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Morphe vibes


Ouch lol I was thinking colourpop, especially the water and fire ones. Those 2 color stories remind me of the Bretman Rock colourpop palettes a few years ago.


Was thinking CP too, and that's a bad look for Melt, especially if this is the holiday release. Their whole look was so iconic for so long, and this is such a dud. Really are bad zodiac palettes.


I can also see CP!


It's like if colourpop and morphe had a baby, and it was adopted and raised by bh cosmetics.


Morphe Jaclyn Hill vault volume II


BH vibes


Literally was just about to comment this. This looks like something Morphe would release


But morphe is actually good for the price


Watched Angelica Nyqvist's video on these and wasn't at all impressed. I normally love Melt's aesthetic, but these aren't it. Still waiting for the product from them that sucks me into buying from the brand.


I thought the looks she did looked really quite unblended, which is not a comment on her application skills as she does some amazing colourful looks. It looked like she was trying to be positive about mattes that were sticking and not moving for her.


I was surprised how muted they looked in her video. I watched it out of curiosity and now I want them even less lmao.


Why are they all so orange except for water?


IKR, how do you do earth with one green and no true brown. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Wondering how deep that green is. Comparing the 1st picture to the 2nd they look like 2 different shades. I know the lighting has something to do with that but I'm still wondering which one is a truer reputation?


Angelica Nyqvist did a video on it, I can't remember rn the actual colors, but I do remember they were all kinda muted


That's been my question about a lot of their palettes, tbh.


I legit thought it was BH.


The packaging is exactly the same as something BH would come out with


Yes it totally gives BH vibes


I was saying in another thread - the brand has been feeling a little uninspired. Between this and the Muerte re-release. This feels phoned in af - like just put some shadows together for this years collection. Also, zodiac theme has been done to death. I expect more from Melt. I’m not purchasing.


Oh ya would never have guess it was melt! Melt is so inconsistent with their quality that I just don't mess with them anymore unless it's something special


Yeah, I feel like Melt's pull has been their color stories and aesthetics bc the quality seems so up and down. This has generic color stories and generic (BH, CP) aesthetics. it erases Melt's whole appeal.


Yeah definitely not worth the risk for me with color stories done 100 times and basic packaging. I mean they are pretty but really basic especially if this is their Holiday launch. Honestly my wallet thanks them. I dont have the funds this year.


I like watching their releases, but I have been burned in the past by their bad quality eyeshadows so when it comes to actual buying I usually stick to their cheek products. I have 3 highlighters and 2 blushes by them and I love all of it.


Their Beetlejuice release was excellent but their last two weed theme launches were dreadful. I have the latest amor set because the whole PR set was on sale for 150 but haven't tried it yet


The weed thing is also pretty tiring by now.


I played with Amor last night. Super pigmented. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t on sale. Love my Gemini, though.


The amor palette is ridiculously good. Makes me upset because there is no way to predict if the formula of a release will be good or bad


I really like the Earth one, but I own enough green. It kinda reminds me of ABH's Subculture a little.


That’s the first thing that came to my mind… yet another grungy Subculture for autumn…


honestly they usually do awesome holiday collections but this is just so uninspired and off-brand, I really don't get it


I just got personally attacked by an eyeshadow palette 😭 but I’m probably just overthinking it… but then I don’t know… /libra.


As a fellow libra I’m undecided on these.


I liked the idea of them and then I saw actual swatches and they look a little bland.


Hate it. And I’m a huge melt fan


The earth palette color story is kind of drawing me in when I see the shadows in the palette, but the swatches of it on their Instagram seem less special. Not feeling the rest of them at all. I never would have associated the purples and pinks with Air, but I don’t know anything about zodiac stuff. Edit: lmao just bothered to read the shade names now and the fact they’re all negative traits makes me laugh. Interesting take I guess to focus on the “bad side”


Those are some crazy shade names. I can't wait to see a review just to hear the bg say I'm now going in with *fill in the blank LOL


Why is everything on the market so orange? I’m so sick of orangey browns and golds.


So am I but that's because they look horrible on me. Like I'm about to die horrible lol.


lol. Same. I understand it’s a popular color scheme, but I’ve been having an exceptionally hard time lately finding ANY palettes that don’t lean orange.


Another unimpressed Melt Stan here lol. The whole draw of them for me is how unique most of their color stories are, but this looks like morphe/colourpop/bh which cool I can just buy those way cheaper if I was so inclined. Maybe they're trying to get more mainstream sephora customers to buy this? That's the only thing that makes sense to me, daddy sephora making demands. Or they've just given up since last year's collection wasn't really a hit. Idk. I'd love it if they psyched us out and this wasn't their holiday release buuut not going to hold my breath on that. Oh well, at least my wallet is safe.


