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Immersion cooling


During the warm up a single Antminer sounds like a goddamn jet plane.


That's really quite impressive. As someone who is pretty clueless about mining: Would you say that the development of ASICs is still in its infancy with a lot of room to improve, or are increases in efficiency and hash rate beginning to plateau?


It’ll eventually plateau in the sense that you can’t get more efficient that 99.99%, if even. But below is a link showing ASIC efficiency over time, and how each new generation is slightly more efficient than the last one. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Bitcoin-mining-energy-efficiency-over-time-The-y-axis-represents-bitcoin-mining-energy_fig1_303094852


Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.


If you buy one of these, how quickly do they become not efficient anymore and just eat up more electricity costs and not being profitable? Do you need to upgrade every 2 years?


This guy’s YouTube channel does a good job going over the basics in running a mining operation. The specific video I’ve linked below should give insight into the methodology for upgrading miners: https://youtu.be/94CHE065R88


The new asics, arnt they at almost 99% efficient so at this point they don't seem like they can keep on getting much better is that right? So these ones are more likely to be profitable for longer compared to older ones?


More than slightly. That is log chart.


It has already so dramatically plateaued that there is little development in the ASICs themselves, it's down primarily to the process node of the silicon.


Moores cliff means old ASICs do not become obsolete as quickly. ASICs are already down to 5nm , to put things in perspective Intels most expensive retail chips are still at 10nm , there really isn't that much more room for BTC ASICs to shrink which means decentralization of mining . There are also many fundamental misunderstandings people have towards the advantageous and disadvantageous in industrial mining. A few things you need to understand about mining – Chipmakers like TSMC and Samsung as 2 examples are the ones that are commissioned to make most ASIC chips(not the full assembled ASIC miner) based upon designs from Bitcoin ASIC manufactures. These foundries are involved in diverse chip making and obviously aren't directly involved in Bitcoin or its politics but fulfilling large orders from whoever commissions them. The most popular ASIC manufacturers for Bitcoin right now are Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Bitmain, Caanan, Ebit, and Ebang. Many more ASIC manufacturers exist but they come and go based upon merit in a highly competitive race. For example Bitfury used to be one of the best manufacturers , and now has very little market share. Bitmain used to dominate , and than made some poor design decisions (lead engineer left them) and now competes with at least 4 others for the most efficient ASICs. This is a highly competitive and changing ecosystem. Large miners main advantage is economies of scale over smaller miners. If you are an ASIC manufacturer you have large advantage over others because you can premine off your newest hardware and sell you last generation ASICs to others. This does occur , but is simplistic view and not the full picture. The reality is ASIC manufacturers Sell their newest ASICs with partners for industrial mining , sell their latest hardware to smaller miners for a premium, and mine themselves, while at the same time selling older ASICs on the market. Why do they do this? Because ASIC manufacturing is highly competitive and they need to hedge their investments as quickly as possible and de-risk from regulatory concerns as well. Amateur mining doesn't come with many risks of manufacturers who come and go (they are forced to make huge investments in ASIC orders and have long development pipelines fraught with risks) Amateur mining does not have the overhead of employees , security, regulatory compliance, building costs, tax liabilities , etc... Now here is what is interesting, this last generation of ASICs that went from 7nm to 5nm in size did not have the same efficiency jumps as previous drops. This is because 5nm is already at the edge of what can be done with silicone, we can possibly shrink down to 2-3nm but it gets extremely difficult as the gates start to get the size of a few atoms wide and quantum concerns and heat become a very big concern. Why is any of this important? In the past when ASICs went from 14nm to 12nm there was larger improvements in efficiencies which gave an advantage towards those who could manufacture and mine themselves and their partners. ASICs would become obsolete sooner 8 months to 1 year at times which makes it difficult for amateur miners to recoup their investment in an ASIC especially those that by the slightly older generation equipment. As moore's cliff approaches (we are already there as I don't see 3-4nm anytime soon) this means that this latest generation of ASICs will have a much longer shelf life which means the variable above is much less important and the greater importance is a complex mix of what sort of electrical rates you can get - overhead costs. Now remember what I said about the advantageous of amateur mining. Industrial mining has other advantageous too like economies of scale and specialization but many disadvantageous as well. What this ultimately means is we are entering a period of commoditization in mining(the opposite of centralization). The economics force this direction. industrial miners will still exist but more and more amateur miners will enter the ecosystem. Eventually new companies will be also created that create products to recycle the waste heat (already exists , but prices will start to drop considerably for consumers)


But can it run Crysis?


