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“Holy grail” has been overly used


I feel like its impossible for gurus to have true holy grail products given the way they are constantly testing new product.




Jump scare


I just got high school flashbacks


Why would you give me flashbacks to when I used to do my eyebrows like him 🤦‍♀️😂


Omg my coworker that's well into her 30s at least says this ALL THE TIME. I work in customer service and she says this to all of her customers 😂😂 it is beyond annoying, anytime I hear her call me sister I'm sure she sees me cringe.


It's not a single word but "reach for it". I am so tired of that!


I also immediately thought of “reach for.” I don’t know who started it, but Tati was the first person I heard using the phrase a lot when I started watching beauty YouTube. And now all of the gurus seem to have adopted it. It’s such a weird choice of phrase but I’m so used to it now.


Omg this never bothered me before but you’re totally right - it’s such a ridiculous and needlessly complicated way of saying “use,” lol!!


It really only started getting to me with declutters and that being the answer. "I just don't reach for it." Yeah, I know you don't use it, Sue. Fucking TELL ME WHY please. You hate the colors? The formula? It's just makeup Ambien? Just give me something, anything, other than that. You could literally get a whole series out of this if you tried! Put one of your "I don't reach for it" palettes in the middle of your work space, and make yourself pick it up every day. Document what you did next. You might realize why you aren't into it, idk. But just saying "I don't reach for it. /shrug" is so boring to hear, over and over again. Declutters are about why you like what you like/don't like, and we never really into that.


"Makeup Ambien" 🤣


English is not my first language so I honestly thought it was an idiom 😂


"pounce" instead of "bounce" when using a beauty sponge.


I was about to make this exact comment! It gives me the ick 😖


I want to know who started this and insisted it was correct! Maybe Patrick Star? Though I think ppl were already calling it “pounce” before him


“Buttery” lol Jaclyn Hill uses it for everything


Smooth, soft, emollient, silky, creamy, effortless - all words that can be used in place of buttery. Ex: This is so smooth, it effortlessly blends! Buttery isn’t bad but the overuse gets annoying. Even when it’s me doing it. 🫣


“Stirs my makeup loins” -Samantha March. Also, HLP dragging out every word while she racks her brain for more unnecessarily complex ways to describe every step and product in her routine.


She’s just copying Theresa is Dead with that one. This wannabe Carrie Bradshaw has zero creativity.


that just makes me think of Stanley Tucci saying "gird your loins" in Devil Wears Prada, which I love so much, and am angry someone is ruining the reference for me.


HLP the MEAT 🥩of the video 🤢


I forward past her intro just to avoid hearing it because it sounds gross.


I can’t watch her at all anymore and all of her holier than thou nonsense


Jaclyn Hill: “ I’m so horny for —-“


I hate that word in any context! It brings to mind like bad 80s sex comedies or something lol


Happy cake day


Yay thank uuuu


I quit watching one who always said everything "smoothens" her skin. Drove me crazy.


It’s giving Silence of the Lambs


Is that even a word? Why not smooths?


It drove me so crazy the way it sounded that I had googled it. I didn't think it was a real word, either. Evidently, it is actually a word, but I just couldn't make peace with it and had to unfollow her. She used it in almost every video. Lol


Shook. I don’t know why it bugs me so much, but it does.


"Obsessed". I'm giving whatever product you're "obsessed" with 3 months and you'll be over it. The products I am truly obsessed with I use to the core, hit pan, cut it up and scrape whatever is salvageable from the tube lol.


Lol 3 months is generous!! I swear these people's 'obsessions' only last 1 video and then they are never seen using that product again smh


Morgan Turner made a video recently where she checked if she was still oBsEsSeD with some products she previously claimed she was obsessed with. It was interestingly self aware of how all the beauty gurus talk and say the same things xD Her explanation for why she doesn't use those products more often is because it's her job to try out the new stuff and whatnot, and it leaves little time to go back to the so called obsessions. At this point I take every obsession with a grain of salt.