The Zodiac theme in very in line with Melt and honestly so are the color stories. Melt pretty much has had the whole rainbow at one time or another. These palettes in photos look like a mashup of previously existing palettes that melt has come out with. Melt's last Holiday release went really badly. They've still got stock left even at a deep discount. I bought the whole thing and I loved it but I understand how it would be easily skip-able or not resonate with other people. This years small collection feels like the brand just doesn't have the capital to spend on another huge extravagant collection.


Most of these color stories are so tired. I do like the Earth one, but only because it reminds me of the Uoma Beauty Black Magic palette. Unfortunately, it looked incredibly patchy in Angelica's review video -- and it's not like she's a novice. If they were going to do "dark side" of the zodiac, couldn't they at least do color stories that subverted expectations a little? Like Earth's molten core and volcanos (black, greige, red and orange), the sea algae and kelp found in Water (blue, green, yellow-y brown), stormy and/or smoggy skies in the Air (muted, cool-toned blue, grey, yellow), and a blazing sunset to represent Fire (coral, purple, even a pastel blue). Still thematically appropriate but with a more grungy approach, which fits Melt's MO.


Yes if they leaned into the "Wrath of the Elements": volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Metallics, deep shades, shimmers, mattes. The bad traits is passive agressive/not fully committing to theme because they can't be too insulting to get sales. Get rid of the dumb shade names. And do quick Google search of associated words with different natural disasters... -Tsunami/Water: Rip current, flood, rogue wave, perfect storm, erosion, surge, eagre, tidal bore -Volcanoes/Fire: caldera, pyroclastic, eruption, ash, lava, basalt, lahar, fumarole -Earthquake/Earth: seismic, tectonic, fault, aftershock, convulsion, shift, temblor, slide -Tornadoes/Air: cyclone, tempest, path, twister, squall, turbulence, eye of the storm, vortex Cooler package art like a god/goddess being welding the disaster.


Whats with the passive aggressive phrases inside? I don’t need an eyeshadow palette that negs me.


The “for the main character you think you are” on the fire sign palette is gross, this makes me want to buy it LESS


Seriously. Like did my ex boyfriend design these? They’re so patronizing.


All the shadow names are mean too!


The Earth palette colour story reminds me of ABH Subculture. I guess if you missed out on Subculture/and don’t want to support ABH it could dupe the vibes? In the same vein, the Water palette looks like JSC Blue Blood. The problem is Melt are literally years late to both the monochromatic and zodiac trends. BH, Revolution and so many other brands have done the zodiac theme to death at this point. ColourPop have also worn out absolutely everyone with their monochromatic nine pan palettes. None of these palettes are terrible, I just expected something more original and unique from Melt.


Make up Revolution vibes.


BH cosmetics energy


Definitely look like they shouldn't cost more than $10.


If you told me these were by Makeup Revolution I'd believe you in a heartbeat.


The Earth one is cute, I just wish it didn't have the elements theme. I get that everything has been done before, but this has been overdone I think and I feel like all brands should just take a break from the elements theme lol


Same, doesn't say Melt to me. But my wallet is grateful


big meh, and i'm a melt stan I kind of want to get the Air one but the fact that the pans aren't the normal pan sizes is making me want to skip. Like I have these colors already from other brands, the only benefit would be if they came in the regular Melt pans so that I can use them with my other Melt magnetic palettes (like I don't have very many purple shadows by melt specifically).


I like the water one, but I can dupe from my collection (half from Muerte).


Ever since the beetle juice release I’ve been patiently anticipating their holiday release every year and nothing has come close to toping that


Looks private labeled


It’s giving Colourpop or Essence. Also, the negative shade names are cringe. Definitely not into this at all.


Their stuff is so meh now. Same colors with different insulting names or weed names. I thought this was colourpop. Also I don’t remember the owners name (blonde one) but when she does a get ready with me her makeup always looks patchy.


Zodiac-themed everything? Groundbreaking!


I don’t love the “snarky” shade names and little saying under the mirror tbh. Is it because I’m a Taurus and the Earth palette literally describes me to a T and I resent being called out like that? Maybe.


Am I the only one who went "but everything changed when the fire nation attacked"?


You are not.


Yikes, this doesn’t look like anything they would put out. I’m getting Morphe or BH Cosmetics vibes. At least I know I’m saving some money.


Looks like Colourpop.


Makes me immediately think of bh cosmetics


Without even getting into the actual color stories, I don't trust Melt's formula. Their eyeshadow always look stunning in pictures and on Youtube, but not IRL, at least not for me. Maybe it's just my skin color or my skin texture, but their shadows end up lackluster on me. Also, the most fall out I have ever experienced.


3 out of 4 of these pallettes look the same. Melt is the only brand that I would have been excited to see a Zodaic or Elemental theme from, it's so unbelievable that they produced this.


