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I have probably 8 of the shades and I almost exclusively wear her shadows when I'm wearing eye shadow these days. As almost everyone else has said, they're fantastic one and done shadows. I apply with either my finger or a brush depending on how lazy I'm being. I always use a primer and these don't crease on me at all.


u/bisousdarling I'm so late to this thread, but would you be willing to share what specific brush(es) you find perform(s) well with Lisa's formula?


I use whatever synthetic brush I have on hand. I know that's not exceedingly helpful but since I find them so easy to apply, I tend to just grab whatever is at hand. Most of the time it's the IT cosmetics crease brush, I'm not sure of its exact name because the number or name is rubbed off. It's a silver handle and from Ulta and I think it's #105 but don't quote me on that. I have some random spectrum brushes from beauty boxes that I use as well. I never use my real hair brushes with the shadows since they're liquid and insanely glittery. I also always pack a little bit more on the mobile lid with my finger to ensure I get the most bang (and shimmer) for my buck.


This is definitely helpful--thank you! Off to look at It's crease brush offerings. :)


I have two of them, Emily and Daphne. What I like is that they are easy to apply and they look beautiful. I am not an artist nor talented in applying eyeshadow and these work. My preference is a one and done look that enhances my eyes and has some shimmer. Lisa’s shadows fit the bill for me.What I have noticed, though is some slight irritation on my eyes a few times when I wore them (not always). I may have applied the shadow too close to my lash line. I need to play with them a bit more to be able to give a more in depth insight. If you don’t have sensitive eyes/eyelids, then you won’t need to worry about that.And of course, despite that, I looked at her latest drop and am now lusting after Cressida…. Edited, because complete sentences make more sense…


For me I’ve noticed that if I keep them out of the inner corner I’m good. Whatever she uses in the formula to make the liquids evaporate and dry down can be irritating though if my eyes are having a sensitive day.


They’re my favorite liquid shadow formula I’ve tried, I own Lauren, Liza, and Iris, just placed an order for Cressida! They are not as pigmented on first swatch as say, the Stila Liquid Shadows, but they can be built up for an opaque color. The Stila shadows irritate my eyes, LE’s don’t, so that’s a personal plus. As someone with oily eyelids, they will fade a touch over a full day (without eye primer), but they fade beautifully and glittery, not crusty. If I use a primer the longevity is a bit more consistent. The darker the color (like Liza) I do have a harder time making sure they’re placed carefully, while the lighter colors are more forgiving.


Do you find that they give you that crepey look on your eyelids once they dry down? This is a general problem for me w liquid eyeshadow so I have been hesitant to try her formula.


Personally I haven’t had that issue with these! The texture is a good medium, not too thin, not too thick. It’s on the creamier rather than watery side. It can buff out quite a ways but I wouldn’t describe it as slippery. There is a lot of glitter/shimmer but it’s not chunky and you can’t feel it. I’ve found that liquid shadows that are more watery/more silicone based give me the crepey, mummified eyelid look.


I find that with the Cressida shade the more I add layers the less creepy it appears. I thought I would like it sheer but I far prefer it as a thicker application


I really like them. They’re my favorite one & done shadows - I use a primer with mine and they last pretty well for me. They are VERY sparkly so I’d skip if that’s not what you’re looking for.


I have 3 shades : Anais, Bianca, and Emily. I'm NW15 and these shades look great on me (also: green eyes). They are easy to apply and are excellent one and done shadows. They do crease if you don't let them set (or maybe my eyelids are super wrinkly. Ehn, whatever). I prefer to use a brush to apply them because I can get into the inner corner more easily. I haven't noticed any irritation but everyone is different. I would recommend them if you like this type of product and are looking to treat yourself because they are a little pricey.


Favorite brush to apply?


I use the Sonia Kashuk precision concealer brush. I think I got it at Target.


I have the same colouring as you! Can you rank those shades in order of. Pat used, and also in order of most sparkly to least sparkly? I tried a friends Bianca shade and it was so glorious. I far preferred the finish to the Anjelica shade - much more dazzle dazzle and a better shade for my skin


I have 4 shades (Anais, Emily, Daphne and Bianca) and I LOVE them. My tip would be: Use a primer. Work quickly in thin layers and one eye at a time. Also give it like 30 seconds to set before opening your eyes a lot and/or adding another layer. I also find using my finger works best. I'm trying to resist the temptation to buy more. I find them so easy and beautiful for single shadow looks.


Like others said already, I love them. Have a couple shades, they work without a primer on me and are the only ones I actually like for one and done. More sparkly than in the pictures online.


I have four or five shades. I really like them for one-and-done looks and they are super easy to apply and blend out. They do crease on me faster than powder shadows, but they don't look bad even when it does crease.


