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In case anyone is curious, the OOP posted this comment in response to a question about what happened after they identified the creep: "Sorry I thought I commented this lol my head is spinning. Yes he was arrested for trespassing and I guess they said he had a warrant for something else but I can't remember. Once we get home a lawyer is coming out to convene with us about the legal process."


“he had a warrant for something else” Shocker.


Grope-ering maybe?


Groypers are white nationalist anti-semetic lunatics. A particularly nasty fringe of the political right. That's the nickname they've given themselves.


And affiliated with Nick Fuentes right? I've always thought it was a dumb name.


Yup. Honestly surprised these losers are still around.


Legit I do not know about them or how big they are, or how bad Nick Fuentes is. Any time anyone in the media I watch mentions them or Nick I have temporary amnesia. They must be bad.


Fuentes is the definition of fringe far right wing crazy. He full-on advocates for turning the US into a white ethnostate, as well as stripping women of their right to vote and join the workforce. Hell, he makes other conservatives uncomfortable with his bullshit. I didn't think he and his kind were still around.






Curious what state this might have been? I’ve never heard of Groypers.


They're nick Fuentes' group. More extreme than the proud boys ideologically, strongly crypto fascist and holocaust deniers.


When you're a star they let you do it




There are technically weirdoes on both sides for sure but one just seems to be lousy with the criminal kind


The weirdest guy on the left I know? Hippy artist married with two kids for 29 years. Weirdest guy on the right I know? Did ten years for armed robbery, divorced 3 times, calls everyone a freeloader, works day labor. You decide.


I _am_ the weirdest guy on the left that a lot of people know. My beliefs basically boil down to: being rich shouldn’t get you better health care than everyone else, it’s none of your fucking business what genitals another person has nor which ones they prefer to interact with, and it doesn’t hurt you the slightest bit to acknowledge the marriage, gender, or pronouns of another human being _even if you don’t like that person._ (Oh, also, ACAB). My mom on the other hand thinks that America would be better off “if all the blacks moved back to Liberia like they were supposed to after the Civil War” _and she’s not even all that fringe._


God yeah. I've always tried to be a "both sides have a story" person but I've completely lost faith in that idea since 2016. When I see any conservative flag, I think "this person would probably kill me for my ideals and lifestyle if they could get away with it", and while I know that's not always the actual truth, it's more true than it should be. Meanwhile a conservative has to fear, what, social rejection from liberals? Hate mail?


They make up things to be afraid about: murdering babies, taking away their guns, stealing more of their money in taxes they don’t think they should have to pay, “transsexuals” raping women in bathrooms…it’s utterly bonkers.


But what about that one trans kid wanting to play basketball in some no name highschool?!?!


Right? Like what is the left's equivalent to "satan worshipping politicians and celebrities running a child trafficking ring out of a pizza restaurant's basement to harvest adrenochrome from children so they can live forever"?


Healthcare, affordable housing, walkable cities. You know, stuff that dooms nations


Don't forget public transport!


Education too.


Public transport!? Now that’s just *awful*, Metro Detroit is the absolute pinnacle of local logistics that every city should aspire to emulate!


Well, as home of the car, Detroit has always been the perfect model city for personal transportation and well designed road systems /s


The horror! Not healthcare!


If you're not careful, you'll get evidence-based policy initiatives. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU 🫵


Conservatives always talk about lesbians with blue hair when they have actual Nazis


I feel the left has a lot more innocent weirdness and the right has way more stalker/violent/pedo weirdness


Right, and it bothers me when people want to equate furries who like to buy art and costumes to people who molest children. Not the same, never will be the same, cringe is not the same as criminal.


Oh, their big thing now is calling anyone who is part of the LGBTQ community a "groomer" (literally a Nazi tactic* was to slap a label on a group and use it so often that other people start to see them as less than human, and that's what they are doing with the "groomer" label). I see it CONSTANTLY. And what's scary is they have ACTUAL groomers among their ranks (Matt Gaetz, anyone?). But the other tactic is "accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty." *Yeah, I think it's super over the top to call those who disagree with you politically "Nazis." But whether they know it or not (and given how dumb some of them are, the average yokel probably doesn't know), the alt-right is literally using the same playbook. It's scary.


