Why do people dislike Brooklinen?

I bought a luxe sateen duvet cover and pillow case set a few weeks ago. They feel thick, high quality, and are soft and cozy, so I don't understand why people on this sub don't like them? Do they fall apart quickly? I am so so picky with sheets and these have met my expectations so before I buy 1 more set, I'm curious to know if there's anything I'm missing.


The sheets were so disappointing. They never softened, became too stretched around the corners - so kept popping off the bed. When I washed them, they would feel like plastic. Absolutely nothing luxury about them. Went back to Boll and Branch and threw the Brooklinen away.


same experience here. the brooklinen sheets feel great on the first night or two but then stretch out so quickly they pop off the bed.


I bought some silk pillowcases from them and the edges are ripping after about a year


My fitted sheets straight up tore. Huge rips after not that long. Really cheap imo


Not my experience at all…


Same here!


Agreed. I had the same experience. Very disappointing after having Restoration Hardware sheets. Went back to RH and gritted my teeth about the price because they’re so worth it.


Our Boll and Branch flannels were so thin after a few washings that they just ripped. I don't think they are worth the money. To be honest, I have $45 sheets that I love.


Yes! And for the price that they charge I simply expect to not feel like sleeping on plastic infused fabric.. worst purchase I made for my bed.


Hope you don’t mind me asking but I can’t really tell from their website. Do the Boll & Branch fitted sheets have the top/bottom indicator tag on it and does it have the ruching elastic all the way around it to really hold it on? Thanks. Still searching for the perfect sheets.


Mine did this but after 5 years of use (2 rotating sets, washed once weekly on hot/warm cycle). So I feel like I got my money’s worth.


Agreed — try Cariloha. Game changed. Soft from day 1.


Wait a couple of months and you’ll know why other consumers hate them. I bought the whole shebang set (duvet, duvet cover, sheets, pillows, and pillow cases). Literally every single piece has either been replaced by warranty after falling apart in a few months, or now, a year later are falling apart. The only piece that’s held up well is the duvet itself which is magically comfortable still. Aside from the duvet, the rest is over-priced shit. I would have gotten more life out of a Walmart sheet set. To add to this: the pillows are literally fucking flat after 1 year of use


Yeah this is literally their strategy- market heavily, sell budget products at an enormous markup, and replace the stuff that falls apart when people complain so they think you have “great customer service” Edit- scroll down and read the other comments for examples. Person after person saying their sheets fell apart but customer service was so great! What a scam


Every piece of my whole bedding set has failed in 11 months.


Last year I decided to upgrade my bedding and saw good reviews from NYTimes on Brooklinen. I got the comforter, duvet cover, and three sets of sheets. That was not cheap. I wash my sheets about every three weeks (sometimes a little earlier if I have a guest staying over, sometimes a little later if I've been traveling) Anyway, all of the sheets have holes now. They're worse than the bargain stuff I used to buy from Amazon. I like the way they feel, but for that price they need to be a lot more durable. It's always the fitted sheet first - and not even where I sleep, like in the middle


I’ve washed my sheets once a week my entire adult life and have never had sheets get holes in them until trying Brooklinen. Received two sheet sets as wedding gifts and both fitted sheets had holes within 6 months. What gives!?


NYT/Wirecutter reviews don’t seem to incorporate product durability, just initial functionality.


I'd be demanding a refund from them


I love flat pillows. So much.


Everything ripped so quickly. I have not had that experience with any other luxury brand.


You know I think I got pillows from them and I'm having the same problem. Lesson learned


I’m so glad I saved my money. Wow.


Second this. Our fitted sheet ripped the day we put it on our bed and the deep pockets aren’t actually deep, they’re just standard so they fall off the mattress


I have tried the percale sheets because I'm a hot sleeper. I always wash on warm and air dry. Holes started appearing after 6 months. However, I will say that I'm having more luck with the luxe sateen. I've had a sheet/duvet cover set for a few months and they feel a lot more durable than the percale weave.


