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There is a smell of sex of course, but if it smell before yall start, man thats on you for staying


Exactly it’s on you…..no one forcing you to stay…I’m not giving head if I can smell your lunch and work day on you.


I'm going to take this time to tell you all about when my previous roommate (20s m) was freshly divorced and jumping from one Tinder to the next. Well he was going to meet up with this one girl, and she invited him on over. They started having fun. He told me later he noticed a slight smell almost immediately but kept on going. By the time pants were off he thought it was too late to back out and he started going to town (guy on gal oral). It wasn't until he was down there that he realized the smell was coming exclusively from her vagina. His description included the words rotten, sour, rank, disgusting. It's been a while, but I remember it made me think of hot spoiled meat. Anyway, he realized he can't power through any longer than he has to. So after she finished he made an excuse and left. He gets outside and puts on his motorcycle helmet. I'll also mention he has a great big bushy beard. Well, the smell/juices had soaked his beard. He was hot boxing himself with rotten pussy juice while cruising down the interstate at 65mph. As he realized what the smell was, how powerful it was, and that there was nothing he could do to stop it, he began to feel nauseous. He ends up stopping his bike to almost throw up and throw his helmet on the back seat and risk a ticket. Anyway, the moral here is don't eat if you can't stand the smell.


What a terrible day to be literate


I have no idea why this has me so broken up 😂😂😂


Thank God COVID took my sense of taste from me


One wouldn't believe the absolute terror of having functioning retinas until they spend a single day with a relatively edgy comment section


I wish for the sweet release of death


At that point crashing into the oncoming lane is a mercy.






Well written. In the film he’s going to vomit into his helmet at 65mph.


It’s not text-accurate but goddamn what a visual, they’ll be talking about that practical effect for years


I hate you for sharing this story. I read this and now I genuinely wish one of my many head injuries would have resulted in short term memory loss I could control


This exact thing happened to me (minus the motorcycle part. She smelled horrible but I didn't want to be rude...she had a yeast infection. I left after I almost threw up on her. It's been like 5 years and I still can't think about it without getting nauseated


For anyone else that may find yourself in this situation, do yourself a favor and don't do it. It's not rude. If someone wants oral they gotta be clean.


Yeast infections don’t usually have a smell, maybe she had BV? Common bacterial infection with a horrible stink


Look, from what I’ve come to realize with a lot of women is they don’t know what is supposed to smell natural because we’ve normalized this stereotype of it smelling “fishy” down there. If it smells rotten then they 👏🏼need 👏🏼antibiotics 👏🏼 because it’s either a yeast or bacterial infection. Straight women ain’t going around smelling other women’s vaginas so they don’t know what’s out of the norm. Attention all men: its okay to say something.


Dude it’s been over 20 years and I think it’s gonna be more like 60 years before I forget that


If yo pum pum is stinking, why let homie go down?! Ladies, you know when God's greatest gift isn't wrapped right, come onnnnn. As a man with a beard, this dude had to no better, I'm not sacrificing my Samson facial hair on a Unclean altar... This whole situation needs to do better.


Grown men never should bite their tongue Unless you eatin' pussy that smell like it's a stale plum - K. Dot


HiiiPower is in my top 5 songs of all time.


No judgment here but…why? He smelled it and knew it was coming exclusively from her vagina. He should’ve saved his tongue (and beard) and left right then. OTOH..we know when we have an unusual scent down there, when something is wrong. TF she even pulled her pants down for when she *knew* she needed a gynecologist? Why would she even help set the scene for some fun when she knew she had an infectious odor going on? Reminds me of my ex who told me about this chick he was *about* to have fun with when he was in college. He said while they were kissing and playing around (clothes on)…he said he sensed a bit of a stench then, but wasn’t sure so he kept going with the kissing and cuddling. He said his fears were confirmed when this girl unzipped…*unzipped* her jeans and all he could smell was rotten eggs. I forgot what excuse he made up but he managed to get out of it. He said she was so strong down there that the dorm hall trailed of her stench for a few minutes after she left. I believe the scent had went up his nose and throat and he couldn’t get it out yet lol


