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Even though I love special shades and colorful makeup, I don’t use multichromes often. I need a combination of light and shadow for my eye shape and the base of multichromes is often grey or black. But I really like iridescent multichromes! The other reason why I don’t have a lot, is because I live in Europe and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.


Have you tried Glam Shop? They’re based it Poland and have a pretty good variety of special shades. I’m in the US so I only have two that I bought off of Mercari but they’re very cool. Lethal Cosmetics (based in Germany) also has multichromes, which i really like so far.


I have many shadows from Glamshop, but no multichromes (yet). I have two Lethal multichromes and especially like the iridescent one ☺️


How do the glam shop compare to the lethal cosmetics ? I’ve heard the shift isn’t that great.


I haven’t tried the Glamshop multichromes yet. The two Lethal ones I have are really nice (sparkly and shifty) but I’ve heard not all are created equal, that’s why I haven’t bought any more (yet).


Which ones do you have? I don't really like the shimmers I have from Lethal but would be willing to try again if the other formula is better.


I just checked and I actually have four: - Evenfall - Ceres - retrograde - Allure Ceres and Retrograde I use the most, but mainly because it’s hard to tell in the pan that the others are multichromes too. I definitely want to shop more from the brand, preferably on Black Friday.


I have Evenfall and Allure too! Wondering if it's a matter of personal preference or if the formulas are actually different, did you notice any difference between those two and Ceres/Retrograde? I really want to love Lethal shimmers, they have some very pretty colours and it's so cool that they're Europe-based


I don't have the other colors but for what it's worth I love Retrograde. The formula is thinner and with finer particles than some Glam-Shop special shades I own, it's not quite a topper because with Gluetter Glue I can make it quite opaque but you can play with it more by using colored bases/matts underneath.


The darker based multichromes are harder to use, especially with the clean girl aesthetic. But the iridescent multichromes are so easy to incorporatep in any looks. Also PMG special shades are perfect. I live in Europe too and had only access to PMG or duochromes. Just tired the lethal cosmetics ones, they are amazing ! Even tho they’re supposedly not the best on the market, I’m happy with them.


The PMG special shades, even though most of them are duochromes and not multichromes, are also ones I get *constant* compliments on. Once I had *two* people stop me in the street while I was wearing Astral Luna Gold over VR Fire Opal to ask what I was wearing on my eyes or tell me my eyeshadow looked amazing, in the span of, like, fifteen minutes.


Which palette is VR Fire Opal on? And yeah, I get the same reactions with PMG shades as well:)


Mothership V: Bronze Seduction


Yessss.. gotta try this combo thanks:)


ooh thank you I will try this combination




i constantly waffle on getting the new ones


I can also recommend Oden's Eye, especially the Norns pallette


England has a few awesome brands


Since Brexit UK is as expensive to get as USA or other non-EU regions 😕


True, I forgot. Here comes Brexit again ruining it all


which brands if you don’t mind me asking?


Karla and Kaima Cosmetics, I heard great things about Karla specially


Karla is available at Boozyshop, which is Dutch!


Karla is also in Puush Beauty in Netherlands


Pastel Roses has some really nice multichromes and duochromes, they're based in Brighton I think.


Not shadows, but I wanted to recommend Glisten Cosmetics to you since you’re in Europe, they’re UK based so probably much easier to get (I’m in the US and they’re still shockingly easy to get here!). They do liners, I’m really into their one Old Fashioned, it’s a greeny-brown type shift, too gorgeous. They also have these new chrome flakes where some have a shift but I haven’t tried those yet!


Do you wear the iridescent ones just by themselves, or do you use them like a topper?


I use them as a topper on matte shadows usually. I never do one shadow looks.


I would say they are to some extent. Most of the real "shift" can't be appreciated unless you're up close and depending on the amount of lid space you have / how you wear your makeup you might not get the same wow-factor that you see in the swatches where you really get a zoomed in view of the changes in color and subtle differences. And that's not a diss on the products themselves, the effect can be incredibly beautiful even when it's subtler.


Yeah, I forgot to mention that my eyes are partially hooded. I try not to let that stop me from trying all the cool stuff everyone else gets to try because I've figured out how to apply eyeshadow to really open my eyes and disguise their hooded nature. But perhaps it doesn't work that way for multichromes.


