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The Ordinary sent out an email an hour ago regarding the future of their colour range. I’ve pasted it below for easy reading: > We got to where we are today by being comfortable with failing. > > So instead of quietly discontinuing our Foundations and Concealers, we wanted to share a little about their upcoming departure—to reinforce our belief that the things that didn’t work out are an equally important part of the journey as those that did. > >As some of you may know, we produce our products here, from our happy home in Toronto. The production process for Colours is complex, and requires heavy input from many of our team. The accessible pricing that we felt was sensible to charge for the formulas would only cover our production costs if the volume that we sold was high. Despite many people loving the formulas, we didn’t manage to reach enough of you with our Colours range and the products have not been profitable since their launch. Although we really strongly believe in both products, their popularity simply was not strong enough to make their production sustainable. > >People were telling us we needed to market them differently— to say they had skincare benefits—to create something that wasn't there. But the Colours formulations are intentionally simplistic. Minimalistic suspensions of pigments that even out tone, with a real-skin finish—designed to be used with your skincare underneath. >Letting go of Colours has been a tough decision to take. Especially difficult since many of us here use and love the products. Our hearts said no, but our heads said yes, and so we will be saying goodbye to our Colours Concealers from January 30, 2023 on theordinary.com. Foundations will be with us a little longer—until June of next year. If you’re looking for coverage with a real skin finish you may want to explore our Serum or Coverage Foundation (just don’t fall too in love). Colours are no longer available in stores and can only be purchased via theordinary.com. > >Colours may return in our more distant future. Until then, we will continue to play in the space we know best—sensibly priced, science-proven skincare. And we will always, always celebrate our failures with you.


Mad respect for the transparency-without-blaming.


My workplace could never




Without blaming? Feels like they’re blaming consumers for not loving their product which they feel was so amazing and marketed flawlessly.


They’re not blaming consumers r u ok ?


They’re not directly blaming consumers, but that’s the insinuation I get from this message. They did nothing wrong! They say their marketing and formulas were on point but people just didn’t buy the product! Ok. An amazing product and an amazing marketing campaign(s) would have solved that problem, yet alas “we didn’t reach enough of you” and “their popularity was not strong enough”. There’s no ownership that the formula could have been better and they could have reached more people by oh… I dunno. Conventional marketing. It’s all just performatory transparency bullshit. They made a shitty product and no one liked it. How’s that for transparency. I’d respect that a lot more.


They literally said the line didn't have a wide enough audience for the product to be profitable. I don't know what you want from them, to wear a dunce hat? Your take on this is so mind numbingly stupid I had to comment.


Didn’t have a wide enough audience? Complexion is one of the largest segments in beauty. They failed in marketing to that audience. It’s mind numbingly stupid how everyone falls for this performative transparency. They’re not taking ownership. They’re indirectly blaming consumers for not loving and buying their perfect little product.


complexion is a huge segment in beauty but the amount of shades you have to make means you have to make a bunch of different products. they said in their statement that basically they can keep their prices on skincare so low because of the volume they’re producing. manufacturing 10,000 units of 1 serum is very different than manufacturing 10,000 units of 10 different complexion shades. they were being pretty upfront that it just didn’t work with their business model


They are literally not blaming anyone. You can't even read that if reading between the lines. Their argument is literally WE DIDN'T MANAGE TO SELL ENOUGH TO TURN A PROFIT. I don't know what you would've liked them to say?




Lmao good explanation. You’ve definitely convinced me that I’m wrong! 😭😭


Ya I’m not reading all that when I know ur loud and wrong




They thought their foundation had no skin care benefits? How about being the only foundation that doesn’t break me out?? I’ve found so many foundations to be comedogenic. Their foundation was my HG and I’m devastated they didn’t announce this earlier so I could’ve stocked up. 😭


>Their foundation was my HG and I’m devastated they didn’t announce this earlier so I could’ve stocked up. 😭 You have until June for the foundation! Concealer is going out in Jan, Foundation is staying til June.


But it is completely sold out. I wonder if they will restock


I saw it at Ulta just recently! Check them out. They don't have a ton of color range online (only deeper tones are left) but they may have more in store.


No fucking way. That was my favorite foundation, the color match was perfect too


literally same. I am so upset :( idk where else to find a perfect colour match for myself with the undertone and all, but I guess now I have to hunt for it


If anyone finds a decent dupe please post! I love the serum foundation so much!


