EarFun U Boom L. Many have been saying itโ€™s one of the better ones out there


I would say Anker Soundcore motion boom or motion plus unless you care about having a speaker with dust resistance then I would say the Flip 6.


JBL Flip 6.


Anker soundcore motion plus ๐Ÿ‘


I'd go UE Megaboom or Boom


You can replace the battery in the flip 4 for $25 and 15 mins and one screw driver. The battery on amazon is $35 or less and comes with the included screw driver and pry tool. Ive never opened anything up before but after watching a 5 minute video on YouTube it seemed simple enough. It really was easy and again I never opened up any electronics before. The battery is plug and play. I think the hardest part was getting the overly inflated battery out of the speaker but I was able to wiggle it out. With the extra money you have you can get a second flip 4 and do left and right stereo. The newer speakers are not much better.