I have hooded eyes and I use multichromes all the time. I found that the key to getting them to work is to work with as few matte shadows as possible (I usually use one in and above the crease to contour the eye and give it a higher, fake crease, then smoke out the outer corner with one or two shades (or inner and outer corner if I'm doing a halo eye)) and give as much lid space as possible to the multichrome, taking it also above the crease so it's still partially visible when you have your eyes open.


I heavily recommend if you try it, try liquid multichromes. They seem to just work -better- for my hooded eyes and I often do a little bit of a wing with them out so they're still visible. Just make sure you keep your eye closed and you 'fan' it properly so its dry before you open them! My favorite is honestly Natasha Denona's Liquid Chromium Multichromes... I have a TON of multichrome eyeshadows but it's so easy to just do a quick look with the liquid shadow.


Hmm, that's good to know! I'll look into the liquid multichromes! I've been wanting to try Natasha Denona for some time now, maybe this will finally be my excuse to do so!


I also have kind of hooded eyes and haven't really seen the "magic" of multichromes on my eyes either, you're not the only one! I still try them every so often but i'm always like damn, it just looks like a shimmer lol


I was discouraged a bit having hooded eyes but as I saw someone mention a long time ago you will look down etc. and have a beautiful surprise for people to see the sparkly shades. Or bring it higher or as liner. I take a short video when I play with looks so I can see the shifts.


I have hooded eyes and multichromes are my favorite! You can try putting down a matte color all over that is one of the colors in the multichrome shift and then pop the multichrome on the lid and lower lid. Example, I might put a bright matte violet all over (blending out the edges with a skin tone shade matte or a pastel matte), then pack a pink to purple to green multichrome on top.


I wish you could give me an ***eye***makeup lesson!!!!! **edited to specify!


I have hooded eyes and that won’t stop me from wearing anything (except eye gloss—hard no). Since I can’t use a million other colors, I just make the most out of the limited lid real estate I have.


Every time I wear them I always get compliments. As you move your head under various lighting, they do their shifting magic But... Not all are equally shifty, you need to do your research to choose good quality, highly pigmented shadows that have a strong shift. Some shifts are barely noticeable, slight, even in a swatch. No you will not see all the colours that you see on a swatch because your eye has a smaller surface area. Usually 2-4 colours are clearly noticable and the larger the eye lid space, the better.


What are your faves for a strong shift?


Not op but my personal faves are any of the pastel sparkler shades from devinah!




Clionadh, Terra Moon, Devinah and Touch of Glam are my favs, but you must research their IG, google searches and watch influencer swatch videos as they have some amazing shifters, but also some not so nice.


You might not see the shift when you look into the mirror (unless you move your head around), but the people you interact with can *definitely* see them. I've had multiple people go, *no, but seriously, what is on your eyes, it's magical*, when I was wearing some of my multichromes, because they just couldn't look away.


Mind to share which ones you got? 😊


I have a whole bunch of them from several brands, but the ones that get this kind of reaction most often are the Clionadh Jeweled Multichromes (Kiln and Gothic in particular), Clionadh Grisaille, Clionadh Opulent, Glam Shop Virtual Pink, Terra Moons The Cosmos and Shattered Stars, and the multichromes from the Fantasy Cosmetica Druid Palette.


i need to get the cosmos!


The Cosmos is INCREDIBLY beautiful, but if you're not a fan of more chunky, thicker formulas, I think they have another shade that has similar shifts but a thinner formula. If how substantial the formula is doesn't deter you, though, I can't recommend it highly enough!


i'm a little chunky whore! i have similar shades but from what i've seen theres just something so SPECIAL about the cosmos


It's soooo nice. [Here](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fdkt5WGXgAAhbDO?format=jpg&name=large) you can see it on my eyes, it's really quite spectacular!


The Cosmos, and the recent Stellar Apotheosis are total showstoppers. I was worried the new ones would be too flakey after BadtotheBrow's video on them, but only really had that problem with Solar Delerium.


i LOVE solar delerium, and stellar apotheosis. Terra moons is really giving us reflective shifty sparkly goodness recently. I want to get a lot of their blue shadows too like celestial and orions belt and aquarius moon


I just placed a hefty order (mostly for my friend), and am super excited for her to receive her portion since she picked up The Cosmos + a whole bunch of the new shades. It's hard for me to justify the shipping expenses (am in Australia) for anything not a multichrome I realise, but Celestial looks like such a beautiful shade! I actually really love Solar Delerium and use it frequently, it's just a lot more flakey. Just discovered Copacetic Cosmetics so will slide that by her and see if she's happy with them - [the holos seem to stand up pretty well to ToG](https://www.reddit.com/r/swatchitforme/comments/xohe18/copacetic_cosmetics_multichromes_and_holos_also/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share), and I just cannot justify the wait times on TOG's stock!