I have a set of the percale sheets and wash warm or sometimes hot, and always tumble dry, and have had them for two years (from spring to fall, then the flannel comes out). No holes. I was afraid they wouldn’t hold up because they seemed thin, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


I hate percale, and I ordered cotton sheets that were not advertised as percale. I sent those suckers back fast.


If you decide you wanna try percale again, I would try Parachute. Me and my husband are still using the percale sheets he has owned since before I even met him, and I dry sheets on hot. No holes, although the color has lightened somewhat. And they're so nice.


My primary complaint is that all of their percale whites “yellowed” very quickly, especially noticeable being laundered with whites from other brands.




YUP. I just put a pair of Brooklinen white percale sheets that I’ve had for a few years on my bed and I’m like wow these look gross. Def gonna replace them with sales next week.




I had this happen as well.


O man I thought this was just a me problem!! Mine did too and no matter what I can't get the white back


What is that all about with percale? I don't even have this brand but your comment has me wondering why my Amazon pinzon brand percale sheets are the only ones that I've had that took on a majority grunge yellow.


I’ve had mine for years and they’ve held up well for the most part but the yellowing is so annoying!


I've been happy with their sateen sheets and the customer service has been very helpful. They changed their down alternative pillows so I'm back on the hunt for a new brand. I have not had any issues with them falling apart and I have had them for years. I rotate between a couple of sets and use percale from Riley on the summer. I didn't care for Brooklinen's percale.


Do you wash on cold? I’ve read that this might actually be the best way to prolong the life of all fabrics


no issues for me, as well


I don't know, maybe they changed after they became popular. I've had two sets of their comforters, weighted and light weight, for over three years now. Swap them for the appropriate seasons and haven't had any complaints. I generally don't like the colors they offer for most of their other products so I don't have any experience with those.


They definitely changed.... the things I bought 5 years ago look better than the stuff I bought 2 years ago


Good to know. Seems like a lot of companies push good products at first then cheap out once they get popular.


Same. I have 2 sets of sateen sheets, 1 sateen duvet cover and 1 linen duvet cover all from 2020 and none of them have issues with stretching or holes. I use sateen in the winter, and then in the summer alternate the Brooklinen linen sets with 2 line. sets from Pottery Barn.


Tip: don’t buy something that almost every single influencer promotes. Usually all that stuff is trash quality that can’t sell any other way.


Terrible quality for what they charge. My sheet set lasted like 18 months before disintegrating, not acceptable for a bed linen set of that price. And they just aren’t that nice compared to other products of similar and lower price


I loved them until they fell apart after about a year.


They wear out too fast. Materials are cheap and not quality.


They are no better than decent Target brand sheets.


Target’s home brand of just plain 100 percent cotton sheets are fantastic and last yearsssss. They’re quite boring, but good quality.


It’s funny you say “just” plain 100% cotton, these days I consider 100% cotton to be a luxury option.


Oh absolutely!


And if you want actual linen, Ikea has good quality, if not a wide range of colors.


This! I bought a set after a coworked RAVED about the. I thought, we deserve a nice set of sheets. I literally couldn't tell the difference from when we were sleeping on the Brooklinen sheets or our normal Target ones. Or maybe I could and liked the Target ones better. At 1/4 the cost.


For reals. My Target sheets are soft, hold up in the wash, and don't show any wear. I've had some sets for five years with no complaints. The Brooklinen sets stretched out, got holes, and never looked that great on the bed after only one wash.


I bought target percale sheets a couple of years ago. I buy percale as they actually breathe. They wear like iron, and look great. We've now got a couple of sets.


I have a bathrobe from them that I absolutely love. Got it last Black Friday and haven't had any problems.


