So I believe this is gonna be a red year for btc, a good opportunity to buy


Bitcoin is having tough time and it is rejecting 30k always, Bitcoin is trying to stay above 30k but trading activity and volume is too low


Btc is acting really weird during this whole UST collapse. I'm impressed tho. It's been good dude.


I'll be proud if we just avoid the typical -85% drawdown. I thought Bitcoin was mature enough to max out at -50% but I am wrong.


You can't pre assume things, that's how you don't do it.


Sell it. I learned my lesson. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AAUrMuMPlo&t=238s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AAUrMuMPlo&t=238s)


Lol, good man. If you sold that's good. Because I don't even wanna see you around. There have been too many people like you around and. They're not good for the market.




In the counter argument just need one word and that's bullish.


It would look like this sub.


Yep, everyone just being bullish. That would the way.


Just half my BTC to lock in some gains


Well if you can gain some gains, then what's better than that.


buy high sell low, this is the way


This has always been the way, and I'm following this strategy.


Can you not read? I sold to lock in gains.


Half? Why not all? I’m just joking w you though. Man, I’m loving buying at these levels 27, 28, 29k…I started at 1.1k. But hey, if you need the fiat, you gotta do what you gotta do. No disrespect with that.


I mean you gotta do what you gotta do. There's nothing wrong in that. Everyone should be looking to recover from their losses, that should be the way.


I’ll buy back in at 10k


I'm sure you would lol, because that's the entry that you want huh?


Hahaha! Good luck w that, bro!


Yep, good luck with that. I hope that you guys recover.


Why’s that?


I just do not think it will go that low ever again. Just my opinion though…


When can we see the green light again? Just wanna kill myself 😫


Ain't there no green lights, there are only red lights now.


The markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. Take a break from looking at charts and do something more fun.


The thing is I don't really have anything good to do.


You can always find something that makes you happy. Personally I started playing the guitar again instead of looking at charts and ahit and it's so much better


No no no, money is just a number. It’s all a little fake. You WILL recover from this. Just as Bitcoin inevitably will…


Yep, that's the mindset that I was looking for dude. That's the right amount of hopium for this place. You gotta love it dude. This is just great.


Bitcoin needs to go through these convulsions. It was bound to happen again. We are almost over I think. Low 20's incoming though.


It's just the part of the game, you can't seprate it.


maybe tomorrow after nasdaq start trading. nasdaq may stop freefall tomorrow which can help bitcoin stabilize a little bit.


We don't know shit, at this point anything can happen.




Hey bro, don’t think that way. Bitcoin lost 60 percents from ATH, not good, but check out some good company stocks, even netflix lost 70 percents. Let us think positive side, it is already down 60 percents, how far it can continue go down? Even if it goes down another 50 percents, that only add another 20 percents from ATH to 80 percents. It is not that bad if actually bought on a very price anymore. It is more risky right now for the dip buyer buying in right now not people buy on 60k or 50k anymore.


Yep that's what I'm saying, everything is down. Not just btc.


No, please man. Please at least just go to one therapy appointment. That’s your LIFE you’re talking about. Life is infinitely more precious than any sort of money.


Settle the fuck down


Yeah man settle down, no need to be so agressive here.


How’s everyone? You good brothers?


No I'm not, everything fucking sucks right now so bad dude.


Never a nice feeling to see such a dip but I bought some more at a discount price and am now a motherfucking whole coiner!


Congratulations!!! I’m fucking proud of you 😤🙏 Now send it to your cold wallet and enjoy a beer while knowing you’re a whole coiner.


Yep, that's the way. Send that to the hw Wallet. And enjoy it.


Amazing brother.


Did you by chance increase your bags? It’s really a blessing to make your bags even heavier even though the market is like this.


I mean that's the point dude, you gotta be buying at this price.


Pop off only on occasion brother.




I've been here for so long that i can't even feel anything anymore.


I totally understand! Market’s been brutal, just glad to hear you’re not in a complete meltdown. Stay hydrated and stay away from the charts.


YEP, if you can't handle it then you should stay away from it.


Bitcoin RSI now 32




That's the only course of action which is remaining now.


I prefer to HODL.


There's nothing else left to do here, absolutely nothing else. Now in situation like this, you can't do anything you just can't do anything as of now.


I’m afraid to blink…


Charts are too damn interesting? Can't say that about them.




It's always been in the buying zone of you know what you're doing.


The BYE zone


Literally lol, it's a bye zone for many people around here.




This is good for Bitcoin.