I've heard Big Dipper is similar. Can anyone verify this? I definitely prefer a less chunky formula so I'm looking at getting this instead of cosmos.


Not the comment OP but I’ve had this with Little Polly Flinders from Femme Fatale, and Mr. Whiskers. They’re not insanely shifty but I get compliments.


My very classically clueless dad, ONLY ever compliments my makeup when I'm wearing multichromes or borosilicate toppers (which sometimes are multichromes). They definitely stand out to the average schmuck.


Yup, I was told "you're wearing mermaid eyeshadow" hehe The shift is also affected by the type of lighting. I'm planning on expanding my multichrome collection, but I mostly want "wearable" tones that I know I'll reach for.


Unpopular opinion, but I like the multichromes in the Natasha Denona Triochrome palette because of that reason. In most reviews people complained that they are not as intense as indie multichromes but that's why they are wearable. Sure, not the most shifty sparkly ones, but I would say "work-friendly" multichromes. I think the mattes are fine, overpriced in my opinion but I'm using them since I paid a lot for the palette.


I like the finish on the ones in that palette even if they are on the more subtle side.


yeah dudes who normally dont notice will be like "COOL EYESHADOW!" when I wear mine


Yeah same. I really like the kablam-o eyeshadow/natural base combo too, it really dresses down the look a lot even with your eyeshadow projecting light into the fuckin' stratosphere. I rarely even apply lip product outside of a balm lol I've inspired a friend to do the same (she used to just wear cat eyeliner in the near 20 years I've known her), and she even skips base makeup entirely outside of a highlighter and strategic concealing. Looks great on her! We made a joint order on Terra Moons, and I'm super excited for her being that I already own about twenty shades from them.


Also curious which ones brought the comments


I named some specific shades upthread!




I'd also love rec's for 'wearable' shades!


My "wearable" is not everyone's "wearable" but I find iridescent multichromes to be very wearable in general, because they have a very thin formula and go very smoothly over the eyes, and because they don't have a base pigment, they're much less noticeable until the light catches them at just the right angle. I love Terra Moons Red Giant, for example, but you can get away with basically any iridescent multichrome. For non-iridescent ones, I'd consider shades like Clionadh Corrosion or Clionadh Carving, or even Clionadh Torch to be pretty wearable.


I've been eyeing those exact same Clionadh shades for so long now!!!! Idk about now, but they we were out of stock for such a long time😔😔 Thank you so much for your recommendations! I too prefer thin formula, very little base pigment/highly light reflective shadows for wearable/everyday. :)


Wait until their Black Friday sale! It's the best time to buy from Clionadh, since they don't discount the Stained Glass Collection very often, and they always do a full restock for that.


Oh that's excellent information - thank you for letting me know! I've had my eye on soooooo many of their iridescent shades and never had everything in stock that I was after sooooooo.. ty🥰🥰


I see the most shift on the eyes in different lighting. Check yourself in bight light and then low light and thats when I see the most "shift". And i love the idea of having your eye look magically change color like Cinderellas dress even if its just a lighting change. You can also intensify the color depending on your base, dark colors under will make the shade more dramatic. Some formulas are better applied with a glitter glue, some with a wet (with setting spray) brush and some need 2 layers to pop.


Definitely try using a damp brush when you apply them! Lighting may also be an issue; I have a couple Terra Moons singles too, and the shift is a LOT more noticeable in natural light when I leave the house. Multichromes also tend to have a more noticeable shift than duochromes, from my experience.


The cool thing about multichromes is that you just slap one single shadow on but look like a pro did your makeup because it looks like multiple perfectly blended colors


Came to say this exactly! Got many compliments on my "blending" when using multichromes lol.


I'm a multichrome collector, I mean like I have over a hundred multichromes easily. What I've noticed is that every brand has their own version of the "staple" multichromes (e.g. that green-purple-pink shift that everyone and their mother has at this point, and the iridescent red multichromes), so if you've been collecting multichromes from multiple brands without cross-referencing you will end up with dupes. Where brands are starting to diversify is with textures. I've seen glamshop mentioned in this thread, and they have some pretty fun shadows. They have marbled shadows that look pretty and are great to play with. I also think that a lot of people are disappointed with multichromes because the swatches seem to have more "depth" in promotional pictures than on the eye. This is normal, if you take the eyeshadow on your own fingers you will see it looks noticably better than on the eyelid.