Have you tried the Flower Beauty serum foundation? Its pretty close, maybe a bit more sheer, very nice natural looking finish. I also find the Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation to be similar to the Ordinary in finish and color range but with more coverage.


Dang I wish I could use these, neither of them are available in Canada


I have seen flower beauty at some superstores here in Canada if you are interested in trying it. Colour pop also occasionally has cheaper shipping days if you are interested in trying them.


Wait really? I've never seen it before! What province are you in?


[Well.ca](https://Well.ca) carries a huge selection! Worth a shot! I also think London Drugs and Shoppers carries it online? I know Kimchi Chic Beauty is carried by London Drugs, and Shoppers online!


I live in Vancouver and saw it here recently. I'm not sure if they are just trying it out in bigger cities right now but I was pretty excited to see it.


Ohh okay cool! I live near Toronto so I'll keep an eye out for it if it ever stops by. Maybe this is why the site is down as well :)


Loblaws has Flower Beauty displays sometimes!


Can't you order ColourPop internationally? I'm a third worlder and I got quite a bit of ColourPop through their own page


I mean yes but they require a 60 dollar minimum for free shipping and I personally don't love colourpop products enough to order that much at once. And considering how inexpensive the Ordinary serum foundation is, it's just not the most viable option. I'll probably just check out drugstore tinted moisturizers/BB creams instead


Several times a year, Colourpop has a free international delivery with no minimum spend, that's how I get my Colourpop products in Australia.


That is true. I might check it out then, I just also wouldn't want something that I can only order a few times a year in case I really love it


Completely understand. It sucks being non-USA sometimes!


Ok I’ll go ahead and recommend two others that may be easier for you to find, but less of a dupe for the Ordinary because the coverage in both cases is more sheer. Loreal True Match Hyaluronic Serum foundation, which I would compare to the Flower Beauty as far as coverage with a dewier finish. But my personal favorite is Mac Studio Radiance Face & Body. Mac is obviously more expensive but comes in a 1.7 oz bottle - so especially if you can get it on sale, it’s really not bad once you compare the price per ounce. I haven’t used a single other foundation in my collection since I bought this one. I’m into that barely there but evened out look, and I love it with a tinted primer like Elf Halo Glow or Supergoop Matte Screen primer.


Well, I've been wanting to try MAC so I guess now is the time. Thanks for recommending it. 👍🏼 Just FYI, The Ordinary has Photography Fluid, which is amazing. It can be used like a primer, or mixed with a moisturizer or foundation, and it gives a gorgeous glow with a line blurring/IRL filter effect. If that ever goes I'm gonna drive up to TO and protest outsidet their offices. lol


That sounds lovely! And I’ve never heard of it or seen it advertised anywhere. They have really bad marketing - the other day I saw a YouTube ad and really wanted to know the name of the new blue serum they were talking about …couldn’t find it even after clicking the link in the ad. I guess they didn’t want people to buy it 🤷🏻‍♀️


You can get flower beauty from well.ca!


I liked the ColourPop pretty fresh but something in it goes off. Bought it twice and after three months had to throw out.


I’ll definitely check mine, haven’t used it in quite a while


It’s way more expensive ($30), but Macs serum foundation is very similar to TO.


Just buy a crap ton of them 🤣 you have until June !


My shade has been sold out for a while! I always thought it would get restocked lol


Can you buy like some extras for now?


Same here, I love the serum foundation and the concealer. Damn, time to start hunting for a replacement, but it's going be hard to find for the same price.


Same!!!! It was the only brand whose foundation shade matched my skin perfectly!


Noooo their serum foundation is absolutely my HG status foundation 😭 i know for a lot of people it did not work but for my dry skin it was amazing!! and the shade matched me perfectly :( guess I have to find a new HG foundation now


Try Illa Skin Tint Serum Foundation. It's perfect for my dry skin!!


Oo okay I hear this a lot about the ilia skin tint and I'm willing to try it, I'd just have to save up a bit first since it is like 62 Canadian dollars 😭 but I'm willing to try it out


Mac is more expensive than TO, but I’ve found their serum foundation very similar to TO. TO was a perfect dupe for the Mac foundation, IMO. The Mac is $30


Thank you for letting me know! 30 dollars is quite a lot more expensive than the 8 dollars I was paying for the Ordinary, so I'm just hoping I can find something else 🥲


I really liked the serum foundation (I prefer very light coverage) but they have been sold out of my color for about a year, so… 🤷🏻‍♀️


An [anonymous Deciem employee](https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/comments/z1ibs4/deciems_the_ordinary_house_of_cards_another_price/) mentioned this in a recent post on r/skincareaddiction.