Sometimes I wish I was Jared, 17…


He should have just passed away right there and she would have been charged with murder lol


If it takes you more than a second to identify/question the freshness then abort mission. (For both men and women)


LMAOOO true tho


Maaan, I still remember the smell of this girl back 15 years ago. She came over after work to hang out, but didn’t shower first. The second I pulled her pants down that bitch smelled foul, my hard on vanished and I had to ask her to leave. I washed my sheets that night, ugh I saw her weeks later on a date with another dude, I poured one out for him too. 🤢🤢🤮


I had almost the same exact experience, but I was the one leaving. I met up with her at her place after she got done helping her sister move, and when she took her pants off, she smelled so bad all of my interest vanished. I didn't even want her to shower, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Lol. She was apologizing to me as I was getting dressed, and we both never talked to each other again.


Lmao, she apologized? She knew she was she was gonna be funky especially after moving. Hopefully she learned


Haha, it was like a drawn-out, embarrassed "I'm sorrrrrry," accompanied with a look on her face like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I felt a little bad for her because even in the moment, I knew for her it'd be one of those awkward things you randomly remember and cringe about for years. 😆


I feel for her but damn lol, I've stepped into the bathroom to give my pussy a quick fresh up after being out on a dinner date, where I showered before!! Yes I am overly paranoid but better than living this experience 😱😱😱


Y’all know that vaginal smells are often due to yeast or bacterial infections that women cannot smell, right? Tell ‘em to go see the Doc. Most of the time they are not “dirty” they’re just in need of antibiotics.


These ones that smell like rotting meat or something are definitely bv or yeast. I had BV once and I could smell it through my pants when I was fully clothed. I had to use antibiotics for 2 weeks. They knew they smelled like rancid flesh. Chronically unwashed smells different. I was in the bathroom at work and a lady went in the stall next to me. I could tell the moment she pulled her pants down because the smell filled the whole bathroom. It literally made my stomach hurt. Dirty crouch BO x 1000.


Who told you women can’t smell it???


I totally get that on her side, that’s one of them learning experiences. I’ve had plenty my damned self


She learned a *very* valuable lesson that day I guarantee it


hopefully she learned and washed from then on


Ayo , had you not washed your sheets before the experience.? 😟😂 ![gif](giphy|HvWXjEpXf6MUJwCYzy)


Weekly, come on son. I’m not about to have any roadblocks between me and gettin ass, especially back then in my younger days 😎. Keep your place neat like a woman lives there, best advice my sister every gave


lmao have a drink and reminisce about what you came through and who is going through it can i get an amen




Sometimes you don’t notice till the button undone on the pants. Like a vacuum sealed bag lol


Get a nice lil funk facial ![gif](giphy|rzABFyK5Ebd9MQkgxC)


Not the vacuum seal 😂


> if it smell before yall start, man thats on you for staying If they smell like Wendy's before the sex starts, that's WHY I'm staying If they smell like Wendy's AFTER the sex starts, that's why I'm never leaving...


Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.


On everything i love i would physically turn my nose up at you and walk away like a victorian gentlenigga


>victorian gentlenigga ayo ☠️☠️☠️


This one right here Officer 🫵🏿




> [There is a smell of sex of course](https://youtu.be/cj2rxFS0qDQ)


Smell and stink are two different things. Whipping up vagina secretions, semen, sweat, and probably condoms are all going to make a unique smell. Stinking is something unclean, something bacteria swarmed.


Gots the see it through my boi !


Listen ion even got shit to say but light some scented candles and enjoy yourselves. And maybe spray a lil sumn in the air. You’ll be fine, and it won’t smell like two baconators that’s been sitting in the sun too long.


Not the baconators in the sun!! 😭😭😭💀💀


Lorraine Hansberry's oft forgotten sequel lol


Not to be confused with a poem by Langston Hughes


Sometimes, I question my asexuality. Not today.




Ion blame you


homie, you ain’t convincing NOBODY




I'm dying. 😂😂


So people don't shower/bathe beforehand anymore? I've been with the Mr for almost 20 years and I make sure he's eating off a clean plate every time.