What are your fave shades?


Honestly that's pretty tough because I hold a lot of them in really high regard, but these are the ones that have stood the test of time despite me purchasing them relatively early into my collection. I also find them all quite wearable, they're a little "out there" for someone who only pops by Sephora, but nothing crazy for someone into indie shadows. Clionadh Cathedral - grungy olive grey base that shifts pink prach gold Clionadh Ciel - semi-pigmented sky blue base with large glitter particles that shift gold-green-blue ShineBySD Gravity - gold based iridescent multichrome, with silver and orange shift TerraMoons The Cosmos - shifts green, taupe and pink


It depends on the shift imo. Blue green? Love it but it’s done to death


Ah i am a total indie multichrome FIEND! Every time i wear certain Clionadh shadows i get stopped multiple times from ppl who compliment or ask me what I’m wearing. I personally wear them every day and i think they’re worth it :) one of the things I absolutely love about multichromes is how they look in different lighting but it can be super difficult to capture it on camera! I also have hooded eyes and dont let it stop me from living my sparkly truth! XD I think one of the exciting things about multichromes is how they can really elevate a matte look. They can totally transform on different colored bases. And depending on ur skintone they can bring forth different colors!! I will say i get far less creasing from Clionadh than Terra Moons but both brands offer pretty unique color combinations.


I want to try Clionadh but they're so expensive 😫


Oh I totally get it 😭 their BF sale is pretty good and i almost hesitated due to the $12 shipping lol but i rly dont regret my purchase. I think if u want to give them a go they’re amazing!


I went on a palette no buy for the year JUST to justify a Clionadh purchase. I got 6 (and looked at shimmers in palettes I thought I really wanted but didn't get as inspiration for what I was looking for) and have absolutely no regrets. They are worth ALL the hype. Keep in mind that the jeweled multichromes are the most expensive and, while spectacular, can be hard to wear because of the black base. I don't mind because I'm cool with a very smoky eye from time to time. But the *glitter* multichromes are cheaper, GORGEOUS, and have light or sheer bases, making them more versatile. Sparkly magic. And not actual glitter, so don't worry about that. So you could go with 1 or 2 of the jeweled multichromes to satisfy your curiosity and then pick up a few of the glitter ones for more shifty goodness for less money and be very satisfied.


What are your 2 or 3 best performing multichromes?


From Clionadh, Fluoresce, Royalty (or Bloodline), and Courtyard from their first SGC collection. I’m still testing out their newer shadows but Diadem and Flare are amazing! 😭 For Terra Moons, Solar Expansion and Phoenix! The Cosmos is pretty but super chunky and textured for me, i do prefer a smoother shadow :3


thank you for the recommendations! I am going to dip my toes in Clionadh.


No prob! I hope u like them❤️


I bought my first Terra Moons shadows a month or so ago and the creasing was unreal. My eyeshadow usually doesn’t crease at all so I was really shocked when I looked in the mirror when my shift was over (no pun intended).


I get creasing fairly often even when i wear primer but yea my lids just eats TM formula up. I still do like the shades i have bc they are unique!


Did you use a tacky base under the multichrome? (Something like NYX Glitter Primer or Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy?) As someone who gets creasing with each and every shimmer in existence if I don't apply it over a tacky base, I find that that's the key to working with multichromes, otherwise they will crease, especially the black-based ones.


Yes I used nyx glitter glue, idk what the issue was. I usually don’t use any extra primer under shimmers (like I put primer over my whole lid but then I apply matte shadow all over it and then shimmer over that) and I still don’t ever get creasing. So it was my first time putting nyx glue over the matte shadow (over primer) and it looked so bad by the end of the night. I just gotta practice more but it discouraged me a bit tbh.


That's so strange! One thing to experiment with would be to fiddle with the amount of the glitter glue you apply - sometimes, when I don't apply enough, I will get some very slight creasing with any of my multichromes by the end of the day. Another thing to watch out for would be how thickly you apply them - I like to go in two thin layers and really smooth the shadow out over the lid to make sure it adheres very well. Having said that, I never used the black-based TM formula, specifically, so I can't comment on that, and I know the black-based multichromes can be finicky in general - so if you were using a black-based multichrome, it's possible that this particular formula just creases on you more easily. I know Millie from badtothebrow had a video where she discussed the pros and cons of various formulas from various brands, including potential issues with creasing.


