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wellness pills… and the worst part is that the tester slowly became emptier and emptier lol. and now we just leave an empty pill bottle as a tester on the floor.


Those people must have never heard of the Tylenol poisonings.


Smh many of those have to be taken with food too, right? Like not on an empty stomach. My mom always tells me to eat before taking Tylenol, for example.




But it’s a good idea with ibuprofen.




No, Tylenol is a brand name for acetaminophen while Motrin and Advil are both brand names for ibuprofen. You should take ibuprofen with food. Edit: enough people get the brand names and drug names mixed up that it’s just a good precaution to take basic OTC pain relievers with food. It will help with ibuprofen, and doesn’t hurt with acetaminophen.


You don’t have too that’s correct but do it often enough , & your stomach lining will come back to haunt you


sometimes at sephora we keep testers of things like cleansers, shampoo, and other stuff that you wouldn’t really “test” on the floor bc it allows us to easily make samples should someone want them. the tarte teeth pen tester remains a mystery tho.


maybe you want to see the applicator or smell the product? If it's an off-putting scent or something I'm allergic to, I wouldn't buy it.


A lot of people use testers for shampoos to determine if fragrance is too strong, or see the consistency


that too, same w body scrubs, hand soaps, deodorants, etc


I worked at Ulta for a few years. It seems ridiculous to have things like teeth whitening pens out as testers but if we don’t, people open live product because they “want to see the applicator.” When Covid hit, we shut down testers for a while and it was miserable. Returns were crazy but the worst was people just opening product right there on the floor, swatching/applying it, then putting it back. We’d try to stop people and get whatever they’d used off the floor, but it was impossible to catch everything. I’d approach customers to ask if they needed help and see swatches on their arms, nothing in their basket and no idea wtf they had opened 😭


I still hear the sound of tape ripping off the testers.


I work retail and all too often I hear plastic ripping/boxes being opened. Then they either leave the mess and don't even buy anything or they leave the opened one and take one that isn't opened.


Omg when they take the unopened one. Like YOU touched that one so take it. No one else wants your germs.


Especially the ones I see doing it in front of their kids. Like, you're teaching them that's ok. I've even heard them say "No don't take that one we're taking a different one."


Lawd the tape 😭😭😭 I’ll never understand how you can see the tape, the multiple signs and hear the constant announcements from Mary Dillon and STILL feel entitled to just open shit. Be it the live product or ripping the tape off testers.


It literally felt like a fever dream. My faith in humanity dropped so quickly.


Omg this reminds me of the time I was shopping at Fred Meyer, which is basically a nicer Walmart in the PNW, and I saw an older lady opening multiples tubes of lipstick, swatching them on her hand, and then putting them back. This was during Covid, and when I told her that what she was doing was so unsanitary, she just looked at me like I was the one being weird. Like lady, these are $7 lipsticks, if you buy it and don’t like it, idk just return it?? Nobody wants your nasty ass hand germs all over lipstick. I told an employee nearby what had happened, and she rolled her eyes and started clearing out the lipsticks the lady had used lol.


i work at a drugstore and we have to put tape on every lipstick, otherwise customers just open them and swatch them as they please 😭 doesn’t help that most companies such as l’oreal and maybelline don’t give us testers


People would ask if if they can open nail polish to just swatch on their nails ??? Noo? No one wants an opened used nail polish ?


At least at my Fred’s,there are big posters saying that cosmetics are returnable right there in the cosmetic aisles, so there’s really no excuse for swatching items that have no testers.


And you are lucky. I experienced the exact same thing but the old lady was testing the lipstick directly on her lips. This was during Covid too. I mean, what's wrong with people? Although I have very severe OCD that sometimes clouds my judgment, on that I know I'm right. I was a CHILD when my mom teach me not to test lipsticks on my mouth, not to touch my face with dirty hands (public transport, public phones -I’m 30-, etc). The lesson wasn’t only for basic hygiene but for the people who had to clean, do extra work or even pay for those products. Why on earth would you have zero respect for others time? You don’t know if that worker can have a problem at their job and you do it anyway because of a swatch? Wtf is wrong with you? I don’t get it, truly. Also, I wonder if they even think about the possibility of someone else buying the product they opened (not testers) I think they don’t care at all obviously. Sorry for the long comment but people being so unnecessary disrespectful and nasty makes me very mad.