Wow, I missed this! That's a whole lot going on internally.


It's so depressing that the majority of the replies there are essentially "this sounds just like every company out there, nothing new here". Some even shaded OP bc of it. I get that everyone is jaded but it's crazy to think how normalised a toxic work environment is 🥲


Totally agree—despite toxicity being commonplace, OP chose not to be complacent. How would there be any change otherwise?


And this is exactly what those rich assholes want. OP's peers were basically putting them down for wanting better (or even just the bare minimum) from their employer. The only winner there was the corporation. It's just sad to see. Crazy to think that I often see that "eat the rich" type of comments on Reddit and yet on that post so many seemed very unsympathetic.


Holy moly that's wild. I'm so upset but also not surprised? I'm disappointed.


Gdi the way that’s going I’m gonna need a new go-to simple skincare line


Interesting, I honestly didn't even know they had foundations and concealers.


The concealer is news to me! I know the foundation and serum came out at least 5 years ago, at first they were huge because of how cheap they were. Haven’t heard much of them since though


Doesn't seem like they were advertised well.


Weren't necessarily the most elegant texture ime. For a base product I was willing to splurge a bit more.


Me neither, me thinks that’s why it’s being discontinued!


I didn't either!!


I guess that's why they are getting rid of them. Nobody knew! 😂


There was buzz at initial launch, but it died off as fast as the KVD Apple Baum foundation since so many had issues with it!


Commenting on this just so someone can see it, but I honestly love the apple balm fd, may not be for oily skin though.


I knew of the foundation as I remember Jen it first launched there was a waiting list or something cos it was so cheap? Or something like that. Didn’t know they had a concealer though.


I didn’t either!


Kind of surprising because I either hear people rave about these or day they didn't know these existed. Either way, I hope those who enjoyed the products can find backups and/or a comparable replacement.


Ffs their serum foundation is my go to for a really light coverage. I've never found anything better. AGHHHH


Their serum foundation was perfect for me and I was so happy it was affordable too :(


Their foundation was NOT for me in the least. I de cluttered almost immediately.


Same! I bought both foundations and concealers and they were all so bad it was like throwing money down the drain


Sad cause I really liked the skin serum. I prefer light coverage for day to day, stay at home kind of day. The fuller coverage foundation, it was a fail for me.


I really love their skin serums and have been buying them for years, but the foundation is honestly one of the worst formulas I’ve ever used. It’s so disappointing how patchy it ended up being!


First the NYX barely there skin tint and now this??? 😤


When I read the email earlier I was incredibly impressed at how straightforward and honest they handled this. I’ve never tried either, but reading it gave me a great feeling about The Ordinary/DECIEM as a brand. I wish there were more brands like this one, I truly love their mindset. Success is great, but failure is better!


They also closed on Black Friday this year because they don't want to support the extreme shopping behavior that comes with cheaper prices. I liked that. They're already cheap so that was fine.


Exactly! And the fact that they offered discounts for the whole month (instead of doing it just on Black Friday) and disclosed that from the beginning was great as well.


It makes sense to me that they’re discontinuing these since I never hear anyone talking about them any more and also, their foundations were some of the worst ones I’ve ever tried on my skin type (oily, textured, aging). I’m sure there are people who love these products and will be upset that they’re being discontinued but one of those people won’t be me, haha.


I wanted to love them when they first came out especially for the price they’re at but the formula did not work with my skin at all


I'm the opposite of your skin type, dry, not very textured, and it was perfect for me! I am devastated lol this was my favourite foundation of all time and it felt hydrating and not patchy at all for me.


my brother said my makeup looked ridiculously awful one time and it was the first time I wore the ordinary foundation lol. He said I looked straight up orange and still let me out the house!!


I used one of their pink serum foundations a few years ago and it was soooo yellow!! No staying power either... but I did love the formula otherwise :( Maybe someday they'll try again?


The color match was the best I've ever found, but even with my dry skin the foundation was not transfer-proof and would get on everything. I bought it twice before that became too much of a problem for me.


oily, aging, golden olive and the coverage foundation is excellent. The undertone is one of the best for me. I do find applying with my fingers is key. Small dots because this foundation s p r e a d s.