Ok thank you for the advice, I’m gonna keep trying!


I had the exact same problem! I tried everything and they still creased. I have found I don't have luck with their more metallic multichromes, but their glittery ones are fine.


Ok thank you! Glad to know I’m not alone!


Do you have any recommendations on fair shades that aren't too wild for every day?


For me, Bloodline can be mild but in certain lighting it’ll be more beautiful and shifty. I think Roseline would be bolder but it’s also more subdued/neutral. I honestly don’t go for the more subdued shades but I believe Opulent, Renaissance, or Cobblestone might be good choices :3


Thank you! I just got my first multichrome as a sample yesterday (Danessa Myricks Crazy 4 U), it made me realize I'd love wearing something with a rose/champagne shift on its own. I'm sure I'll get something more out there too!! Renaissance looks beautiful, I've been really wanting to try Clionadh.


OHHH that’s so exciting!! I fell down the rabbit hole once i got my first clionadh order lol. Their BF sale is pretty good so if u want stuff i would recommend waiting for that!


I'll probably wait then, I'm pretty busy for October and probably won't be doing too much makeup. Thank you for letting me know.


No prob!!! :D i also got my order pretty fast last yr during BF as well!


Opulent is *fabulous*, and paired with more neutral, low-key mattes can read as a bit more subdued.


Yes the swatches of it are lovely! I am just attracted to all the wild color shifts so those are my go tos lol


I started asking the same thing several months ago after trying a lethal cosmetics multichrome. Although the swatches are gorgeous and the effect is interesting, the multichrome just doesn't have much applicability to the rest of my makeup style. I have several duochromes included in my Urban Decay, Huda, Colourpop, and Kaleidos Palettes. Depending on the shift I struggle with using them. I prefer a shift between similar hues, such as purple to blue, or yellow to bronze, because I can blend the rest of my look appropriately. I've yet to figure out how to apply my Lethal Cosmetics multichrome in a way that pairs with anything other than a black base. I think at the end of the day I prefer the utility of mattes to sculpt my eyes and metallics to create glow and dimension. That said, I have a couple duochromes I absolutely love, but they are not of the super dramatic indie variety. For example, my Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Rooftop Cocktails and MoonWalk have a mauve base with bright blue shift, and a brown base with green shift. I have a similar warm brown to green glitter shade in my UD Wild Greens Palette. These shadows look much more like a base matte having an iridescent glitter applied over them if I'm to be honest. But these shadows make great dimensional, one and done looks when I want to run out the door for work but I still don't want boring eye shadow. But like I said, they are nothing like the out of this world shadows that multichrome fiends are chasing after.


Yeah, I'm wondering if multichromes don't fit my current style of eyeshadow right now. A lot of people are saying they only apply the multichrome or pair it with one matte shade. I'll have to experiment somehow, but at the same time, I agree with what you said.


its probably a combination of lighting and the shape of your eyes


Multichromes shift when the lighting shifts. It's more noticeable by other people or if you move your eyes and look in the mirror. Also it's important to cover a larger space with them. They're gorgeous, but to get the full effect, you need to have them be the star of the show! If using a black based one, you could cover your whole lid with the shade and just blend out the crease with a transition shade. If you play around a bit you'll definitely find a way for the shift to come through! Also wetting the shadow or using a glitter glue/shadow enhancer will give it an even stronger pop!


I don't have much lid space and my eyes are deep set so multichromes are wasted on me. I can wear a duochrome and get the benefit of it. I get the hype but they aren't for everyone.


Idk what these trichromes or triochromes are. They’ve always been called multichromes and duochromes. Yes they are a bit overhyped IMO. They’re beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but overhyped. First there’s only a handful of pigments on the market so after a while they get repetitive and you keep seeing the same offerings over and over. I have a LOT of TM shades and there’s quite a bit of overlap to where I’m not as excited by the brand anymore because they keep duping themselves. Second the swatches make them appear way more shifty and appealing than they usually are. Swatches tend to be deceptive. You see pics of these eyeshadows swatched over a large area of skin compared to a smaller eyelid space. Then you have the swatcher twisting and contorting themselves to show every shift of color whereas you can’t move your eyelids like that. Then factor in the lighting tricks to maximize the shiftiness for pics. And then ask yourself how many pictures the swatcher took to capture the shift? Add on filters. So they end up looking more complex in pics than they actually are on your eyes. Another thing that’s really been frustrating me with multichromes is that the base color that appears in the pan and in pics typically doesn’t show up on me. Unless it’s a deeper shade. Otherwise these lighter multichromes almost always look iridescent and nothing like the swatch pics (which is what I base my purchases off of 😡). I think I’m buying a beautiful bubblegum pink or mint green shade based on the pics but do those colors actually appear on my skin? No, just the shimmer but not the base color. But anyways if they aren’t working for you that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Try some different techniques but if you’re still not impressed that’s ok. At least you only spent a little bit of money (unlike me who has spent a crap ton on multichromes only to discover how deceptive the swatch pics tend to be 😭)