Wtf. You wont get away with this shit in my country lol. You open a product, that means it's yours u have to pay for it. That's so insane that these people just get away with this???


In the USA, sociopathy is celebrated as a virtue


Not all of us agree with this! Those of us with half a brain know that it is wrong. The problem is so many people are breaking the law and our laws are not strong enough to deter people from committing crimes.




The audacity. I could never. Who raised these people? It would almost be better to just shoplift.


I actually consider it stealing and got into it with a customer over that. Got written up for it because she went to corporate but I didn’t care. It gets damaged out if we see you. There were signs everywhere asking people not to open product and explaining the VERY generous return policy. At that point, you’re stealing.


Eugh....this is why I kinda hate shopping for makeup in stores. You can't tell who's done what to the testers, and some things you can't sterilize. I wish companies would make one-time mini testers that can be disposed of (while being biodegradable) to prevent this.


I went to the Essence display a couple of days ago and I had to pick through tube after tube to find a lipstick with the seal intact. In one shade there was literally one tube left intact, it was disgusting, so much entitlement and waste. Not too mention the big fuck you to all the other shoppers. That can't be good for any brand's bottom line. I agree, some biodegradable minis in recycled cardboard would go a long way to solving this mess.


I remember those little individually packaged Mary Kay testers when I was a kid. They had just enough for one application and would be so much more sanitary. Just package them in recyclable cardboard or something.


Whooo, we went way back there- I remember those, too! My mom had a work friend who sold for them, and any leftover/soon-to-expire samples she'd let me have free. I had enough makeup in my backpack to make the whole school mad LOL


LOL Those tiny samples went a long way too!


Yes! That would be perfect.


god i’m so triggered. working at ulta is really such an experience. it’s like the people in pawnee fr everyone somehow loses all common sense.


I have fallen victim to soap testers before! I usually assume it's lotion I also once used a pump soap that was on the shop counter because I thought it was hand sanitizer. that was really embarrassing haha


Why would a pump soap even be on the shop counter though? Hand sanitizer is a reasonable assumption!


Stuff like pump soap might be available for people to feel the consistency of and smell the scent to decide if they like it or not. Makes sense that someone would assume it was sanitizer though!


Once I sprayed window cleaner on my hands desperately thinking it was rubbing alcohol.


Reminds me of growing up my dad was complaining that the lotion we had in our downstairs bathroom was really sticky, only for my mother to inform him that she doesn't keep lotion in our downstairs bathroom and that he'd been applying a moisturizing soap to his hands and rubbing it in for weeks.


My husband did this with cerave only it was years not week.


What did you do after


I finished my transaction all soapy and then had to ask to be let into the bathroom


Was there a bathroom in store?


yeah luckily!


Oh man this happened to me once too. I don't know if they put it there accidentally thinking it was hand sanitizer or what, but I had to run to the bathroom after because my hands were soooo sticky.


Abit off topic but I was in Mecca in Australia the other day and it was very crowded. Everyone was trying to get near the Charlotte T counter and there was this lady who was very well dressed and wealthy looking picking up tester lipsticks and liberally applying them directly onto her lips. I could not believe it. I just stood there and stared at her in shock trying to hide my disgust. She had absolutely no shame or embarrassment. She tried on almost every tester lipstick 😭


The amount of people I see in any of the cosmetics stores with makeup out who just straight up either dip their fingers in or apply it straight to their lips without asking for assistance horrify me.