I tried using their foundation and it just looked awful on me. My mom, very dry skinned, loved it though! But I also used it during a time where I had been told by people on a scertain makeup subreddit that "well if you want to look good with foundation you have to have a good base and yours is bad" so I thought all foundation looked shit on me cause of it. I did like how it felt on my skin (oily girl here too), but dear lord I looked clotted af.


Exactly. Such awful products.


Oddly, my skin is on the oilier side but the serum foundation worked amazing for me. I also had a perfect shade match with 2YG. I'm not looking forward to finding something to replace it with.


I just got the serum foundation and it fits my preferences to a t and is a perfect shade match. I was hoping it would become my new HG base product for a quick and hassle free result, but looks like I'll have to keep looking. Any recommendations for similarly performing products in the same price range? My other favourite is the Missha BB Cream.


Absolute best colour match I've ever found while being the worst to look on my skin. Their foundations either worked really great for you or was a total -10/10 experience. I'm sad that this is being discontinued for those that it worked for.


I found an amazing colour match but it looked like paint on my skin. It was awful!


Their undertones are awful. Two years at ulta and I was never able to match a single person to them. Also the undertone labels were confusing for the avg consumer and the packaging gets so messy


Can you help me understand how the undertone labels are confusing? I thought they just used C, W and N to stand for cool, warm and neutral Eg. I used to wear 1.2N in TO, which is shade 1.2 in undertone Neutral


It was confusing to sell to people at ulta because most shoppers I had didn’t know what undertones were, if they did they were used to w/n/c, and then the ordinary threw in silver undertones, and I had to explain silver undertones weren’t really a thing…it was just a weird cool tone and it was just a mess.


Periodically, I’d convince myself that I needed to give it another chance. It didn’t matter. Every shade they had in my skin tone- regardless of supposed undertone- just looked some variant of red. Awful.


Not a big loss really so unsurprising news


I liked the feel and the weight of the serum foundation but it always oxidised on me and made me even more yellow than normal. It was one of those that I really really wanted to work.


Perhaps they should have put the foundation is stores? I think most ppl want to look at testers before they buy a foundation


My ulta had them in stores! I’m sad, the serum foundation is fantastic!


Dang, I wish I’d known that sooner. My Ulta didn’t have them in store, they had most of TO skincare but not the foundation or concealer. I never bothered looking at another Ulta bcuz I figured they all stock the same products. I really wanted to try the foundation bcuz of the shade range, but every time I’ve bought foundation online it’s never a perfect match.


Ug nooo the serum foundation was both my perfect color match and my favorite formula. I've been babying the last little bit I have left because they've been sold out of my shade for so long. I'm so sad now. And pissed cause it was a $7 foundation and my two replacements are $15 and $38 😭


What are your 2 replacements?


Uoma by sharon c and the abh luminous foundation. Neither are dupes, they're just what I settled on.


Ohhh thank you, I've been meaning to try the uoma one


I like the concealer, dang. I really like their approach to branding…no-frills, WYSIWYG, transparent. I used to use their Buffet serum until I realized that the fewer products I use in my skincare routine, the better my skin looks.


noooooooo, the coverage foundation was my perfect colour match and i love it :(


... They had makeup?? I thought they were just a skincare brand 😶


Is it just me or is the vibe of this message very condescending? I’m getting the vibe Deciem (or EL) is saying that there were no flaws with the product and they were marketed properly but not enough people paid attention to or cared to purchase the product. Like both of those problems would have been solved by a stellar formula and a solid 360 marketing campaign. These products had neither and that’s on them, not us.


I agree! The concealer was one of the worst concealers I had ever tried in my life! The foundations weren’t much better


So disappointing. I love their foundation!! The price is great too.


I loved serum foundation. They had yellow undertones that I couldn’t find in any other brands. It’s sold out online. Can we assume they will restock?


I’ve been waiting and feverishly searching for a restock since March when they suddenly removed all traces of it from Ulta stores.


i’m so sad. I love their serum one so much and have used for a good few years. Does anybody have any recommendations for similar products? These are the reasons why I’m such a big fan, so would be keen for something that ticks the same boxes! - good pale shades - lovely light ‘no makeup’ feeling - sheer enough to even out my complexion but still lets my freckles peep through. - cheap - does well with/without powder - easily available in the UK I use 1.0NS in The Ordinary if it helps at all. I feel like skin tints would give me something similar, but they always seem so expensive!!