So they started out as a Kickstarter project. I bought a set from that initial business model. Their whole pitch was that they would have sheets manufactured at high quality plants in between the huge orders from conglomerates. Essentially, they’d get cut rate prices for filling in scheduling gaps where sheet manufacturers wouldn’t usually make any money. It was a cool business model where you actually got good quality for a good price. I bought a similar sheet set from them recently, years later, and the quality is awful by comparison. I assume they outsourced manufacturing to lower quality and lower cost manufacturers to make a buck. Disappointing.


I still have my kickstarter set but cannot use them except in the winter. They are too hot sleeping for our Texas weather. They are nice thick, soft percale. I knew once they became mainstream the quality would go down.


Well shit. I bought a few towels from them recently, and love them. Now I'm gonna have to keep my eye on them, look for unraveling seams and stuff.


I bought their towels. They unraveled after the first wash. I asked for replacements twice and both sets are completely frayed. I’m so disappointed since I spent so long researching and spent a pretty penny on the set.


We bought Brooklinen sheets and they felt like sleeping on printer paper


Love my linen set. The Egyptian cotton 800 is ok. Currently buying some flannel. I have positive thoughts on this company. How are you people washing these?


My linen set has essentially disintegrated where our bodies meet the bed, and the seams at the corners have come apart. All happened in less than a year.


The warranty is quite good.


Sateen sheets are rough and fall apart quickly. I don't recall having such issues with my first couple of purchases with them many years ago but this has been a pattern with more recent purchases from them.


I loathe my sheets and duvet. We got them in summer and they are stained yellow and look all gross. I just wasn’t impressed with softness or longevity.


Not sheets, but I bought a set of towels. After several washes, I’m still getting a lot of… small fibers, I guess… coming off of the towels. I’ll find little bits of the towel on my skin, or when I brush my hair I’ll notice my brush has pulled them out of my hair. It’s not the end of the world but I expected a bit more from a $250 set of towels.


Super disappointing. Found them thin - began ripping after a few months. Not worth it. Treat yourself to SKY sheets by Bloomingdale’s instead. They’re usually on sale 1/2 off making them same price point as Brookelinen with 10x the quality and softness


Hudson park and hotel collection are the best department store sheets on the basis of value imo


Mine ripped within a year across the entire fitted sheet. Go with Avocado


My first brooklinen set, the bottom sheet snagged in the first wash. When I asked for replacement, they set an off color replacement bottom sheet and let me know that was the best they could do for me. I returned the set because why on earth would I pay those prices for a mismatched set of sheets? Ridiculous…


their sheets suck


I've had mine for well over a year and they've been fine and held up well even though I used them everyday and wash them frequently in hot water. They're worth what I paid for them. They're not as nice as buttery soft Sferra 1891s, or something like that, but I didn't expect them to be.


My colors faded after a year. I liked them at first but they needed replacing.


They have a very nice return policy.


I bought the linen sheets twice and both sets got holes in them within a few months. They did replace the first set for free but when it happened again I realized it wasn't a fluke the first time, they're just shitty sheets. The replacement set also got holes in the first few months.


Their linen sheets shed horribly. Worse than any other linen sheet I owned. Plus, the sizing and enclosure is sloppy.


I have the sateen bedding set and I don't have the same issue people here mention. I really enjoy them and get compliments on them from others. They are washed weekly and I've had them for around 1.5 years.


That’s my experience. They are still white and in good shape. I like them well enough. That being said if I’m in the market for another set I don’t know if I’d get them again. I feel I could get better at the same price point.


Ripped within a year - thankfully their customer service is great.


Our sateens ripped at the corners. They sent us new ones quickly with no questions asked, so they know there’s a quality issue. Just kinda cheap stuff for what they charge.


I have their weighted comforter and duvet and I absolutely love it. It costed a pretty penny, I think I'll find a cheaper duvet once this goes out, but the comforter is so nice and well worth imo.


We had a duvet from Brooklinen that absolutely shredded around the bottom within less than a year of owning it.


I still like my duvet cover. The fitted sheet ripped after about 3 years of use. My Vera wang sheets from Kohls have lasted longer.