They’re only obsessed with the product until the video ends.


I so agree with you on “obsessed”. It’s like how many things can you be OBSESSED with?!?! Every 5 mins it seems like some have a new something they’re “Soooo Obsesssssed!” with. It’s not just one specific influencer that overuses this word. It’s many of them.


Yes! I agree wholeheartedly. But I was actually asking about a word that a certain gurus uses. Another example being Manny Mua singing "back and the brows are filled" lol I have to fast forward through it because I've heard it so many times.




She thinks it’s so quirky and cute


She gives me "not like other girls vibes" so I guess her saying this to attempt quirkiness and cuteness makes sense.


Ugh, instant disgust.




I heard this in Manny Mua's voice 😂😂


This also annoys my husband when he walks in and a BG I’m watching is saying “STUN-Ning!” Grates on his last nerve. 😂


Angelica Nyqvist!!


bothers the hell outta me when bgs describe smthing that is very blatantly warm toned as 'neutral'


Most suck with color theory lol. They label anything that is muted as cool toned.


OMG YES! Thank you! It has bothered me about to no end how people call everything muted cool toned.


omg me too, sunset palettes in yellow orange and red being called 'nautral' like bitch on who???


The Sun.


I'm not a native speaker but I always saw "neutral" as a term for all non-colorful make up. Like all browns, beiges, some rosy and peachy shades. As opposed to for example green or blue eyeshadow.


No, this is definitely the way neutral is meant to be used in English. Browns, beiges, whites, blacks, muted colors (like the rosy, peachy shades you mentioned). Anything that's a basic and/or natural flesh toned color. A bright color can have a neutral undertone but that doesn't make the color itself neutral.


Everything is so warm toned these days something that is neutral (ND Glam for example) is seen as cool.


I’m so glad that I’m not the only one realizing that. I am SO tired of everything being orange!


I hate it when they describe products as "delicious" or "yummy" 🤢


But have you ever smelled a Too Faced palette


What about when they say "'chef's kiss'" and make the finger kissing motion? Ugggh!


Using ‘but’ when you mean ‘and’ (or nothing).


Obsessed. They're all obsessed with every product.


'worth the investment ' - when they received it for free


Not a word, but Laura Lee does the most annoying tongue click. It is one of the most aggravating sounds ever


It’s the “oil” for me, lol.


“It’s the ______ for me”


More of a phrase, but from Hannah Louise Poston - “let’s get into the meat of the video.” Deeply upsetting to me.


It’s the way she says it, along with trying to make it her thing. Like trying to make fetch happen lol. But she’s turned “meat” into “moist” as such a chalkboard grating word to me.


Just ew. I have been debating checking out her videos when I see them being recommended but after knowing that she says this. No. You can’t pay me to watch someone who says this constantly 😂


it's awful - and she'll never stop using it!


“stunNING” can get so annoyING


I love Theresa is Dead but half the time when she goes "..., but I digress" SHE HAS NOT ACTUALLY DIGRESSED!! Annoys the shit out of me.


When talking about a collab, even their own, and they say XYZ x ABC, and they actually just say X instead of “by.” It’s XYZ _by_ ABC, you don’t just say X. I’ve seen some even say “times” like it’s a math problem lol.


I fully agree with this, do they not understand what the X stands for?


The times thing is nails on a chalkboard for me omg


Regarding blending: blends like butter, blends like a dream, blends itself. Also hearing “chef’s kiss” used by multiple people.


That “chef’s kiss” seems to be their new word fad


BGs who say "weary" when they mean "wary". I can give a pass to anyone who isn't a native English speaker, but for everyone else, it's a nails on the chalkboard moment for me.