Also have a collection of TM and you're right, they do seem like they are duping themselves. I think the only difference between The Cosmos and Big Dipper is that Big Dipper isn't as chunky as The Cosmos. I love what I have from them, but definitely don't get as excited as I used to, and don't buy as much as I once did. Clionadh seems a bit similar in that aspect, but I don't have as many Clionadh shades as I do Terra Moons.


I love multichromes! You are not going to see all the colors at once like you doing swatches you’ll see one or two at a time and then you’ll notice the other colors in different lighting. But you can just throw one eyeshadow on your eyes and still have depth. The black bass multi crumbs can be a little hard to work with, I would suggest iridescent multichromes to start out. Badtothebrow on YouTube has a ton of multichrome videos.


I have Clionadh multichromes and the other day my mom asked me if I had 2 shimmery eyeshadows on my eyes - she couldn't believe it was only one shade that was giving 2 completely different colours! (for anyone curious it was Hilt from new Electric multichromes collection)


Thanks for including the shadow name!


How are you applying them? If I want to get the full effect, I usually pack them on with a wet packing brush. Then gently blend out the edges.


I usually apply them by setting a glitter glue down and then apply with a brush. It's been some time since I bought setting spray because I don't use it, but maybe I should buy some just to apply multichromes!


Glitter glue for sure but best way to apply is with a clean finger or a silicone brush


Ooh okay. I hate applying eyeshadow with my fingers but I'll give it a shot next time!


Use your finger!! It makes a huge difference!


I get it a silicone brush is the next best thing to a finger. It works in a similar way.


Thirding using your fingers! It's absolutely the best way to get the most out of your multichromes.


Agreed. I have a couple indie duo chromes and a few multi chromes but I tend not reach for them for that reason. I do love swatching them though!


I apply them over my matte eyeshadow and they show up beautifully.


I pretty much exclusively wear shimmers and multichromes, and I don’t feel they’re overhyped. I think it can vary depending on the quality, but my PMG shades maintain the “shift” when I’m wearing them on the eyes, as do most of my Colourpop ones. I guess they could be considered overhyped if you’re not actually into that look and just bought them because of hype from other, though. Different strokes and all that


I can definitely see the shift on my eyes, but I usually use them as single shadow looks so they are all over my eyes. I get a ton of compliments everytime I wear them at work lol. I dont think they are overhyped


I honestly love multichromes/shifting shadows! I pair one with almost every look I do. they work best all over the lid when you have lid space (or space between the brow and lid if you're willing to put shimmer there). I know some people have said they don't like them because they may appear different than you expect and throw off your look but I actually use that to my advantage and combine mattes in shades that go with the ends of the multichrome shift spectrum.


They are pretty to look at and swatch but I never feel pretty or cute, it's just too much for my face and my features are really low contrast so it's just weird looking on me. I feel the same way about most duochromes too. So pretty, just not on me


Multichromes tend to be so expensive, so I can’t afford a lot of them right now, anyway.


I have the prettiest multichromes and I love seeing their shifts BUT I agree, they're a bit overrated. Sometimes I wish I had a shadow with that same intense and sparkly quality that didn't shift at all so I had to think less about my look. For example, Oculus from Clionadh is a lovely dark teal that shifts to blue, purple, pink and orange at it's most extreme, I wish I could just plan my look around that teal knowing it won't change. I enjoy multichromes but sometimes I need just 1 color that's as intense and I don't see indie brands focusing on these


Clionadh multichromes have been the best I've ever used! The most shifty to me have been Niello, Etched, Dragontini (in the dragon fruit palette), Royalty, Regal, Abrasion, Glaziers Mark, Diadem, Wall of Ivy, and Tessera. I love all of the shadows i've gotten from them but those are the shiftiest to me. I've had people every day I wear those comment they can see at least 3 colors as they're talking to me and when the light hits it, looks completely different. Glitter glue is a must.