Bought their mid plush down pillow and while it is comfortable, after only 3 months of use, it is losing down and feathers like crazy. Some feathers poking through I can understand… but how can down clusters escape the encasing is beyond me… the enclosure is literally covered with a thick layer of down that makes it through the cloth. Only way to manage this mess is to keep the entire pillow enclosed in a tightly woven hypoallergenic cover. Customer success sent a replacement pillow, which I haven’t used yet, but will likely have the same issue. Definitely not falling for this and not buying again.


I have been happily sleeping in Brooklinen sheets for years and I’m still happy. They are not buy it for life but they last a few years and they are always both soft and crisp and maybe I’m the only one who is happy with them.


we got the luxe sheet set and they ripped after a few months. they sent a replacement no questions asked which seems sus (like they get that a lot) and the replacement ripped too. too $$$ for the quality, disappointing


I love mine. I desperately needed sheets that weren’t so hot and these have been it. They are crisp and keep me cool. No signs of wear and they are a year old.


Agreed. I’m a percale person and I think they’re great. Their pillowcases too. The biggest issue I have with them though is that my fitted sheet pop off the corners which will stop me from buying them again.


I’ve had the sateen sheets for a few years and I still love them, but now I’m not sure I’ll reorder :/


Jeez these sound truly awful in all the ways. I've had 100% cotton sheets that I wash weekly last for near a decade.


Hah, I loved my linen sheets for a few months and then the motherfuckers started falling apart. Then the replacement set fell apart. I'm on my second replacement set. At least their customer service is good.


I've had a good experience. Bought my linen sheets 2 years ago and it's been great. Some complaints are valid but some people just love to complain


so interesting my brooklinen from 2018 are still surprisingly great, although they’re in the guest room and aren’t used/washed weekly like our mains. however, i bought parachute in 2021 and those have gotten holes in them as of last month. i replaced with quince, so far so good. cheaper but heftier imo- no less soft. (all of these were linen btw) wonder if BL has lowered quality over time like everyone seems to do


Literally just read any thread here about Brooklinen....


My Brooklinen Luxe stuff is great. Duvet cover, sheets, and pillow cases are all in excellent condition and I have had them on the master bed for four years.


Because they are ass


I’ve bought 2 duvet covers. Both completely fell apart within 2 years.


I hate their marketing. Everything is so overpriced. I was looking for fluffy bath towels. I couldn't believe how much theirs are and the reviews aren't stellar. So I went to target and got the oversized towel of my dreams for $22.


I liked my sheets from em but my fitted sheet ripped easily in multiple spots within 6 months. I reached out to customer support and they sent me a new one which was great….but then the replacement ripped even faster. I’ve never had sheets rip I don’t do anything but sleep like what lol


I’ve had a set of their luxe sateen sheets for about 1.5 years and am very happy with them. I use them year round and alternate with a set from another brand. Reading the other comments, it seems like people are have better experiences with the luxe and sateen options.


Mine ripped like tissue paper. I find Buffy has what I want in a similar price point (which I know is a lot but sales do happen).


I love mine!! They're my favorite sheets!


My linen sheets got huge holes in them within a year. It was such a huge bummer.


I got the percale set and purchased 3 more for my bed and guest bed 😅 love them. So soft and crisp and cooling. This was about 3 years ago so might have changed quality since then.


Just was thin and cheap feeling. It’s far from mind blowing and didn’t feel much different than my normal sheets. I got Cozy Earth and I feel like it does feel extra soft compared to Brooklinen.


Brooklinen sheets are what most people think really nice sheets are because they've never used really nice sheets. They're fine for what they are, but they're way overhyped.


They are expensive for what you get. Also they stain easily. I thoroughly washed my sheets and they still developed a permanent stain. I recently splurged and got SFERRA sheets that were on sale. Holy cow what an experience. They are amazing but really expensive


Buy real linen from Moo Shop on Etsy. It's made in the Baltics. Best sheets hands down.