Yep, new people are going to come the market and some will leave. That's just how this market seems to be moving right now. That's how it's been man.


Time to back up the truck. Thank you for the cheap coins.


How can you back up the truck with no gas?


Push it.


No support until 21k?


Can't wait to buy a whole coin at 10k


Maybe at 20k.


Yea if I'm being 100% honest anything in the 15-20k range would be almost an instant buy for me


You're going to have to learn to wait, because you won't get a chance until the whole of existence collapses in on itself and the time loop starts over again.


Or next week.


Not a chance in hell


Decentralized paper hand!


According to a chart that doesn't mean shit for the future (historic BTC performance) support is $18.7k and $10.2k. NOT at all saying we'll hit that, but if you pull up historic you can see we're headed that direction barring a very serious correction within a few days. If it corrects, then it's back up (with no real catalyst, or free money) so likely, we're going way down.


Your acting like we arent 'correcting' very serious yet xD




It only matters for the fiat equivalent because that's what people earn to purchase. So, technically, if you are a believer, you want BTC to remain low enough to grab as many BTC as possible. Though, that's a double-edged sword. You want it to remain low enough for YOU to grab as many as possible, then rocket up. I'm just as greedy in that train of thought. I'd love $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 BTC because it means I can stack larger amounts than if it was higher priced ($100k+) and since I know it will eventually take over Gold MC, I'd love the opp to buy more lower and feel short-term pain.


I mean… if it keeps crashing like this every four years, will the government ever let this happeN? Doesn’t matter what we believe, which I’m sure we do, if we keep encountering roadblocks like this that shows otherwise….0


A couple of people at work are trying to convince me that bitcoin uses irc (under the hood) for communication of transactions. Can anyone clue me in about this? Is it historical, that early bitcoin used to use irc, and now doesn't? or what?


No, it used AIM by AOL. Every time you received bitcoin it said, "You got bitcoin." The good old days.


Priceless. :)


Not for a decade now. It was deprecated in the notes of the 0.6 release: https://bitcoin.org/en/release/v0.6.0. "The -noirc command-line options was renamed to -irc, with a default value of 0. Run -irc=1 to get the old behavior."


Righto. Thanks. I figured there had to be a grain of truth somewhere. Good to know.




Bought 10k more


Final call, get your coins off the exchanges before they put up maintenance pages.


Are you sure that this will happen with the larger exchanges. I don't think so, it's not 2015 anymore. All these exchanges have credibility.


if there's no exchanges where do you buy or sell bitcoin?


Coinbase would never…


They won't do this. They're publically listed company.


Set 2 more limit orders and I’ll see if they catch anything while I’m sleeping. It’s like fishing while I 😴 nap


Yeah, I also set some really low orders and was surprised to see them filled


Congratulations. It’s so exciting


[flesh wound](https://imgur.com/a/xqmobhs)


I think we will start seeing the bottom around 12K which was the price less than 2 years ago.


Let's go below 25k first and then we will talk, lmao 12k never gonna happen.




Bitcoin is random. So why not. Don't act like there's a pattern.


Why 12k?


It was below $5k in March 2020 as well, so....


So… 18k?


Limit orders are my friends


I always set limit orders to catch the wicks that come, being so good so far.


If people in this sub are legitimately concerned about the price movements you need to also follow the stock market. There’s literally a zero percent chance BTC will appreciate in price if equities are continuing to be sold off. BTC is the Nasdaq on a more volatile scale unfortunately. It doesn’t matter what the chart says support is if the Nasdaq sells off at a 2-3% clip every day.


Yup man looks like we all are bound by the NASDAQ now.


That's also a good thing actually coz we have something to look up to


This…I just bought more BTC and VTSAX today even though I haven’t made any money in what feels like a year. I’ll reevaluate my weekly DCA into BTC if my indexes recover and over the same period I continue to lose on BTC.


Yeah same here man. It feels like ages since I've made a single dollar of profit


Is no one worried about the diminishing returns every cycle? Lol wouldn’t it get to the point off negative returns?


You have to understand that there is nothing like free dinner.


I for one am worried about diminishing returns. My DCA buys fewer sats every cycle, diminishing my returns.


5 year chart looks like a shit coin dump 😐


You know that the whole lifecycle is only 14years yet. This moves are expected.


It's at $28,000 I only have like $40 worth but I'm thinking of making a move Should I buy the dip? But am I going to buy the dip and it keeps dipping like the stock market,I'm done with that shit I'm down like %70


Lol how much more are you gonna buy $10???