If you start Crysis up on this thing, it will gain conciousnes, attack humanity with nukes and send back robots for late-term-abortions (30 years late)


Found the Rick!


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living tissue over metal endoskeleton


"Our words are backed by nuclear weapons." —Gandhi


I still can’t believe that this meme is still relevant, and that I was there (I believe) when it started on Digg over 15 years ago.


Right? Intel released their new ARC Gpu's and with the headline 'yes, it can run Crysis!' edit: words.


Asking the real questions!


no it's for hashing




it's just not funny if you know how chips work


You can know how chips work and still find it funny. Perhaps it is you that lacks the humor.


perhaps, or it just felt dumb and low effort. Remember humans are multifaceted animals


Just downvote and move on lol


How do chips work ?


Chips don't work unless you have dip


Electricity goes in, Bitcoin comes out


The more specialized a chip is the faster it can go. The more generalized it's capabilities need to be to support diverse use cases the slower it is. This is one of proof of works super powers that critics of pow gloss over. It's exceedingly efficient to mine Bitcoin with specialized hardware and will only get more so. The ratio of energy used for Bitcoin vs energy used for society will continue to be pushed down over time. The securitization if the Bitcoin Blockchain will more or less become a physical one. You can never bring enough hashrate online at once to compromise the main Blockchain


Hashing is this like smoking weed only it's hash one smokes?


Sprinkle some hash on your weed


Crisis cant run from this chip more like


Wtf, put it back!


S17 models have some design issues so they malfunction quite often. We are fixing them so they can brrrr once again :)


So how much btc daily can u get on one machine like this


Currently for an S17 with stock firmware and electricity price $0.03/kWh you make $20.056 USD daily profit (0.0004526 BTC).


>$0.03/kWh Glorious place you live in. Here it's more like $0.30/kWh.


Yep, we’re an like .08 off peak here


Tangent: at $0.30/kWh, efficient Diesel cars cost a similar amount to run as EVs (20 kWh/100 km vs. 4L Diesel / 100 km).


That's a distortion. Real world driving in my Zoe I get ~4.1miles per kWh, so 82 miles or 131km/20kwh, 31% more than you have stated. Meanwhile your diesel figure is over 70mpg. My old 208 1.6hdi, a similar size to the Zoe, while the specs said 70+mpg, in reality was about 58 on average, 17% less than your figure. To say nothing of particulate emissions, maintenance costs, etc. It obviously also heavily depends on diesel costs.


The problem is that it is in the same ballpark, while EVs cost a lot more to purchase. Usually the cheapest car is the one you already own, that means there is little reason to just switch to EV, unless you really need a new car anyway, and even then, you need to find one that meets certain personal criteria. > in my Zoe I get ~4.1miles per kWh Yeah, I am going to use normal units here. And while the Zoe is more economical that what I have stated, that is in part due to it having a relatively small battery. NEDC ~200 km, but can be less than 100 km in suburban use and with cold weather. Again, I was talking about Europe, and we have a lot of cold weather. But the main point is, how are you going to sell a Zoe to someone that could get an ICE car at half the price new, with not a lot more cost to drive, and at least four times the range without the need to charge? That's a tough sell. This would be a completely different story if electricity prices were a lot cheaper. People have converted petrol cars to CNG for good number of years. Initial investment was high, stations that had CNG were sparse, but driving was oh-so-cheap. Since a lot more stations carried CNG and the prices increased, it has become less attractive. People will simply buy what's cheap, and right now that's not EV. > particulate emissions Efficient Diesel cars are very much favored by taxes right now, even in the EU. > maintenance costs, etc True, although it's not like EVs don't need any maintenance at all. And I should add that at least Tesla is trying to pull an Apple, with very much inflated maintenance cost. I hope the mainstream car manufacturers don't take that as a role model.


I have a full electric car and a plug in hybrid. Both use about 12.5 kWh per 100 km. I'm from a very cold climate (Minnesota) and I still run less than 20 kWh per 100 km when it's -30C outside. I pay 0.16 USD per kWh and it's way cheaper than gas. Also, with the EV I never need oil changes and the brakes last pretty much the lifetime of the car because of the regen braking. Only real maintenance is refilling washer fluid and keeping the tires at a good pressure. EVs are not nearly as expensive as a lot of people thing upfront either. A really decent one is less than 30k USD brand new and much cheaper used. Sure you can get a cheaper ICE vehicle but from what I'm seen, people are buying new ICE vehicles that are in this same price range or higher.


