Joe lies. People die


Only thing out of hand is Joe Biden and his equally stupid minions


Yah right, what is short term? 5 years? It is run away inflation. And Biden is trying to blame on others, from suppliers to consumers. While the real cause is Biden administration.


Nailed it!!!


Hahah ya Wall Street billionaires are claiming this that’s because fluctuation doesn’t affect BILLIONAIRES THATS 100 million dollars to those that aren’t quick with math if I had 100 million dollars inflation wouldn’t affect me either hahahaha Biden stop taking advice from big Wall Street tool bags and start listening to the middle and lower class we are spending too much of OUR SAVED AND HARD EARNED CASH ON BULLSHIT BUDDY BULLSHIT THAT USED to only cost HALF THE PRICE IT DOES NOW! Screw u retire! Old confused man ur a thief a lier and u been making more money than most every American does and u didn’t even create a product make anything start anything nothing u just became a politician and made millions at the expense of us taxpayers u cook quit nobody wants u in office go home don’t even become a senator anymore just retire we do NOT WANT U IN OFFICE we know u know this but we also know your not going to leave without an order because your still making bank on our dime so I’m ordering u to leave office u have neglected your job worse than we all were told trump was when really it was just media liers trying to change peoples minds to vote for someone knew when we would have been way better off with a fearless and business savvy trump


Screw u Biden u suck let’s go Bra……. Zzzz zzzzz ( aka sleepy joe) u are a truck


U don’t even deserve a million dollars let alone control over TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS


And nope fed will not get my money my guns or my freedom none of those 3 things u will get from me and my militia so go ahead and try we will respond with serious force Biden TRY ME I DARE U