Can anyone tell me if the towels and/or fluffy robes hold up?


I fell for it too. Nothing special at all. Bought some pillow cases and "expensive" bedsheets. Totally comparable to whatever-brand amazon highly rated stuff I rotate it with.


I have the sateen sheets and I love the fabric but the fitted sheet is sagging in a weird way. Sheet clips in the corner helps keep it in place but after a few days the center stretches out so everything feels baggy. Wouldnt say it's worth the price but it's hard to find decent sheets under $100 these days to be honest, especially if you have a very thick mattress the options are fairly limited. I used to only use Target's sateen set but the fabric weave is so thin the past few years and tears in 6 months, the brooklinen set is much thicker.


They wear terribly. My duvet cover has ripped fabric, seams of pillow cases have ripped, and the elastic on fitted sheet is failing and they get bunched up. Do not recommend


I bought one of their deluxe duvet covers and for the amount I spent the quality didn’t seem all there. I expected the softest thing I’ve ever put on my bed and it was no all that soft in my opinion.


Wow, I’m floored by these comments. We bought multiple sets of Brooklyn luxe sheets and duvet covers a few years back and they’re fantastic.


Alot of these comments seem to be about their linen or percale lines being crappy. Most of the comments about the luxe sheets seem positive!


Got their towels, and fraying happened right away. Overrated.


I have had one set of sheets for 2 years and another for about 6 months and I love them both so much. Get softer with time! I will say, I checked with customer service on how these are supposed to be properly washed because my first set got holes in just a few months. I realized I was washing/drying them wrong. You are supposed to wash on COLD and air dry. Sometimes I’m impatient and I put them in the dryer on delicate and check it every so often. I have not had a problem with the bedding since. I’m completely in love and laying in bed every night feels heavenly. P.S. when I complained about my first set they gave me the second pair of sheets for free and said to donate the old one. I loved that a lot.


I love my sheets and towels from them. Have had them for over a year and they’re still soft and fluffy. Wash my towels, flat & fitted sheet every week, and my duvet cover every other week. All still soft and in great condition.


I have three pair, 2+ years old and 6 months old and don’t have any problems with holes or falling apart. I will say one out of the three did stretch a tad bit but otherwise still happy with all 3.


I returned my Brooklinen purchase after one wash. These are the best sheets I've ever had. I wash weekly and use daily. I've had for over 19 months. So soft. Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0UB2GO?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


My brooklinen sheets ripped in less than a year. Thankfully I bought them from Nordstrom so I got a full refund.


Mine felt soooo itchy. And cheap.


Idk what everyone is doing with their sheets, but I’ve had Brooklinen percale and luxe for 5 years and no complaints. They’re super soft after washing a few months and have held up well. Any holes I have are due to my cats claws. 😂


I'm happy with my Brooklinen. I have 2 sets (sateen and percale) and I've had them for about 5 years as my primary bedding. Occasionally when it's chilly and the mood strikes I'll use an old flannel set instead, but mostly been using these 2 sets. They are great! They fit my mattress well. The sateen is soft and has good weight to it, while the percale is crisp and perfect for hotter times of year... In all this time I've had one issue: One of the seams in one of the corners has burst, and I should really stitch that up but I haven't yet. Overall I'm very happy with it. NOTE: I launder with an eco-type detergent and with low-warm water... no idea if that helps or not.


What brand would you recommend other than Brooklinen?


I have a luxe sateen set and I have been fairly happy with it so far, think I got it in like 2018 and it is still holding up great. Since I liked that set I then bought a linen set (sheets, duvet, pillow covers) but that thing is starting to fall apart. Parts of the bed sheet look like window panes with how little fiber is left. Super disappointing as I thought linen was more durable and lasted longer than cotton. Probably won't buy Brooklinen again.


Can confirm all other comments - we have a pair of their cotton sheets and a pair of their linen sheets, and both have rips all over them. We used to have the pillows, but they became horribly flat and we replaced them.