You won't be able to sell your ICE car in 10-15 years. End of the line. I plan to purchase the last ICE car, after that it's all EV.


>>Yeah, I am going to use normal units here. And while the Zoe is more economical that what I have stated, that is in part due to it having a relatively small battery. NEDC ~200 km, but can be less than 100 km in suburban use and with cold weather. Again, I was talking about Europe, and we have a lot of cold weather. I'm talking the UK. Our weather is no warmer than yours. My Zoe is a 52kWh battery, 395 km (245 mi) under WLTP conditions Certainly over here, only baby boomers have the cash to outright buy new cars. Normal people lease them, and costs are the same. In 2017 we leased a 30kWh Leaf for me at £199/m, and a 1.6HDi Peugeot 208 for my wife, a car of similar size, maybe a little smaller, for £203/m. >>at least four times the range without the need to charge? That's a tough sell. If you're doing 4x the range of my 220 mile range Zoe in a day, yeah, EVs probably are not for you. But you should be taking regular breaks doing 880 miles, 1408km, in a day. Honestly, the reason we have the Zoe, is that it's way cheaper than a diesel. Diesel sales here in the UK, are falling off a cliff.


ironic how the european countries pushing towards car electrification the most are the ones with highest electricity costs


Have you seen our gas prices?! A gallon is 7.85$ in my country... Electric battery is wayyyyyy less.




Here in Germany, where I live, 1L Diesel is €1.30. 1 kWh is around €0.30. With EV (20 kWh/100km), you're at €6 per 100 km. With Diesel (5L/100km), you're at €6.50 per 100 km. Obviously give or take a few cents depending on car and actual prices, but it's literally in the same ballpark. Then take into account that EVs are a lot more expensive to buy, plus range limitations, plus limited access to charging stations, and you have an explanation why no one here wants an EV, no matter hard politicians push for it.


Yes, that's no bueno here. Politicians try to push for EVs, but they're a lot more expensive, and our charging infrastructure is nowhere near a level where you'd have similar flexibility compared to an ICE car. This would be a completely different story if our electricity prices were half of what they are now.




Planned bc they can't get law passed. Just like in US with infinite unemployment. Businesses struggling to find workers. Saw a sign for $15/hr wage at grocer. They'll make it $15/hr one way or another. Once you get there, there's no going back.


31.85 c/kWh here....plus a $1 a day supply charge.


And that one S17 will last long enough at $20/day to get your $6k back and how much profit?


Well, if it can last just 2 years - thats maybe another $6k..


> Currently for an S17 with stock firmware and electricity price $0.03/kWh you make $20.056 USD daily profit* \* *Disclaimer: Results not typical. Your electricity rates may vary. S17 has been known to cause premature balding and vaginal dryness.*


Is the vaginal dryness from the fan or because i can't stop talking about the wonders of cryptocurrency?


So whats the investment for the S17? Is that the one that is like 15k?


That seems...weak? A pair of 3080's on Nicehash will net you the same (give or take depending on your electric costs and market fluctuation)


Because nice hash is mining the most profitable coin of the day and converting profits to btc. ​ this dude is just mining btc


That's exactly his point, because the ASIC miners can only ever mine certain coins. GPUs can easily switch between coins. And why would you not mine the most profitable coin? The more profitable mining for a certain coin is, the more a certain network needs computing capacities.


Mine the most profitable; invest in what you believe. Anything else is just stupid and inefficient


Where’s a good place to purchase, everywhere I’ve seen looks shady


How does this miner make less than ~2-3 3090s on nicehash per day if it has >>144x the hashpower??


It only hashes BTC, so the difficulty is orders of magnitude higher. It's a classic apples to oranges comparison, since you'll never mine BTC on a GPU.


By mining other cryptos and trading for btc


Just first Google result: Post the Bitcoin Halving in 2020, it takes a setup of 25 Bitmain AntMiner S17+ (73TH) models 60 days to mine 1 BTC. After calculating the electricity cost (which we’ve assumed it’s 0.10 USD/kWh), one is left with approximately 0.002 BTC per month in profit


>which we’ve assumed it’s 0.10 USD/kWh That's always the point. The assumption is wrong in both directions. In some places it's a lot more expensive. In some places it's a lot cheaper. It gets even cheaper if you can steal the electricity, which we have seen quite some times already, with police raids not being about the mining itself, but about the stolen electricity.


The cheapest and fastest way to accumulating bitcoin is to simply promise others to send double the amount they give you...(and other scams).