Never put anything near your mouth in anything available to the public; I have witnessed people drinking the fresh chicken noodle soup straight out of the serving laddle (and putting it back in) at publix and never got it ever again. It’s a good reminder to everybody that you can’t expect people to behave the way they should… So this definitely applies to cosmetics as well


![gif](giphy|l2JHS7po8pGz94TgQ) Well guess who’s never eating chicken soup again


I was at an all you can eat buffet, a little kid took out a serving spoon, stuck it in his mouth, made a yucky face and PUT IT BACK IN THE DISH. I gagged and told an employee who visibly rolled his eyes and didn't do anything about it. GROSS


Seriously some of my family think I am the weird one because I do not go to buffets anymore. I do have food allergies but the thing that drove me over the edge was a kid taking a chicken finger with his hands and eating half and putting the other half back and his parents were nowhere in sight. And this was a kid that looked to be 10 or so and he knew better. As far as makeup testers go, I steer clear of those. But then again I do not touch door handles with my bare hands, I always have a paper towel in my purse. I visibly cringe if someone grabs a door handle with their hands then whips out their phone and starts tapping and puts the phone to their face, UGH.


I once saw an employee at Arby's dig in their ass for gold, then promptly put their hand right back into the food they were prepping. Sent a CC'ed email to everybody in the corporate chain of command about it, along with the time and a pic of the employee. Walked by the restaurant two months later, looked in the window-guess who's still working there?




This is damn near what I did LMAO


Where I live all drugstores have testers. You're supposed to use them on yourself as there are no sales people. Obviously not on your lips but dipping your finger in is what you're supposed to do ..


I remember going to Rossmann (popular drugstore in Europe) at the beginning of the pandemic, and there was a woman using lip gloss tester... straight on her lips... IN THE PANDEMIC.


I mean I'm probably pretty gross compared to most people because I work with kids and volunteer with dogs so my tolerance is high. But not even I would have ever used a tester on my lips.


That’s still gross 🤢


I find it absolutely disgusting that people will put testers directly on their lips. Went to Sephora recently and watched an older woman put the bullet of each PMG lipstick directly on her lips to try out. Like use a freaking q tip or swatch the back of your hand. It’s just insane to me how anyone thinks putting public items on your lips is a good idea. Thankfully with YouTube I barely need to try testers anymore.


My sister did that once but we were young so none of us thought it through lol


I went into ulta once and saw every single colourpop super shock shadow tester was missing their lid, so they were hard as rocks. Definitely not what you wanna do with that formula


I notice a lot of the Body Shop body butter testers often smell like they've gone off, which I get happens from the logistics of it all, but that feels like something you'd wanna remedy quickly given that the scent is 90% of why people would be testing those products.


Those love to dry up when you just look at them, I swear


To add to the ColourPop products: Whenever I see Cheek Dew Serum blushes as testers, they're always separated. It's easy to see since the package is clear. The pigment base and then a thin, murky greenish liquid on top. Obviously this isn't Ulta or customers faults, it's the formula. But it does look off-putting.


I saw a bunch like that the other day I went into ulta.


And they look like they’ve been swatched with thumbs.


This isn’t a crazy product but I remember watching a woman at Ulta using the mascara wand STRAIGHT ON HER EYELASHES and I wanted to scream


YUP. The amount of times I saw this while working there was unreal. I have no shame though; I would yell across the store for them to bring me whatever they just put on their face so I could damage it.


I saw a girl do this at Sephora and told an employee who just went “Yeah that happens a lot.” I hope they don’t use testers for their makeover services 😵‍💫


Survived working at ulta for a lil over a year. The things I’ve seen, lol. Especially in These Times I’m icked out by testers in general, and would never put anything anywhere but the back of my hand where it can be immediately and easily cleaned, if I really need to test it at all.


I saw a lady give her baby a crusty, swatched eyeshadow palette to play with while she shopped. The baby was smacking its hands on the floor, digging its fingers into the product and chewing on the palette 🤢 that kid's immune system must be strong by now lol


Yup wish I could say I was shocked by that. Once a lady let her three kids (all under 10, youngest like 4) run around the store while she went and shopped somewhere else in the mall. They wrecked the whole too faced wall (I believe the scents attracted them) in like a minute, digging into the powders and eating them before digging into more powders and eating those, wiping shit all over each others faces, knocking everything on the ground, and breaking part of the plano display. Lol. There was also a woman who’d regularly come in and try to do her whole face w the testers—so bold as to use the IT tester brushes—lipsticks right to her mouth, mascara, eyeliner, the whole 9. Every time we said something she’d cause a scene and start screaming at us for harassing her, lollllll. I do not miss it.


