Sensei of Blue Archive, if you can pick your own Sensei´s voice actor/actress, who would you like it to be?

For me I would probably have different voice depending on Sensei mode (serious/ gremlin/ charming).

For male Sensei:

  • Generally I find Tomokazu Sugita would fit for all mode, man could switch from badass to goofy, which some of us may have witnessed from Gintama.
  • Yuichi Nakamura would also feel quite natural, Gojo-sensei is totally gremlin of a character while still being charismatic and charming in his own way. Tatsuya Shiba meanwhile reflects serious badassery siscon he can be.
  • But if I have to pick someone who makes student hearts´ race to the point of skipping a beat, that would be Yuichiro Umehara. The man´s voice is simply otherworldly. As someone who enjoys voice acting, his voice is simply a joy to listen to.
  • Special mention for me would be: Takahiro Sakurai (despite his controversy), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (can never go wrong with this one), and Yoshimasa Hosoya (someone will need to stop me to make a two full pages essay about all the sinful thought from having such a cool voice saying... stuff, Granblue Fantasy´s Belial)

Female Sensei

  • Yuuko Kaida. Imagine my fellow sensei... reliable, protective, badass, mommy sensei. Hmm, yes.. truly a force to be reckoned with. Even Shun will feels like she´s 16. Kivotos will forever be at peace, because nobody wants to make a problem with this kind of sensei. Jokes aside, I think she does one type of role extremely well that the only competition would be Romi Park.
  • Aoi Yuki. Personally I find it difficult to complain about it. If I´m getting Aoi Yuki, I simply enjoy. But the first thing in my mind would be.... SIMP SENSEI. Some of you who have played Azur Lane surely knows a thing or two about Taihou (GOD BLESS AOI YUKI FOR TAIHOU). Imagine we´re getting that but toward student. In a way she would be looking for her students in... rather different way than what we have previously imagined.
  • Manaka Iwami. People who have followed seiyuu stuff probably realized she has made more memorable appearance during recent years. Honestly, before I made this post I was not even thinking of including her. But then she appeared in my mind and I feel the need to write about it. Her performances during recent years were simply stellar. Exusiai in AK, Satyr in GBF, Bridget in Guilty Gear, Amber in Genshin, and Rice Shower in Umamusu. All of them memorable and different, probably making her one of the more versatile seiyuu during this period. Imagine having them as our sensei voice.
  • Special mention for me would be: Miyuki Sawashiro (I believe I have no need to explain about her), Hayami Saori (yes, she´s already in the game, BUT.. okay I don´t have a good enough reason other than wanting more of her), Kana Ueda (as snobbish female sensei, it´s up to the students to fix her)

Feel free to share your thoughts, I feel like it would be quite interesting to know what fellow sensei have in mind on this topic.


I'd say Chris Pratt


That's for Dub Shiroko.


Jack Black as Hoshino


Johnny Depp as Nonomi


I would pick Hayami Sho.... Why tho? Because he is Aizen Sosuke... "No one ever stood atop the heaven before. Not you..or I...or the god. But the unbearable vacancy of heaven's throne ends now. From now on... I will stand at the top." -Probably not sensei-


LOL. Yessssss why not. The eyeglasses swept hair sensei looks like Aizen. And Aizen had a schoolgirl lieutenant - Hinamori Momo.


Well.... Just hopefully sensei won't betray and backstab her ... So Momo won't have PTSD again. And i wonder if Arona gonna represents for Kyoka suigetsu's spirit or not 🤔 .... Well probably uh....just nevermind about it


whoever that voice Aquamarine if it is a male sensei Although it may be weird, I wanna see Rie Takahashi take on the sensei role


Rie sensei is either a shota, or gloriously hilarious but very responsible female sensei. And hot damn i want both.


Male Sensei: Jun Fukushima or Jun’ichi Sawabe For a female Sensei: Marina Inoue, Miyuki Sawashiro, Yuu Asakawa, Norika Shitaya,or Aya Endo


Takehito Koyasu (Dio VA). He can be degenerate with gehenna students and charming protective sensei for trinity girls at the same time. Strange that no one mentioned him


Ooh I can totally imagine it being a Hans Christian Andersen situation from FGO. He totally fits the vibe.


For male sensei, I think Nobunaga Shimazaki or Kaito Ishikawa do work very well. For female sensei, I think for boyish voice I believe Romi Park or Ayako Kawasumi will do, for slight childish, perhaps Kotori Koiwai will do.


Huh.... Now that you mentioned it, who will be voicing sensei in the anime I wonder. They might want to use PS68's sensei so I'll choose Miki Shinichiro. Like Sugita he can voice both goofy (Tatsuma Sakamoto-Gintama) and badass (Blade-HSR)


TBF gintama is both goofy and badass


I would say Jun Fukushima or maybe even Kenjiro Tsuda since you already mentioned Tomozaku Sugita and Yuichi Nakamura.


I was also thinking Jun Fukushima


Akira Ishida for m sensei


Marina Inoue for f sensei


… …~~Elidibus Sensei!~~


For shits and giggles Takehito Koyasu, i just wanna hear him doing the ugohhhh in the most dio voice possible And for my serious pick, Tomokazu Sugita. Mostly because his previous work of Karasuma sensei from assassination classroom convinced me that he would fit perfectly for sensei


Whoever can 'UWOOOOOOOOHH' the horniest.