>Currently for an S17 with stock firmware and electricity price $0.03/kWh you make $20.056 USD daily profit (0.0004526 BTC). OP states that you can mine 0.002 BTC with a single S17+ in about 5 days. Are you suggesting it would take 25 s17+ and 60 days to do the same thing? [https://www.asicminervalue.com/miners/bitmain/antminer-s17-73th](https://www.asicminervalue.com/miners/bitmain/antminer-s17-73th) These guys predict $32 a day revenue minus about $8 electricity @ 11c/KWh for a **daily** profit of $24 USD for a single unit. 0.00048 BTC profit daily.


> OP states that you can mine 0.002 BTC with a single S17+ in about 5 days. That's not what OP states. OP said that their *profit* is around 0.002 BTC in 5 days. It mines more than that, but the assumption is that you sell a big chunk of the mined BTC to pay for electricity.


You could have 24 USD daily profit if you stake about 12.000 Dollars of cake.


But then you are taking a big risk on Cake value. These guys have hardware and are betting in Bitcoin.


Have you actually staked cake? You don't get anywhere near the return in VALUE it promises you.


Well I've been staking (now) $ 1.100 in cake and so far I get a return of (now) 2.4 Dollars every 28 hours or so.


I’m so confused by what seems to be two different uses of the period in your comments. Is that first one $1100? And the second number is a fifth of 1% of that?


That's funny to finally hear this. I had 10 S17 Pros in 2018 and I ended up mining for about 8 months and selling them off. I had 4/10 go bad on me, all of which were under warranty from Bitmain thankfully (kind of). The warranty was dogshit though. They promise new units as the replacement in the warranty. I got used units back with dust and dead bugs in them as my "warranty" replacement, after incredibly long hold ups in customs due to Bitmain not paying customs fees on the shipping and arguing with Chinese customs for over 1 entire month. Great experience but scummy as fuck from that fucking Chinese company, terrible service and terrible product but not much alternative.


I don’t understand why no other company makes these




mining is so 00's..


What is this? A miner for ants???


Gone are the days of individuals mining BTC


Sad, Satoshi is rolling in his/her grave. His initial vision was that random users running a nodes would get the block rewards, not a pay to win model.


Yea exactly. Can we really even say crypto is decentralized anymore?


You can buy one and mine in a pool...?


I don't thing Satoshi predicted how pools would break the original idea of the block reward. The thing to remember is that hashing power is only a good measure of the security of the network as it is a measure of the number of individual miners out there acting independently. The problem is that pools incentivize people to collectively work together to mine, as it exchanges a lottery ticket for a steady reward, relative to the hash power you throw at it. If pools didn't exist, my guess is people would still be mining with CPUs, or maybe GPUs. While more hash power would get you more lottery tickets, the odds would be too small to justify a large outlay of resources, especially for something like developing specialized chips to do mining.


Okay, I have a few dozen RTX3090 in my PC for playing MS Flight Simulator 2020. If I replace them with this Antminer S17, will I finally get to 20 FPS when I fly over New York?


No. But you will be able to run crysis


But I don't even like Crysis :-(


Bot do your 3090s like crysis?


It likes minecrafr


But hopefully with hefty shaders


No it will just cjange the game to mining simulator


I remember the days when a 3090 couldn’t run over New York lol


How much is and antminer s17


$6000 used on Amazon. S19 $12k same source.


Huh, not far off a 3090 then


And only $4k if you are wealthy and put down a big order. > Announcing the preorder on Monday, Marathon expects the 30,000 units to be shipped in Q1 and Q2 next year. The firm said the preorder is worth $120 million, which will add to Bitmain's 2022 revenue if they are fully delivered as per the schedule.


So using the math of $20/day profit on $0.03/kWh as OP cited (I don't have a clue where electric is that cheap) that's 300 days to recoup the investment, provided that $20 profit remains stable the whole year. Yeah no thanks, mining is too cut-throat a competition for me!


1 year roi is incredible for any investment.


OK yeah. I want to reply "Yes but you'd get better ROI just keeping your bitcoin and not buying any miners" but then I realize that *mining pays you in bitcoin*. That's the magic part that makes it better than simply holding.


For someone banking extra solar power, it might make sense.


wait isnt that not too bad


That profit never stays flat. Anytime there is a new generation of ASIC or increased supply the difficultly skyrockets




I can always rob a bank


Or a BTC atm


It's the getting the money OUT of the bank that is the tricky part.


No, the issue is having a good enough spot to hide the money, until you get out of prison


Is that a lot? I'm sorry, is this some kind of joke I'm too rich to understand?


