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Chapter 9 but you might as well start from the beginning if you want


He learns a couple different techniques and skills which take him pretty damn far. To the point where he now has to learn new stuff to keep up with the new top players in the series.


Lmao man I bet the top 100 is crazy. I’ve only been seeing the people in the 200s


yea you won‘t even believe it when you see them


Ong the top 100 are built different ![gif](giphy|O5NyCibf93upy|downsized)


Just wait for the anime to finished then you can read the manga after a Cliffhanger, you don't want to wait for about 1half week for a chapter


I don’t mind waiting…I’m reading countless manga rn so it’s cool. Lol I’m waiting a month for dragon ball super and boruto


The manga is really good the mc gets “power up” but he always is one step behind some of the best player so it’s cool to see how good he gotta be to be the number one


Fine then, you should start on chapter 90 THIRD SELECTION. That way you will see the scariest monster in WORLD BIGGEST 5 LEAGUE