TBH, if she straight from the gym, I'm going in!


Oh you like a little sauce on the taco. You nasty 😂


You know you like it 😏


Smelling a girls sweat makes your testosterone go up so it kinda gets you high


Play that grandma in church audio: "You need to leave!"


Just a little touch of aioli


Yeah there's a difference between "hasn't showered" and "straight from the gym". Fresh sweat > old BO.




What is with guys that like that? My boyfriend would 100% eat it after the gym no question


Extra flavor




I remember the type. Be trying to kiss you all in the mouth afterwards too 🙅🏾‍♀️


That’s the best part


I think it has to do with chemistry. My girl now, her sweat smells like sweat, but not BO. It turns me on. Not every girl's like this, she's the 2nd or 3rd ever in my life than can show up after a workout or a long day at work and holy hell is she irresistible. Other women will straight smell off or outright bad. I know pheromones ain't supposed to be a thing for people, but it's the only answer that I can come up with.


the salt adds flavor


🫡 appreciate your dedication to the cause


Gotta give it some seasoning 🧂 🤌🏾


When did people always do this? 🤔 I know my parents (married 50 years and counting) certainly aren't and they old freaks lmao. My hubby and I have sex when we feel like it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ If we have time to give each other a forewarning (eg. "Look babe, I got my steps in for the day already") we do but in general, not having bathed immediately beforehand or even that day is not a turnoff. Esp a quickie in between Teams meetings! Tbh I do find my people more stringent about bathing/showering in general so I guess if this is the case for many, that wouldnt be too surprising.


I bet you aren't smelling like Wendy's after a Teams meeting though lol.


I certainly hope not! We've been married long enough for him to tell me if I did. Ngl we have had those "you...(sniffs pit)...really hit that workout hard today, hunh?" moments during the double-shower months (summer) tho. Not ashamed but don't make it a habit, either.


Username checks out


My homeboy has a friend who stays at our house a lot. Her motto is, I don't cook I don't clean. She means that, including herself. Several times she slept all night, woke up, and left out the house without even coming into the bathroom which is next to my room. He's told me that it's been times that she's wanted to have sex but hasn't showered and he's looking at her cross-eyed. I'm like, you allow that shit


Have you considered your bathroom is the culprit and not her? I know very few people can avoid toileting in general, but if your bathroom looks like a science experiment gone rogue, she may be inclined to hold it until she gets home.


This is incredibly true. When I was younger, I might go over and smash a guy but his bathroom was a fucking menace. No way in hell I'm getting in the shower that looks like it's 30 days away from forming its own civilization.




I need to know why she ain't peeing too. Ol girl is against water coming into contact with her body under any circumstances?


Does that even sound like real life to you? Lol. I mean...


Hey. I don't put anything past anyone.


idk i kinda like it when its right after we know we both just worked out but it aint bad enough for me to wanna walk away. best feeling, great superset, and probably a kink of mine because the dude i lost my virginity to and i just worked out all the time when we were together


There's a world of difference between musk and funk. I like sex in the morning before we both get all cleaned up. Everything smells and tastes different. If either of us just came home from work then no thanks. I know I smell like cutting oil and disappointment lmao. That stress sweat smells different.


Cutting oil and disappointment 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Hey, I work hard not to bring work home with me. Taking a shower has always been a part of my routine. Gotta wash all that bullshit and bad vibes off me.


Endorphins are wild.


