolved & free-spirited. Now she has gotten too conventional & corny.Maybe, marriage does that.However, she is a shell of her former self in some ways.


Lol@everyone focusing on the TS comment as opposed to the actual issue which she’s right about. Look at how much DP gets slut shamed non stop even on this sub


Taylor Swift herself has said multiple times that she was slut shamed by the general public of the west . Slut shaming and taboo around a women dating is a global issue not just an Indian one . I know that slut shaming exists here most definitely but Idk why she's downplaying and ignoring the slut shaming that happened in the west with Taylor. {Ps : Taylor hasn't dated everyone , this itself sounds like a slut shaming comment . Alia can take her privileged tone deaf , dumbass somewhere else lol }


Taylor Swift has dated like 6 men in her 15 years of public life, I’m pretty sure Ranbir is tied with her


She herself is shaming Taylor Swift so what’s her point???


Wait wait. Lets all ignore the point she is trying to make and focus on taylor swift.


Apart from the Taylor example, shes right though isnt it.


Yeah you’re right. People are focusing on the Taylor example because it’s easy to attack. Women in Bollywood are slut shamed for kissing someone on screen that isn’t their partner like….?


The flak DP has gotten for doing Gehraiyaan is unbelievable. Alia definitely has a point here, but Alia hai toh people will purposefully miss the actual point and focus on some small detail to attack her with


The worst part is that people bring it up today to account for DP-RS tension like??


Par woh Indian nahi hai toh kyun uski Baat Ho rahi hai?


If a guy can date lots of girls why not a girl date as much as she wants that's her will and wish nobody has any rights to pinpoint it


if she was American she would have to do multiple casting couch with so called American jaran kohar(s) and still wont be casted. PS People just dont realise how free we are here to work and play with lives untill they have to leave this. Jahan khana hai wahin hagna hai inko!


`She's dated, like, everybody.` Hypocrisy aside, this got me real good. XD


"She has dated, like, everybody." The punctuations are there for a reason.


Alia baby you're not shamed for having boyfriends you're shamed for dating and then marrying your bfffff's ex


Yup, total reptile behaviour and then the audacity to compare herself to Miss. Swift and also slut shame her in same breath. Like miss mam, please stfu.


Taylor alison swift is a legend we all love her, we listen to her music because we want to each and everytime it is released. Alia bhatt is just a glorified average girl who has been shoved down our throat since her advent in the hindi film industry. She is not a legend she will never be periodt!


Honestly anyone who has multiple affairs whether any gender is questionable bcz it shows that person doesn’t have the zeal to maintain relationships in longer run imo. That being said it’s weird how women are hated and men are not even questioned for same




Taylor does get shamed by jerks so that example isn’t right but as a whole what Alia meant is also right, India as a country is still far more conservative than the west and most second tier cities etc do view actors, women in particular, like that


Granted her choice of words could have been phrased differently but she isn’t wrong.