For a one and done all over the lid look, I think they are great. I have more shades than I care to admit! They are very glittery-sparkly, not for subtle looks. I don’t think they work well as a liner (she does advertise that you can use them that way).


Which have the most sparkle to them? Oooh!! So they’re what Lisa described the metallics in her palettes as being 😭


I have Bianca and Angelica. When I first got them I was so excited for them but didn't use them as much as I expected I would... But lately I've been using them a lot, especially Angelica, and they're growing on me to the point of wanting to buy another shade (I have my eye on Cressida). I use the applicator to apply to my lid in the rough shape I want and then use a finger to spread out and blend. Super easy and looks effortless and glamorous. I would say they are worth it if you like sparkle and one shadow looks.


I’m wearing it right now. Honestly love it very much. Been incredibly useful for days I’m running late and put a little bronzer in the crease and the liquid eyeshadow in the lid. There is wonderful shine and depth. Highly recommend. Also, I have hooded aged eyes that crease easily and no creasing with these.


I have 6 in total and I love them. They’re my favorite one-and-done shadows. They are pretty pigmented but if you apply just one layer they sheer out quite a bit.They last decently well, but I personally have to use a primer underneath since I have oily lids (everything creases on me). The only one that I find is a bit patchy is Diana, personally I have issues in making it look even.. but the others work great (Emily, Anjelica, Daphne, Anais, Lauren).


Love ‘em! Daphne’s my fave. It’s great as a one-and-done but also can be easily amped up with some darker shadow in the outer v. I have a glittery topper towards the inner corner here, so keep in mind that it’s not this glittery but: https://imgur.com/CCLqTTQ (over primer; two layers on mobile lid)


Got three shades at the last release: Anjelica, very wearable and shimmery, Anais makes me look unwell, tired and Zora, which is probably the absolutely quickest way to do a glittery smokey eye. It’s taptaptap – done. You need to be precise and use the right amount of product. They’re very spreadable and blend well, I do a second layer. No cracking, but very slight fading with Anjelica. They can irritate my eyelids slightly. Don’t get me wrong, the shadows are pretty, but you could just buy some Super Shocks from Colourpop instead and get at least three instead of one LE liquid lurex, four if there’s a sale. To me, it’s more a question of how much money you’re willing to spend for your fantasy. Turns out, it wasn’t mine.


I only have Emily and have had a difficult time with it. So far I've found the best application method for me is a primer set with a translucent powder and then working in thin layers, one eye at a time, then letting it set before I open my eye. This is more finicky prep than my other liquid and cream shadows but otherwise I get a ton of fallout all over my face and it breaks apart. Well prepped it does last, has a little bit of fallout, but looks good for the entire day. But I don't have to put that kind of work into my Revlon Colorstay Creme Shadows, Maybelline Color Tattoos, or Glossier Lidstars, I can slap those on quickly and be done and not have to worry about glitter all the way down to my chin.


I only have one--Emily. It dries very quickly but is pretty easy to apply. I like it. I would consider getting a couple more.


Adding my two cents, i have about 5 shades the most recent one i bought was Maya which is a beautiful pink shimmery shade with a lot of reflexes, i am a sucker for pinks on the eye what can i say.. and while i do love them and do not regret buying them at all, they are not all consistent formula wise.. the darkest shade i have (i think it's lisa? It's the darkest gray shade from the first release) creases even with primer after a couple of hours, but it smoothes out fine when patted with fingers, and while i do love maya, the pink shade, it's more trickier to blend than others, it gets kind of patchy.. but overall i really love them and find them to be very 'grown up' and elegant kind of shimmer on the eyes.. the one when you see someone wearing it you ask yourself 'wow! What do they have on their eye'! And they are all a one and done shadow


I had the same issue with Maya, it’s the only one I’ve had issues with.


Glad to see I'm not the only one, i thought i was imagining it since the others blend so seamlessly


I have Lauren and Bianca. They are very easy to blend and I don’t find they crease or smudge at all. I don’t do complicated eye looks so I love the one and done aspect of them. You can do a light wash for a casual day look or really pack it on for a night out.


Drat now i want LE for my collection


I love them! As someone with very dry eyes that are also very browny purple, I have to use concealer and then if I apply cream shadow or even powder shadows they look so crusty. I've tried Charlotte Tilbury and it looks awful on me. Before her eyeshadows I used to use Anastacia brow pomade as cream shadows, those things worked so well and hid the texture and smoothed my eyelid texture, but most brow pomades are very dark. I mostly use Mac's old discontinued browgel redhead and then use these and it looks so good! These work well on concealer too so if you've got very dry skin and texture on your lids these will work a treat! They aren't 100% opaque though, but two coats is good enough! I've got Emily, Zora, Titania, Cressida and Daphne. Love them all!!