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What are the chances of a 1000 crores WW gross? 🤞


Major chances. It needs 350 for it.Expected gross from domestic rn is 550. That makes 220 more from domestic. Overseas business will give it atleast 150 crores more from here on. 220+150 = 370. 1000 crores Paar. That will make it the biggest one language movie of all time. It's not a Pan India movie unlike other record holders. Dangal and SS had China gross to make tally look bigger then reality.


Any particular reason Pathaan isn't released in China ? Have they not tried or they didn't get approval? If they didn't try ? Is it because SRK doesn't have much of a fan following in China?


China only allows limited foreign releases, and there isn't a big market for Indian action films there, because they'd rather watch their own or Hollywood for that. They have only been interested in our slice of life stories because of similar family dynamics unlike Hollywood.


Yeah ... I am aware that China only allowed limited foreign releases and you have to take permission. I was just wondering how come aamir is so popular in China but not SRK


Because Aamir offered them something that no one else offered. Hollywood can do the romance and action that SRK does on a bigger scale, they can't do the content driven films like 3 Idiots and Dangal that China's population relates to because they have a very similar family-driven culture, and the educational pressure shown in 3 Idiots.


Aamir became popular there through 3 Idiots. It was a surprise hit there. The goodwill from Dangal continued with Dangal and Secret Superstars. Fir Thugs aa gyi aur goodwill per dent maar diya. Fir Laal Singh Chadda flop ho gyi aur China me Bina release kiye hi Netflix per daal di.


Indian action movies don't do better overseas because of obvious reasons. They have Hollywood for them for that purpose. Indian films which are family oriented do way better in China.


China isn't reality?


It is but it just balloons the foreign box office in slightly unrealistic way for majority of movies. The size of the country, the number of theaters ( now higher than all Europe and USA Can combined) and the value of Yen makes things twisty.


It is released in Telugu and Tamil dubbed, how come it is not Pan India?


Pan India movies are movies which have part of the cast and crew from both south and north, to give the movie some rock solid box office base to stand on in individual territories. KGF2 had Sanjay and Raveena from North, RRR had Ajay Devgun and Alia Bhatt. Merely releasing your movie in dubbed is not enough for the tag. A Pan India movie has to be announced as one such and marketed as one too. Pathaan is just your average bollywood flick. Even in past, many bollywood movies have been released in south dubbed. We have even had movies which were released in 22 languages just for extra promotion purposes. Adipurush ( bollywood movie with a south superstar in lead), Salar, NTR30 ( NTR and Deepika) and Jawan ( Atlee, SRK, Vijay, Nayantara) are some upcoming Pan India movie. Pathaan is just your regular yrf stuff.


What about the OG pan India movie Bahubali? Who were the actors from north? How many actors from Bollywood were in Kgf 1, PS1? The only requirement of PAN India film is - release in multiple languages to break the cultural and language barrier and reach more audience. Before many Bollywood films released with dubbed Telugu and Tamil but not considered pan India because the term Pan India did not exist back then. Both Brahmastra and Pathaan are Pan India films, you can even check on the wiki page.


KGF and PS1 arent pan indian movies. What do you think makes them pan indian???


Yeah, sure. The film which defeated SRK's zero in NORTH India isn't PAN Indian film https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-Indian_film


PS1 and KGF are not Pan India movies. PS1 is a Tamil movie and KGF is a Kannad movie. KGF2 is a Pan India movie. Not every movie of any language doing good in outer states is a Pan India movie. Bollywood has a history of releasing movies in many languages of India. A PAN India movie is the one that is made with full Intent to click with audiences from North to South, East to West. Pathaan was never meant to rule the south box office. It was only and only meant for Hindi belt. Nothing else. Anything else, like releasing it in south states, was part of extended promotions. Any the example you cited, Bahubali is an anomaly.


Bruh what? It doesn't matter which films you consider as Pan India,but they released as one anyway. Even I don't think there's any pan India trait in PS1 but but they released it as Pan Indian. Kgf 1 isn't PAN India film? Are you serious? It clashed and defeated zero in box office. Bringing actors from north started to get get more attention, but it was never a requirement. I suggest you to see 'Pan Indian films' wikipedia page. Seems like you do have a lot of misconceptions.


implying that China isnt reality or that their gross matters less?


I am so hapoy for srk


Which are the other films in top5?


1. Dangal 2. Secret Superstar 3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan 4. PK 5. Pathaan


All of those other films made considerable amount of money in China, something that Pathaan doesn't seem to be poised to do


Just watched a Tuesday evening show abroad and it was completely houseful. All the way to the front seats!!


Lol and there are still dumbasses who are tweeting photos of empty theatres saying Pathan flop hui. Those idiots didn't even know that it's a show of a different movie


I hope your neck is ok.


They meant it was houseful all the way, even the front row seats, not that they were sitting in the front.


Top 4 are Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Secret Superstar and PK. PK grossed anywhere from 750 to 850 crores depending on where you look. Secret Superstar did at least 875 cr but maybe more than 900. Bajrangi topped 900.


900???😳 🤷🏻‍♀️


crores yes


Wow didn’t know that 👍


In China, important distinction, most of it goes to ccp and theatres


Boycott wale kha gye are koi to kuch Karo


Boycott wale bhi secretly dekh liye hoge ab tak


They spent the money they were paid to do boycott by buying tickets to first day first show.


https://preview.redd.it/vfmzvl9qcjfa1.jpeg?width=747&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=e7a76da3e1204bf894dac9ad65a820fff020de48 Watching it in bheed






Boycott gangs are mostly on twitter. LSC too had worked if it wasn't THAT long and was a masala movie like Pathaan. No body is boycotting Akshay, Rajkumar, Ayushmann, Arjun's movies yet their movies are flopping hard. Because Indian audience has become matured enough. Either they will go and watch and brainless masala movie (with a Superstar like SRK attached to it) or a good movie with a solid script (Drishyam2). That's it.


