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Coming to my home town! We have all sorts of healers here and Im sure a bird truther is the exact kind of person we need!


When are they gonna be in Boston? I’m in CT so I’m pumped to actually go to the one and only rally that matters.


No way to know besides keep updated. Legit a cross country road trip depends on how long they’re driving… and how many birds fly into their windshield to slow their progress


So, was peter letting his Peter hang out in the open another distraction from your freaky bird feet?


The foot blur 💀


The crotch blur!




You can't spell bird flu without the letter B-L-U-R. Coincidence? You decide


I like how you think.


Does their suffering know no bounds?!


Oh god. I've always wondered, but the blur missed his feet for a split second and I have some concerns that I'll see those sandals again.


Sandals… or bird claw? I think something’s going on. https://i.imgur.com/bMsehrs.jpg


This seems to go deeper than we ever could have imagined... Is there anyone we can trust?!


What was that about


Wanting to fend off foot fetishists aiming to jack off at their feet pics. Course there's no foot fetishists that are hounding for this random ass guys feet pics, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have protection lol




The government can track our feet! https://reddit.com/r/BirdsArentReal/comments/wk9hc6/_/ijm0azr/?context=1


Awwwwww thank you.


I was disappointed you won't be coming within 1000 miles of me and then I realized you're going to be swamped in drones, I don't wanna be near that. Everyone keep an eye out for that "Moscow" mitch frauenheim character. The last name means "full time manufacturer of the finest drones and part-time government spy" (it's a compound noun).


Agreed .Id like to be there in support of Peter (obv Con and Claire as well). The risk right now is just too high .Steering clear of and staying ahead of Mitch (& his vogel ger betrug! I say,!)must remain a low but steadfast course.


Thank you for your commitment to the cause. Ignore the haters, you are doing amazing work. I can tell just by watching these videos that you’re trustworthy, I’ve never been lied to by a man in a cowboy hat and a woman in a large suit jacket wearing sunglasses who spoke at a podium next to a man in a wheelchair. We’ll keep the skies clear for you on your trip to Boston. Godspeed.


Hey, anti-bird people, make some more [stickers](https://birdsarentreal.com/products/sticker-bundle). You can't post fire like this while you're sold out of stickers. Don't you even want my money?


https://birdsarentreal.com/products/pigeons-are-liars-short-sleeve-shirt This is adorable > Pigeons are liars. It's a simple fact and easy enough to understand. But plenty of people don't realize this truth. So let them know with this short sleeve tee.


It's so sad, right?!! Hope they get busy with the stickers and hats soon.


Why are you hiding your lower body? Did the mutation start for you? Last time it was just the feet. Now I bet it has reached the knees.


God speed


Have you tried any types of healing crystals? If there's anything I know more than birds not being real is the amazing powers of crystals. I used to suffer from social anxiety. My homeopath had me insert a quartz up my butt everytime I started to feel anxious. I was skeptical at first, but it worked out in the end. If it worked on anxiety I can't see why it wouldn't work on a CIA super disease. Oh, and don't be afraid of it gets stuck up there for a bit. Just make sure you've got a friend handy with a pair of those little rubber tipped ice tongs.


When will you be in Columbus Ohio?


Not sure but doubtful they're "on tour" now. Announcing any further dates/locations would be incredibly dangerous. Delayed/last minute relay of that information is the only option. Stay safe


The bird flu? Yeah they tend to do that


How can there be bird flu, if there are no birds?


It's a manufactured disease, named bird flu because the CIA decided that their drones would be a convenient scapegoat.


Okay, thank you for clarifying. It makes sense now


No problem


Yoooo you're coming to Boston? I'll get the boys and we'll make sure the CIA doesn't try and finish the job!


I worry about Peter's access to healthcare providers . If anyone here is in the field can offer some advice or tips for him to assure he gets adequate treatment, without any birdtruth advocates interference, it'd be greatly appreciated. 🙏🏼


oh shit!!!! NY!!!! cant wait to see y’all!




Where is the spiritual healer located? I didn't catch it when they said it 37 times


She's in Pittsburgh, try listening next time.