Don't have anyone specific in mind but this made me wonder another thing. How exactly will they handle sensei in The upcoming anime. Will they be an actual character or a ghost that is only occasionally mentioned?


For a goofy and inspirational sensei the students look up to, you'd never go wrong with Katsuyuki Konishi (Kamina). For a cooler voice, someone like Tomakazu Seki (Gilgamesh) or Kouji Yusa (Karna) Female voice has to be Kugimiya Rie


Doodle Sensei [voiced by this program](https://youtu.be/FsVSZpoUdSU?t=351) But really,I think the best candidate to voice Doodle Sensei overall is [Gimnaeng](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBiAkdI-pTM)


For male sensei I'll go with Shinichiro Miki (Urahara, Bleach • Lee, Arknights) as i think he's fit the role of sensei who often negotiate or solving the near impossible problem with his words. For female sensei I'll go with Ueda Reina (Ganyu, GI • Mya-nee, Wataten • Shuka, Darwin Game • Rosa, Arknights and many more) she has that mature voice capable of being serious onee-san or as degenerate hikikomori we saw in Mya-nee from Wataten.


Kento Nanami's voice. I forgot the name of the VA. Coz you know I won't work overtime.


Kenjiro Tsuda! Guy has one hell of a voice!


Matsuoka was definitely the first choice I had for my first take of Sensei. Other versions of Sensei would probably have either Miyano Mamoru, Tatsuhisa Suzuki or Hiro Shimono as the voice instead Also Hosoya eh... Imagine if he's doing his Hidari Sotaro performance there as Sensei. Half-boiled and all


Yuichi Nakamura seem better suited than Tomokazu Sugita.


I mostly agree with the VA picks. Add Junichi Suwabe for the cool(and kinda tired) voice.


my vote goes to saitou soma can't get enough of his voice


Ron Perlman. "Kivotos... Kivotos never changes..."


Kenjiro Tsuda One of the best voice i ever heard in my life


Male: Junichi Sawabe. I need the sexiest voice possible And for female…. Yoshino Aoyama. Because why not. But seriously if she could get a more gentle Rumi voice, that’s be perfect


/u/spez can gargle on my nuts


My first pick would be Tomokazu Sugita. Always loved Gin-chan


Koichi Yamadera. Odd pick, but between his roles of Shun Akiyama (from the Like a Dragon series) and Vincent Brooks (from Catherine), he does a good job voicing slobbish himbos who can be serious when they need to be.


Male: Sugita. Female: Kobayashi Yū.


Takeya Kuroda.


Sensei is one of those types of characters like gojo, funny and goofy but at the same time cool and charming, so Yuichi Nakamura would do a perfect job as sensei.


Morgan Freeman


Male Sensei, I'd pick Kakihara Tetsuya or Hiroshi Kamiya for that playful tone of voice that has the capacity to be dead serious in certain situations. Female Sensei, I agree with Miyuki Sawashiro, also Reina Ueda or Hikasa Yoko.


I will admit I’m biased towards Female Sensei, so…**Mamiko Noto** for my ideal VA. *No particular reason.*


Male I wanna sugibro, nuff said, or Dio voice actor Female either rie takanashi or Yui Ishikawa, imagine fem sensei voice is the same as 2b, Lucia from pgr, fem MC of Honkai star rail. And i also wanna hear Lucia voice do stupid shit.


Another point for Hosoya is he does voice Welt from the honkai series whos demeanor is a lot like sensei's so i think its a great fit.


Imagine Joseph Joestar saying "Leave my beloved princess alone!" oh my GOD.


Miyano mamoru for male sensei. Sensei has a personality where he goes degenerate and crazy but also can be extremely charming to the point he able to rizz the entire kivotos and mamoru can do a voice for that sort of character


Hiroaki Hirata the one and only Sanji and Jap dub Vergil


Oh also Ryohei Kimura, I really liked his Asmodeus in Demon school Iruma


Danny DeVito


Jouji Nakata for yorokobe


Tomokazu Suigita.


If we could have EN VA I would love to hear sensei asTodd haberkorn


Wayne June **No reason in particular....just want to see the tragic extend of Sensei's failing**


for a guy, I’d definitely choose Takehito Koyasu He did Dio and id feel like it’d cool Or like Tomokazu Sugita. I feel like he’d also be good


I’d pick Kenn for male Sensei, would fit nicely and his voice is amazing (refer to Judai Yuki from Yugioh GX for reference)


I mean I'm fine with the floating text box like what Arona does


Soo ho Son or Sung young Park


Whoever dubbed L in Death Note. Soft and kinda asmr-ish voice would fit Sensei really good imo


Robert Downey Jr.


I pick Wayne June, the Ancestor's voice is always cool.


Blake Ritson for the English Dub 100%


Roland from Library of Ruina, idk I just like the dude


Just pick yoshitsugu matsuoka and call it a day


nobunaga shimazaki cuz i'm just a little guy maybe ill tap into ritsuka fujimaru or shidou itsuka while im at it




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M Sensei: Daisuke Ono. F Sensei: Ayako Kawasumi