It makes my ears bleed when French titles of products are mangled — or even just an obscure product name is utterly mispronounced. It’s your job to inform us about a product. You can at least use Google translate or a dictionary to give you the pronunciation or definition of something you don’t understand. It’s part of explaining and assessing things. It’s such a turn off and makes the BG seem really under researched


I don’t mind mispronunciation so much, especially if people are genuinely trying but when they dismiss something as too hard to pronounce (I’ve seen Bailey Sarian do it - also omg my phone autocorrected her last name to Saruman 😭😭😭)


Yeah sometimes you have to wonder what caused the confusion when it’s a pretty normal words then I feel a bit of guilt finding it funny because illiteracy isn’t funny


Oh. My. Gawd. THIS! It annoys me to no end that so many well-meaning BGs butcher the names of French brands. It's so disrespectful & shows they don't really know their product or care enough to learn how to at least pronounce the name correctly. Merde.🤨


When Kelly Strack says "stinkin' cute" I want to cut my ears off. There was a period of like 4-5 months a couple years back when it seemed all of a sudden they all started overusing the word component when talking about packaging. I blame Jaclyn Hill cause it seemed to really take over when she launched her lipsticks.


I hateeeee the word “stink” in any context. This bugs me too!


Omg this! I had to unfollow Kelly just because of this 😂


Right? Like there are so many other words you could choose from to describe things, branch out a little lol


Two words, to be fair: > "gravitate towards"


This is also in corporate talk too


The name of the beauty brand owner or fellow beauty guru being name-dropped by Kackie, only she only uses their first name(s) to show how close she is with them and that you the viewer should already know who they are (recently done with HLP, Ingrid Nilsen, Phytosurgence owner, Hindash among others)


She really annoys me with her name dropping of the YouTubers and brand owners. Sometimes I have no idea who those people are and I don’t care lol.


Doesn’t it always sound to you like she expects you the viewer to want her review videos to be 80% about her, her life and her quirkiness?


She is so painfully self obsessed


Pounce, when what they are doing is stippling, not sure why but it annoys me to the point that I have unsubscribed from people just for saying it.


I hate when Tati says I did my own research or only want to use clean brands and clean ingredients. I cant stand her anymore.


„It’s giving“


LOL It’s giving Hannah Barbera in their Flintsone era!


when jaclyn hill says something makes her horny 😩


Not necessarily a word, but the way Hannah Louise will overly ennunciate the consonants of randomly-chosen words (mostly T and D, such as commodity said as “comoD-iTy”), which appears either trying to help out auto-close captions or to sound more posh and elegant.


Agreed. I know people attribute this to Hannah being well educated and artistic, but unfortunately it often comes off pretentious. It does seem like she's trying too hard to by using big words, over enunciating, and flowery descriptions.


I literally just commented this on another post, but I cringe when she describes textures as “beefy”


Oh good lord no lol.


I love Hannah but she is the Fraiser Crane of the beauty community


*\*NOTE: Hannah Louise Poston prefers that you refer to it as her "work in the beauty industry" rather than "community".* Is that Kelsey Grammer? 🙈


I cannot stand how Tati often refers to herself in the third person. It’s so grating.


Absolutely. I haven't watched her in a long time, but I'm sure she still does this. To be fair, I can't stand when anyone does it.


Jessica Braun does this too!! So cringey!


Ooooh that is so annoying and just ridiculous. “And “she” is just…w/e”. Ugh! Yeah I can’t stand that. She also overuses the phrase “in a hot minute”. That’s annoying too.


‘Taahhti’ 🤮🤮


KL saying “esspensive” HLP becoming increasingly verbose. A YouTube video doesn’t have to have a word count like an English class essay. I generally agree with her on things until she rambled and veers off track. More words isn’t the same as more sophisticated


“Just got done filming”


You guiiiiiise it’s so stun-neeeen!


Obsessed.... everyone is 'obsessed' with everything


“Over top.” You mean ON TOP OF.


“Now I’m gonna go in with _______” Idk why but it irritates my soul.




I’ve noticed many gurus say “underneath of” and it drives me crazy. 😭


Almost as bad as 'over top of' 🥴




When they say flavor instead of scent ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


"Pick up" when they talk about new releases. They mention it so casually even if it is at a Pat McGrath price point. The way they talk about new releases, it is like a grocery list or something.