People call them Nazis not because they are literally registered to the Nazi party that doesn't exist anymore, but because they are doing the exact same shit. They don't have to be gassing people to share an ideology and book of tactics. But anyway, yes, they are obsessed with calling anyone who isn't cis and heterosexual a groomer, it's clear they're very purposefully projecting to distract people, and it's been very effective.


True that! Like its not my thing personally but as long as its all adult and consensual i dont yuck on anothers yum! All the more power to them that they found something they enjoy. I dont get on why people need to have such negative opinions on things that hurt nobody and does not affect them in any way. And the people that try to make that comparison often are doing way worse themselves.. you never hear the dems attacking the furry community


(agree with you here, just want to clarify that usually being a furry just means making colourful anthro animal characters, and dressing up as them for fun sometimes. its generally not a sex thing. have a nice day!)


Honestly, wracking my brain to come up with a Democrat who was arrested/suspected for underage sex, whereas with Republicans, they are a dime a dozen.


And again, it's not *just* their followers that you might be able to discount as a minority, but their actual elected officials who just can't seem to keep their hands out of the underage and/or non-consensual cookie jar, and most importantly don't even get a side-eye from their people when it comes out


Anthony Weiner. They also like to call Biden a pedo/creepy grandpa, but heaven forbid you say anything about Trump or Roy Moore or any of the millions of sex pests on the right.


A decade ago, I used to consider myself a moderate, thinking both were equally bad, equally cringey, etc. (Hillary alone dragged the whole party in the mud) But for at least 6 years, the right just openly went way off the deep end. I have my criticisms of the left, but I can't even voice them because doing so would feel like I'm somehow encouraging these hypocrites on the right who think that lying and cheating and oppressing others somehow puts them on a moral high-ground. You have one side that is occasionally sly, greedy, or weird and on the other side you have shit-eating grins and ass-breath around-the-clock accusing anyone that isn't them of being poop-eating terrorists (They obviously think everyone is just like them, so they want to accuse others first to redirect the heat).


Not to start a war in the comments but what’s the worst thing Hillary did? People act like she’s the devil incarnate but by all accounts from people she worked for, with and worked for her she was just a nice lady who routinely put in the work and actually cared. I wasn’t her biggest fan because I thought she sucked at campaigning and wasn’t left enough for me personally but I never hated her and I don’t understand the level of animosity she gets at all.


She was a First Lady who wore pants. Really. There’s been a 30-year onslaught of relentless propaganda against her ever since. It’s so bad even the left believes it. And she called it out as Republican propaganda, and she was 1000% right. She called them out as deplorable and she was 1000% right.


Lol of course he was an alt right.


Lol I'm not even sure what 'alt' right means anymore...the entire Republican party lost its sanity a while ago.


This sounds like the beginning of horror movie/crime documentary.


I thought it was going to be [the story](https://www.reddit.com/r/LetsNotMeet/comments/al8k5s/the_man_on_my_patio/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) where the guy was a mental patient that used to live in the home.


Goddamn it. That ended up being sweet. I've got pretty mild autism compared to this dude, but I can kind of relate to wanting to return to your sort of "comfort zone". The world is overwhelming, and having that opportunity once a week probably makes a world of difference for him. I don't know why he thought he should snack on cigarette butts though lol


Ah geeze, that reminded me of when I got an elderly gentleman with dementia on my back porch. Not as severe, and he didn't body any cops nor did I get a friend out of it, but it was still unsettling. I'm glad everyone in that story is (I'm assuming) okay. Thank you for sharing, I hadn't heard that one and it was surprisingly heartwarming, considering!




Cum hunter... Fuck me I shouldn't laugh so hard. Why is the alt right so fucking weird about sex?


Because they don’t get any consensually.


Because they take the Bible as a literal rulebook


Honestly, its this kinda bs that makes me never want to run for office. Yeah they go after guys too, but it seems so much more prevalent that the weirdo is going after a women. Glad they are safe!


That is the point, scare current office holders into quitting and dissuading people they disagree with from running.