The fake hospital thing was too far for this sub. There is no shortage of media satire that blurs fiction and reality, it’s been a whole ass sub genre for years. This sub was unique and fun because it went so far into ridiculousness that there was an implicitly clear line between it and reality without having to ever state it explicitly. With that line we could make jokes and effectively LARP as conspiracy theorists without having to worry about spreading misinformation. With the hospital thing they took a step backwards towards believability, which hurts the satire significantly while being genuinely in bad taste. There’s nothing particularly unique about it either. It’s relatively bog standard transgressive satire now. Now to all the people who might respond to this continuing to LARP, my “response” is that I’m using this account to infiltrate the CIA by pretending to be part of a psyop to take down the movement.


I'll take your username into account.


Always a good idea.


The actual people behind the movement have always been much more than this little subreddit lol


True. They are doing their own thing I guess.


I thought this was fucking hilarious.


The end result was pretty funny, but the very serious initial post was less so.


After covid it felt pretty bad taste to me ngl


Yeah, I mean it was fun while it lasted but this stunt is just a little too much for the original vibe of making fun of conspiracy theorists.


>hurts the satire significantly while being genuinely in bad taste. This is the same thing I said and people were like "It's just satire, they're making fun of all the grifters doing this!" Which is like, yeah, cool, but it wasn't obvious satire, it was literally a statement saying "Our founder was hospitalized " and then they posted a photo of him in a fake hospital room, which unless you have a medical background, looked pretty convincing. Now this is the obvious satire one "He has the bird flu" which they should have started off on, not a blank statement he was hospitalized that didn't appear to be satire whatsoever. It just seems extremely bad taste.


For scientific research purposes, I need the uncensored video sent to my inbox pronto


I have so many questions


Remember people. Water you lawn, and water it often with a high power rotating spray. - that will keep the drones away so you can talk on the phone without getting intercepted.


Just last week I stopped at a stop sign. The bird drone was following my vehicle so close that it smashed into my back window. I froze for a moment. Once I got out and went around to the back I realized that other drones had come to its rescue and lifted it away to safety. They will have to drive nonstop for 3034 miles to avoid the same dangers.


Bruh that flag touching the ground…. Big no-no!




They are PURPOSEFULLY going around Kansas. WHAT'S WRONG WITH US HUH?


Come for the tornadoes, stay for the meth


Public meth usage on a Sunday and black squirrels, come to Marysville!! Candy-ass and commie captial of the world, come to Lawrence! Public urination, theft, and shitty infrastructure, come to Topeka! Stupidity, Come to Wichita! Cow factories and Oklahomans, come to Liberal! Fish within a fish, come to Gove City! Extreme heat, come to Chanute! Hospice patients and rich douchebags, come to Manhattan! On your way to Colorado? Stop in Salina!


Lawrence needs a big EF5 to roll through.


I’d say it’s the best of the list, and I’d need to evacuate. I guess I could survive in KC, but I can’t pay rent there. I’ll just sleep in one of the many convenient abandoned buildings.


Scratch that, I’ll go to perry or lecompton, those no hunting forests are perfect.


Yeah, poachers don't follow the laws, so I'd definitely be wary.


I'd hope they don't shoot the very obviously stranded homeless guy sleeping in a ditch.


Problem is, poachers are known for becoming risky if someone sees them. I HIGHLY doubt they'd smoke you, but if you're going to do so, I recommend digging a fighting hole, and making sure your fire pits are about 3ft deep, with ventilation holes cut out, so you're less likely to be spotted. I'd also try to get camo netting, and building an A frame. Or you can get climbing spikes for trees, and hang a hammock up about 20ft, while hanging your food up with a bag weight, some 550, and making sure it's at least 50m away from your camp site. If you want, I can send you links for making everything from voodoo knots and bridging rivers, to building some pretty cushy, primitive shelters. it'll take some work, but it WILL work. The only real problem is the possibility of tornadoes, and more than that, wild hogs. This is also a good way to keep from being spotted by DNR. Learn OCOKA, MET-TC, OODA, and especially pay attention to what's known as low-light hygiene/concealment.


I'm not sure if I should offer my condolences or laugh....


I can't tell if half these comments are real or not lol.


Not me thinking he was ACTUALLY SICK omgggggg I was actually so sad. That’s some serious dedication.


God bless you Peter for your dedication. 🙏


Why do you \*think\* the feet are blurred -- THEY CHARGE THROUGH THEIR FEET.


Gob bless america


She talks?!? The humadrone can fucking talk?????


Oh my god 😂


I don’t know, it seems like they are using us to help support their caws.




Did the birds peck off his pecker?


