Same goes for the pet pages. 😂😭

Same goes for the pet pages. 😂😭


*posts picture of themselves* “Isn’t my mommy so beautiful?” Bitch, what???


“I just want to thank my mommy for all the sacrifices she’s made for me. I wouldn’t be here today without her.” -2 month old child. 🤨🥴Like girl if you don’t sitcho ass down somewhere.


Yeah but if they didn't take a fat nut raw they wouldn't have to make any sacrifices in the first place. Idk why those morons have to pretend like someone put a gun to their head and forced them to have a child.


Even then plan B exists






Well I am a therapist. And uhhh yeah its definitely an unhealthy fixation. People that do that probably have something going on.


People that do that have NOTHING going on. That's why they do that. They're trying to bring joy and importance to meaningless, hum-drum lives. They want attention and validation, even to the point of using their children. They need friends and hobbies, but I guarantee they watch a minimum of 6 hours of Reality TV a day. They're the kind of people that in social situations talk about people instead of ideas.




You may be surprised to find that some people almost never discuss others as a means of entertainment, and instead discuss the happenings of the world, interesting innovations, science, art, tech, literature, philosophy, hobbies, etc.




Yeah, but talking about someone in terms of their literary, artistic, or scientific achievements is keeping the focus on the literature, art, or scientific breakthrough. It is different than talking about who slept with who's wife or what a kiss-ass so-and-so is.


Facts, like if Im talking about a new book I read with a friend, I'll tell them what I thought of the story itself. The plot, the pacing, the verbiage, the character development. Im not gonna talk about the author in that conversation cause the only reason that person is relevant is as the creator of the story. I'll give that 99% of conversation are of topics *relating* to people, cause theres a lot of interesting things to talk about and they didnt all come from me or whoever Im talking to. But its kinda ridiculous to think that its 99% that are actually about other people


I find those pages creepy


I know those people are the same people who say "my child is my best friend" and force their kids to live her dreams through them. The model children who can do no wrong who get forced into sports or talent contests so the parent can soak up the attention and who has no actual interest in their kids' wants or needs. I always worry for those kids.




"Mommy and me......" Boy if you don't shut up.


Just had a baby girl 3 days ago. My wife wanted us to make her an Instagram page...showed her this post and shut all that down lol


Straight out the womb, already got an Instagram lol. Like damn can kids just be kids?! But congrats on the new baby! 😁🎉


Straight outta the womb, crazy motherfucker got an IG...


I think all that shit is creepy. I love my dog but I can’t see myself writing captions like that. The cringe and narcissism is off the charts for those accounts.


Like how do you actually sit & type “Im so imPAWtent. 🐾Mamas good boy!” with a straight face?!




Oh god i can't unread your comment


Wtf man? Need some eye bleach now


Lmfaooo but why are you like this sir? I’m laughing because I’m so confused as to why THIS EXAMPLE was so specific and niche 😹. Just...I give up 😭😭




I find the one about pets more unsettling. With paragraphs and narratives that make you question whether someone needs to check on those animals or not!


See I just want a simple caption about the pet lol. My dog & cat have their own page, but it's not like we update them everyday. We also don't glorify ourselves on their accounts either. I feel like kids pages are more unsettling because it's not like they are moderating who follows them or anything.


Single captions I understand. That's something the family and friends would enjoy seeing on their timeline as well! But have you seen the ones with literal narrations and stuff? Those were the ones that took me by surprise!


Same! My dog has two other sister on Instagram. One of them clearly has no life because she’s always obsessed with “follow parties” and advertising Etsy shops full of 99¢ bandanas overpriced at $30.00 a pop.


The worst are the doll ones. I’ve seen Baby Yoda pages now where they do this and it’s so weird and uncomfy.


The. WHAT?


Oh boy...nothings worse than a Disney doll calling someone mommy. I think he’s adorable but he’s not human...


looool I think this one wins! I cannot imagine even being next to someone propping a Yoda doll for a photo session!


I’m so glad someone said it.” Yes mommy I love when you use natural herbs instead of vaccines.” Like bruh hella creepy


Thanks for not injecting me with all those nasty poisons 💉☠️⚰️ I love my oily mama! 🤗 ...ugh


Same but pets. Also, calling yourself Dog/cat parent.


You tryna lose Reddit today man?!


I love calling my dog my son when trolling racists - “I can’t be racist against white people, my son is white.” They usually get big mad, but that’s the point 🤣🤣


Not everyone wants to be a parent to a human or even can be.


And pets are not children that you parent. They are pets. You can develop deep emotional bonds with them but they are not humans. Treating a dog like a child will usually result in behavioral/dominance issues in the future.


And do you believe that these people are actually 100% treating they cats and dogs like a human baby? Its a nickname bro, a term of endearment if you will. I dont think its that serious


Aight, we gonna fight now


You watch them grow, feed them, clean up after them and take them to doctors. Technically, we own them but it feels a lot like something more:)


It's weird.