Limited instructions on a chip = higher performance, less useful; many instructions = lower performance, more useful This is a low-instruction chip designed to do one or two things (hash hash hash) at breakneck speed.


yes, that chip is amazing in mining, but you forgot a very important factor, the 3090 is made for gaming, not mining torture


"aw shit, annnnnd I dropped it"


Comparing performance of this chip to RTX3090 is like comparing i7 to RTX3090. They are optimized for different applications.


But the comparison is for the same task which is mining and that's a fair comparison


That's like saying frogs are better than humans because they can jump longer.


If what you're measuring for is how long the thing can jump 😂


yeah, how well does the antminer run VR at 1080p?


No it's dumb. You know what asic means right? APPLICATION SPECIFIC. It can only do one thing, sha256, gpu's can do a million things. It's comparing a garbage truck to a porsche. It's cool for context and general knowledge but otherwise pretty fuckin bad comparison.


A sports car is many times faster than a wheelchair. This is implying that a car is better than a wheelchair. The whole comparison is stupid.


Your comment doesn't make much sense, because no one is using a sports car and a wheel chair for the same application, unless we're debating in what way grandma should arrive to the neighbor's dinner party. Both this chip and GPUs are regularly used for mining. So they can be compared. It doesn't matter what purpose they are manufactured for. Simplifying a bit more: * If you're debating what to eat because you're hungry, it makes sense to compare an apple to an orange. * If you're debating what to put in your apple pie, it doesn't make sense to compare an apple to an orange.


nobody uses a GPU for mining SHA-256d for the same reason nobody does drag racing with an articulated bus.


I would pay money to see the latter




arguing about the comparison is stupid. the comparison is valid.


It gives the regular GPU miner an idea what he is competing with.


> They are optimized for different applications. could you elaborate a bit more on this? I'm just curious


This ASIC chip is designed to do one thing really well. It’s useless in every other application that isn’t hashing. So of course it does it really well, because that’s all it’s meant to do. This is why Antminers and other ASIC machines are really fast, because their focus is narrow. Mine the blockchain. GPUs, on the other hand, would be considered more “general purpose” in this context. Yes they are decent at mining blockchains, but that is not what they are designed for. They have a high concentration of compute units, but this power is more broadly focused and can be applied to many different applications. Gaming, machine learning, VFX rendering, etc. So yes, this ASIC chip absolutely kills a GPU when you are comparing their ability to hash, but the ASIC chip is quite worthless in any other application.


It’s a point of reference so it’s perfectly valid for this comparison. A title with "this is X chip with X hashing power" isn't really that impressive as you have no idea what it means. Using GPU's as a comparison, which can also do the same task, gives you a good point of reference.


It still works though when you compare them to the same task. What else would you compare them to?


This chip performs faster than mining with a pen and paper.


Technically true


you don't have to? they have totally different purposes. the 3090 can do all sorts of things ranging from real-time graphics to machine learning (and everything else, too: it's more or less a self-contained computer unto itself), whereas the antminer can do literally nothing other than solving SHA-256d hashes really fast.


Sure, but the topic is about mining. Usually, people who plan to mine on their gpus don't play games on them. While a general comparison would be apples to oranges, in this case it is preatty spot on. Or have you ever seen people buying extra gpus for mining and also playing games on exactly those gpus?


That's kind of the point of making the comparison.


Yeah but I bet it’s shit at playing games




It's really sad that this is where we've come. I miss the ecological benefits, accessibility and democratization of the average person being able to contribute and mine on existing hardware.


Once proof of stake comes will be ok


How does a single chip outperform a few dozen chips, there are 144 in the s17 but you are making only 20+$ a day. Math is off .


$20+ a day compared to literaly $0 a day with a GPU. Math is not off.


You think 3090s make $0/day?


Mining for Bitcoin they would actually make negative profit. So yes.


So your assumption is someone with a 3090 is going to mine Bitcoin and lose money? Bitcoin maxis are weird man


I think they're saying that the BTC rewards from mining with a 3090 earns you less money than you'll need to spend on the electricity for the mining itself, therefore negative profits.


Yes, which is why I responded with who in their right mind would be mining btc with a gpu when they're losing money. It's a strange assumption, but it could be argued we are on r/Bitcoin so it is implied




I have a 3090 and a nicehash account balance that begs to differ


You're not mining Bitcoin LOL


I wish more people would settel on them, so gpus can be used again for what they are actually sold and made. Proffessionals and gaming.