I thought he was standing on a pedestal but my man's actually just 10 feet tall 💀


and bulletproof?


i’d willing to bet this is a single-take assignment from an intro film production class at a US liberal arts school


The whole movement started with the guy in the wheelchair while he was a student at the university of Memphis. Not exactly a liberal arts school, but it was probably an assignment from some humanities class that took off.


oh wow, TIL!


Seems like it would be easier to fly to Boston.


Fly?? In the air??? Where the bird-drones are??? Think before you speak, you're embarrassing the movement.


You watch your mouth


Wtf is this


It's probably not a bird.


I have no clue




As you can easily see by this very serious announcement, we are very serious about this very serious cause (seriously)


I am appalled you would even imply that any of this is satire! As if birds could possibly be "real", that there's anything to satire! A man has been poisoned by our very own government with Bird-flu. Clearly some form of poetic justice to silence our movement. Seriously...


Yes, it's satire. Check out the website birdsarentreal.com for info on the actual thing


This is too much. No longer funny.


Oh man. I'm within a couple of hours from Boston but driving in Boston is terrible.


Undo the blur so I know it’s real


Your going through my town! I hope you enjoy the drive!




He has no arms?


Try shungite, good for “bird” flu


Bahaha, close your hospital gown Peter!


Okay the hospital thing was all fake. Good


If you’re serious about going all the way to Boston, I have a place in Monroe County, PA I’d be happy to let you rest at for a night or so. Just private message me


Netflix series incoming


While I want Peter to feel better, there's no reason to jump to the insanity of spiritual healing


This is the way! Show your support, and put our movement on the map!


I sincerely hope this is a fake route/destination and you haven't just broadcast your expected location to the CIA (Controllers of Internet and Aviaries)


when will they be in indiana?


anyone notice that the map showing their drive ends them in ny, ny not the promised land of boston?


"Yeah, I'm just a little bit uncomfortable with the whole keeping my legs spread apart and showing my willy."- Peter to the gunman off camera.


So...let me get this straight. Birds aren't real and are just machines...but the government gave him bird-flu...so they gave him a computer virus? And to solve this, you're taking him to a spiritual healer? Not a computer engineer? k


These guys are obviously double agents. They sound like off-their-rocker paranoid meth-heads. Why would we ever willingly present in such a way to the public who don't know birds are drones?


Since I didn't get a reply last time, is there an onlyfans where we can get an uncensored version of this video???


You should really come to Germany, we have a lot of Globuli and heilpraktiker!


Claire has Peters sunglasses, and Connor has his hat. Photos and video of Claire and Conner consistently blur out or obscure Conners feet, clearly indicating something to hide. Claire has worn Peters sunglasses consistently as well and will not remove them to let us see her face. Anyone who has been part of this movement for any meaningful amount of time can recall when Peter had his sunglasses STOLEN, in which a series of small disasters happened in his life, including the love of his life leaving him over his beliefs. It wasn't until Peter offered an exuberant reward for the glasses and they were returned that Peter was able to regain his balance in life. Peter also has spots of what I can only assume is blood on his gown. When either Claire or Connor approach Peter in his chair, he pulls away from them. It's clear to me that Claire and Connor have been keeping Peter complacent in order to take control of the movement. Even the claim that they will be taking Peter directly to a healer, except for the large amount of stops to show support of THEM is highly suspicious. Claire and Connor have Peter hostage, and have been using his loyal followers to further their personal agenda. Now, what is that agenda? We won't know until Connor removes the foot blur and Claire removes Peters sunglasses. Furthermore, the god-teir band Metallica had their reign end over simple haircuts, Connor and Claire removing Peters hat and sunglasses can only be exasperating his condition. It's my theory that Connor is a drone/spy/plant and Claire his handler. Peter MUST be rescued at all costs. This is a hostile situation.


Where is the cash app link?


I'll make a black-on-green call. This man is clearly being held hostage.


At 2:09 around the A in CIA and Y in absolutely wtf is flapping round in the background?! Comes and goes a few times…or do i need to go to sleep?


So all this time this was an unironical conspiracy subreddit or they're just really good at sarcasm?


A "bird" poisoned a man on behalf of the US government and you think thus could possibly be ironic???


What is it with you bird believers and calling every opinion you disagree with "sarcasm"? This young man was POISONED by the US government and all you have to say is "sarcasm"?? What the hell


People are just in denial about the bird drones.


https://www.birdsarentreal.com It has always been a larger movement than most on this subreddit realise. But yes it's all a satire with a merch store.