I have no idea what is and isn’t easily available in UK but Neutrogena has a skin tint that is sold in most drug stores. I also really love Armani neo-nude. It’s not cheap but I also wouldn’t consider it expensive. I’m a huge fan of sheer coverage that evens the complexion without covering it up. Both of these also do well without setting powder.


I really respect that they are being so transparent about the why the product was a failure. Brands usually just discontinue things quietly so that no one will know that they were ever struggling in the first place.


Aww, oh my gosh, their email about Colours reads like a tribute to a beloved pet they’re putting down!


I’m not surprised. I haaaated the coverage foundation. Actually hated it.


First the NYX barely there skin tint and now this??? 😤 Edit I definitely meant bare with me, not barely there. It's been out of my life too long <\3


I loved NYX barely there, never got to try this. I can’t say it’s a dupe but Armani neo-nude foundation is one of my top faves. It’s sheer-light coverage, evens out skin tone without covering freckles and doesn’t need to be set with a powder.


Noooo! Their Concealer is my cheap Holy grail!!


I normally get on well with most foundations I try but I couldn’t get to grips with the coverage or serum one


god damn it my HG concealer :(


The concealer was the worst I ever used


For some reason I thought they discontinued these a long time ago?




me too 😭😭 i gotta stock up now 🥲🥲🥲🫡🫡🫡


Me too😭😭😭


wow I have never been so disappointed with a discontinued product announcement before! I have used the foundation consistently for about 3-4 years without ever trying a new brand in-between. Absolutely devastated!


Pretty sure they were bought by EL after Becca was announced. Which means they were probably profitable but just not enough to feed a corporate machine that couldn’t be bothered to market them well.


I would have loved to try their serum foundation as I only heard good things but they never restocked my shade at ulta or their website.


I'm not entirely surprised. Since 2020 I've been on a personal journey to find HG complexion products and have tried dozens of foundations and concealers. TO products were sub-par in today's market, and clearly did not take any advantage of any new makeup technology available. Contemporary foundations can work black magic on faces. TO Colours just didn't do that. As they mentioned, they were simplistic. Just suspensions of pigment. Well, most people don't have perfect skin, and most people need more than just some pigment. I ended up using both my Colours foundation and my Colours concealer to spot conceal, but they didn't even do that well enough, so eventually I trashed them half full. It was a shame, really. I had high expectations as I am a huge fan of TO skincare.


I’m so upset. I just got one and it’s the best shade match I think I’ve ever had. Most shades in my skin tone tend to be too warm.


This is one of those products that I’ve always told myself I’ll try at some point but never have! Guess I never will 😅




Ooof, I really liked their serum foundation for light makeup days but the packaging was annoying to travel with. I'm almost out and will probably start looking for a replacement instead of rebuying.


The foundation broke me out so badly.


It broke me out too. I gave it so many chances and every time it broke me out. Had to declutter.


Love their skincare products but the concealer was one of the worst I’d ever tried. Really wasn’t a huge fan of the foundations either


I loveeee the foundation.


If they had had the complexion cosmetics widely available like their skincare it probably would have done better. I don't blind buy foundation and concealer but I did want to try the formula. Oh well.


Well I better stock up before June


NOOOO this is the only foundation i can tolerate


I used the full coverage and I liked it a lot! Not enough over my other foundations but I did use it my entire 2021. I completely respect the statement they put out. I didn’t realize how much went into production of shades and it was at such an affordable price too!! What was it!? Like $5-$6!!


Ugh loved the serum foundation. Guess I’ll have to stick with glossier now


If anyone knows a dupe for the serum foundation please let me know - this is my ALL TIME fave foundation


TIL The Ordinary did foundation and concealer, lol.


I absolutely hated their foundations, they clung to every dry patch on my face, but damn I remember back when they first came out and everyone was raving about them... They seemed like such popular products, but tbf I haven't heard anyone talking about them in a good while.


IME, the price was pretty much the only thing it had going for me personally. Otherwise, I found the formula to be kind of clunky. This is mostly for the serum foundation, but I found the texture of the product a little odd and almost... rough? The pigments had a tendency to separate out and collect in lines on the face and it always gave a bit of a powdery look on my face. Definitely not a fave.


Nooooooooo I thought I'd finally discovered my HG foundation in their serum foundation!


Did no one ever think to just raise the price a bit? Obviously people are willing to pay more than $8 for a one-ounce bottle of foundation! I haven’t tried it, myself, but if it’s as good as they say, why not price it more appropriately?