If Betty loses we riot


This all comes down to the F3 HoH. Whoever wins it, will win the game. If Josh wins, he will take Betty, and he wins. If Kevin wins, he will take Betty, and he wins. Is Betty wins, she will take Josh, and she wins. Being able to say “I cut Kevin” or “I cut Josh” will play a huge factor. Cutting Betty won’t get you any respect from the jury. The good news for for Betty is that she’s going to make the F2 no matter what, because neither Kevin or Josh are dumb enough to take each other.


I guess this thread is confirming that the finale I thought I watched was a crazy fever dream.


This finale episode will be sick. Obviously Josh will win the comp and cut Kevin. Betty will then win. Anyway, let's enjoy it together !


Can't believe it's been a week since BBCAN10 ended. I miss it.


Holy shit it's only been ONE WEEK?! Feels like so much longer for some reason! I miss them 😭💜


Kevin's flair needs to be golden or something!! Put a crown on it? Winter baby?! What a winner!! What a cast!!! I hope some of them like reddit and are willing to do an AMA. <3 I was soooo nervous it wasn't going to be anywhere as good as BBCAN9, now I'm going to worry BBCAN11 won't be as good. xDXD


"Kevin ❄️" would be my pick! I'd Kev especially to do an AMA!! I have so many questions, but most of all I want to ask him his thoughts on my belief that language is the greatest invention ever and its better than the printing press because without language we wouldn't have written OR oral culture... and also, how the hell did language even get created like how did someone decide a word for something and get everyone in their area to agree to use it and pass it along??? especially abstract things you can't point to? blows my mind lmao. but yessss omg now I feel like every season (US and CAN) will be let downs lmao.. Kevin's game (plus this cast, accurate editing, crazy ass HOH reigns, chaos, etc) made me more excited to watch BB since I have been since Dan played! I love how humble he is as a winner, he has no idea just how amazing he's done and it's endearing!


Yeah, it's going to be hard to beat BBCAN10. Totally understand if Kevin just wants to take a break from BBCAN talk, and just catch up everything he missed from being in the house, but would really love to see him on reddit someday. Him and anyone else interested! It does seem like he's more active on insta or twitter, but hope you get to ask your question to him someday.


I can't wait to watch. Hopefully Kevin can take final HoH or he's for sure done!