As someone whose family has several doctors and one OBGYN, whose office she worked in for 5 years, this is completely based in ignorance misogyny. See below: There are many different odors that are associated with sex. First, there is a natural smell in vaginal secretions that is more noticeable after sex because of the nature of sexual intercourse sometimes spreading these secretions to the labia outside the vagina. It doesn't actually change the vaginal odor. If a man ejaculates, there will also be the odor from the semen. If he does not use a condom and ejaculated inside the vagina, the semen separates and does trickle out when she stands up or walks around. If he does use a condom, there may be the odor of latex. And finally, when a person gets very sexually aroused, there are special sweat glands around the genitals that secrete a more musty-smelling sweat. All of these odors (except the latex) are naturally occurring and part of the functions of the body. I feel like there are a bunch of first graders who never had the book "Everybody Poops," and are uncomfortable with the fact odors from the genital region are designed by nature for attraction, arousal, & procreation. Nothing is wrong with them. If the scents are extreme, it can be a matter of not enough hygiene practice aka too much bacteria was on skin and not freshly cleansed prior or there is an infection. The eew, gross, nasty is another way passed down to put shame on women(whose scent varies based on what's been eaten and where they are in a menstrual cycle from copper/sour/musky....Sometimes, a fishy vaginal odor crops up just before the start of a woman's period, due to changing bacteria and acidity levels...which is not indicative of infection, unless the scent continues past menstruation along with discharge, etc). There is also a chemical reaction between the acidic vaginal secretions & semen, which releases it's own scent from the reaction changing the scent of the vagina immediately, to which semen can linger in vagina for a few hours even after standing and showering. The body is magnificent and perfect! Love it and don't shame it as men have been trained to do. Reject that nonsense, then research what causes these scents & changes. Once you understand the body at a medical level, things just aren't funny, nor are they shameful.


"Nothing is nasty about sex." Thanks for the science drop. There are some seriously bad takes or judgement on body chemistries or natural odor in this thread. True, if an individual practiced poor hygiene, there may be more...pungency with the act but in general, if a healthy person is clean, they still may produce more smell than another person's comfort. Don't let these same people have sex in another country and/or with people from other places who don't live (or fuck) by these insane ass standards of "smell/odor/cleanliness". They would lose their minds 🙄


BO is naturally occurring, that doesn't mean you're not dirty. And this post goes both ways, men and women need to taken care of their hygiene, especially when you're trying to fuck


Usually lack of hygiene or some kind of infection causes those scents to be THAT strong.


TLDR; my doctor family said my sex should Stink JK


To be pedantic, (and *very* charitable to the tweet) it says stink and not smell and that would be at the nose of the beholder to determine if the person is being overly sensitive or if there is a valid hygiene issue


>The body is magnificent and perfect Explain the laryngeal nerve and cancer cells.


Not Wendy’s! 🤣


But, sir, this IS a Wendy's!


I'll have a small fry and a frosty


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


You have to come to the restaurant to pick it up


Cheese burgussy


Right here officer xD r/hornyjail


Lol 😂 that man has suffered lol


So yall ouchea clappin cheeks smelling like a Whatabuger chilli burger combo with large onion rings? 🤔 Giving head that smells like a to-go cup of gumbo and tastes like the nickels-n-change after you pay with cash? 🤔 Eating dat ass cuz it's the same as oxtail baked potato? Fuhfuhfuh 😋 🍔 🍽 🍛


![gif](giphy|EBDJyCTj23f6ijH6BN|downsized) Stahhhp😭


Y’all are hilarious😭😭😭


I haven't eaten today. Guess I'm clapping cheeks diabetically....smh




Smellin that Curry Goat boy!!!


Lmfao! Eww curry goat oral! Mmmmmm


Oxtail baked potato 💀 that had me weak


OMG baked potatoes truck in Houston




LMFAOOO you’re too funny. Stop this madness


Oxtail WHAT


The worst is if you get that backwind when you’re hitting back shots. That should be a criminal offence!


This thread is bringing up memories I worked hard to suppress 😂


I feel like I just had a flash back to Vietnam with the ptsd I just experienced 😂😂😂😂


I flipped her over once and then pretty much immediately flipped her back over again. Missionary it is lol


Mans out here like the heavy weight wrassling champ


Oh my god the awful memories


The smell memories


The smemories


It is courtesy to atleast shower before somebody comes over. Even if it’s a quick 5 minute shower to make sure you’re clean, it’s important to do so


Amen. If I had a restaurant I wouldn't expect people to eat there if my dishes were dirty and the dunny was blocked. Give yourselves a good scrubbing before sexy time people! Especially from arsehole to navel! Give that playground a few passes and don't be afraid to get right in there! Bon appetit!