GPUs aren't used for bitcoin, they're used for other crypto


Several other cryptos intentionally design algorithms to be difficult to design asics for, because having GPUs be relevant is far more democratic and decentralizing. (PoS is an easier way to do that)


People who use GPUs for mining are mining crypto currencies for which no super efficient ASIC miners exist. Those are being developed, because there's money to be made there. But it's not a choice between GPU or ASIC. For a given cryptocurrency, either ASICs are readily available and clearly the best choice or you have no option other than GPU mining. For Bitcoin, GPU mining stopped being a thing somewhere in late 2013 when ASICs easily surpassed GPUs in performance. Nowadays, the difference between ASICs and GPUs for Bitcoin is measured in orders of magnitude.


> Nowadays, the difference between ASICs and GPUs for Bitcoin is measured in orders of magnitude. That's literally in the title of this post... OP claims you need a "few dozen" high-end GPUs to match one chip in the S17 and there are 144 of them. If you assume "few dozen" means 36, that's 5184 GPUs you'd need to match the performance. One S17 costs about $6k and has pretty much everything you need to start mining. A single RTX 3090 will cost about $2500 and you still need a general purpose PC/compute board to put it in. Buying over 5000 of them to match the single S17 in performance will cost over $12M just for the GPUs. So yeah, nobody uses GPUs for commercial bitcoin mining when a $6k miner will outperform $10M worth of GPUs.


„settle“ on an asic? They are prohibitivley expensive, immediatley sold in bulk to whales so you couldnt even get one. cannot be run near living areas, only mine a single algo, deprecate in value faster than a new car.. It makes no sense for a regular person to operate asics


And there are thousands of those S17s that just landed in North America. Finding them is the difficult part.


but can it run doom?


Genuine question, if this is being compared to the power of graphics cards, why can we not use this type of technology in graphics card. Im guessing there is more to graphics processing than in these.


It can only hash. It does nothing else. It is not programmable. It can’t do rendering. As an analogy, it’s like jackhammer. Graphics card is a drill complete with 1000 drill bits. Jack hammer smashes up your driveway faster than 1000 drills. You can’t assemble a cupboard with the jackhammer.


But can it play crysis?




What does vidya game look like on an antminer doe?


What does a video game on your toaster look like?




Riiight. And when you tire of mining, the difficulty increases or the next big miner comes out then you'll be stuck with an overpriced doorstop.


Hey... my Butterflylabs Jalapeno makes a great space heater.


ASICs have always have an advantage in speed. It's literally built for mining. GPUs are not. The problem with ASICs is getting one in a timely manner so that you can mine to return your profit. ASICs are also power hogs compared to GPUs. ASICs sadly don't do very well with any kind of fork is their downfall, well that & power.


Lol? Not sure how much you’ve mined before, but that’s wrong.


On Bitcoin back when Asics first came out.. so yes.. power hogs, very powerful, and once you have someone make a fork in the currency to make it more asic resistant.. then it becomes a brick till they release an update.


Awesome stuff! Isn't it amazing? Most people don't believe you when you try to explain the computing power of Bitcoin ASIC Mining Rigs. Oh well, I guess more for us HODLERS!


But it is a bit of an unfair comparison since Gpu's are made for graphicmath and ASIC are designed to do miners math. It's like a BBQ cook and a sushi cook, the BBQ cook can do a sushi but not as good as a trained Sushi cook vice versa.


It's not even that. It's a BBQ cook, and a guy who makes California rolls. *Just* California rolls. Give him some tuna, and he can't do anything with it. Also, your BBQ guy might be able to cook 100 kilos of meat in a day, but the sushi guy can knock out 100 kilos of perfect California rolls in about 5 minutes.


No it's not very awesome at all. High bar to entry for the rich, limited supplier shipping availability anyway if you don't know the guy already = less decentralization as the coin minting focuses on already-whales disproportionately = very unhealthy for bitcoin. Unless you're a wealthy whale, you should hate asics


I don't get how that chip is so much better that an GPU?


it only has one job.


What’s proven the most reliable mining rig?


Odd, must be pretty unefficient considering my 3070 is averaging $6-9/day on nicehash, is this just not mining on a pool at all? Cuz, I'm not sure I'd pay 6k to make $20 a day...am I wrong on this osmehow?


You aren't mining bitcoin.


You're not mining Bitcoin you fucking doorstop.




Holy fuck the people like you in this thread are so stupid.... You don't mine Bitcoin on Nicehash. How about you learn before spewing fucking nonsense. Idiot.