Worked in a town not too far from me. The sole non-right leaning candidate for a council seat was a middle aged single mother. She *and her middle school kid* started receiving death threats. She told the local police. They knew the guy making the threats - and did nothing about it. She dropped out of the race, and out of local politics completely.


Oh yeah that's Mike he works the desk next to mine! He's mostly harmless... Unless you're a Democrat, hahaha. But seriously, I can't arrest a fellow officer so best get with the vibe here, sweetheart, or else just quit!


You joke, but I literally had someone tell me "Are you sure you want to pick this battle? He has many friends here. You need to choose between getting justice or staying safe, sorry but that's just how the world is." after I wanted to report a sexual assault. That wasn't a cop, but I would not be surprised if what you wrote was actually said by one somewhere. Also heard the "Oh no worries, he's harmless and the kindest person ever, he'd give you the shirt off his back unless you're a \[liberal/f-slur/t-slur/etc\]" line more than once from a few different people in my life. It's insane how much society protects abusive people.


I’m genuinely concerned when people say “he’s the nicest person ever and would give you the shirt off his back” without the slightest comprehension that this person’s kindness and shirt are only on offer to those he deems “worthy”. Truly kind people don’t do that, and it shocks me how few people understand this.


Often the police are, at the very least, sympathetic with the alt-right crowd.


Some of those that work forces


My parents apparently first heard of the racist police phenomenon during the George Floyd protests (better late than never right?) and I quoted that line to them. My mom was like “Wow, who said that, was it Malcom X?” She was a bit disappointed to learn the truth.


For the unenlightened, would you care to explain, please 😅


The quote is “some of those who join forces are the same who burn crosses.” I said it instead of singing it so my mom thought it was a quote from a civil rights leader. It’s actually from a song by Rage Against the Machine.


I wouldn't be surprised Tom Morello paraphrased that line from something a civil rights leader said before.


Tom Morello is such an interesting dude.


I heard it was originally “some of those who hold office”


Exactly what was going through my head as a wrote it.


“Some” seems awful optimistic these days


Some of them do. They almost all do, but some of them do, too.


Turn bodies into corpses.


Cause they don't want to arrest their off-duty buddies for their harassment, death threats and violence.


They're just so busy ignoring the domestic abuse within their own ranks


It's real fucking scary how high the numbers of *self-reported* DV is in their ranks. They're both literally unashamed to report it *and* those high numbers have to be an underestimate for the few of them who might still have the decency to think that beating your wife should be an embarassing thing to admit


They’re often the alt-right crowd themselves.


That's why they said "at the very least"


"Often" in this sense is the same as humans "often" wear at least one article of clothing while outdoors.


Domestic terrorism. And as last CPAC proved, they're all very proud of the fact that they're domestic terrorists. They even had a huge banner that said "We All Are Domestic Terrorists". I'm not kidding. That's what Republican voters are supporting. Either openly or implicitly, sending anyone who even remotely disagrees with them death threats and non-stop harassment is an accepted and valid tactic to them. They love harassing people out of government positions. Especially women. Especially with death and rape threats. But talking about how often it happens and how fucked up this constant harassment and threat of violence is always brings the "b-but this is free speech" and "b-but both sides" crowd out of their holes.


It sucks that they made her drop out, but after a certain point she’s gotta consider her kid’s health and safety. Absolutely fucked up these guys got away with harassing and threatening a single mother and her child, though.


But it is the anteefers who are the real threat


AKA terrorism.


Yep, that's how Marjorie three toes ended up in congress. They harassed her democratic opponent so hard he dropped out of the race.


> Yeah they go after guys too, but it seems so much more prevalent that the weirdo is going after a women. Because they're cowards and think they could take a woman. That's also why he ran as soon as OOP opened his car door, since he didn't think he could win that fight.


It’s not just the physical aspect. Women in politics are harassed online far, far more than men. It’s fundamentally misogynistic, more than the physical threat.


This American Life has did a story about doctors promoting the COVID vaccine. Female doctors was much more aggressively targeted than their male counterparts. Same hospital, same message, but two very different reactions from the public. Edit: it's not This American Life. I'm looking through my rotation of Science Vs and other podcasts though. Sorry!