There's sex that smells like sex, and there's sex that smells like unhealthy people having sex. Get in where you fit in, I guess.


The smell is supposed to start after the sex does. If the smell starts when the clothes come off maybe you should start with foreplay in the shower.


When she pull them panties to the side and things get fishy 🎣 😳


![gif](giphy|sY0t3TGq2QupW|downsized) This was the only version I could find with all the words 😕


For a second I thought the scribble would spell out gonorrhea


“You buy, we fry” vibes are definitely grounds for forfeiture of pending relations


BV is not a joke man, when I used to get flair-ups my pussy was a no-go zone




Some studies show that people find someone's scent unappealing if they share too many genetic similarities. So either she needs a properly balanced pH wash, or he needs to stop trying to get with his second cousin.


There's that, then there's swamp ass.


"Close the window you letting all the stank out!"


I get what he’s saying I guess. I’m normally sweaty and stuff after but STANKING? I don’t know.


I thought if your partner stinks that their immune system matches yours too closely. But then again some people just stank.


When you sweat you don’t stink immediately unless it’s been a minute since you bathed


Sex is all skin, friction, heat, and body fluids. It ain’t gonna smell like daisies.


4 for 4 play ![gif](giphy|RJ1hYRDhaD3yHUXG4u)


People need to drink more water.


Double Stacks and Earring Backs: Vol 1


Crazy to me that she actually thinks sex is supposed to smell bad.


Y’all tripping I love Wendy’s




I had 8 nuggets from there the other night that had me on life support at 5AM 😂 It’ll be awhile before I go back.


Yeah there's a difference between funk and stank.




Nah Wendy's is crazy haha no bedroom should smell like a double stack burger


He gonna be the one to drop his pants and stink the whole room up.


my guy best friend said when shawty left his grandma came downstairs and asked why it smelled like paint 😂


Not Wendy’s 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Yeah. Give me the kind of sex Rihanna was smelling in “S&M.” ![gif](giphy|3orieLI0DFkUs7heus)


What? I loved eating out Wendy. I still miss her


Is nobody using condoms anymore?? Because I don’t care how clean you are, that shit will linger…


I hate the smell of condom sex lmao.


My wife will forbid me from going down town if she knows it's in the industrial park.


This thread got me hungry


That PH balance frfr


Reminds me of the first time I ever went to give a guy head. Omfg. It’s a wonder I even enjoy it. It was so fucking rotten. It smelled like he hadn’t bathed in days. He had the nerve to get mad lol


Grown men never should bite their tongue, unless you eating pussy that tastes like a stale plum


Wendy’s!! Lmaooo


Not Wendy's is the answer that I needed to hear to not get mad at this thread.


Whole time I'm reading the first part, I was thinking that he's a dumbass. Until that last tweet. I agree: Sex should NOT smell like Wendy's.


Body odor is preferred to fragrances to me, at least. And the musk of sex pheromones should be enticing not gross. It really is up to personal health and hygiene.


Fresh sweat isn’t smelly. If it is it means there was old sweat there first. Or to lay off the garlic


Sir this is *not a Wendy’s


Juicy is my name


Aye, she might’ve been Dave’s Doubled that night ? 🤷🏾‍♂️😂


That sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff


Smells like that pan of hotdog water that was left from the previous day in a kitchen without air conditioning.


Wendy’s smells good. What he prob was referring to was Burger King. (Preferably Whoppers & Onions)


I remember when I started dating someone that mostly drank water and loved fruits. Turns out I love giving head


#I have trained my skin to produce ZERO SMELLS NEVER AGAIN is some man sweating all over me with someone's used testicles


![gif](giphy|3o7abKhOpu0NwenH3O) Good for you






I agree it should not stink


Wendy's is Crazy...I would've said shopping mall food court.


Wendys?!?! Who you fuckin?! 😳


But what if you’re having sex *in* a Wendy’s?


You can easily say let's head to the shower and they should get the hint, but don't complain after you smashed ole French fry grease


You haven’t lived til you’ve tried bacon lube. Then come see me about smells.