Something about children and too faced, you’re probably right about the scent. Not related to the specific post but I worked a very temporary office job a couple years ago and I had a coworker who would sometimes bring her toddler-aged child to work. To avoid being late, I’d usually bring my makeup in my purse, leave early and do my makeup in the car once I get there. I had a TF palette, one of the chocolate ones, in my purse, and I left to go to the bathroom, and in that time the toddler had gotten my bag off the desk, the palette out of the bag, and had dug their fingers into at least 3-4 shades. So that day I got to mourn my (not very cheap) palette, clean eyeshadow out of the carpet, and think about the fact that I never want children.


It was actually a Too Faced palette in my case too lol I assumed it must've smelled good to the baby because it was trying to eat the shadows. I was just stunned when the mom picked the palette up off the shelf, put the baby on the floor & handed it to the baby before walking off. I still have a vivid memory of it 😂. At least this was before Covid.


Omg that’s so wild


Retail jobs really are just legal torture huh


She actually went out of the store to shop in another leaving her kids behind? Um, no. I would have either called DPS or the police. It pisses me off to read that a "parent" would leave her child/ren like that. What tf is wrong with people?!? Either keep your child/ren with you at all times, hire a sitter or better yet keep your ass at home.


I work retail and I've watched people give their children plush toys to play with and then abandon them later. I've damaged out ones that had crusty spots of who knows what on them. I always hope it's either drool or vomit versus worse.


The IKEA near me always had a large bin of small, $1 stuffed toys right at the entrance. I thought it was genius at the time (grab one for your bored kid to play with, pay $1 when you’re done) but now I’m realizing there must have been people who just… put them back at the end 🤢


Yeah, probably more got put back or left somewhere else in the store than bought.


I guess for the cleanser you could see if it causes a reaction if you do a patch test and check back after you look around for a while?


I’ve seen shampoo and conditioner tester bottles (for brands like Phyto) before, and not at places that allowed you to make/take samples home either, so they were literally useless


What if they were there for sniffing purposes?


wait, i just open the top and sniff the normal floor products, is that wrong? It's not like you have to squeeze anything out to get a whiff


Nah, I do that, too. But sometimes the bottle is sealed in a way that you can’t just pop it open. I can see putting testers out if that was the case. Not all brands seal shampoo up like that though, so… weird tester if that’s not why.


I do the same, but I've found that sometimes the bottle is sticky from shampoo spillage, so maybe some people do squeeze or accidentally tip the bottle a bit? And maybe they want to avoid wasting shampoo bottles?


I got yelled at once for doing that with a body wash at TJ Maxx (by another customer, not an employee). How else am I supposed to know if I'll be allergic to the fragrance?


Someone gave me a dirty look at TJ Maxx because they saw me slip an eyeshadow palette out of the box. But I wasn't going to swatch it. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't swatched or broken before I bought it. I never buy anything at my TJ Maxx without checking it first.


Can't blame you. The majority of makeup I open there to check, like you, is either damaged or you can see where someone's fingers have been in it. I love finding good deals there on makeup but man it's hard finding things that aren't a mess


Another customer?!?! Smh I bet they were a hall monitor as a kid


And I bet they do neighborhood watch now in their HOA and call the cops whenever someone violated the HOA 🙄


The grass on your lawn is too tall! You’re not allowed to grow chia, what are you doing!


At least for the brand above at the store I work at, the products aren’t heavily scented anyhow. The testers for the hair care/styling products (gels, creams, leave-in moisturizers) are much more useful though. Those are at least relatively sanitary enough to try out in-store, and people do


![gif](giphy|l4pToj4bpiyo4xfRS|downsized) And I have seen mascara testers in the past. That’s a pink eye waiting to happen.


Looking at the wand in person is useful


I like how Target and Walmart only has wands displayed. And those are usually placed in a display.