I like the luxe sateen & have three pairs that I’ve gotten during a sale each time but I was so unimpressed with the linen sheets…. They’re itchy!


I’m only annoyed the buttons come undone but they lasted me greatly.


The quality has gone downhill over the last few years :( a laundromat burnt a set of my 3 year old brooklinen sheets a few months ago. I had just missed one of their sales so I emailed asking if I could have the 20% off honored still and sent them a photo of my sheets. They sent me a completely new set for free (SO NICE) but the quality is shit. They pill, they’re scratchy. The stitches fray. Just absolutely shit


Has anyone tried Cariloha? I hope to spend every day of my life in their resort line. Actually, line my coffin in them too so I can spend everyday in my afterlife too. They also honor the lifetime guarantee against tearing or pilling.


I’m shocked at the comments here. I’ve had my sheets (the type that are cool to the touch) for a couple of years and they have held up great. I wash them weekly. No yellowing, no holes, they are may favorite summer sheet.


Poor quality, customer service lied to my face.


My linen sheets came poorly stitched and the stitches popped before the first wash


Extremely happy with the linen set I've had for a year, but linen is a tougher material than cotton and so is hard to wear down!


I got a whole set too and like them a lot.


I've never had an issue with quality, but I've only every bought their flannel sheets, never the classic ones. I wash my sheets weekly and rotate between a few sets and so far, have seen no signs of wear after a year. I have cats and a dog that regularly hang out in my bed, and still no visible damage. Perhaps certain lines are better than others, and I cannot speak to their regular cotton nor sateen lines. I also have a set of towels of theirs that I've had since 2019 that still are soft and absorbent.


Have the sateen sheets and I’ve had (few sets) them for 6-7 years. Been quite happy.


I like the sheets but have now had two pairs that ended up with holes in them within the 2 year mark. The sheets originally had a lifetime guarantee so the first time this happened we got a replacement, no problem. With the second ones that got a hole, they had changed policy and now only offer within 1 year. We still like the sheets and for the price they are fine, but I don’t think the quality is as good as originally everyone thought.


The sheets were so scratchy that we could barely sleep. I was shocked by how rough they were, almost like sandpaper. I returned them after one night. I wrote a negative review and the Brooklinen rep responded and said that because the sheets are "good cotton" they get softer and softer with each wash and that I should keep trying the sheets over time. She said I could expect them to be as soft and comfortable as a hotel set after washing them 100+ times. I thought this was extremely absurd and truly laughable and have never purchased another item from them again.


They fall apart and don’t stand behind their product.


Honestly for me.. ive bought these sheets and they were ok.. didn't really keep me at a good temperature either too hot or too cold.. ive had to try so many different linens... the one that worked best for me was Sijo sheets... i know i sound like an ad.. but these sheets really cured my night sweats and regulated my temp at night without having to take off my comforter or stick my leg out in the middle of the night. Price is about the same.. never looked back after using the sijo sheets.


I bought a set or individual linen sheet from six of so different companies to find which I liked the best. Two years later, Brooklinen is my least favorite. It's the thinnest of all of them and feels like a hole is inevitable. When I hold it up, it's see through. It was like that out of the box.


I have two sets that are at least three years old and still going strong


I bought a linen duvet cover and within six months the fabric tore in half. Very bad quality.


This post was in my feed, so I'm not a regular here. Having said that, I received some Brooklinen sheets as a gift once. They're nice and soft, but a corner seam busted on the first use. I attribute that to them being thinner than my other sheets. But they're also softer than most of my other sheets and my only problem with them is the lack of durability. Especially given the pricing, because I have sheets from Target that are more durable and don't have busted seams.


Never tried them but I realize I haven't heard their podcast ads in a while. And didn't miss them. LL Bean is still the best IMO - more than Target brand but less than Boll or Brooklinen.


I got mine in 2020 and they are still holding up well. Maybe quality worsened more recently. Haven’t bought anything since 2021 I think.


