How do i climb this? (Desecrated Cistern, room full of poison)

How do i climb this? (Desecrated Cistern, room full of poison)


you will get a relic later on that will allow you to negate the effects of water and swamp on your movement


I'm a bit stuck, where do i get it from? I just killed the three-ladies boss.


Some old man you find along your travel Redento I believe was his name, during your 5th encounter he'll give you the relic needed. After every encounter he moves location just a heads up.


You gotta do several quests for the old man you meet in Jondo. First, activate the moving track platform on the other side of Jondo, then make it through the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow platforming area, then make sure Esdras is defeated in Bridge of the Three Calvaries, and create a platform by cutting down one of the trees in Patio of the Silent Steps. The old man will give a different "toe" each time you complete these tasks, and once you get to a statue that looks like the old man in Mother of Mothers, equip all of those toes to your rosary beads. You will get a relic that doesn't slow you down or dwarf your jumps when you're in water/mud. Once you climb that shit, you'll find the hardest Mea Culpa statue to get to. Seriously, it is FUCKED UP trying to complete that side quest.


Tip for that satanic demon room full of swinging axes: Use Tiento to your thorned hairs so you don’t get hit by axes, but do the plat forming quickly


Tiento is SO good. Final boss didn't have a chance.


U need the nail uprooted in dirt


Nail Uprooted From Dirt - allows you to walk normally in shallow water like that Something Something Silvered Lung - allows you to walk through poison clouds without taking any damage


You need the nail uprooted in dirt from Rodento's final task


Just a quick heads up, after doing that you need 2 more relics, the one of the particles and the root one.


This path is basically just a shortcut for a later quest. It's not essential to the story. But as everyone else said you need the nail uprooted in dirt.


there is a way to glitch this without the relic, albeit a tricky and tedious one. if you jump attack the enemies while holding down (not downstrike) the hit will make you hop a bit. doing it a few times will have you land on the ledge and you will have to immediately jump forward to not get hit back from the enemies explosion.


Just play the game or look it up yourself. Don't be lazy.