C'mon man we are in this together. Please don't make fun of someone or you might also end up like de kwon. Seriously tho, $10 might be small for you but he's gonna buy it.


Definitely wait


Yup now he should keep waiting and never buy it, coz it might always go lower 🙄


To late for that I wish you where 2minutes earlier 🤣


Dude you literally caught the bottom, you should be happy.


There’s really no reason for it to appreciate in price at the moment.


But there is 1000 reasons why we should start buying in parts, coz it's going to up sooner or later.


Yeah if it goes into the low 20's and then the 10's and then the single digits I'd just be like Wtf ya know what I mean,And buy more I geuss try to right this Ship


Haha gtfo with this theory dude. It goes to zero then entire countries are fucked.


I can’t fathom it getting below 10k again ever again, and if it does I might go in heavy again.


I just want to ask what is up with El Salvador this days?


Hey,Thanks for all your help Your a holder I'm geussing


I actually sold everything Saturday.


Could be a story for a greatest timing or even the worst timing. Depends on how the price of Bitcoin plays out this month and what are the returns you would have gotten.


Ok I hope you made out and I hope I do to


You have to be stupid to sell at this low point dude. What else can you loose


In 5 years it won’t matter.


Yeah this will feel just as insignificant as people fighting to buy at $4000 or $6000


It is


What does that mean though? And Yes I just bought some Alot And yes it's dipping and I'm flippin


Good luck tho, you took the leap and bought. I wish I had the balls.


Guess you bought too much


Now he has bought so the only way is up dude,don't worry.


Enough where I don't want to see a big dip it was like one third of my bank account


Dude that's very gutsy move here, I hope it works out for ya.


Meh. If you didn’t invest your rent money you’ll be ok.


Rent? I built my own house, framed it outta pallets actually, the sturdy one's,You gotta use the Blue Pallets there heavy duty and last the longest,it's got siding on it , electric during the day so AC Is Blasting until we can't run the cord no more, A beautiful granite floor this structure actually looks like it belongs here🤣 Right on the beach to Venice Beach moved here from PA 2 months ago So far So good I'm putting some $ into this unit I don't need Anyone coming around asking questions(like Is this structure supposed to be here and asking me for permits when I do the addition) I gotta 24x24 I'm thinking of expanding though maybe put a 2nd floor on it,I love this California weather, what is it the gold coast they call it,I'm having fun talking in all the sights, I'm thinking of building one in Runyan Canyon to then I'd have a house at the beach and in the mountains 😎


I hate to tell you, but you are going to be in for a rough time.... Welcome!


Let me ask you something Is there A particular time of day that Bitcoin dips And that's the time to buy it at?


ok so any market it based on millions of people making decisions with their money in real time and the price is just the reaction of those millions of decisions. If you can predict what everyone will do at any time you will make money, but since people are not easy to predict, so will the markets. Anyone who says they know 100% what the market will do should not be trusted. You should spend your time and mind learning about risk and investing and probably should just avoid the markets until you are ready to start losing money properly and learning the hard way. Now is not the time to grab at falling swords.


Man this is not the market for you clearly. I would sell and pretend you’ve never heard of it.


I might just go sell it cut my losses early your scaring me 🤣 Hey I'm not at a loss yet though I gained A Little 🤟


Might want to take those diamond hands off that avatar then. They don’t even last 25min LOL.


I fear if it can't hold $29k level for next few days, the next support is at 25k and if that can't hold, then 20k is the bottom.


The bottom is definitely above 25k and this time we might even bounce in a V shape recovery. Then again I don't know anything about finances and I'm not s paid financial advisor.


It actually touched 25K last night. If it can not bounce back towards 29K within few days, then I fear 20K or 18K is unavoidable, and from there we will have very very long cold winter before we see previous ATH. When I say very long winter means 2 to 3 years. At this point many large investors will be forced to sell unless they are individual investors. Elon as one example hold lots of Bitcoin through Tesla book, and he will be forced to sell if price can't sustain above 30K. However, one thing changed from previous statistics is money moved quick in today's world. That could break all statistics all together including how long winter could last.


I’ll buy a big ass chunk at 20k. I been buying all the dips so gotta slow down


Let's see what happens with all the people who bought in FOMO. As soon as they start selling, it's the time to buy at market price.


Yeah i sold my house in April so this is one of the only times I’ve actually had more than enough spare cash just sitting. I got really lucky. So I’m good to keep buying now and when/if it drops more 🤯


Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.


Days like this make us realise how futile all our efforts are and gives us some reflection.


Yup. When it comes to getting what you want from imaginary space wizards consistency is key.