I was unsatisfied with [the post I made here previously in October](https://www.reddit.com/r/BlueOysterCult/comments/q9jz55/writing_credit_and_lead_vocal_distribution_for/), which had several problems with it (including one blatant case of miscounting on my part), so I decided to revise my charts to what I consider a better state. Methodology: Each song is worth a single credit, which is divided equally between all people who share it. So if a song has 3 writers, each of them get 0.33, while if it only has one, that person gets 1. Each album is balanced to be percentage of credits on that album, regardless of the number of songs on each album. The "total" bar at the end, however, counts the absolute number of songs across all the eight preceding albums; albums with more songs have more "weight" for the total value, despite each one being 100% as their own individual bar. Counting writing credits is a bit tricky. Sometimes people like Richard Meltzer get a writing credit because one of the band members adapted his poetry into the lyrics, while other times they brought in musician friends who helped them write the music for the songs. It's up to you which songwriting graph you consider the "real one". [Here's the raw data for anyone to peruse](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sKdLju8KtY9yuyVrMEH2BLHmhsrFTRsVTVnOOjwJ7_c/edit#gid=0). There's a bit of inaccuracy because I worked with decimals. Still getting used to using spreadsheets.