Whoa now....


Look goddammit. My cats are amazing and if they could type...




The captions thing is weird. Guilty, I used to post pictures of my daughter on my Instagram thinking it would be a good platform for memories and stuff like that. But then I realized that I don't have her consent as a person to do that. The current alternative that I have now (may not be perfect) is that I made an email account for her. And when I take pictures of us together, I send them to the email account for when she is older with when the picture was taken, what we were doing or something to remember the day. I have login instructions written down in case something happens to me. I hope she appreciates it someday.


That's really sweet.


Nah b. I know a guy w/ a dog IG and all the pics are captioned, "Look @ this lazy bitch." I chuckle each time...


Mommy, you’re a princess. Mommy, you’re a superstar. Mommy you’re the greatest. How can I ever fill your sho-o-o-es? -Astrid Levinson


Ass turd?


I’m not asking for a sugar cookie or anything, but I never posted a thing about my pregnancy or my baby once he was born. I saw people posting pics of their kids from the minute after they’d been born. I seriously wonder how these kids, whose every second of their lives are recorded online, will feel about it.


Amy Cooper (called the cops on a birdwatcher) did that crap with her dog.


It really feels like some form of narcissistic disorder or some close relative


A lot of parents in general are just weirdos. Solidifies why i don't want to have kids.


What really be getting me is when they be talking to themselves in the comments like they’re actually have a conversation with their 6 month old


Doing this for pets is cute Doing it for a child is disturbing


I’m trying to remember the IGs of this one couple that had an account for their unborn child and they would both post pics and write comments to the child and as the child, so it was all three of their asses chitchatting with each other. The mom commenting as the fetus to her husband asking about “mommy” was the point that I backed right out of there.


I have been asked hundreds of times why my dog doesn't have an Instagram... ​ I don't even have an Instagram.


[I block those accounts ](https://gfycat.com/activeeagerbuffalo-chris-tucker)


My aunt has a Facebook account for a stuffed animal that she travels with on fairly extravagant vacations. Its weird.


That shit is weird and cringe.


First of all: Yassss no more country club. I can post again. Second: I really need to get off my lazy ass and get myself verified to get that ✅ Third of all: lmaoooo. This post is funny and sad all at the same time. I wonder what’s going on in the parents heads when they make IG pages for freaking zygotes.


I unfriended some cousins because of this shit. Wtf is your newborn child giving me a friend request? Gtfoh. *ignore*


yea a real sign of the times


My cousin has a Facebook account for all of her children. She’s weird as hell in general though.




can we also throw in people who make these type of accounts but for their dogs? I love me a golden retriever but ive never heard one say "Mommy". Stop with that foolery


What about all those baby shirts with captions


Falling in love


My MIL does this but through family texts and when gifting things. It drives me insane. She does it for my toddler and dead relatives.


Ok, I need examples and an explanation for this


\>creating instagram for your newborn would be enough




My dog has an insta lmfaooo but I’m hardly on it. Not a social media person at all!


I’ve seen quite a few people make pet Instagram accounts and I mean sure whatever, but newborn children is just something else I think.


Goo goo ga ga


*cough* Gabrielle Union *cough*


Undying political loyalty.


I feel like just a picture and what they were doing/what happened in that day or timeframe should suffice. Anything else is a no from me dawg


Don’t do this. Not the commenting thing, the posting accounts and pictures for young kids. We have an entire generation of kids growing up completely without privacy. What’s the first thing they ask you at the bank? Name and birthdate, now that’s public knowledge. Makes identity theft real easy. Minors and young children are the number one target for identity theft for reasons like this (and shitty relatives).


Does this still count when other people see it as a mental illness whem theu look?


Are you sure it’s not just a symptom of one of the symptoms of mental illness?


Wait, what's wrong with making Insta pages for your pets? My life is not interesting enough to be featured, so I tend to make up fantastic storylines and other narrative for my cats. [Example](https://www.instagram.com/p/CFl4nqpjPiE/).


It's obsessive and weird.


I don't think "weird" is a negative. Imagine a bland, vanilla world where everyone's the same.


Did you just self-promote your pet page on a post calling out pet pages? I respect the hustle, but you gotta know that's kinda wild.


Same with people pretending to be their dogs. Shit weird af


They’re insane


Stan culture all you barbz and swifties or whatever they’re called


pet pages are fine lol


People that do that for their pets definitely have mental illness. It's like pre-heating.


Same thing goes for account for pets


Pet pages are worse IMO


I don't really see a problem with this


The page itself isn’t the problem. It’s the “and captioning photos like they wrote it” for me. Most definitely.


You made one didn’t you lol?


No, my aunt has one for her puppy. It seems sweet imo