Similarly, their episode on harassment of local government health workers during COVID featured exclusively women. They didn’t really dig into the misogyny angle, but every local official being stalked/threatened/harassed into resignation was female. I haven’t heard the one you’re talking about, do you happen to remember the episode name?


An Austrian doctor killed herself after harassment she got for advocating for the vaccine. So it's global.


Reminds me of the insurrectionists howling for the head of Nancy Pelosi. They thought they were BIG bad, going after a little old lady.


They can’t stand her. I think she’s probably the most hated political figure in America. Also they dislike her for all of the wrong reasons. Ie she’s “too liberal” or “far left” as a opposed to career shrewd politician and blatant corruption of her husband financially.


Most hated only because Hilary Clinton isn’t active anymore. Clinton, they also hated for being a smart, outspoken woman.


Oh no but haven’t you heard? It’s those EMAILS. They’re all so terrible. And her handling of Benghazi. And her husband Fucked somebody else and that was rape (which is a whole other discussion, but either way, it’s not like she could have forcefully taken her husbands dick out of the other woman/women) /s obviously. These are the reasons given to me by my mother, and while they were alive, my brother and father, who hated her.


“Lock her up” yelled all the people who were upset about emails being stored on a private server Trump keeps top secret nuclear documents at a country club in a room accessible to staff and “it’s a witch hunt!”


That’s the main problem. They dislike her for the wrong reasons. I won’t pretend she’s a saint but their hatred is based in nonsense.


Yeah lol, it's one of those things where I also don't like people like Pelosi or Hillary Clinton, but for like, actual reasons regarding their politics (they're far too conservative) and concerns about corruption, not misogyny. Which then forces me into a position of having to defend people that I don't like because the reasons other people have for not liking them are bullshit and misogynistic. We live in such weird political times


& that's 100% why they do it. I don't blame you, I wouldn't even run for a library board in the US at this point in time, but they're definitely pulling more and more intimidation tactics not just to get people they disagree with to resign–– but to also dampen anyone else's courage to run. Same with voting intimidation.


Nick Fuentes, the founder of the groypers, has said that women shouldn't have the right to vote--definitely not shocking that one of his acolytes is harassing a woman.


He has never tried to hide his white supremacist, anti-Semitic, extreme sexist, nationalistic ways. The last three years he has hosted a conference to celebrate his brand of hate. The following were speakers at those conferences: Michelle Malkin, former Representative Steve King, Arizona Representative Paul Gosar, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers, lieutenant governor of Idaho Janice McGeachin, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and a whole bunch of other cretins not worth mentioning. Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, and former Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thomas Homan were scheduled to speak, but backed out last minute.


So at least two women who wouldn't have the right to vote or even the positions they have under the way he wants the world to work spoke at his conference. This surprises me not a whit.


Logical consistency isn't their strong suit.


My good friend ran for office as a Democrat in a conservative town. She lost, but not before someone shot up her car, creeps followed her around town, and an opinion article in the local newspaper forced her to talk about what it’s like to get abandoned as a 14 year-old kid.


Yeah my husband has really pushed for me to try running for like the school board or some thing because he thinks that I would be good at it and I’m not interested. I think that I probably would be good at it because I am open to learning which I think is one of the most important qualities that an elected official could have. But I’m not super interested in this kind of shit happening or them trying to dig into my past and finding out that I attempted suicide once. This is why regular people aren’t interested in getting involved with local politics.


Yeah shades of Gabby Giffords. Shame the Dems doesn't have those kinds of crazies, I'd love for someone to have a go at Mitch McConnell.


Maybe someday Donald will get one of his Trumpanzees in a frothing rage about Moscow Mitch


Yeah when I read OOP is a guy I immediately thought "oh wow, a man being stalked, that's rare." Turns out they were actually stalking the wife. Tale as old as time


That's the goal.


I have thought about going into politics in some form, but I would be terrified of assholes from my past popping up and using it as a way to fuck with me. If you don't plan on doing something like that extremely early in life nowadays there is a huge likelihood that other people are going to have nudes or emails or whatever that can be used against you. Sounds like a bad time to me.


Dems and centrist/rational GOP folks who run against Q-anon extremist losers get harassment and death threats and drop out of their race.