I can't bear this. No I'm not going to 'pick it up', but I might purchase or buy it... I think it's uniform guru speak down - I've noticed a lot of smaller creators doing it, even those who aren't from the US.


It’s interesting you said that, and I totally agree. I too have always thought “pick up” sounded so casual. Like when someone says “I was browsing at Sephora and just decided to pick up this $100 eyeshadow palette on a whim” lol. Like, c’mon, I would struggle for weeks deciding if I was going to spend that type of money on a palette!


Hannah Louise Poston ‘beefy’ 🤢


“Slash” when saying something like “need / want”. So instead of saying “need or want” they actually say “need slash want”. I don’t know why but it drives me crazy and I can’t think of one particular BG that does it but many do!


For a moment I thought of Slash the guitarist until I realized what sub I was on. 🤣


"Your girl". ( for exmaple - Your girl can hold a grudge). "Isaaavibe" "Liiivvving for it" "eyeballs" (like putting a shadow on their eyeballs)


Not one word.. My Tip top favorite, courtesy Kelly Gooch.


I strongly dislike when Angie or someone else says “are they on crack?” when referring to an “ugly” or “stupid” release. It bothers me because I am an addict, although I have been clean from opiates for 4 years actually, I could’ve died. I have lost three friends to their addictions of uppers/ downers so I just don’t like it at all. I think it’s a new tik tok thing that people started saying as well but it just bothers me. It’s not something to joke about. Maybe say something like “what were they thinking?” or “did anyone even ask for this?” but joking about a hard drug that ruins lives as a way to speak about something you don’t like just isn’t it.


Even just "are they on drugs?" Or "Are they high?" annoys the sh*t out of me. And mazel tov on four years, hunny!🥳 You rock.😎


There's such an overuse of drug terminology that people in the beauty space have overlooked: makeup junkie, saying something is "like (blank) on steroids," makeup addict, etc. It's easy to see how that would be upsetting to someone who's actually been through addiction.


That’s so true. Those ones don’t bother me as much, maybe because I’ve been hearing those terms since high school and I know most people are just over exaggerating when they say they’re a makeup junkie or something. I can 100% relate to being obsessed with makeup, but I will kinda roll my eyes when I hear people over use it. I know that for some of my friends who are also in recovery, it bothers them a lot more. Though, we had a discussion at a meeting once about how shopping addiction is very real, so I wonder what people who actually suffer from that think of those terms. I mean, buying more makeup or clothes than you can actually afford can be just as devastating to your finances and mental health as a drug or alcohol addiction, though it’s not like you become physically dependent. I just dislike when Angie says “are they on crack” or “are they drunk” about a release she doesn’t particularly enjoy. I’ve heard it in at least 5 videos now. I let it go because I do respect her otherwise and I appreciate what her videos bring to the platform. Plus, I know that she’s not the only one. Not too long ago, I was working with a bunch of teenagers as a barista and listened to them say the crack phrase all the time. About rude customers, even. When I asked why everyone keeps saying that all of a sudden, they told me they hear it used on TikTok frequently. (Another reason I can’t stand TikTok lol) Apparently it’s supposed to be a joke.. just not very funny to me. Once I talked to them more about what me and my friends have gone through, they agreed it wasn’t a cool thing to say. I think some people just need more education on things that they don’t particularly understand, so I don’t fault anyone for that!😊


Actually. As in: I actually really like this. This is actually really nice. This actually smells really good. This is actually a pretty color. This is actually a really good deal. Were they expecting the products to be shite?🤔


The half phrase "it's giving". Ughhh it sounds so stupid.


Theresa is Dead, the alien slut/bukkake thing got old after awhile. I’m not even a prude either. I also kind of hate the gendering of products that seems to have cropped up over the past year. Something about it feels icky and since there are a lot of people who are wearing makeup that identify as all types of genders, i feel like it’s a way to exclude potential audience too.


