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Also, if I don’t like a video, I’ll stop watching it at the point I realise I don’t like it. So it won’t have the engagement of a full watch typically. I just find it interesting that it’s not super clear on YouTube how engagement works. On Instagram there are infographics highlighting how much each thing benefits a creator (saving a post vs just hearting it etc).


If you do like the person, thumbs down just means you don't want to see that kind of content from them. I remember that a thumbs down is still engagement for their channel. So if you don't like the video and the person/channel, best to just click off and not interact at all.


It does nothing. Some of my most thumbs down videos had the most views 🤷‍♀️


I think YouTube weights the interaction based on their algorithm, from what I've heard. I think they're trying to discourage people downvoting by hiding the downvote count, so I'd imagine it doesn't weigh much in the calculation.