"rational GOP" Error. Does not compute


The moment OOP said they were leaving the car to confront the guy I was like WTF??! And then thought “he must be man”. It’s just sad and enraging that we have to go through this


Goddamn this is terrifying. These homegrown terrorists are a genuine danger to people's safety.


The Department of Homeland Security has considered right-wing extremists the largest terrorist threat for years.


But trump cut the funding into stopping it. Now they've started to take over law enforcement.




Always has been.


Literally how law enforcement began


They've been in law enforcement for decades, even centuries. They're just becoming more normalized as right-wing politicians give them reassurance that the behavior they're exhibiting is okay.


To democracy too. That one democrat councilwoman might just chose to stop after her term and thus goes the last person upholding the sliver of democracy left in that area.


>I was watching the chiefs browns game when the same man peeked through my front window and stared at me and started laughing. I quickly went to grab my gun but when I turned around he was gone. Oh hell to the fucking no. Uh uh, no way. That's some horror film shit. Shotgun all the way.


Honestly at that point I thought this was going to be a carbon monoxide /schizophrenia post.


Had he said "I was watching the Browns beat the Chiefs" I would have been right with you on the carbon monoxide theory


Same! Carbon monoxide was my first thought at this point


Haha this part is so creepy!


Does this in Creep For some reason that movie shook me despite others like it being fine.


>groyper til what a groyper is... why would anyone all themselves a person who gropes people?? I'd pick something (anything) cooler for my /thedonald offshoot


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groypers Yeah seriously, look at their namesake lol... Self loathing abounds


“Presently, Groypers are a loosely defined group of followers and fans of Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist, far-right political commentator, and livestreamer.[8][2] After Fuentes, there is no clear second in the Groyper hierarchy.” Nick Fuentes. *Fuentes* Am I confused? Is that not a Hispanic last name?


He'd be considered white Hispanic (which really just means descendant of a Spanish-speaking country or territory- so from Spain, white but Hispanic). But! Fun fact. There are also Latino white supremacists. How does that work? I don't know, but they are certainly out there. I know a lot of Cubans hate the left because they equate it with Fidel Castro, so some identify as extreme right-wing, but Central and Latin America is not homogeneous in culture or ideology... Probably a good ol' smattering of self-loathing along with the hopes the other white supremacists will be their friends as long as they bash Jews & Blacks hard enough. [https://www.axios.com/2022/03/10/rise-white-nationalist-hispanics-latinos](https://www.axios.com/2022/03/10/rise-white-nationalist-hispanics-latinos)


>How does that work? There's an old meme of black and/or indigenous latinamerican nazis who get in situations like being beaten up by white nazis for obvious reasons, but I don't think people like that actually exist irl, I've never heard of any in a serious context. There are, however, internet latinamerican nazis who support the usual non-sensical conspiracy theories about jews and white genocide, but they're 100% irrelevant with no actual impact on society. It would be interesting to see how many of them are actually white and not white larpers, though.


I live in south america and my great uncle had nazi flags and shit in his home office... that whole side of my family thinks themselves "white" and better than everyone else in the country because their greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat grandfather some couple hundred years ago had a Spanish nobility title or something. It's not just "old" people either. A bunch of the guys I grew up with in school ended up joining fascist gangs/groups. Some of them were definitely neonazis/white supremacists, as they saw themselves whiter than they actually were. I'm pretty sure one of them was involved in "social cleansing" that went on in the city back then. That guy had family in the military and, from what I heard, the rest of the group was more people with military/police background/family. I hung out in a nicer part of town, only ever heard of other kids my age getting beat up; in poorer parts of town it was murder and "disappearances". Anyway, most of those guys that I grew up with and joined those kind of groups were supposedly less concerned with race (really it's more about the color of someone's skin because none of them were actually 'white', by their own racist definition) and it was more about elitism/social hierarchy, homophobia, and misogyny. Xenophobia wasn't really a thing back then but it very much is now because our country accepted a lot of refugees from venezuela. A lot has changed since then but these people still exist and even if they don't operate exactly the same way as they used to, they still believe what they believe, they still vote, they still engage in "social cleansing" sorta.