The one I need her to stop is talking about her “makeup dick”. The rest of it I can ignore, but that one just makes me so uncomfortable.


AGREED like why are you saying this 😂😂


Yeah. I was watching the video today and she must have said bukkake 3 times in 90 seconds and I just turned it off. I've decided to only watch bingo/hangover at this point.


Or the uncooked chicken reference too


The dirty talk doesn't bother me but if I hear "We're gonna keep on keeping on" one more time ....


I can’t cope with YouTubers referring to themselves in third person 🤮


Not a word but the curated imperfection of Jaclyn Hill is the absolute worst.


"Go in with" makes me twitch and idek why


Not a word exactly but when someone refers to a beauty/makeup product as “she”, I have not watched beauty content in a while but I remember a few say “she’s a beauty” (about a blush for example), I don’t know why but it annoyed me so much 😕


I hate hate when gurus say they are putting something on their eyeball. No. No, you are not. If you are, please don’t do that. Samantha R is a repeat offender.


So many of them start their videos with “let’s jump right in” and it’s gotten to the point where it annoys me now. I specifically had to stop watching Kackie because of her overuse of the words nuance, watercolor, and Ingrid.


Whenever someone goes "OHWA. My gosh"


Morgan turner always refers to highlighters as “highlights” and I honestly don’t know why it annoys me so much lol


"I cant live without this" "i need this" no u dont its makeup


This is so petty of me, but the way Morgan Turner says "gonna be" when she means "is". Like, she'll be holding a product in her hands and say "the ingredients list is gonna be on the back, and compact is gonna be green, and there's gonna be two highlighter shades, one's gonna be pink toned and the other's gonna be gold toned...". If it were about upcoming products that haven't been released yet then I would kind of get it, but when she has the product right there I don't know why she has to keep using the future tense rather than the present.


I’m gonna be honest… the way some of you are talking about specific channels… you need to just unsub at this point 😅


I was never subscribed to them but their cringe behavior made me decide to avoid any of their videos.


"Obsessed" Knowing the word "row" but not "column". Saying "purpley" or even "blurple" instead of violet (or lilac, or lavender for that matter).


They don’t know colors. The amount of times they call something taupe or mauve and obviously have no idea what those colors are is a joke. They all need to do second grade colors again.


“She’s just gonna go on here” when talking to a product. Your product isn’t a person!!! It’s not a she!!!


Came here to say “she”


I kinda like when they call products she 😂


One of my math teachers use to call numbers he/she (we dont differenciate these 2 in Hungarian) 🥴


"Price point" irks me. Why isn't it just "price"? Why does it need a "point"?


This one bugs me too. Price and price point are two different things. I feel similarly annoyed when creators mention "product line." What they usually mean is product mix.




Especially when it’s just Olive or pea green. No other colours are grungy in beauty guru land.


But an olive green can be grungy


Constantly repeating "very very".


'I haven't used this in a hot minute'. I used to think it was kind of cute but now it's way overused. Also, I generally like Jessica Braun but if she says 'it catches the light' one more time I might scream.


Being "obsessed" about a product they tried 3 minutes ago...


Buttery - just say the things is smooth or whatever Pinky/purple-y - just say it’s pink or purple or whatever. the words sound childish. Price point - it’s not a price point just say it or put the price on the screen


Can’t filter through everyone, but giving genders to products: “she’s amazing!!!” “We don’t reach for him much” “she’s giving” Please. Stop.


“Over top of.” This is so pedantic but I notice so many of them say it, like, “I’m putting this blush over top of the powder.” To me it should either be “over” or “on top of.”


"this (product) isn't (insert adjective here)... **but I'm not mad at it!**"


Literally every word muttered by them all


Utilise… just say USE!!!