We have waffle weave towels which fold weird


My duvet cover from them ripped a month after buying it. I’ve never had a duvet cover rip at any other point in my life, and every other duvet cover I’ve ever owned was significantly cheaper than the Brooklinen one.


I love the sheets I got. Better than Parachute!


returned whole set, rubbish!


I bought Percale from them, they seemed pretty good but maybe this is not inclusive in what you're talking about. I heard percale was great and it was the place I found them for sale


Mine were sooooo rough, and they ripped from me leaning my weight on one hand while crawling into bed. A 4 inch tear in an instant. And I’d only washed that pair maybe 4 times total. I will say, their customer service was amazing, but those sheets were way too poor quality vs the price for me. Seriously rubbed my elbows raw like cheap hotel sheets.


My Brooklinen linen sheets ripped after a few uses, total junk.


The best sheets I’ve ever had are Hudson Park. $100+ for one sheet. I found some used sheets on Facebook marketplace and I was so happy. https://www.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/hudson-park-collection-680tc-supima-sateen-sheets-100-exclusive?ID=3312349


I have come to the conclusion that if it's being promoted on a podcast, it's probably not high quality or it's a scam.


I don’t know, I got a linen sheet set on sale and really like it. No issues so far and I’ve washed them about 5 times


The prices are unreasonably high for the low-quality products. Mine was too rough, unbreathable, and stuffy. Tbh, they heavily invest money in marketing over quality.


I like them. Especially because they’re the first site I could get two complete sets with extra pillowcases. Everywhere else I tried something was always unavailable


Yeah my pillows are all lumpy after 6 months 😞


The luxe sateen ones are amazing. We love them and our guests do as well. I wash everything on warm, and dry on low. Zero problems or complaints.


Mine ripped within a few months


I love mine. My sheets feel so soft and nice. I got the percale and have had it for a year and a half. Six months later I also got the duvet and duvet cover. Love love love. I refuse to sleep in my kids room because I love getting into my bed. I wash with tap cold and dry on low. Remove when 98% dry and let it settle on my bed with the fan on to reduce wrinkles


I loved my quilt from them but their towels are awful and expensive


I love my Brooklinen sheets.


I've worked in the industry for 20+ years and know this inside out... not sharing any information I'm not supposed to share... but.... if you are near a Costco or Sam's, they are much better value. One thing I can share, and is public information.. those sheets are all made in the same mills. :)


My Brooklinen sheets failed after about one year. The area near our feet wore away and developed holes (could not be fixed or salvaged). One of the pillow cases' stitching failed near the tag (we had to sew it to fix it). Would not buy again.


Bought a set from Brooklinen sheets a few years ago. They are pretty disappointing. Our sheets from Costco (Kirkland brand) are far superior in quality and feel and are in our regular rotation. Brooklines just stay in the closet


I also have the luxe sateen and have had no issues. I’m on my second year with this set and only now one duvet cover button has come off. But god, their towels are terrible.


I’m so surprised to hear how bad others’ experiences have been! I’ve had several sets of Brooklinen sheets, wash them at least every two weeks, dog in the bed every night sometimes zoomies on the bed- used one set for 2 years, one set for 1 year and our most recent set for 6 months with no holes or rips or stretching. We always did the classic percale because it’s cool. I’m sort of interested in trying some of these other brands!!!


We have the percale dark gray. Oil stains showed up on the pillow cases within a few weeks (we are not oily people and this has never happened before!)


Well, they are a luxe sateen duvet cover and a pillow case? That is the problem right there. Sateen is one, duvet cover the other. Hate those things.


Quality issues aside, I encourage people to do a bit of research about this company. I sure wish I had before purchasing.