As a matter of fact, that's an interesting side effect into trying to copy-paste a racist imperialist ideology into an incredibly miscegenised territory like Latin America. So far, I've seen three types of far-right supremacists: 1) White creole supremacists: your classical (neo)nazi guy. White people of European descent (mostly Spanish, but lately also people with very obvious Italian or French surnames) who claim to be "Aryan". In the 1930s and 40s, Mexico had its own variations: the Synarchists, who were/are tradcath fascists and a literal copy-paste of Francoism with ties to the "cristeros" (christian peasants opposed to the secularization of the State and sex ed), and the "Golden Shirts". It's more likely you find these people, even if all three variations are quite rare. 2) Indigenous supremacists: the polar opposite of the above. Given that nazism has a philosophy of "blood and soil" and the importance of native people (i.e. people originally born in any territory), these kind of supremacists have a weird mythos that relies heavily on indigenous cosmology (or whatever crazy spin they push). 3) Miscegenised supremacists: the weirdest and craziest of the above. Strap in because this one is a doozy. José Vasconcelos, first education secretary of post-revolutionary Mexico, founded the University (today known as UNAM) and its motto, which reads "the spirit shall speak for my race". In Spanish, in this context, the phrase is too vague for it to be immediately picked on as a racist statement. Vasconcelos was catholic and a fun fact usually repeated in Mexico is that, given the secularization efforts of the post-revolutionary governments (chiefly Calles), people like to point out that the original phrase had to be changed because it said "The Holy Spirit shall speak for my race". What most people seem to ignore is that other tidbit: the race. Vasconcelos believed Mexico had forged its own particular variety of superior people, the miscegenised (mestizos) people, who had a mixture of the best traits from all races. Hence, this "cosmic race" (yes, you read that correctly) would be the one to rule the world or some shit like that, I dunno. Vasconcelos eventually edited his own far-right magazine and became an open Nazi sympathiser (a fact that, for obvious reasons, is not usually taught in school), to the point he even wrote prologues for Nazi books claiming WW2 was a "worldwide defeat" because (((they))) had won. So to answer your question: how can a hispanic white supremacist exist? Because the racist beliefs stemming from Spanish imperialism (be it the archaic caste system of the vice-royalties or the influence of Franco sympathisers in Latin America) still persist to this day. Just have a look at Vox, the far-right party in Spain, recently celebrating the 500 anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan because Spain and Cortés "brought civilization to the savage Mexica empire". Add to that, as others pointed out, the vile hatred certain sectors within US society (e.g. Cuban immigrants in Florida) have to anything mildly progressive and you have as a result someone like Nick Fuentes I guess.


They're probably white and the descendants of Nazis who escaped to South America. Some of the latter refashioned themselves and never told their own families, but I imagine some indoctrinated their children and grandchildren.


IIRC the co-founder/leader of the Proud Boys is Hispanic


Hispanic people can be white, considering that category includes people from Spain, a majority white European country. And it only take a small proportion of your family far back to get a surname from a particular place.


That's the least of the problems with Nick Fuentes.


If you don't know about Nick Fuentes, he's a racist who thinks that that thinks the US should be a theocracy. Also it's not mutually exclusive, there's right wing figures that go against their own interests, see Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Dave Ruben, Blair White, etc


Also Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban refugee.


You mean *Canadian born immigrant* Rafael Edward Cruz? Because, just to be clear, the Earth Human designated as Rafael Edward Cruz is totally an Earth Human. The Earth Human designated as Rafael Edward Cruz is not, as is commonly believed, an alien collective in an Earth Human suit.


Then there's the incel/catboi stuff... As in a cult like control of his followers sex lives.


> catboi stuff part of me wants to know, a much bigger part of me is saying I don't need to go down that google hole...


That particular Google Hole is dark and scarring. It involves abusive acts on Fuentes' part, as well as some consent issues and the ever disturbing internalized but vocal homophobia. Usually when I talk about someone this way, I'm happy to provide my sources. This time... I'm not subjecting myself to it.


The bell curve for sourcing deranged nationalists is very real. Any normie is generally going to trust you


He also has a virgin cult that lives in his basement


I mean, the very next sentence is about how Michelle Malkin, the daughter of Filipino immigrants, claims to be the "mommy" of the Groypers. White supremacy: not just for whites anymore!