It’s giving corporate


One of the reasons I've unfollowed Rose and Ben is because I couldn't stand the amount of times she said "spicy" 🙄


And “put on your makeup seatbelts”. Like what? I hate it, thanks 🙄


Obsessed. I hate that word


for some reason "go-to." Which is very petty of me, since that makes sense - something is your go-to blush or mascara or eye look or whatever! But I feel like it's just been soooooo overused and now it bugs me for ridiculously persnickety reasons. Andréa Matillano, whom I adore, uses it a lot, and at some point I guess I think not ALL the things can be your go-tos.




“Snagged” or “irregardless”


“Phenomeno” Morgan. I can’t even watch her anymore. Oh and “Goden” instead of Golden.


How everything is described as mauve if it's not brown Mispronounced mauve So stinking cute Without further ado, let's jump into it I don't hate it "Oof" every time they apply a metallic "Oooookay" Hot minute Literally Legit Morgan turner when she says "pool" instead of pull. For example, " it pools pink on my skin"


When someone explains something really simple, then says something along the lines of “does that even make sense?” or “I hope that makes sense.”


Alexandria Ryan and "it's more on the ... side". In one of the last videos she even said "it's more on the skincare-y side"... I adore her but this sounds just stupid...


Ha I just watched this video. I like Alexandria but she sometimes acts a bit too goofy and it takes up a lot of time. Like, just get on with the advent calendar unboxing lol.


Referring to their finished look as “this is the final product”…. Not a product, it’s your face


I cringe when someone describes a color of a product as “pinky” or “purplely”, and they (almost all of them) do it often. Just say pink or purple.


Also when pink is over-emphasized as PEE-nk


“Peeenk” bothers me too, but I think it’s a regional PNW or California accent!


I feel this one in my soul.


"Investment/Invested" while talking about makeup.


I have gotten progressively fed up with "picked up". You mean BOUGHT with MONEY


I was just watching a fragrance video this morning and the girl is so sweet so I felt badly for being so annoyed but every other sentence she would say "I liked it whenever I sprayed it" instead of "*when* I sprayed it." She seems to think "whenever" and "when" are the same word and it just drove me insane lol


“Without further ado” lol, evvvery youtuber says that after their intro. It just makes me laugh. One time someone typed the words on their screen, and spelled the phrase wrong (I can’t remember how, but think a “bone apple teeth” moment) and I cracked up


Late to the thread and maybe this isn't someone who's considered a guru ie not a YouTube personality, but I want to throw my TV when I hear Val Garland say "DING DONG." That bit was over two seasons ago...DARLING.


I don’t watch many BGs anymore so obviously the little quirks of the two I watch can be magnified - but one always says ‘the skin’ instead of ‘my skin’ which annoys me. And she adds -ness to the end of words unnecessarily ie ‘there’s a softness to it’, ‘a rosi-ness’, ‘a dusky-ness’. Drives me bonkers. Still watch her though cos I love her.


I know "anyways" is a real word, but I have not heard a BG just use the formal "anyway". Nearly every BG goes "well anywayssssss..." It's so nit-picky, but I can't help it lol


As a broad answer, anytime someone says cringe, oof, let’s unpack this or it’s giving. Such overused phrases that just makes my eye twitch every time I hear/read it. Or when products are gendered; that’s another annoying one. For a more specific answer, when Morgan says depth (it’s depTH Morgan, not depFFF) and when Kinky Sweat says Eee-tah-leeeee. Just KS’s whole pronunciation of common words like frenz, vigeo, etc is like nails on a chalkboard.


Is "snatched" the new "on fleek"? I give up. PS: Get off my lawn.


All the cliches Bailey and other gurus overuse is annoying. I get it, they wanna use buzz words and appear to be trendy. But it definitely seems like a blatant lack of vocabulary. Also, I don’t think the majority of her viewers realize her “theme song” was directly taken from Paris and Nicole…not as quirky as she likes to pretend to be.


Theresa is Dead with the ‘uncooked chicken’ line all the time. Like we get it, you’re pale. No one cares