My two cents is go indie for multichromes, the mainstream girlies just don't do it right.


I actually like duochromes more than multichromes. I think you can see the flip better on the eyes. I also find multichromes don't wear well on my hooded eyes. They fade way faster unless I use a glitter glue. But Clionadh's Calx and Wormwood and the Bend the Knee shade from Urban Decay's GoT palette are right up my alley. Very pretty duochromes. I also like that brown blue duochrome from the ColourPop x Mandalorian palette 😍. I get more wear out of those shades than any of my multichromes.


Wormwood is a favorite of mine!


Try to make a video of you moving your eyes. I bet you'll be able to see the multichromes 😉


Agreeee. The effect fade so fast on my eyelids. Terra Moons shadows just disappear and leave me with a matte dark shade. The only duochromes that last on me is Urban Decay Lounge, Buxom No Faux (a dupe) and the ones in the Huda Rose Quartz palette. And I’ve recently become allergic or sensitive to something in duochromes anyway. 😩


The one TM shadow that did that to me was Stormy, but it wasn’t even a duochrome, just a shimmer that sucked. Are you applying glitter glue on top of your matte shadow before applying your multichromes?


I’m allergic to something in the NYX glitter glue, I use UD primer though.


Maybe try the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy? I know many people swear by it as a tacky base for shimmers.


Oh no! The glitter glue is my HG. But I wonder if you would be better served by going to Sephora and hunting for a stickier base. Because for me at least, UD eye primer did *nothing*! Like, less than nothing. I was surprised since it’s a hyped product. But anything sticky is your bff with multichromatic shades.


I feel like buxom is super underrated for eyeshadow. I have a few of their singles and they're great.


Definitely depends on the lighting (and natural light vs artificial). Terra Moons’ formula isn’t my favourite personally - I find Devinah and Clionadh multichromes to give more of that “wow” factor


I’d love to see duo/multi chromes that aren’t glitter and/or prone to fall out.


Lethal Cosmetics has some really smooth multichromes! Some of them are definitely more glittery but their smooth formula is really beautiful and fun to work with!


A lot of people mentioned various tips for application here, but since I'm a huge nerd, there's also a more straightforward physics answer: the shift requires that the light hits at the right angle! Think of it like looking at one of those lenticular images where it shifts between different pictures depending on the angle. Multichromes are made from special pigments that show different colors depending on how the light hits it, and thus, if you're only looking head on with a single light source... you won't see a shift. Or at least, not an extreme one. If you add in light sources with different angles and mirrors to see yourself from, it can help!


Personally , I was constantly saying to my friend that I was wishing for a pigment/shadow that was like the Chramataphores found in squid 🦑, that change depending on the light or body heat , when I discovered multichromes I was literally blown away , it’s the closet thing to that idea I had ,, I really love em ,


I just think they never look as interesting on the eye. The eye is very small and not a flat surface so often you don’t see the shift. For me that makes them not worth the price or hype.


I think it depends on how you use them. For darker multichromes I think you won't get the full effect unless they're across your whole lid, they need a relatively larger surface area to really show off their shift. It can also help to put a black base beneath them, so like a black creme shadow or something. The lighter shades I think are best used as highlighters, so like in your inner corner or beneath your brow or swept lightly across the top of your cheeks. They'll shift as you turn and they catch the light, that can be very pretty.


I have hooded eyes and not much lid space and the color shifts that tend to make me the happiest happen to look very bold (think the super dark green to blue to purple with a blackened base types.) I'm pale as shit and it's hard for me to pull off incredibly dark looks like that without looking a little crazy. What I do is save that shit for Halloween and Renfaire. And I use it on my kids with face stencils, for that and carnival days, too. One year the whole family was astronauts for Halloween and my daughter had an iridescent blue to purple shifting costume that matched one of my JD Glow shades perfectly so I busted out some star stencils and put them on her cheeks and it looked amazing and matched her costume so well. There's also a couple of greeny-gold special shades from Pat McGrath's earlier mothership palettes that I always bust out for Christmas looks that always get compliments when we go out to Christkindlmarket and such. For me, multichromes are special occasion only shades because I feel like the ones I gravitate towards look a little too theatric on me.


I tend to think that a lot of multichromes all look very similar when I see them swatched next to each other. I only have a few for that reason.