Hispanic as an ethnicity is actually more likely to imply a white person than not. Hispanic means/implies Spanish ethnicity. Spanish people, as in historically from Spain, are considered white. Since so much of central and South America was colonized by Spain, it isn't uncommon to hear Hispanic used to refer to the general populace. Especially as, people who are not white or Spanish, may have Spanish last names due to colonization. In reality, a Spanish last name has no actual tie to the person's race. Example, I'm Pacific Islander, no Spanish genes, but my last name is Spanish.


>Self loathing abounds > Nick Fuentes. You're correct. Father's side. He's a black hole of self-loathing.


Man. Nick Fuentes was a year behind me at Boston University for about five minutes before we bullied him off the campus lmao. So weird to me that he actually found a foothold somewhere, I still remember him as some idiot kid


Wait really? I was at BU too...what year was this? Found the answer...looks like 2017. Funny shit... he was run out of BU after coming back from participating in the Charlottesville fascist tiki-torch rally. Lol. Good for you guys. Proud of my alma mater. Nice job channeling the vibes of Howard Zinn with running that little toad fash off campus. >Fuentes has feuded with Turning Point USA and its founder, Charlie Kirk, for supporting views that Fuentes believes to be insufficiently conservative.[16] On October 29, 2019, Fuentes' followers, known as Groypers, began to heckle Turning Point's Culture War Tour, including a speaking event for Donald Trump Jr.[17] In 2020, seeking to rival CPAC, Fuentes began holding the annual America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC).[18][19] >Fuentes was an attendee and speaker at events preceding the 2021 United States Capitol attack.[20] He also attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally.[6] >Fuentes attended Lyons Township High School, in Western Springs, Illinois, where he was president of the student council.[21] In August 2017, he left Boston University after claiming he received threats for attending the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.[6][22][23] Fuentes studied international relations and politics at Boston University.[24] He applied for transfer admission to Auburn University in fall 2017, but he did not confirm his enrollment.[25]


There is an entire country of white people with Hispanic last names. They colonized large parts of the Americas leaving behind not just their names but also their DNA and a whole ideology of colorism that values people who are white and white passing over people with darker more indigenous looks. And the negative stereotypes around being Latinx in America also encourage certain parts of the community, especially white passing ones, to identify more with their white ancestry and with modern white supremacy than with immigrants and people of color.


I will never understand the use of “Latin*x*” as gender neutral when English already took care of that with simply “Latin” because, you know “latino” and “latina” are borrowed directly from Spanish: a heavily gendered language.




Stop using Latinx.


Love the feeling of melanin entering my skin when I speak Spanish


Ah! It's called in Germany AfD. Right-wing neo nazis. Didn get one of the groypers punched in the face life in the middle of an interview?


Richard Spencer? Whenever I’m feeling down, I watch the video of him getting hit and feel a little better. I rarely condone violence, but fuck that guy.


that video is always a solid pick me up


Might be because Trump bragged about groping women? That's the first thing that comes to mind.


Worse... It's after a fucking *meme*...


The Proud Boys are named after a song from the Aladdin musical.


It's a perfectly good song, too. Fuckers.


The origin honestly makes Gavin McInnes look like a very sad, pathetic man. Basically he was at a recital for his elementary-age kid's school and one boy sang that song. The joke is that McInnes thought the boy was too effeminate for any father to be proud of having him as a son and that's why he named his hate group after the song




that's not much better... that just makes them sound like the teacher from Bubble Guppies...


NGL, my first thought about “groyper” was “grouper.” Even autocorrect agrees with me. (It took three times to not get the spelling corrected.)


Fascism was big for some members of the white Hispanic ethnicity. (Franco)


the wife’s job being the reason toootally tracks. when i was a little kid my dad had some coworker who didn’t like him. anytime my dad was at a meeting at night, the creep would call my house to intimidate my mom like this on the phone. scary shit to deal with when you’re a woman home alone with two toddlers :/ my parents were also outspoken liberals in a conservative community at the time


I’m shocked that it took a Reddit comment for them to figure that was probably the reason for being targeted.


