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First, I really liked him! His eye shape is similar to mine and I liked how thorough he was. Just hom sitting talking to the camera, definitely going to check his channel. Now for the palette, it happens to me every year with those big holiday ones. First excitement and then the reviews goes out and I say to myself "maybe on Black Friday" and eventually I pass. Something just isn't there. Last year it was too neutral to me, this year though the mattes are colorful, the shimmers are mostly neutral, and I want more colorful shimmers. Also, I hate the packaging.


I bought the holiday pallette last year bc I was new to pat mcgrath and I heard it's a good place to "start." I did buy it during black Fri 30% off (though I'm not sure this was covered with the 30% off as I got the huetopian dream as well). I do enjoy it but I admit I don't whip it out as much as i should. Guess what I'm saying with so many choices of high quality eyeshadows for more reasonable pricing, not sure I'd purchase again


It doesn’t look great…


I watched this, and his look was beautiful, but the palette seemed meh,and I just received mine yesterday.. I might sell it untouched if I don't get more excited about it. This is what I get for being impulsive !


I’ve been trying to get excited about this palette and I can’t. It’s too ‘all over the place’ for me. I got the first PMG holiday palette back in 2020 and there’s too much purple and coppery gold in it, not enough mattes to create complete looks. Apparently for that palette she had re-released the two Star Wars palettes, plus 6 new shades. Last year I didn’t get the holiday palette and I regretted it, the colors seemed right up my alley. I was trying to save money, oh well. By the time I saw it on sale at Sephora they were out of stock. I was looking forward to seeing what PMG had in store for this year, but I’m disappointed in this offering.


She might bring last year's palette back after Christmas for a very limited time, with very limited stock - that was what she did last year with Celestial Divinity, so I'd watch out for any promotion emails! For what it's worth, I *highly* recommend it, if it ever comes back in stock. It's a gorgeous palette that I get so much use out of, and you can do *such* a variety of looks with it!


Ha! Just watched this as well! He seems amazing so I’m excited to binge some videos.


I got the first PMG holiday palette a few years ago and even though I like the colors, I feel as if the formula difference between the holiday shades and the Motherships is vast. I'd rather splurge a bit more on a palette with shimmers that perform than save a few bucks but be disappointed with the payoff. Also does anyone have a good tip to make PMG mattes, I dunno, blend better? They're so stubborn no matter how lighthanded I try to be....


I have the past 2 and I honestly never reach for them so this is a pass for me.


I saw Temptalia's swatches and it killed most of my hype for the palette. Maybe I'll grab it after holidays on a really good sale.


It's a step in the right direction in terms of colour story (back to her more adventurous ideas when she launched the brand), but ehhhh. Her brand's practically all about her shimmers and all I see - aside for the sky blue - is the same old gold/champagne - rose - bronze trifecta. Hopefully this is a trend to move away from the rosy shades in subsequent releases, but I've found my calling in indie brands like Clionadh and Terra Moons and haven't been swayed by this or the last Mothership as a result. I might pick up one of the blush palettes if they release in Sephora AU though with the work gift card I got. #


Don’t want to watch. So what are the conclusions?