They are making their own theories like all figures are a lie. SRK made a film with a 250 cr budget and then bought 500+ cr tickets on his own.


I am boycotting since 1987. Never watched Bollywood movie in cinema.




Bhai screen recording me to Godfather bhi nahi dekhi jayegi.


lol. pirated bhi kyun dekhni when you are boycotting. btw now you are a criminal under Indian laws.


Start ki to acchi hai. Cringe to end me hai.


I saw someone change the narrative to "Pathaan shows India in a good light so no one ever wanted to boycott it"


Pathaan is already the 2nd highest Bollywood grosser worlwide in Hindi format. Dangal is the highest Bollywood grosser worlwide in Hindi format with close to 800 crores worlwide being collected only in Hindi format. Dangal went onto add another 1200 crores after it's Chinese dubbed version was released. Secret Superstar collected close to 800 crores in China alone. The same with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It had a China release in 2019 and added up another 300 crores in its worlwide collections.


1200 crores WTF? Why is Bahubali 2 claimed the all time highest grossing Indian movie then?


Dangal is the highest grossing Indian movie worldwide and highest grossing Indian movie overseas. Baahubali 2 is the highest grossing Indian movie IN India. Dangal India Box Office Nett collection ( It's Nett, not gross) : 385 crores+ Baahubali 2 India Box office Nett collection : 1050 crores+ Baahubali 2 did 500 crores+ nett in the Hindi belt And 500 crores+ nett in the Southern states. It was a rage back then and the only movie to have blockbuster business all over India across all languages with 10 crore footfalls which was unheard of before. Baahubali 2 not only shattered Bollywood records but even in South, upon its release, it was the highest grossing movie in Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu as well. Dangal, the highest grossing original Hindi movie in India, whose record Pathaan will break in a few days, had a footfall of 3.7 crores.


It never has. Dangal has remained the top-dog since the day its China run ended


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_Indian_films One week in and it's already in the top 10. It'll most likely get to top 5 if it keeps up momentum after this.


Can someone adjust the other 9 in the top 10 for inflation? Just curious


Looks like Dangal is going to stay at 1st for a quite a long time. But how did Secret Superstar earn 977 crore?


Dangal will be hard to surpassed because it had done extraordinary in China and that one country alone gave it 1600 crores. It can't be repeated. If Bahubali 2 could not topple it, nothing would be able to do it. A true pan India movie with North and South Superstars joining hand for a well received action vehicle might pull it off. Pathaan would have also done it but south states totally rejected the north India product.


I doubt any action movie will be able to do that in china even the other indian movies that did big numbers in china were andhadhun and bajrangi bhaijaan content films from bollywood earn more there . Aamir can do it if he makes a good content film like taare zameen par , pk etc highly doubt any other indian star will be able to make that much money in china market .


I was not talking about China. I said it could happen even without China if North and South delivers a once in a lifetime movie for everyone to cherish. Bahubali 2 reached 1800 crores without doing much in China.


Yes. It's simply extraordinary. Those Dangal numbers are insane.


>Pathaan would have also done it but south states totally rejected the north India product. do we have data on how hindi version is performing in the south?


I dont have any data. But the movie had a dream opening in my state and is running with solid occupancy in the nearest theatre.


You are from Kerala, right?


12-15 Crores so far from all 4 south states.


Only Aamir Khan can topple that record, but I don't think he's doing content driven films like Dangal after LSC anytime soon.


The next movie of Rajamouli might have a chance to beat Dangal if it carries the RRR momentum in the west and lives up to the hype. Apart from that, I don't see any other movie beating Dangal in this decade atleast.


If there ever be a sequel for RRR it will break Dangal WW record


I want to know it too? That movie was stupid. Was that just China money in action?


Yessss. Amir has good fan following in China


Looks like that. Aamir Khan movies do tend to get good reception in China. Most probably, 3 Idiots is what got the ball rolling.


3 idiot was very good movie. Secret superstar was just silly.


Not seen it but SERIOUSLY, apart from SRK, Deeps and John - is the story and story telling worth this much? If its action scenes etc, then shouldn't the winner be actioon director, the computer grpahics person..if DDLJ did 640 crores, I get it but this?


It really wasn’t that bad. Not quality cinema by any means but was quite entertaining throughout. 2:40 hrs long but didn’t feel like a stretch even for someone like me who HATES action.


There were alot of factors. Srk come back, spy universe kick off and everyone wanted to combat "boycott", it felt like a sporting event where srk and bollywood had to win. Also when i asked 2 people why you liked it one said who cares about the script? The other said i dont care about the story im going the second time. Maybe our audiences will never change.


It absolutely was a terrible film, only reason it worked was becauseof the hype and all


Finally watched it. Such a bad movie but yet making so much money. Indian cinema deserves better. The acting from everyone was subpar. The plot stupid and the action so so bad. John was the saving grace bc he looked so hot.


You lost all validity for me when you said john was the saving grace just because he looks hot


Siddhartha Anand can do only this much.


Aesi hi filme chalti hai


Action scenes were good, plot isn't upto the mark that part I agree


The majority audience reception sometimes makes you happy sometimes sad. But this is one of those times where i am hapy that they liked it.


3 ghante ruko Downvotes aayenge ab Seriously, what the fuck has happened to this sub lately? Even I love srk, but i Don't dick ride him like this sub does


Get ready for more Fast and Furious Action Shit from Bollywood


Did people really like the movie that much..like it was okay 🧽😒