"Our baby girl Thursday" Now I'm low-grade hoping they actually named their baby daughter "Thursday"...


I’ve always loved that name ever since I read the Thursday Next books!


OMG, I loved The Eyre Affair! I was just slightly disappointed in the ending - I thought he'd been invincible because he had a portrait of himself hidden somewhere that took all the damage, à la Dorian Gray - I found the solution with the scissors stupid. But the universe created for those books was just perfect, I always so much wished we could live in that timeline! Did you read the whole series? I found the next couple of books less engaging, and stopped following it anymore. Does it get better again?


He needs to get motion censored sprinklers


I think you mean sensor not censored, but I love the idea of hidden somehow censored sprinklers


The sprinklers spray in a pattern that spells swear words, but you only get one “fuck”


I'm always pleased to see police take neo-Nazis seriously. Too often these days they share sypmathies.


Probably helps it was a man calling and not a woman.


When people say we don't live in a patriarchy, this kinda shit says otherwise, be a woman who talk to a trades/finance/insurance/bank person and tell me the patriarchy doesn't exist.


the people who do this shit are the same people who say that immigrants are dangerous and need to be locked up. funny isn’t it


Weird. I just finished watching The Watcher on Netflix…


The difference being that *The Watcher* is based on an incident that has been credibly described as a potential hoax, and harassment of politicians by groups like the Groypers, the Oath Keepers, etc., are well documented.


Have you looked up the real story? Having actors from sitcoms eating babies is not a good way to make something scarier.


Yes I’m very familiar with the original story. But there’s only so much you can do with, “these people got some creepy letters.”




Well, the alt right does believe in the Second Amendment, so he can’t complain if his head gets blown off


You’d think that, wouldn’t you? Saw [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/LeopardsAteMyFace/comments/y9ewjw/2a_supporting_grandfather_of_oklahoma_teen_killed/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) on r/leopardsatemyface earlier today


Weirdest guy on the left that I know? Lived with his mom her entire life, now takes care of her in her 80s. Never married or had kids. Works in IT. Weirdest guy on the right that I know? Rabidly Anti-Muslim misogynist that molested his middle child from when they were a baby to age 16. Developed kidney disease and asked that same child for a kidney, while continuing to drink beer on dialysis. Blames his wife for the sexual deviancy and was never turned in, & never apologized. Bonus: the entire alt-right family knows about what he did and sided with him vs. their child / grandchild.


So I guess they want liberals to become gun owners? What then?




It's good to see that police are taking terrorism seriously after the third phone call.


Ugh the groypers. They’re blatant Neo Nazis who worship Nick Fuentes. Holocaust deniers and white supremacists.


Even more than Trump, my overarching thought is *him?* Why can't they pick better humans to follow? Fuentes has zero positive personality traits.


Who else would be a nazi?


What an interesting contrast this post has to other recent BORU posts with creepy stalkers. Feels like everytime OOP is a woman, police doesn’t take them seriously and she has to go out and fix it herself basically. Maybe this OOP just happened to be lucky to had a cop take him seriously.. or maybe he’s just a man.


>Apparently he is a member of some alt right group called a groyper? I've never heard of them, but I guess they are very popular in our state. For those who don't know, a groyper is basically a subset of Neo-Nazis.


Thanks! I wasn't sure that I wanted to look it up and have it in my search history.


Creepy conservative family values.


Is this an ad for Ring?


**Just another Republican Terrorist.** I'm sure there are some Republicans who aren't Anti-American terrorists, but I've yet to see one.


The bit about the ring doorbell reminds me of a spate of car crime that was happening on our street. Basically 2 groups were targeting our street group 1 was local and would just try car door handles and if they got and open one would take whatever was inside. Group 2 was like hyper focused though and only took high value vehicles. Properly cased the properties as well would smash in back windows of the property go directly to the car keys and be gone before the resident knew what was happening. Anyway short story long, there was loads of Ring doorbell, Arlo etc footage of group 1 but none of group 2. Cops said more experienced groups used Wi-Fi jammers to defeat these devices. Everybody ended up reverting to the more expensive hardwired options.


Not Alt-Right OP, that's just "The Right' now. They're fucking crazed unhinged lunatics.