With Coinbase, transfer of crypto itself in and out of their system is instant... but transfer from traditional finance (bank accounts) have a 5 day waiting period before you can withdraw it to your own personal wallet. There are several reason why this is necessary for them. Imagine you deposit 50k, they instantly let you trade with it, you buy BTC and send it off their system to your own wallet. but then the next day during settling your bank refuses the charge (maybe you didn't have enough money, maybe for some other reason). Coinbase would be sitting on a 50k loss if they let you withdraw that to your own wallet before settling.... So really it's the traditional finance piece of this transaction that is slowing things down.


This answer is really professional


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Only platform that has instant withdrawals as far as I’ve been able to find is Cash App. There’s a 2% fee, but worth it if you want the instant withdrawal


Ok, so I just have to wait 3-5 business days?


Yeah, last time I bought on Coinbase Pro it took 7 days. Regular Coinbase has higher fees than Cash App so if it’s between regular Coinbase and Cash App I’d just go with Cash App. Coinbase Pro has lower fees than them both though. It’s just time for your deposit to clear


strike.me allows instant withdrawals and no extra fees for usa residents


I wire money into kraken. I get to buy instantly and then instantly move to cold storage.


I think it’s best you wait the 3-5 days for coinbase. It’s always like that for first timers, they’re just trying to make sure the customers are not getting scammed. If after the 3-5 days you still haven’t made any reports on the transaction they release your funds to you


Coinbase only has instant transfers if you send the funds to another Coinbase user. When that happens, there's no actual Bitcoin transaction taking place, only Coinbase changing some values in their database. When you send Bitcoin from Coinbase to an external wallet (such as a hardware wallet), it's not instant. At the very least, Coinbase waits until it has collected enough transactions to bundle them into one large one to save on transaction fees. Depending on how many people are withdrawing funds, that waiting time can vary. In some cases, there may be security measures on the account (useful or otherwise) that delay withdrawals.


Yes this is normal there. Mine went from like 5-7 days to 3 after a few months of being a regular user.