TBH all multichromes look the same, at least on me. I've tried Touch of Glam, Lethal, that Kaleidos highlighter, and most recently, a bunch of Clionadh shadows. All were wildly different in description and appearance in the pan, and all of them look like the same peachy brassy color on the eye. I have better luck with trichromes and I love duochromes, but after that, I think the colors get too muddled


I love multichromes so much but I have hooded eyes so no one can see them 🥲


I will always use NYX glitter glue on top of the base eyeshadow that has a primed lid. The key is using a primer. You can absolutely use a glitter glue on top of eyeshadow. It’s my staple whenever I use a duochrome, etc. I always use a finger to apply, the natural oil helps. Brushes don’t always work with multichromes, duochromes, etc. I’m always on the hunt for a new color shift. I love my duochromes and multichromes.


Well this is an extremely timely thread for me. I have been considering this topic for myself the past few days and ogling samples and swatches of multichromes trying to decide about them. My genuine question is that if you are a makeup user that normally applies eyeshadow using 3-8 shades and toppers etc will the end look not be similar in finish to a multi chrome? I typically do use a variety of finishes from matte to satin, metallic and iridescent in my eye makeup and what I see in the mirror looks like the effect of a multi chrome shadow swatch quite often.


That really depends on the type of multichrome you're trying to replicate. Something like a glitter multichrome can be a bit more convincingly faked, but the uniformity of the shift in something like a jewelled multichrome just can't really be achieved in other ways.


Thank you! ETA: I wear glasses and have hooded eyes so convincingly faked is probably close enough for me considering how many palettes I own already.


I like them, but they're not for every day wear and black-based ones can become patchy when you blend them out.


I've been tracking what eyeshadows I use organically for the past year. My top palette is Viseart Warm Mattes and my 2nd most used palette is my Clionadh multichromes. I freaking love multichromes. Yes, those darn hand swatches are gorgeous and an eyelid is a very small space. I still absolutely love them. Clionadh, Terra Moons, Shine by SD...love em.


Which ones from Terra Moons are your favorite? I'm thinking about buying them on Black Friday!


Not the person you asked, but here’s my list of favorite Terra Moons: Phoenix, Ceres, Chasing Comets, Helix Nebula, Tidal Flare, Reign of Terra, Astral, Inertia. and for Duochromes: Daybreak, Little Dipper, Star Sign


What made all the difference for me was putting a dark based multichrome over a black base. It really magnified the effect and I could see it much easier! That said, I like them but don't go out of my way over for them overall because you rarely get to enjoy the look on the eye and they're too expensive to just go ooh while applying.


I love my Terra Moons multichromes, and all of the other multichromes and duochromes I have. I can definitely see the shift, and I get a lot of compliments on my makeup when I wear them. I've found that I can only see the shift myself in certain lighting and angles, but other people can see the shift a lot more easily because of their position. I also see it in photos if I turn my head from side to side. I definitely don't think they are overhyped, and I love them so much. That being said, different things work differently on different people. If they don't work for you, it is what it is. As far as application, I use a tiny bit of Nyx glitter glue, and put on the shadow with my finger for the biggest impact.


Use ur finger to apply!


Personally love multi chrome eyeshadow but it does take practice with application to get a beautiful look


This has inspired me to use my Pastel Roses multi-chromes more. I always forget about them, but they’re so pretty!


I love a good multichrome but I found that with my eyeball shape and being deepset, the shifts just don’t show up well. I am selling most of my Devinah ones. I also prefer duochromes because they show up better.


I love, love, love mutlichromes. Remember they shift w the angle and the light so while you might not see its effect 100% others can. I get compliments all the time due to the shifts and most of the time i had forgotten i had put it on until someone mentions it.


Do you use glitter glue before you use the multichrome? Glitter glue makes a giant difference. Lighting also makes a huge difference in how shifty something appears. One observation that a friend shared that I could personally confirm as a fact is that several companies do a wet swatch where they take some of the shadow that hasn't been pressed and swatch under different lighting conditions to get a much more vibrant and dramatic shift. I make my own shadows. I suspect Touch of Glam does that, but I can't confirm that. I think overall, multichromes have lost their novelty because companies are duping each other but now multichrome, duochrome, and other pigments are getting mixed to try to make new multichrome varieties. Honestly, I'm more of a fan of the earthy-neutral shifts because it's easy to slap on top of a matte and look put together. Like you I also prefer duochromes because the shift is more apparent.


I don’t have anything from terra moon so I can’t say but I love my clionadh multichrome shadows. They’re glittery/texture which I think aides in the colors showing. I think when they’re just shiny/metallic you’re right and they don’t show off the different colors as well.