Just read the captions under the mirror and feel like the palettes are being rude to me, I don't like that!


I love melt - love love love But I don’t need anymore red shades from them I need more electric shades to compliment their electric palette, I need a better quality blueprint palette I don’t need these color stories!


I own all the melt palettes so far and I don’t really want all of these. Maybe as gifts or discounted but I’m definitely not paying full price for any of these. Also, as a Cancer I’m sick of every zodiac palette being blue, especially because blue is my least favorite for my skin tone 🙃


Omg! I agree! I’m Ares and reds, yellows … look absolutely horrible on me so I don’t own a thing that is my star sign themed


I refuse to buy it because of the names…


They have pretty colors but, I am not interested.


Air and water look cute


I bought one. I wanted one or two more, but I will wait to see what I think of the one I bought. All I've done is swatch it, and it was a bit ho hum. I got Gemini II and love it way more than I expected.


Melts formula is consistently disappointing at least the packaging is in line with that.


This looks like the Jaclyn Hill Vault. Like NYX x Morphe.


Has anyone else watched the videos of them being swatched? I feel as though they press so hard on their arms just so the powder doesn't crumble everywhere.


I hate that they do the password thing for each launch. This isn’t what I wanted to order.


I hate all of them. But I wish I could have loved them.


As a Virgo I'm jealous of the air sign palette :( I know Earth means getting earthy tones pero liek maybe we can get a blue color or sunset purple thrown our way. ![gif](giphy|BwP6IiUZZlpS0)


I love Melt but omg…I am not wearing eyeshadows telling me I’m “Manipulative,” “Two Faced,” “Drama Queen,” and “Dead Inside.” We don’t need corny positive reinforcements, but we also don’t need judgmental passive-aggressive insults that are supposed to be “edgy.”


i actually love these, but to be fair i didnt like the old melt stuff


If I didn’t over-buy palettes I’d probably be more into them. But I have too much so that probably affects how interesting/boring they look to me. I just never would’ve guessed it was them if I didn’t see it on their Instagram


I usually love zodiac themed stuff, but I'll be passing. Some of the negative traits hit too close to home. I think they're trying to be funny, but it's so off-putting to me. It feels mean. I don't want my makeup palette to insult me every morning.


I thought this was colourpop tbh


I have a hard time caring about Melt tbh. They've had inconsistent quality, their aesthetic seems to be devolving and i dont find their color stories inspiring anymore. Plus i feel like they have too many limited edition products. I dont like that they really play into the FOMO thing. Aside from that, these palettes just feel uninspired and remind me of Morphe. The only color story i find remotely interesting is the Blue Palette, but i already have shadows that look very similar to them, from brands i feel like i can trust more. Melt has potential, like truly. I really was interested in the Beetlejuice Collection and a lot of their products before that one. But because so much is limited edition i can't exactly save up for it and expect to be able to buy it because by then, its gone. They really need to innovate again. They had some interesting ideas before and i feel like they should revisit those ideas again.


They’re pretty but I’m not impressed with their eyeshadow at all. Every palette I’ve owned is entirely too chalky.


It kind of reminds me of the NYX palettes that came out several years ago!! Very cute and I always love the elements theme


These are really cute! I love the direction that melt is taking with these, I will be keeping an eye out for the earth palette


I bought the earth one as soon as became available on the 24 hour access on Sephora. I just bought it because I liked the color story. None of the others interested me so I didn't realize it was supposed to even be a zodiac set. I just liked the grungy vibes and the quality is great.


The fire and earth ones are pulling me but since people said the swatches are bland, I think I’ll pass.


My immediately reaction was “gimme gimme gimme” because I really like Melt and have zero quality issues with their formula like a lot of people do. But after I saw them swatches out and tutorials done by others, all interest died off. Too much orange across the board.


I own most of the Melt palettes and I think I could “build” these with what I already have (minus the purple shades).


I like the colors in EARTH. Melt cosmetics sometimes confuses me with what their vibe I supposed to be. This doesn't look or feel like their typical stuff but I also remember when their typical stuff was the stacks then they switched to the UD style palettes. Once the quality is good it doesn't matter THAT much.


The earth palette us giving me subculture vibes, in a great way.


Earth looks like a mini Tarte Maneater After Dark!


I wish they’d bring back the stacked shadows.


this is what the Avatar collab should have been. I think Earth and Fire could use work on the color stories but I love Air so much


It looks cheap :/


Has anyone been able to swatch them in a Sephora? I'm interested in Water but really want to see how it compares to the blues in Blueprint or Muerte. The rest I feel pretty ambivalent about.


Honestly I was watching the promo video they made and the shade names are mostly negative af. I mean I know it’s Melt and they’re edgy but like I feel like they were almost offensive to the “sign” or whatever. Idk, just seems kind of lame af to me.


They look cheap. But I’ll probably get one anyway