Uh? Guess the Target's and Walmart's near me haven't caught up yet. But they have started to lock everything up behind glass though. I see this as a positive and negative only because I've experienced the negative. Sure it's going to keep people from opening products and/or stealing but the negative is having to deal with a crabby SA. One who'll stand there tapping their foot because you're not going fast enough. Or God forbid you want them to open up more than one case. The looks? If they could kill I'd be dead already lol.


I won’t buy mascara unless I know what the wand is like! But maybe just a clean wand out is a better solution.


Might get confusing if a brand sells more than one kind of mascara, or if you're somewhere like sephora


In my youth, I was dumb enough to do that. Thankfully did not get pink eye. No idea what I was thinking.


If everyone used a new disposable wand and didn’t double dip, a mascara tester could actually be sanitary. But I know that’s not reality


Nail polish was always an odd one to me. They used to have it in Sephora but I haven’t seen a tester area for that in a long time. It’s not totally pointless but it seemed really messy.


Nail polish gets tested regardless of the presence of testers. I remember swatching nail polish on the price tags at a Walmart when I was a kid with my mother. I feel so disgusting thinking back to it.


See, I like to put on a coat and see how it looks. They usually have nail polish remover at the store and it's not like nail polish is a good medium for bacteria (we used to clean everything with acetone in the culture lab when I was in college). If your skin barrier is ok (no knicks or cuts) you are highlly unlikely to get anything from nail polish. The risk of infection when getting a mani/ped is from instruments that break the skin.


I won't get manis or pedis for that very reason. Years ago Dateline or 20/20 did a investigation on salons in California. From the cheapest they could find to the most expensive like in BH. Their investigation showed that many of those salons weren't following protocol. Instead of using the solution that kept their tools clean so many of those salons had swapped Windex in its place because it was the same color and much cheaper than the real solution. They had moms and daughters on the show sharing their experiences. These women were left with intense infections that took months to clear up. They were also left with scars that were all over their arms and legs. I felt so horrible for them. I cried along with them. Whenever I felt the need to have my nails done I bought everything and did it myself. Sure, I wasn't pulling off these amazing designs but at least I knew my shit wasn't going to infect and scar me for life.


I used the Times Square Sephora for a free DIY manicure thanks to those testers one time 😂🤭


And that's exactly why there's no more nail polish in Sephora apart from a couple near the register. Very messy & people were disgusting.


Lol I had a dream I went to Sephora and literally went all out and took off my shoes, sat on the floor, and did a pedicure. When I woke up, I told my mom, who said how ratchet.


Yeah as a teen I walked out with a free, full and color manicure


Hair Mask (not the samples sizes you can take home). I don’t know how you’re supposed to test it at the store 😂


You’d be surprised.. 🙃


One time my husband was buying me stuff from Sephora for Christmas and he brought the testers to the counter to buy. The employees got a good laugh out of that and helped him get the actual new products.


I'm picky about fragrance & would want to smell test a cleanser. I've never shopped for a tooth pen, but I guess if I were in the market for one & a tester is available, I'd probably want to smell it. I once saw the Ciate watermelon primer tester at Sephora oozing all its clear slimy ooziness into the clear plastic cup that I guess was its holder. 🤢


Anything lip related lol


u/nuggetsofchicken! Nice to see you outside Duggar snark!




Just a friendly reminder (cause it happened to me). I ordered online to pick up in Ulta. I purchased a few liquid lipsticks and the sale price only applied to purchase online / pick up in store. Cool. No problem picking up my order at the store. Since I bought a few I didn't examine them as closely as I do in store to check for the seal if they have one. The lady at the counter also checked to make sure I got everything. Long story short, I got home and noticed one of my lipsticks had a broken seal and clearly has been used to some capacity. I don't have a problem with returns or making an exchange. It's a big pain in the butt when I don't live close to the store. I also don't want to be blamed for something I did not do. I would have thought the person at Ulta would have checked to make sure I the customer was getting new product. That's unsanitary to pull a broken sealed product and fulfill someone's order. That's absolutely unacceptable and gross.


Whoever packed your order probably wasn't paying attention when they got to the lipstick unfortunately. Sorry that happened. Were you able to get a return or exchange? Because in that case you would definitely be entitled to one.