We bought Brooklinnen sheet sets twice about 7 and 5 years ago. They have been AWESOME. Wash weekly. No issues. Quality must have tanked. Glad I found this so I won’t order more. So there’s your answer OP


I love the Brooklinen actual linen sheets but every single duvet cover ever bought from them rips. The material is super thin and never softens. We’ve been starting to purchase stuff from Quince and Parachute instead


wow this is shocking. i’ve had my brooklinen sheet set for almost 2 years now and they’re still in perfect condition. only issue is my cat scratched a tiny hole in the fitted sheet (i watched him do it lol). they’re the only sheets i use on my bed and i wash all of them weekly.


I ripped a fitted sheet as I was putting it on the bed. They sent me a new one and it also ripped. I repaired them and still use them but I won’t buy any more because I’m not a damn seamstress. I do actually like them tho.


we had multiple sets of brooklinen sheets and we loved them while they lasted. we followed all the correct washing instructions but the flat sheet thinned so much that it started to rip and got bigger and bigger. we got a replacement set and the same thing happened again. we replaced with cozy earth after that.


I have 2 complete sets (sheets+duvet). Percale Queen white sheets, window pane duvet - bought about a year or two before Covid. Great quality, loved it till recently guests decided to wash it with some hoodie. zipper tore through everything ruining the duvet and sheet. Satin Luxe King white sheets, striped duvet - bought at the end of 2020. The material is very good but the stitching was atrocious. There were a lot of loose threads poking out of every seam on every item. Just horrible. Don't know how the quality is now.


I haven’t tried them but I hear they’re crazy overpriced. I bought a linen duvet from pottery barn and it lasted FOREVER and that was without any special washer or dryer settings (I’m lazy) or anything. It finally developed a hole after 10 years of daily use. I got another pottery barn linen duvet (open box on eBay so like 1/3 the price) and so far so good. Although I’ll never recommend a waffle weave to anyone if they have dogs, kids or a ring with a stone that sticks out. That was just a bad call on my part though.


I love my pillow. I researched a lot and Brooklinen came out on top for the softness I was looking for without going into full-fledged luxury $300 cost. The pillows at least are great (if you want down at least).


Tried the percale sheet set. They were rough, itchy, and would slide off the bed. Had for a month and probably did 10 different wash/dry combos. Never got any softer. They went back to Crooklinen.


Our duvet got a hole worn in it within a year of use.


They are insanely expensive period.


A little off topic but has anyone ever found good pillowcases that have pockets? I love the pillowcases in Europe. The pillow doesn't slip out of the case during the night because the pocket keeps them secure. With the exception of Ikea I don't think these are available in the US. Every time I'm in Europe or the UK I buy pillowcases.


For me I got the sateen set and it was SO HOT! So I traded for the other set and it was rough. You can get way better cooler sheets even on Amazon. That’s what I use now.


Mine shredded within a few months. The linen feel stiff and scratchy. Not worth the cost.


Mine fell apart after 1 year. Literal holes. I’m strictly Linoto now when I can afford it, and only their heavyweight sheets.


I don’t know! I have bought 3 sets of percale sheets/duvets/etc. Wash on hot, tumble dry. No issues. Had restoration hardware sheets that were horrible, returned x3 and still discolored with washing. I really like the brooklinen stuff!


My linen Brookline sheets had a plastic elastic on the bottom sheet. The plastic melted off in theau dry and now my $200 are usable.


I am so confused by the responses here. I have three sets of Brooklinen sateen sheets (one for guest bedroom and two for main bedroom that we rotate each week.) Plus two duvets. Everything has held up beautifully over the last 2.5 years with regular washing. Have I had nicer sheets? Yes. For the Brooklinen price? No.


I just hate their ads and would never purchase because of that


Any sheet reccomendations?


What are you comparing them to? That might be the biggest influencing factor.


I have had the Brooklinen pillows and pillowcases for 3 years and they are still in great shape.


I have multiple sets of bedsheets, pillowcases, duvet covers from them all bought in 2019/2020 and I’m still using them. They’re still soft and doesn’t look worn but my only issue is my cats keep jumping on them and their claws catch on and it makes little holes.